Here Come the Brides Chapter 3

Here Comes the Bride Chapter 3

Steve sat in his car preparing himself to act surprise when Beth told him that Terry was not home. After that he would have to become supportive to her about why Terry was not out with Steve. The trap setter felt rotten that Beth was also a victim in his plot to get revenge on his so called friends. That feeling quickly went away when he remembered that she thought it was funny what her man did and tried to defend it by saying it would make the wedding memorable.

Beth open the door, then after a couple of seconds, as she tried to figure out why Steve was not with Terry, said “What are you doing here?”

In a matter of fact manner Steve said “I am here to see Terry, he told me he was going to have a nice evening at home after trying on his tuxedo for your big day.”

Beth said really. The grifter acted a little befuddled when the asked her why. Beth said “Terry said that you along with the groomsmen were going out with him after they tried on the tuxes. It was so you still felt like you were part of the wedding party.”

Steve waited a second, he was like a spider which held back to make sure the fly was stuck to the web, and said “Oh, sorry. I bet you Terry lied to you for he is using this time preparing a huge surprise for your wedding day.“

Steve was able to say that to Beth with full confidence in his voice, for it was true. Terry showing up to their wedding in as bride number two was going to be a huge surprise to everyone other than Steve and his cohorts in retribution.
When the unexpected hostess heard the plausible explanation she relaxed some. The bride to be’s mind was not totally at ease for something just was not right about Steve’s reasoning. She could not figure out why it did not add up to her right away. Beth thought that she was having doubts about Terry. .

Steve could sense the doubt and he did not plan on Beth questioning the validity of his excuse on why Terry was not there. For the first time the planner of retribution had to ad lib what was going on in his human puppet show. He just stood there hoping that Beth would say bye.

Instead of getting what he wished, the reactive man was invited in to have a chat with Beth. It was not really going to be a chat for Beth just wanted to use anyone as a human sounding board to help herself brainstorm on what was wrong with Steve’s story.

Steve knew that he could not turn down the offer to spend time with Beth, she would find it odd. Ever since Beth started to date Steve, he always made an effort to make her feel like she was his friend. His missus double the effort Steve made, Em was there for Beth when her new friend’s mom had an heart attack. That is why it hurt Em so much when Beth found humor in Steve’s hairstyle for their wedding.

As they sat down Beth started to ask Steve questions. It was not a talk between friends but questioning of a material witness by a streetwise detective. The interviewee’s answers were irrelevant to the inquisitor. Beth was trying to figure out if she could point her finger on what was wrong with an innocent story she was told.

Then it dawned on her as these words came out of her mouth “It is just not like Terry to make a grand excuse if he wanted to keep something from me. He knows I love surprises and would say ‘can’t tell you for it will ruin the surprise’.”

Beth’s outloud thought gave Steve an out. Again it would be the truth so he would say it with full confidence. “Beth that is it, he did not want any chance of ruining the surprise. You know how you keep on trying to get hints of any surprise and if and when you figure it out Terry feels bad. For let’s face it, Terry almost never pulls one over on you, that would lead to a fight. He just wanted to try to make it so you two don’t fight.

With the effort that Terry is putting in on this surprise I bet it is a big one. Knowing him, he is going to fly in your Aunt Susie, and put her up somewhere nice. He mention that she was not going to be able to make the wedding for the cost. He is so thoughtful. Even if it is not that, it is going to be something big and expensive.”

Steve’s explanation put the doubter mind at ease, for it made sense, stroked her ego and was something she wanted.. People would believe a lie if it was something they want and it was surrounded by the truth. The best part of a surprise for Beth was trying to figure it out and most of the time Terry loved that. It stroked his ego when she could not, that is for he outfoxed someone. Terry loved to try to prove he had superior wit to all those around him. The love of his girlfriend trying to figure out what Terry had in store always turned to hate if she did. Terry could not take it, and that lead to a huge fight between those two.

The relieved fiancee said “That has to be it, Steve. I am so happy you know Terry so well, I swear you can know what he is going to do before he does .”

