Becoming Sarah Part 2

James got back to his dorm and Dillon asked him how was hanging out with the girls. He said great, some changes were made about when it will happen. It will not be Halloween weekend, it will be sooner if that was fine with Dillon. Sarah’s escort to the dance said of course.

James found out from Dillon the next LGBT dance would be three weekends from then. James also informed Dillon he would be staying with the girls that weekend so Dillon would have the place to himself. James added the joke Dillon would not have to worry about James being home if he got lucky.

Dillon took the joke for what it was, a compliment. James admire Dillon for he was holding out on finding Mr Right, not Mr Right Now. James was the same way about not wanting one night stands.. He did not want to cheapen being with someone special by just being with someone to feel special. Them both being open about how they viewed sex and relationships gave each of them the strength to hold true to their beliefs.

After giving Dillon the update James saw it was, not too late so he called the girls to say which weekend it was. Audrey answered was that would it work out great. She then asked if there anything else on his mind. James mention that Lexie was right the shopping should be done this weekend.. Audrey mention that they might not be able to get everything in one shopping spree.

Cara’s ears perked up when she heard shopping and asked to speak with James. She got on the phone and said “come over before the weekend and we can do some online window shopping and just hang out.”

James liked the idea of spending time with Cara and asked if Thursday was good. Cara said of course. Then, Cara started to chat about how she thought James was being strong doing this and not to worry she will make shopping fun.

James liked the idea of hanging out with Cara but making shopping fun, yeah right. The subject changed to music, the upcoming election and of course their favorite hobby, finding cool you tube videos.. They must have talked for about an hour. James hung up and Dillon joked you have the talking on the phone like a girl down.


Lilith came home and Audrey was at the dining room table like an angry parent waiting to have a talking with their child. Lilith looked towards the table and Audrey greeted her with a stern stare.

“Lilith, you need to get on board with what James is doing. He came to us for help and you kept on mocking what he is going to do.”

“Come on Audrey what he is doing is playing dress up. It puts down who we are all by thinking that a man can ever come close to understanding the plight of a woman just by wearing a skirt.”

“Just cut Sarah, I mean James some slack. He is one of the good guys.”

“Oh, I can’t believe it. You are playing along with his dress up game. I expected Cara would and maybe even Lexie, but you. You are going into medicine so you know how hard it is to be a woman.“

“I am not playing along with anything, I just want to support my friend. He wants to do it and like I just said he is one of the good guys, no he is a good person. How many times has James been there for any of us?

I called him Sarah for I am trying to get behind me. I want to treat him like one of the girls so James as Sarah will have at least that experience. I think you should cut him some slack and get on board.”

“You are right, I overreacted. I will get on board and support this project. I will even go along with seeing James as Sarah.”

Lilith paused and was going to thank her friend for making her see the errors of her way. Then she thought better of it. That would be out of character for her and she wanted to snowblind Audrey about how much she hated what James was doing. There was no way the righteous lady would ever see James as anything as a man who was mocking her gender. That even the good guys needed to get a taste of how most men treat ladies.

Audrey was happy that she saw that Lilith was coming around. The lady who was wiser than her years knew it would take some more time until her passionate friend would put all her energy behind it. That did not matter, for Lilith being open minded to what Audrey said was a great starting point.

With that being settled Audrey told Lilith Sarah has decided on B cups for the breast forms. Lilith said “great I will get the breast forms.”

Lilith thought that James might have decided on B cups but she was going get the biggest cup size she could. Hopefully they still have those D cups, but if not C cups will do. A great idea came to the woman who believed she was going to teach her friend a lesson, degrade him about the breasts he could not pick. Yes, she was going to call him a balloon breasted bimbo when he tried them on. She was going to make him feel so bad he will cry and he did deserve it. Treating being a female like it was a project wass so disrespectful..

Audrey was happy that she believed they came to an agreement on Sarah. She knew that Lilith was passionate and sometimes took actions before thinking. She knew that it was from Lilith just being so sure of her convictions and opinions being right. Audrey also knew that once Lilith thought about something she was rational, so after thinking it over Lilith will be more than happy to help James become Sarah.


