Becoming Sarah Part 3

It was Saturday and James woke up and got out of bed before the alarm went off. It was only a quarter of hour before it was scheduled to go off, but him beating the rooster was unusual. Plus when he did, he usually just stayed in bed. Not today, James did not do his normal routine of take his time getting ready to start his day. The man who was greeting the day head on was ready to go out the door before the alarm went off.

James knew why he was not acting his normal self, he was a little excited looking forward to spending time with Cara and the other girls. James really enjoyed his time with Cara on Thursday. Their closeness grew from spending that time together. It was for those two both saw a side of the other which they never saw before,and liked what they seen. James wondered if their connection will keep on growing.

Another reason James was excited was he got to go shopping. Hey if Cara could make it fun online just think of the good time they would together at brick and mortar stores. James liked the different attitude women had shopping compared to men. To him women gather and men hunted while they shopped. He enjoyed how women make shopping an experience while men treated it as a chore. James made a mental note to make sure he would better articulate the shopping point in the project’s paper.

Dillon was awoken by his friend scurrying around. He found it odd that James was not taking his time to get ready for his day. It was not odd enough for Dillon to bring it up. It was just odd enough for Dillon to know those two were not going to have their usual Saturday morning cup of coffee together.

James arrived at the girl’s apartment almost an hour early and rang did not notice the buzzer to be let in the complex. It was only then he found out he was so early when Lexie informed him as she let him in. Lexi stayed at her place last night for she wanted to make sure they stayed on schedule for James’ day out shopping with the girls.

As James waited for Cara to get ready for their morning jog, Lexie made sure that James brought everything he needed for the day. It was just easier for the group if James took a shower and changed over here instead of going back to his dorm room. James thought he was only going to change so he did not bring his shower supplies. Lexie told him not to worry he could use some of the girls’ toiletries.

Lexie was pleasantly surprised when she saw James’ eye light up when she asked him about shopping.Before James brought up how much fun it was going to be, he first made it a point to tell her how great her taste was and thank her for picking such a nice outfit. He then went to his phone and pulled up the webpage of the dress he was wearing to the dance. Lexie did not know how to take how enthusiastic James was about the dress.

The reason Lexie was unsure of how to take James’ attitude was as soon as those two started to talk about shopping James began the metamorphosis into becoming Sarah. James did not even know it happened for it was on an unconscious level. Sarah was always a part of James’ psyche but she was locked up deep in it. Her exile was from James being in denial about his true gender.

Sarah being a princess locked away in a dungeon came from James’ father, Marcus Young. James repressed the memory of his father catching him in a dress playing with dolls with his cousin Sally, at her place. From that day on Marcus would take every opportunity to beat into James’ head that he was a boy. Once James was inline with his father the browbeating became more of a constant casual hounding, which James just found peculiar.

Marcus also made it a point that his wife, Darla Young, never found out. The man, who knew what was best for his child, did not want to take the chance that his wife would insist that James explored who he really was.

Lexie became at ease when James told her to call him Sarah. The girl who was talking to Lexie for the first time explain that she needed to embrace being Sarah for the project to work. That reason put Lexie at ease and saw it as her friend really getting into character. How convinced Lexie was that she was talking with a woman made her want to talk to Sarah about it when she was James again. The aspiring actress could use all the pointers she on method acting and it from James and not the character he was now.

By the time Cara and James left for their jog, Audrey was up and about. She sat back and watch Sarah and Lexie interact before the Giggle Twins left. The mother of the group could tell by Sarah’s mannerism that James was not there. How prominent Sarah’s presence was did not concern her about shopping later. They were so subtle that only if someone was specifically looking for them would they notice. Plus being in a group of girls will mask how out of the norm they were for a man.

As Lexie and Audrey sat at the dining table Lexie said “It is amazing how well James is getting into his Sarah Character. If he wanted to he could be a great actor.”

“Lexie dear, I do not think that is an act. I mean I know James could so good because he loves to people watch and picks up on little idiosyncrasy of people from that. But still it is too subtle and also it switches off and on too quick.”

“What do you think it is?”