Even with the excuse Steve came up with being fake, Beth was right. The man on the mission knew his friend so well that most of the time he could predict what he was going to do. That was why Steve’s revenge was working out so well. Steve was three moves ahead of the man desperately trying to catch up at all times.


Steve came home after conning Beth and was a little uneasy and disturbed. He really did not like how easy it was for him to lie to Beth. Even with her deserving what was coming to her, Steve knew those actions did not represent the real him. Or worse, they did. If the latter option was true then the man who thought he had the moral higher ground was not any better than Terry.

As he waited for his wife, Emily, to come home to tell her he thought that those two did enough for payback, he was feeling more at ease. Yeah, this was over and Steve and Emily could move on. It might feel good to get revenge but in this manner the cost was too high. Feeling good to be one up only last for a couple of minutes while the betrayal of who you are lasted a lifetime.

Em rushed into the house and before the man who came to his senses could talk said. “Can you believe Terry made a vile threat of getting me back. He can go fuck himself. He started this war with that childish prank.”

All of Steve’s common sense left him when he heard that Terry tried to bully his wife. Instead of backing down and moving on, Steve started to come up with more ways to make the next 3 months a living hell for Terry. Steve also knew that there would be no wedding, so Terry’s life would be destroyed. It served him well, Terry almost destroyed Steve and Emily’s life together.

Then an evil smile came on Steve’s face. “That is it, Terry just got himself a bachelorette party.”

Emily nodded in approval. The rush which Steve got from seeing his wife pleased made it worth the future payment for his actions.


Terry of course wanted to go to the bar after the gown fitting. He was pissed off and needed to blow off some steam. He could not believe that Steve and Emily not only got him in a wedding gown, but has pictures of the joke also. How could he had let himself be put in that position.

The only one out of his forced bridal party who wanted to join him was Mel. Oh how Terry was disappointed in Mel. How could Mel had let his spirits be broken so easily. To top it off at first he thought that Mel would be the one with the most fight in him. Terry was proud of how he stood up right away and said he was not going to do so.

Mel would had walked out also if he was not looking forward to a nice inheritance from his parents. Mr and Mrs Blake were social conservatives and would disown their only son if they thought that he slept with a stripper. In a way it would had been better in Terry’s eyes if Mel was not from a well to do family. The man who wedding was becoming a nightmare did not have the courage to call Steve’s bluff, but wanted someone to do so.

Those two commenced to get drunk and spend the night bitching about Steve. Then Terry started to talk down on the rest of his friends, How dare they not come out. They needed to have an united front. They needed all their brain power, for there is no way that Steve could outsmart all six of them. Terry knew Steve divided them to make them weak. Terry had to come up with a plan to bring camaraderie back to his friends and then go after their true enemy.

At the end of the night, a drunken Mel apologize for his moment of weakness. Terry quickly forgave his friend and they kept on talking about how great it would be to just end it now. Terry offhandedly said it would be great if Mel was not worried about his inheritance. How helping friends get out of a jam was more important than money.

Mel’s eyes lit up. Terry was right. It was time to make a stand, plus Steve would not send those pictures. The man who found his courage in drinking the Devil’s water got his phone.

Terry heard “Hey Steve go ahead and send those pictures.I don’t care! We all don’t care. Plus could not do it if you wanted to, for you are as fragile as a rose. Plus, I can smooth it out with my parents. They will be mad, but I am their only child.”

There was silence then Mel said “What!?. You would not.”

Silence again on Mel’s end.

“You can go Fuck yourself Steve.

We will see!!!

Fine, it will happen and I am sorry. I will fall in line.”

Mel hung up the phone and gave Terry a look that could kill. Terry knew the phone call went bad and needed to do some damage control right now. “Hey Mel whatever he said, do not worry about it.”

“Yeah, Terry you can say that without knowing what was said. That is so arrogant of you. I am telling you with are dealing with a psycho.

He laughed at me telling him to send the pictures and told me fine. Then added about the email which would state that the stripper was with my child. I know my parents well enough they will have nothing to do with me after that.