The next day James showed up to Dr Allagi’s office hours and talked to his professor about the idea for his project. James was not his normal self, he felt a little meek when trying to bring up the idea so instead of saying it, he gave Dr Allagi the proposal and time schedule which he typed up on his project.

Dr Allagi looked over the papers which were handed to him. As he read them, he nodded in agreement and then looked James over. James felt a little shy and started to fidget in his chair. It was strange for James to feel uncomfortable and he did not like it. He actually had to concentrate some to quit trying to burn off the nervous energy.

After reading the project, the professor looked over James and subconsciously shook his head no. James was disappointed for he thought the professor was going to flat out reject the project. James did not blame Dr Allagi. The student knew he should had known for it was a cockamamie idea. Why did he he even think for a second that a professor which dedicated his life to the study of gender issues would think something as trivial as wearing a couple of skirts would give a man a better understanding of the female experience.

“James, I love your idea, but I do not think you can do it. You can’t even bring it up to me, so how are you going to actually live as a woman for a weekend?”

Hearing that the professor liked the idea made James’ meekness and shyness go away. With his confidence regained James said “Sorry Dr Allagi, I was nervous bringing it up for I thought you might see what I am proposing as making a mockery of women and also your class.”

“Why would I see it that way?”

“”Dr Allagi, You could see it as I think that the clothes makes a person and somehow I think I can duplicate the experince of a woman just by wearing clothes.

I do not as you can see I will be going to a dance where people are treated as the gender which they are dressed as and ... ”

Before James could continue Dt Allagi politely interrupted him. “James you put a lot of time and effort into writing the proposal. You wrote a proposal instead of just trying to come here and ask. You also considered how I would look at it. That shows me right there you are serious. So if you want to do this project you have my approval.”

James thanked the professor and they talked a little more about the project. Dr Allagi wanted to know more of what James wanted to get out of it and James was eager to explain his reasoning. For a reason unknown to him, the man with a woman living inside him, was taking total ownership of this project. He knew that he was putting going to put more time and effort into it than needed, but did not care. He just instinctively knew it was going to be good to do it. If he knew that Sarah was emerging James would had know that instinct was really woman’s intuition. After James left, Dr Allagi thought about how great it was that someone else like him, to have understanding of the other gender.

Thursday came and after dinner James went over to hang out with Cara. He knocked on the girl’s door and she answered it. She gave him a hug when she greeted him. He walked in and notice all the other girls were not home. He asked if she was ready to shop and she said why not we just sit on the couch first and just chat. She sat down with her one leg on the couch so she could face him and he did the same. Cara wanted the conversation to be personal

It was just a nice little casual conversation between two friends. Cara did steer the conversation to get James to talk about his emotions. It was not hard to do for James was the open type. He had no issue talking about how he felt if someone asked.

Sometimes, the sensitive man even freely brought them up, if someone talked about the movie Rocky he will mention that the scene where Rocky said “I did it Adrian” brought tears to his eyes. How could it not? It was so emotional, Rocky went the distance with the World Champ, he overcame the odds and lasted. He won without winning.

When Cara went to get her laptop she asked James if he could be a doll and get them both a drink. James asked what she wanted and her reply was just some water. Cara used doll for she knew she call girls that, and James did not blink with his friend using it. James got two glasses of water.

Cara returned with her computer and told James first she was going to show him the outfits the girls thought would be good on him. The first outfit Cara showed was the one Audrey picked out. It was a short sleeve satin pink blouse with a tie collar and simple blue straight line midi skirt. She showed James the Mary Jane shoes and told her it will be with dark blue tights. She explain that tights are like thicker pantyhose which are not as transparent. She asked James what he thought, he told her it was nice.

She looked at him and said. “Dear that was an answer a man would give. We are picking out outfits for Sarah, so I need to hear what Sarah would think. You need to see them how a girl would, for you will be one for that weekend.

Think of yourself as Sarah now. Describe why you like or dislike what I am showing you. If you don’t mind I will be calling you Sarah while we window shop. I know it is silly,but it might help you get in the right mindset.”

James thought Cara made valid points. These clothes are for Sarah and he had to see them as a woman would and not as what he was, a man. James answered “Yes you can call me Sarah. I have to get use to it. Plus it will be fun, we will be just like girlfriends tonight.”