Audrey did not want to reveal her thoughts on James being a crossdresser. It was not her place to speculate on that. If James being a crossdresser was true then it was his place to decide who knows and who does not. Even if it was her place to say her inkling , her saying it in the open would spread it around. There would be rumors and murmurs about James and most of them would be not be good.

“Sorry I meant to say he is just too good at acting and I have no idea why.It just has to be his empathy and he has an innate understanding of people. You know James is highly emotionally intelligent ”

“Oh yeah you are right Audrey. James is just amazing at understanding people and putting himself in their shoes, so I should not had been so shocked that he could do it with heels also.”

After the jog Cara then Sarah took a shower. When Sarah returned from her shower ready to go shopping she walked by Lilith. Lilith noticed Sarah’s scent of mango with a slight hint of rose and vanilla. The female who was a male, in Lilith’s eyes, use of feminine fragrance to try impersonated a woman put the feminist in a bad mood. How dare that male mock her and her gender so openly. It made Lilith move up part of her plan to irritate Sarah to now.
Lilith sniped at her so called friend “Hey James, smelling like a woman does not make you one.”

Sarah took the higher ground “Lilith I know, I left my shower supplies at home and Lexi was nice enough to offer me the use of what was in the bathroom.”

Audrey, wanting to give her friend the benefit of the doubt, gently told Lilith that James was going by Sarah right now. Sarah said it was fine if Lilith did not want to help with the project.

Lilith was happy to hear what Audrey and James said. They walked into another way that she was going to make James regret thinking that the clothes make the person. “Sorry Audrey. And Olga I will help with the project. I am doing so right now by naming you. You should not have picked your name, none of us did. So if you are serious about experiencing what is like to be a woman you will go with Olga instead of Sarah.”

Hearing Lilith deny Sarah her name brought out the warrioress in her. When James came up with Sarah, little did he know it was not random. It was his second choice for Sarah’s subconscious guard came up with Jamie Lee as a way to keep her locked away. When James turned it down, Sarah saw a chance to escape and used it.

Sarah with some fire in her voice said “Lilith, for this project my name is Sarah. If I was born a girl my mom would had named me Sarah. So I did not pick my name, I am experiencing what it is like to have someone else name you.

Lilith got more pissed that Sarah foiled her getting some sweet revenge on the gender which held her down. Her friends helping that man do so added to her anger. For a second she was going to call Sarah out on it, but thought better when she saw the room was against her. “I did not know, you should have told me, Sarah.”

Sarah wanted to engage Lilith more but thought better of it. Life was too short to make a small issue any larger than it had to be. The lady who wanted to move on said ”Come on Lilith get your shoes on so we can get going.”

Lilith informed Sarah that she had better things to do than shop. The four ladies left and Lilith did one of those better things. She sat at home sulking in her angry chair. She did smile for at least her next surprise, which she was going to unveil when the shoppers got back, will not backfire on her.

All the ladies had a blast shopping. It did put a little bit of a bigger dent in James’ wallet, but Sarah did not care. She knew she needed the clothes. No sane person could had blame her, the lady has not wore anything which truly express who she was around others for over 15 years and needed to make up for all that lost time.

The only thing which was left to buy was Sarah’s outfit for Sunday brunch. Lexie and Audrey left the two who were quickly becoming best friends some time on their own. They knew the Giggle Twins wanted time to themselves shopping. Those two also knew the time shopping alone would strengthen the bond of friendship between Cara and Sarah.

After stopping in a couple of stores Sarah found the perfect top. When she saw it, Sarah poked Cara to get her friends attention and pointed it out. They both eeewww of approval and went over to it. Sarah held it up to herself and Cara turned red quickly then told her friend to put it down.

Sarah felt chastised and frowned. The negative emotions came from the memory of her dad reminding Sarah to always act like a boy. Cara smiled, put her hand on Sarah’s hand to comfort her friend and said “Sorry Sarah, that is me. I just did not want people to look at you funny. I do not like that much attention in public. Go ahead and hold it up to yourself. I will say it does look flattering and will be great for brunch.”

Sarah quickly regained the joy of being with a dear friend with Cara reassuring her she did nothing wrong. The nice warm feeling of her friend’s touch also added to her joy. Also hearing Cara’s opinion of the blouse made it so Sarah did not need to picture it on her anymore. So she started to go to the cash register to buy it.