No way can I take that chance. Now for standing up to him, I am going to have to get a rose tattoo with Melody underneath it on my ankle. It will serve as a warning to the other ‘ladies’.

So listen here Terry, I am done with your plan to try to get out of this one. He won, just face it. Steve won. I told you it was stupid to shave his eyebrows and hair. But, no you did not listen. You always know best.”

Mel got up and stormed out. Terry knew better than to try to talk to his friend now. Mel will cool down when he is sober and then Terry will get him behind him again. Plus to Terry, the tattoo is not so bad, it will be something he could get on about Mel. So many jokes would be at Mel’s expense.

Terry was happy that who he wanted as his right hand man made that stand. The guy need to take the offensive. Tomorrow the counter offensive will start. The leader who lost his fear from liquid bravery knew his friends will fall in line once he stood up.


After spending the day with Beth, Terry knew he had to start to fight back against his nemesis. Even with needing to do it, Terry was a man with no plan. It was hard for to think of his counter measure being around Beth. His soon to be bride was being annoying, acting like she knew something he did not know she knew. How could the man who needed to be in the driver’s seat do so when he did know something Beth did? He had to figure out what Beth knew.

Other people being smug irked Terry to no end. That man had too high of an opinion of himself and thought that only he had the right to lord over others being one up, or even to be one up. Terry was the alpha in his eyes and everyone needed to get in line. To be in his good graces people needed to know their role of being one of his subordinates.

Terry made the call and was just going to use the general bluff. He expected to get Steve’s voice mail. The master manipulator knew the tactic of controlling when conversations occurred and they went to set power dynamics.

When Terry got an answer he paused after Steve said “Hello.”

Then Steve said “Listen here Terri Jo, you do not make threats to my wife. For that I think your punishment will be a party. Yeah a bachelorette party. You doing so just gave you and the ‘ladies’ a nice night out on the town as Team Bride. Of course do not worry about telling the ‘girls’. I will and also who to thank.

Don’t mess with me and don’t mess with my wife. Just take what is coming to you and it will be easier.”

Then dead air. That pissed Terry off to the nth power. Terry did not even get to give his message and that made him lose even more ground. Somehow Steve put Terry on the defense even during a sneak attack., Steve zigged when he thought he was going to zagged. He was caught flat footed and backpedaled. The man who lost yet another battle knew it was worthless to call back, for Steve neuter him with how Steve totally controlled the call.

While holding the phone Terry admitted that he had to give the man who was ruining his life some respect. Steve was turning out to be more than a worthy adversary. The realization made him smile for the over confident man believed that his inevitable victory would be that much sweeter with hard work behind it.


It has been two days since Terry last heard Steve’s voice. It was not a conversation, for people talking to be a conversation, it has to be has two ways and Terry said nothing. He could not even start to plan how to get the upper hand for no word from his friends and he needed them to help come up with a plan..

Calling those people friends was an overstatement and being generous. They were showing no loyalty and unity. Plus, cowards do not deserve to be considered friends, but Terry did for he knew he had to look out for those not as strong as him.

More important they were not acting like friends. They all were worried about how Steve’s plans were going to affect them, instead of Terry. Come on they were all secondary to him, it was Terry’s wedding which was in peril Hell, not only his wedding but his relationship with Beth. This was serious and not a harmless prank.

After careful consideration Terry finally came to the conclusion he was going to yet again be the better man and call those loser he called friends first. It came to no shock to him, he was their leader so that meant he was better than them.

Terry thought “I will call Jessie, first. He always has a level head and is calmest one out of the boys.”. It was true good old Jessie never put up a fight and just went with the flow. This was not for he was even-tempered; Far from it, Jessie was docile. The scared boy in a man body was scared of not having any friends so he did what he had to to stay latched on to this group.

“Hey there Jessie do not worry about the bachelorette party.”

In a fearful voice Jessie responded “What are you talking about?”

Terry was delighted to hear his friend was clueless about Steve’s punishment. It had to mean that Steve was not strong enough to follow through on his plans. He has time to regroup his friends and start to come up with ways to get the upper hand.