Cara agreed it would be fun also. She always wanted to know more about James, even with being open he said what was on his mind in a reserved manner. Maybe getting in touch with his feminine side would allow more emotions to come through with his responses. “OK, Sarah what do you think of the outfit?”

James thought for a second, his mindset changed to how he thought he would see the outfit if he was Sarah then replied

“I really like the outfit. It is simple yet at the same time elegant. It is definitely feminine yet not too girly. It shows ‘I am woman’ but is not too sexy. It says treat me for who I am not for what I look like. I love it, it will help me express who I am.

Audrey, did a great job picking it out I have to thank her for knowing my style before I did. I also have to make sure she knows how good her taste is.”

Cara thought that was a quick change in response, it seemed like James was embracing Sarah right then. She noticed that his voice changed. It was a little softer, and a little higher. Also, his diction changed, his speaking rhythm became smoother, almost like he was singing. His choice of words were more inclusive. It was not all about what he had to do. It was about others also.

James looked a little stunned and thought “did I really say that?” He did not realize it but he was becoming Sarah for the moment. He was letting those penned up feelings and emotions comes to the surface. He was embracing his strong feminine side and it was showing. He was in a safe place so he was living in the moment. This moment he was a girl to Cara so he became the girl he really was.

Cara, while lightly touching Sarah’s arm, said “I know what you are saying about the outfit dear. It is great and I think it will go with your style plus looking at your legs in your shorts you can pull it off.”

Sarah thanked her. It was not the normal quick thanks that James would give. Sarah’s thanks was more thought out and explained why she was thankful. She added how happy she was that Cara noticed “his” legs. Even with James being Sarah at the moment, he did not know he was her so he referred to himself in the male pronoun. .

Next was the workout outfit that Cara picked, pink training leggings with white stripes on the sides and black trimming, with a black workout bra with a pink and white geometric print. Cara explained it was nothing fancy but gets the job done and was cute.

Sarah replied “ You are right it is cute and adorable. For some reason it looks like something I will enjoy working out in. It would get me in the right frame of mind.”

Cara notice that Sarah did not stop for a second after saying cute.

“Good the girls are so far two for two in picking out the outfits. That says we know you good. Sarah would have the same taste as James so we just picked what we thought James would wear if he was a girl.”

Cara showed Sarah the lounging around outfit Lexie picked out. A purple tunic with batwing sleeves, black legging and black flats with a double bow front. It was simple but fit its purpose so well.

Sarah smiled and like it. “ It looks so comfy and cozy. It is cute also.It seems like I like cute, he he”

Cara noticed the giggle at the end. That was no laugh. The girl who did not know she was really hanging out with another girl did was lost at know what to make of the giggle. Laughs are involuntary actions so that was just natural for Sarah.

Even with the giggle confusing Cara a little, she liked it. It seemed to come out more than James’ normal laugh. It was less reserved and more full of joy.

After the girls became three for three, Cara suggested to look at sleepwear next. They looked at sleeping gowns, nightshirts, camis and chemises. Sarah liked most of what she saw. Then one jumped off of the computer screen screaming, this is so you Sarah, it was a white chemise with a floral print on it with a little pink bow on the cleavage. As soon as she saw it she got excited and exclaimed “I love this one, it is so cute. The bow is such a nice touch.”

Sarah got quiet. The reaction Sarah gave seeing the chemise she liked startled her. She had a sad confused look on her face. Sarah was not comfortable at how much she liked that sleepwear.

Cara knew the answer upsetted her friend some reason so she reached over and hugged Sarah. Cara wanted to support her friend. During their embrace, Cara tries to comfort Sarah and says with a reassuring voice. “It is alright dear to get excited about something you like. You are Sarah right now and have no need to be reserved. Girls share and express to each other how they feel.
You are going to have to share and express with us during that weekend so it is good you are doing it now.

It is alright to like that chemise, for it is cute and you are right the bow is a nice touch. It is feminine yet not revealing, so it fits your style. Don’t be upset that you like something and it is going to make you feel good to wear it

You would like it on a woman as James so why not like it on you as Sarah?.”