Cara joined her friend and saw an accessory which would add to Sarah’s lunch ensemble. It was a red silk scarf with black doodle design on it. Cara knew she just had to buy that for her friend. Cara stopped Sarah and showed her the scarf.

Sarah loved it but did not know if it went with the blouse. Her eye for fashion was not as sharp as a normal woman her age so Sarah trusted her friend. Cara stopped Sarah again as she started her march to pay.

“Sarah, dear hold up that blouse again and so I can put the scarf next to it. You should see how it would look on you. Plus, I want to see if I am right.”

Sarah’s smile got a little bit bigger and followed her friend’s suggestion. It made her feel even more accepted by her friend. Cara held the scarf up and her smile got bigger as she thought to herself “Yes, I still got it. I can pick out the right accessory to fit my friend’s style.”

After paying for the last purchase of the day, those two called Audrey to meet so they could leave the mall.

On the drive back to the apartment, the girls talked about Sarah’s great sense of fashion. The complement made Sarah blush and feel a little embarrassed. Seeing their friend's reaction made the girls reassure Sarah that they was nothing wrong with a man having good taste and being able to articulate it. The last thing they wanted was for their friend to feel shame.

Sarah acknowledged they were right and told them she felt embarrassed for the praise itself. She felt that she did nothing other than pick out a realistic wardrobe. While Sarah did not know the reason why was simple, she was a real female. A real female would not go for a wardrobe which was too sexy and slutty, that would just make her a teenage boy’s wet dream. A woman who was trying to find her voice and express herself for the first time would also not go with something too plain which would giver her an androgynous look. Sarah needed to embrace her femininity as much as possible.

The lady who just had her first shopping spree then drifted off into deep thought about how those clothes felt and would they feel as good as the last time James wore a dress. Even with her being repressed deep in James’ mind, she did get out into the open a couple. One time she was able to slip a message past the sentinel which was watching her to James.

Sarah’s message was simple and James believed it. All boys wonder what wearing a dress was like. It was a normal teenage boy rite of passage, they just did not talk about it for it gave the other boys something to harass them about.

So one day James snuck into his parent’s bedroom while they were both out of the house. He put on a simple tunic dress of his mom and loved how it felt. James swore that only a couple of minutes past when the door open and he still had at least a hour. It was his mom.

Darla Young was surprise to see her son in her favorite dress. She just adored it for how loose fitting it was. James started to stutter to explain what was going on. “Mom… I I I can ex-explain,”

“James there is no need to explain. You wonder what it was like to wear a dress. It is fine. You know that strange hang up your father has about you being a boy. I mean it is obvious why does he stress it. The only thing I will ask is you do not tell him about this or me seeing it. I am not in the mood to bicker with him about something this trivial.”

Darla thought she did the right thing by being supportive. It was not for her support actually help throw Sarah back into her prison. If her mother could not see Sarah for who she was, maybe her dad was right and James was a boy and Sarah was his fake alter-ego.

Sarah came back to the hear and now when they arrived in the apartment complex’s parking garage. They open up the trunk and Sarah saw nine bags from seven different stores. In those bags were two blouses, one tunic, two skirts, a pair of legging, athletic tights, a sport bra, a dress, a chemise, a pack of panties, a bra, a matching set of bra and panties and three pairs of shoes. Sarah could not carry all those bags so the girls helped. As they were getting into the elevator thought the last time he got this much clothing at one time was when his mom took him school clothes shopping for middle school.

Even with all those bags Sarah did not think she went overboard. In fact, Sarah wish she would have gotten that cute Maxi-dress also. The only reason that number was still on the rack was there was no way to justify the purchase. Even with Sarah not really knowing she was who she was and in control; something just told her she needed to stay incognito as much as possible. Even with it being a pain Sarah did what would let her have her freedom as long as possible and did not buy that pretty dress.


The four of them were all laughing as they enter the apartment. Lilith stayed in her bitter mood while hearing her friends good mood about a man putting down their own gender. Hearing them be happy about a man buying some dresses to wear made it easy for Lilith to stay in the wrong state of mind.They were traitors. Right then, she made the decision that she did not care if the entire room was against her, she was going to relish the next surprise she had in store for the clueless male.