“Sorry bad joke, if you are free come on over to my place. Call Kim, and Kelly. I will call Max and Mel. It is time to make Steve back to knowing his role.

It is a good night so pick up some beer and I will order some pizza. We will just hang out after the plans to humiliate Cueball are finalized ”

The cockiness in Terry’s voice gave Jessie renewed hope that his leader was going to be able to get them out of the mess they were in. The rest of the group lashed onto the feeling of conceit like a lost soul to a platitude. They all needed to believe this was not happening.

Once they all were gathered Terry started to give yet another prep talk. He was a firm believer in mindset and if he could get these losers to have a winner’s attitude then they would be able to foil Steve. “Hey guys, the tide has turned. Steve is already losing his resolved. He made his first bluff and we are going to call him out on it, on our term and when we want to. We are going to be in control.

It is over and now all we need to do is to figure out how to punish him.“

Mel chimed in. “Yeah that bastard made me get a tattoo. I say we make him get one and also his belly button pierced and go out to a club dress like a woman.”

Mel showed the guys his tattoo. They all started to laugh other than Terry. The man who thought he was back in charge knew now was not the time to get on Mel. “You all quit that. If it was not for Mel going after Steve we would not had found the chink in his armor. That is a badge of honor.“

They all started to apologize when the doorbell rang. Terry “Cool the pizza is here. I will get it. We will eat and drink while we figure out how we will make Steve bend to our will.”

The man who was counting his chickens before they hatched turned as white as his wedding gown when he opened the door. It was Steve with a cheeky smile on his face and waving. Twice in a roll Terry was speechless while confronted by the man who was taking him down.

The confident unwanted visitor waltzed into the house and greeted the surprised onlookers. “Hey there ‘girlfriends’, what’s up?”

Mel lashed out “Fuck you, that is what’s up. You made me get a fucking tattoo. You are sick, why are you doing this. You should just leave us alone.”

With a grin on his face, Steve said “Now, calm down Melody. I did not make you get a tattoo. You did it to yourself. You dare call me after midnight and try to stand up to me. I had to show you who is in charge.

Now, don’t worry I will let you swearing at me slid. I know you are in pain from getting the tattoo. See I can be nice.”

Steve looked around and said “Hold on, I will be right back. Don’t go anywhere for I have a couple of announcements.”

The self-assured man walked into the kitchen and came out with a soda. Steve was acting like he owned the place. Everyone there could not blame him, he had everything going his way.

“Now here is annoucement number one. Next weekend, my wife was nice enough to schedule a makeover for all you girls to happen here at Terri Jo’s place. You know you all will want to look your best on the big day. I bet Kimmie will look better than her wife.

Also, here is announcement number 2. You can thank Terri Jo for this. The bride to be made a threat to my wife. I do not like that, so you all can thank her for the bachelorette party you will be having instead of a bachelor party. I hope this is a lesson to all of you. Just accept your fate, you will all be so pretty at the wedding. “

Kim sneered at Steve when the man who was toying at him made that off-handed put down. He did not like his ex-friend putting down his wife, Lorene. Then a thought which made it worse came to the reluctant bridesmaid, was Steve singly him out as his next victim. It seemed like Steve was done playing with Mel and he wanted to break each one of them.

The arrogance the guys just found left when Steve did. They could not believe he knew they were all there. Terry hated that Steve played him into a false sense of security. The worse was, yet again, the fox walked right into the hound’s trap How was Steve always ahead of Terry and his crew.

The man who was drowning in issues also hated the new one he had. What to do with Mel?

Mel was becoming unpredictable and uncontrollable. The unstable man has become unhinged, going from one extreme of feeling total defeat to the other of be full of defiance. The last thing the group needed was someone digging a deeper hole for them to climb out of or bringing down their morale. Somehow Mel was doing both.

The group of individuals all started to bicker with each other on how to handle this. They were all questioning Terry decisions making ability. They were also trying to figure out who was the Judas, or more fittingly the Judith amongst them.

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