Sarah listened and what Cara’s comment made sense. They comforted Sarah by seeing she did nothing wrong. Sarah believed she just got too much in character. It was really that her real self was surfacing.

“You are right dear, not being able to have a strong opinion or say what I feel about clothes and now being able to is just weird. It didn't feel right to do it so at that moment I felt a little ashamed. I should not be for this is exactly what I want to experience, to have a better understand of what it is to be a woman.
I will try to openly embrace it. I tell you one thing Cara, I could not embrace it right now without your support. Thank you so much.”

When Sarah said that she touched her confidant's leg. Cara enjoyed Sarah light touch on her leg. It felt warm and friendly. The feeling of closeness Cara had with Sarah from the touch and this time together she wanted even after the weekend was done. She hoped that some of Sarah will stay with James for the rest of his life.

Sarah’s style was coming together, her little wardrobe was going to have a mature young woman feel to it. Her everyday look was going to show the world she is a strong confident lady who has no need to show off too much of her body yet makes sure it was not hidden away. It was going to be smart, elegant, delightful in a whimsical way. When she went for something either intimate or sexy it would be a classic look which is enchanting.

Cara was enjoying seeing this side of her friend, James. She knew he was kind and sensitive but never really could articulate it well. She did find that odd for he was so witty and could easily articulate ideas and concepts. That was why she knew he was going to make an awesome teacher.

“Sarah, we are done with window shopping, so what do you want to do.”

Sarah was disappointed that Cara said they were done. How could they be, they needed to get at least two more outfits. The girl who was around another person for the first time wanted to shop.

“Sweetie, we are not done. I need two more outfits for the weekend. Plus, I am having so much fun. It is nice to see how I am going to present myself as Sarah. It gives me insight on who I am and also how I see women.”

“Wow, you are really taking this serious? Sorry I did not mean the question how it sounded”

Sarah’s hand waved down as a sign the question was no big deal when she said “I know you did not mean the question in a bad way. sweetie.

Yes, I am taking it serious. I would not do this project if I was not going to be sincere. I have too much respect for women to make a joke about who they are.

Now, some words I never thought I would say. Let’s shop!!!”

Cara was impressed at how quickly her friend made sure the potential miscommunication was no big deal and took Sarah went to some sites to look for a dress for the dance.

Sarah was feeling a little overwhelmed again. So many different choices. The inundated lady had no idea where to start, like she was cleaning up after a wild party. Then she saw an apricot V neck floral sequin sheer bodycon dress.

As she pointed to what she wanted to wear the curious lady inquired “Cara, do you think I pull that dress off. I know right now I do not have the hips for it, but I will be wearing hip enhancers. With those I will fill out the bottom while and the breast forms will fill out the top.

I just think I would look sexy in it. While as sexy as I could.”

“You want to look sexy?”

“Yes, I am going to a dance and women want to look their best there. I think in that social setting I would be looking my best if I went with sexy look. Why did you ask?”

“Oh you have been going with cute, so I thought you were a cute girl. I mean, oh you know what I mean.”

“I do know what you mean; don’t worry about it anymore, sweetie. Yes,most of the time if I was a woman I would be going for the cute look. But not for a night out on the town. I am seeing the dance as my night out on the town.

I do know enough about women that they have different looks for different occasions. I know it is for woman use their appearance to express who they are and how they feel more than men do. I need to cram enough of those looks and the reason behind them into a weekend to feel those different aspects of being a woman.”

Cara broke seeing James as Sarah, she wanted to make sure to her friend knew the next statement was coming from the heart. “James, you have a real understanding for women, I do not want to offend you by saying this, but you are in touch with your feminine side. I do not mean you want to be a woman. I am saying you have an empathy towards women that most men do not. I am so happy that you are showing me this side of you. I want to see it more often.”

“I understand what you are saying and please call me Sarah tonight. James is just a name. I know it represents who I am, but it is still not me. With your help, I am tapping into other parts of who I am. I think your support is why I am better able to say and express what I am feeling.

I know you were trying to make sure I knew you were talking about the real me. I do not need to hear you say James for that. I could tell by your words and your voice.

Now, please tell me if you think I can pull off wearing that dress.”