Lilith said hi and quickly returned to her book. She might not be on board with what her friends and that male was doing, but she was not going to be rude. The ladies all said hi back and return to the revelry. They were all drunk on how much of a good time the had with the newest girl of the group.

In between the laugher Sarah asked “Hey Audrey where can I put these clothes away?”

“Dear, you do need to try them on first before you put them away.”

Hearing what Audrey told Sarah made Lilith’s ear perk up. It was time to set James up to feel degraded. “Audrey is right Sarah and I will go get the breast forms so you can try them on while you do so.”

Sarah cautiously looked at Lilith, she just knew her friend was up to no good. Before Sarah could respond Lexie “Oh I can get the hip enhancers, hair extensions and gaff also.”

Audrey chimed in “We can also do a quick makeup job.”

Cara added “Oh you can take another shower and make your sexy legs smooth.”

Sarah was getting nervous, she did not want to show how excited she was about all the great ideas the girls had. She also did not want to protest them too much for they might drop the idea

Sarah “I do not know, I do not want to take up anymore of your time today. It is already early afternoon. I know you girls have better things to do than help me dress up.”

Cara beat them all to the answer. “I never have anything better to do than help a friend. Plus, it will be fun. I want to see how cute Sarah is. Please do it for me!”

That right there made Sarah answer easy. She loved making Cara happy “For you, I will do it.”

Sarah asked “Where should I put my new wardrobe while I shower.”

Cara “Our room, of course. Well the one which is going to be ours when you stay over Sarah. I will go get some hangers while you shower.”

Before preparing closet space for Sarah’s clothes, Cara accompanied her friend to the bathroom. Cara explained how to use Nair, told Sarah to shave her face again and gave her friend a prep talk. She knew how important it was for Sarah to be as confident as possible. Sarah needed to feel good to be at ease.

While Sarah was taking a shower Audrey had a little talk with Lilith. Making sure that her friend would abort whatever she had in store for Sarah. Then Audrey went to her room to get the makeup ready.

Sarah came out of the bathroom and Lexi gave her the hip enhancers. Then with a smile on her face the lady who was giving that male the upcomings he deserved pulled out the breast forms, They were C cups. B cups were agreed upon. How could her friend be so inconsiderate? Lilith knew that Sarah did not want to draw any unneeded attention her way on that weekend. Those breast would draw so many men to leer at Sarah’s breasts. Sarah gave a look of disapproval to her friend.

With a genuine insincerity Lilith said “Oh sorry Sarah, I know you wanted B cups, but women do not get to pick their breast size. So I just grabbed the first pair I saw

I am being supportive by doing this, I was not trying to sabotage your good time. I want you to get the real experience of being a woman, not the Disney version which our friends are trying to give you. You need to not have the body you want. If you have an issue with that then it is simple. You are just playing dress up.”

Sarah responded right away, she did not want to have Audrey be pulled into this. “Thank you so much Lilith. You are right, I should not had picked my breast size. I hope you add some more of your ideas to my project without telling me.”

Audrey nodded in approval. She liked that Sarah was gaining her own voice and also how she handled Lilith’s cattiness with some back to her. Lilith was disappointed that her surprise did not work as well as she wanted it to. At least Lilith knew she was now in Sarah’s head a little and wanted to stay there “Oh Sarah, trust me I have a few more surprises in store for you.”

Sarah went to her room and started to do her physical transformation to make her appearance better fit her essence. She put on the hip enhancers and then the breast forms. As soon as they were on Sarah felt a little strain in her back. She quickly put the bra on, she needed the support it gave.

After putting on her first outfit Sarah looked in the mirror. She did not see any of James, only Sarah. A woman was looking back at her. She said “I am Sarah.” Those words did not scare her or bring joy, they were just a statement of fact.

She called Audrey and Lexie in. Sarah noticed that Audrey did not pull out any nail polish from her makeup bag. She inquired to her friend what color she was going with for her nails. Audrey was not going to do her nails, but play it off like she was. “Dear, I was going to ask you what color you wanted.”

