Why Not

Author's Note: I am trying something different in my style of story telling.

Feeling exacerbated by yet again hearing the same question from another worried friend, Lizzy demanded to know. “Why Not!?”

Elizabeth Potter was sick of having to explain and justify why she was going out with who was the perfect man for her. The lady was sick of defending her choice. From now on she was going to make the people who asked defend the question. It was a stupid question which people used just to show their disapproval of who she was with.

Yes, Brad might not be perfect; he has what other people saw as a flaw. So what, that so called flaw was just an extension of his personality, and Brad’s personality was what made Lizzy love him. Lastly, that ‘flaw’ does not hurt anyone.

Even if was a flaw, so what no one is perfect. Lizzy could think of so many other flaws men have which Lisa Hagar put up with. Not showing up, being late, and putting their friends above the person the dating were just a few of those flaws Lisa let her man have. Those flaws were actually bad for they let people down

Lisa a little defensively said “You know!”

“Humor me and answer the question”

Lisa did not like that she had to defend what she knew was obviously wrong to her stubborn friend. She could not wrap her mind on why Lizzy was being a contrarian. So after letting out a huff of frustration Lisa said “While you know! Brad wears dresses.”


“While Lizzy, I would not date a man who wears a dress”

“Why not?”

“It is just not right. That is why not.”

Lizzy shook her head in disgust. She was sick of people who claimed to be so open minded clinging to reasons with nothing substantial to back their assertion. Saying it is just not right was not a legitimate reason to not approve of men wearing a dress. Saying it is just not right was the same reason people gave for being against women wearing pants. Saying it is just not right was the same reason people gave when they fought against segregation. Saying it is just not right was the same reason people gave for being against trains and airplanes. It is not right is just a lazy way to say I don’t like it so no one else should either.

“Don’t shake your head at me Lizzy, you know it is not right.”

“Lisa, I am shaking my head for I disagree. I think it is right for a person to wear what they want in their free time. Why is it not right?”

“For men should not wear dresses and be pretty.”

“I man should be allowed to be pretty if he wants to just like a woman should be allowed to have short hair if she wants to. You know people think your short hair is not right.”

“Come on Liz, you know that is different.”

“Yeah, for you want your hair short. While Brad wants to be pretty once in awhile, so what?”

“No, it is for society accepts women with short hair and not men in dresses.”

“Lisa, so what if society accepts something or not. That does not make that action right or wrong. You know that there was a time when society did not accept short hair on women. Was that right then?”

“That is different a woman should be able to have the hairstyle she wants.”

“And a man should be able to dress how he wants.”

“That is different.”

LIzzy knew the entire time her friend was talking at her, not with her, but wanted to give her friend a chance to actually listen. That was what got to the irate woman the most. Those friends who asked her why she was dating a man who crossdressed, did not want to understand why Liz and Brad was a couple. They only wanted to passive-aggressively show their disapproval.

“LIsa, it is simple. I am with Brad for he was always there for me. I never asked and he was there for me. I moved to a new apartment, he offered to help. I called for advice on anything, he would give it. I brought up my car was going to be in the garage for a week and he offer to take me to work and let me take his car shopping that weekend. The list goes on and he was there for me. It was just him being him, dependable and helpful. He never expected anything in return.

He is also open and honest. I brought I knew he liked me but never asked me out. I wanted him to know it would not ruin of friendship if it did not work out. He told me why he did not, for his sense of fashion. I told him so what and he immediately asked me out.

He was even there for me by not asking me out. He looked out for me by not wanting me to get involved with him until I knew about what you would call a flaw.

So what, he likes to wear a dress. He is there for me as I am for him. That is why I am with the man I love.”


Dale said“I still cannot see why you are dating Brad instead of me?”

Dale asked that question for his ego was still hurting about Liz picking Brad over him. He just could not figure out what went wrong. They both had a good time on both the date they had. The third one did not happen for Dale got tickets to a basketball game at the last moment.

So what he cancelled at the last moment, they were not serious yet. In his mind, Brad did took the right course of action. It was simple, the self assured man compared how often do you get the chance to see LeBron James play to how often you get the chance to go on a date with the woman you are seeing. Any fool would had made the same decision. He was right a fool would had made that decision and not at least asking before backing out on the commitment.

Lizzy, again was going to make the people defend that stupid question they were all asking her “Why not?”

“While he is not a real man.”

Lizzy laughed at Dale’s response “Oh trust me he is all man, and more of a man than you.”

Dale shook his head in disbelief. That remark had to be just to hurt him. Dale could not figure out why his friend was being so petty to try to make him bad about himself. Dale made the right decision and was not going to be put down for Liz felt stood up by him. That lady needed to get over herself “Come on he wears women's clothing. How can he be more of a man than me?”

“It is simple, unlike you, Dale; Brad has his priorities right. He would never back out of a date on the last moment for a basketball game. He would had ask if it was fine.

I would had said yes to you going to the game for I know how much you like basketball, but you did not ask. I am happy you put yourself ahead of what we were trying to make. That made me realize that I needed someone who was there for me as I would be there for them. That is when I asked Brad about why he never asked me out and he did.

I know another thing in your mind being great at sex is what makes a man and man. I am telling the truth when I say that Brad is better. That is for unlike you, he wants to please me also. It is not just about him getting his rocks off.

So that is why I am going out with him instead of you.”

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