Cara laugh to herself at how James/Sarah, she was still shifting back into seeing her friend as only Sarah, was not raveled and actually took that comment for what it was, flattery and was more concerned about the dress. Cara loved the dress which Sarah picked out..

“Sarah you can so pull off that dress. Like I said you have the legs, plus you arms are slender enough to wear tight fitting long sleeves.

Plus you have the confidence. That is one of the secret woman use to wear what they want. They own it, you will own that dress. It will not be what you picked to wear that night, but what you should be wearing ”

“Good, I am looking forward rto now unto my brunch outfit,”

“Sarah, I have an idea why don’t we pick that out at a store. It will just be me, and you together then, Audrey will want to hit the bookstore and I will give a hint for Lexi to join her. Don’t worry doll, no one will even notice you. Couples always shop together.”

“I love that idea, Cara, we get to spend more time together as girlfriends , ha-ha.”

Cara joined in the giggle and then they both started to giggle louder. Those two kept on chatting and there were so many giggles in that time spent together . Cara and James always got along great but the chemistry between them was even better when James was Sarah.

Audrey came home first from her study session to the sound of high pitched laughter and went she opened the door saw Cara and Sarah with huge smiles on their faces saying quit it. be serious to each other.

Audrey jokingly said “Oh great it is the Giggle Twins, Cara and James.”

Those two quit laughing and try to put on a straight face. Sarah with a twinkle in her eyes and grin starting to form on her face. “Oh -o, Mom is home. We better be serious, and Mom tonight it is Sarah, not James.”

Those two looked at each other and started to giggle again. Audrey joined in. She knew she fell into the material role with her friends and liked it. She also like the good natured positive ribbing which came from it.

Even with laughing along with those two silly girls, Audrey’s motherly side was processing what Sarah said. So the friend who looks after all her friends was cautious with what she said next. Half jokingly she said “Sorry, Sarah.”

Cara quit laughing “Audrey, James was Sarah tonight. He, she, oh who cares about pronouns, really embraced the moment. We had so much fun shopping and here look at the dress Sarah picked out for the dance.“

Audrey said “I love that dress and it is going to look great on you Sarah. Do not worry about picking out a purse. I have the perfect clutch handbag to go with it.”

Sarah got excited “Oh let me see!”

Audrey went to her bedroom and got the bag. It was a black leather handbag with an etched floral design on it. Seeing it Sarah’s eyes widen “Oh it goes so well with the floral sequin of the dress. I can now just get some plain black heels for the outfit.”

Cara and Audrey booth just looked at Sarah. “What? I pay attention to details and know enough about how women put together their outfit. With how I want to present myself, I do not want too much going on so the shoes should be plain.”

Cara said “Sarah, I will say you are full of nice surprises tonight. I am so happy we did the shopping this way.”

Sarah replied “I am also.”

Those three talked for a little bit. Sarah made it a point to thank Audrey for picking out the outfit and added how much she love it along with her friend’s sense of fashion. The lady who loved the first female outfit she would wear out in public also made sure Audrey knew she was touched at how well her friend knew her.

Audrey was really paying attention to Sarah’s mannerism and word choice. She wanted to see how much of Sarah James was being. It was not that she doubted James was trying to be Sarah, she just did not know if he would be able to get intuned with his feminine side that night. She saw that he was.

To the lady who was diagnosing her friend how easy James slipped into being Sarah was a good thing, the weekend was going to be a great experience for Sarah also. She was going to have fun, while learning more about who James was.

Sarah looked at the time and got up to leave. On her way out she gave both of the girls a hug and told them she was looking forward to Saturday. Sarah agreed to jogging with Cara this Saturday before shopping and Audrey’s invite to hang out at the apartment that night.

After their friend left, the two ladies talked about the night. They both wanted to better understand what happened and also their friend. It was not normal how at eased James was being Sarah. They would have sworn that James knew about his feminine side but for how casual he was. Someone who knew they had that strong of a feminine side would had been excited to be able to share it with others.

On her walk home Sarah reverted back to being James. The man, who had a great time just being the lady he really was, chalked up how he acted from just good role playing. He also added the support he had from those two great friends to help him be in the moment. Little did he know it was just another step on his journey to becoming Sarah.

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