Sarah said “Pink”

Those two did their magic and Sarah was pretty. While her friends were pampering Sarah they also told her not to pay attention to Lilith. Sometimes that lady can just climb her high horse and not see the damage her words and actions were doing. Those words made Sarah feel good about herself. When they finished Sarah only said “Thank you, you made me pretty.”

The two makeover artist did not know how to take what Sarah said. It was for their friend sound stunned. Like she was not fully there. They both made a mental note to make sure they kept a lookout on how Sarah was handling being fully en femme.

As soon as Sarah walked out Lilith gave her preplanned opinion. “While Sarah, you are flat chested and that blouse does not hide it and the skirts shows you to have narrow hips”.

Sarah’s jaw dropped from hearing such a mean negative response from Lilith. As she started to turn around to run back into Cara’s room, she thought how stupid she was to even try to be who she was. Her dad was right, Sarah was a man. How could she not be a man, her body betrayed how she felt about herself..

Audrey told Sarah to stop. Then said “Dear the only way you are flat chested is if you were were a stripper and your hips are fine.”

She then turn to Lilith “ I do not know what has gotten into you lately and really I do not care. James has never been anything other than a good friend to you. You talk about how women should not be judged on their body yet you just did that to Sarah. You need to change and treat her better.

You look for any chance to put a dig in on what Sarah is doing. She is trying to understand women and you are just spitting in her face. With our help James is going to become Sarah for a weekend and have a great time experiencing life as the other sex. If you are not going to be helpful just be quiet”

Lilith replied “Nothing has gotten in me; I am just being honest. If you don’t like honesty. It is not fun being a woman, it is hard and James should know how hard it is. I am just going to leave while you have your little fashion show.”

As Lilith left Lexie said “That is a good idea, let us have a fashion show. It will be Sarah’s fashion show. We will see her great sense of style on her.”

Hearing her friends defend her brought Sarah’s faith that she was a real woman back to life. Sarah responded “Yes that is a good idea. I will write out cards for one of you to read while I model my new wardrobe. If this is going to be a fashion show it needs to be done right”

Lilith was fuming by the time she left. They took her parting snipe at them and turned it into something good. She slammed the door on her way out of the apartment.

Sarah asked for a pen and some paper. Audrey got her some note cards and a pen and she started to write. The lady who was about to walk the catwalk wrote a little description of each of her outfit and had Cara read it while she walks out in it..

The first card read: A night out with the girls at a fancy restaurant then a movie, or going with the family to see a play. This smart sophisticated outfit of a pink tie collar satin blouse, blue midi skirt, with stocking and clunk heels Mary Janes is perfect. It says you are an elegant, smart lady who is still young at heart.

The second card read: Want to sleep in comfort and style? This white floral print chemise is perfect for you. The fabric is soft on the skin and the prints adds just the right amount of color to thos bedtime outfit

The third card read:This purple blouse with bat wings, legging and flats with bows is ideal for a nice relaxing afternoon at home or sitting under a blanket in front of fire in a cabin. It gives you the look and feel of a natural woman

The fourth card read: Going for a morning jog with a friend or doing some high impact aerobics at the gym. This pink training tights with white stripes on the sides and black trimming, with a black workout bra with a pink and white geometric print is the perfect ensemble for you. It will give your body the support it needs and make you look fit while getting fit.

THe fifth card read: Going on a date with that special man or woman, a social function for work, or a charity event. This apricot bodycon lace dress is what you should wear. It is sexy and modest at the same time. It shows you to be a woman who embraces all the aspects of her femininity.

The last card read: Going to Sunday brunch, the park for a walk or to see an outdoor recital. This silk red blouse with ruffles covering the buttons, scarf along with black skirt, panthose and pumps is what you should wear. It is classy and powerful showing off your femininity with distinguished style.

Sarah gave the cards to Cara and said she was going back in the room. The new modle wanted to make a grand entrance with with each outfit. Sarah was proud of how she looked and felt. Cara read the cards and was impressed with how accurate they were. Cara came to the conclusion that Sarah must really have had a strong feminine side before she even started the project.
The three onlookers loved the fashion show. It was lighthearted and they saw the smile on their friend’s face. They forgot for a moment the person in front of them was James preparing for a project, they only saw a woman learning who she was.

