Isn’t this what you wanted: Nancy and Zoe Unger

Author’s Notes: This is a first of what I think will be a series of stand alone stories which have the theme of isn’t this what you wanted as the main theme. Also, this story is very graphic in the sexual tone, not my normal writing.

Nancy Unger screamed “What do you mean you are leaving me, you no good cocksucking sissy?”

Zoe Unger calmly said “Isn’t this what you wanted?”


“That is funny, you said you were going to leave me for a real man all the time.”

“While I should had.”

“You had your chance.”

“While if I knew that you were going to leave I would had. Now the man I would leave you for wants someone else instead of me.”

“Yeah, me.”

“I know and I cannot believe that he wants you instead of me.”

“Isn’t that what you wanted, him to want me more than you.”

“No, why would I want a man to become a fag in love with a sissy.”

“Your actions showed otherwise, if not you would not had pushed Simon towards me”

”“He cannot want you more than he wants me, for he is not a fag.”

“Really, he is not a fag, then why does he love how this sissy sucks his cock better than you.Also like you said only a fag would suck a cock or have a man suck his cock.”

“He only thinks you are better for I never really had to suck his cock. I had you to do that for me.Trust me I am a better cocksucker than you and I would do it all the time if he asked for it.”

“Me sucking cock rather than you, isn’t that what you wanted. OK, you might be a better cocksucker than me, but that man you swear is not a fag loves to give me anal. He says my sissy pussy is tighter than yours and it makes him cum harder than yours”

“If I knew that anal was so important to him I would given him it, but he had you to satisfy that sexual hunger of his.”

“Isn’t that what you want, not to have to give him anal.”

“Yes but you are a sissy and a sissy can’t leave.?”

“Isn’t that what you wanted so don’t question if I am able to leave. It is for I am.”

“You cannot leave me, you are pathetic.”

“I can leave you and isn’t this what you wanted. I might be pathetic but I stole your man so you have to be even more pathetic than me.”

“I am not pathetic like you, you treat him like a king.”

“Isn’t that what you want, him to be treated like a king.”

“Yes but you are nothing but our servant.”

“You are wrong, I was nothing but your servant. At first it was not a real servant, it was a game to fulfill our sexual kinks, and me being bisexual. Then it crept into our personal life. I did not care at first for it gave me a rush. I did not care for I love to dress like a woman. It was a game and we took it too far.

You started to believe the words we said about me and then I did also. You then started to believe the words we said about you and then I did also. You then started to see yourself better than others and then I did also.

Then you saw me as your toy, a plaything. That hurt but you made a mistake you started to see Simon as your toy and plaything. You spent less time with him alone and allowed me to spend more more time with him alone.

You would taunt me about you leaving me for him. You meant it also. You wanted to but was having too much fun with your toy. You always never knew when to quit.

While your toy started to be a real person around Simon. He needs more than a woman who thinks she is the queen, he needs one who is actually his queen. One who is at her man’s side, who does things with him and one who knows him like I do.

You forgot that I dated men before we got together so it was easy for me to shift from going to seeing Simon as someone who I got sexual pleasure from to someone I wanted to spend time with. Once he opened up to me we hit it off. We complement each other so well. We fell in love

Now I will be pleasing Simon in the bedroom, spending time with him, taking care of him and sharing my life with him and he will treat me like his queen. Isn’t this what you wanted, you had me do that all the time. You do not want to please him sexually, you are a dead fuck. It is all about your pleasure. When was the last time you cooked him a meal, when was the last time you spent time with him without having me there also.

So I am leaving you for him.”

“But this isn’t what I wanted.”

“I have covered why it is what you wanted. You just did not know you would not like what you wanted when you got it.”

As Zoe left the house she shared with her wife for the last time, Nancy sat alone thinking about how it went wrong. She had everything she desired and somehow lost it. That night Nancy did not find an answer for she was only thinking of herself. The answer lied in a relationship is not about what one person wanted but what both people wanted.

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