After the little fashion show Lexie said “guess you are going to change now and go home.”

There was no way Sarah was going to get put back into her cage, just yet. “Only if you want me to, It has been a long day and I would like to sit down relax with a smoke and a drink first.”

They all agreed Sarah deserved it,plus they wanted to talk with her more. They believed that they would not interact with Sarah again until next weekend.

Unconsciously, Sarah swiped her skirt to straighten it out as she sat down. She then released a relaxful sounding sigh as her butt hit the couch. She then went for her nonexistent pocket to get her pack of cigarettes. She exclaimed “Great I just relaxed and now I need to get back up to get my cigarettes.”

Audrey told her to relax and take one of hers Audrey smoked 100’s not king size. Sarah happily took one for she thought that 100’s were more ladylike. Cara offered to get her a drink. Sarah thanked her. Cara asked if white wine would be fine. Sarah replied it would be nice.

During their conversation Sarah felt natural and at ease. She did so for she was actually not hiding any part of her personality and allowing the woman who lived inside her to come to the foreground. Sarah did not know it and if she did, that woman would had been thrown back into her place of exile.

They talked about how good all the outfits looked on Sarah. They were impress on how Sarah was able to have a consistent style. Plus she knew what went with her body and personality.

With her allowing herself to be more of who she was, Sarah noticed things about the girls differently. Her observations were in more detail. Like how the dark blue shade of eyeshadow brought out the color in Cara’s bright blue eyes. How Lexie’s bob hairstyle work well in highlighting her high cheekbone and Audrey’s great skin tone. She was more open and shared these observations.

Sarah mention how much she liked the dryness of the wine and how the hint of apple and cinnamon in the wine brought out the tartness of it. All the girls notice and were pleasantly surprised by how Sarah was interacting with them.

Cara and Sarah seemed to be making a close connection. They both would think the same thing about a topic, agree a lot and giggle about it. Cara knew that those two were going to have a great time that weekend Sarah stayed over. Also, that she was going to everything she can to make Sarah as comfortable as possible. Lastly, she hoped that somehow Sarah would be around after that weekend. Her new friend was too good of a person to disappear after the project.

They each had a couple of glasses of wine when Sarah got up and said her goodbyes. She walked to the door and Audrey said “Forgetting something dear?”

Sarah being a little drunk said “yes.”

The tipsy lady then hugged each of them and thank them for a great day. She went towards the door again, when Audrey laugh and said “Dear how about your clothes.”

She looked down and saw her blouse. Cara giggled and Sarah joined in. After giggling with Cara, Sarah said “I better change and hang up this outfit.”

Cara offered to help. They were both in the bedroom chatting while hanging up the clothes and without thinking Sarah started to change. Cara was facing the closet so she did not notice.

Cara turned around and saw Sarah pulling up her male underwear. It phased her for a second, then that feeling went away. Sarah was comfortable enough around her that it must of been like two ladies in the room. If it was no big deal to Sarah it was no big deal to Cara.

After getting her male clothes on, Sarah started to become James. He came back out thanked Audrey again for stopping him. He said good bye to Lexie and Cara again. His turned beet red for as soon as he saw her,he realized that he actually changed clothes with her in the room. He felt like a jerk and started to apologize. Cara said it was fine dear, girls do that all the time. James felt a little defensive about that statement. Sarah might be ready to accept who she was but the male she portrayed was not ready to. He quickly went to the door.

Cara told James “Wait. James it is not that you are not a man, it is that you understand women so well that I trust you to change in front of me. You are the only man I trust that well.”

James joked to show he was fine “Great now I am deeper in the friendzone with you.”

Cara said “Come on you know that best friends make the best lovers.”

They both started to giggle. James did not care that he did for it felt good and it was part of the connection he had with Cara. Those two put each other in a good playful mood.They shared a long hug and then he left

After he left, Cara leaned against the door as she told Audrey and Lexie “I think I am getting a crush on both James and Sarah.”

Audrey and Lexie laughed and said “really.”

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