You are a Meany Vol 3: Little Ball of Hate

You are a Meany Vol 3: Little Ball of Hate

Author’s Note: This section of You Are a Meany is dark in tone so it is not like my normal work. It is important for it to be dark so I can to the light the story is leading me to.

Alice and Fred got home from visiting their son to a new reality which they were not expecting. They were met by Lori and her family at the airport and none of their freeters seemed their normal self. Lori was very tense, ready to snap and not sure of herself. Little Timmy seemed drain of all his energy, and not all there. Kevin was not his normal laid back self, he seemed cornered and .hyper concentration. The only thing which Alice and Fred’s greeters all had in common was their was something troublesome on their mind.

Alice was taken back when she went to give her grandson a hug and he jumped back while telling his ga-ga, boys do not like to hug. That was a huge difference from the Timmy she left a little over a week ago. Then he loved to hug his ga-ga. The doting grandma took it as as a 7 year old being a 7 year old.

It only became significant to Alice when she saw the reaction of Timmy’s parents. Lori snapped at her son and demanded that he hugged his ga-ga right away. When Timmy still stalled after hearing the order, Lori made a vague threat of “or else.”

Kevin McCain did not like how his wife was demanding their son to touch someone when Timmy did not want to. The easy going man was uncharacteristically forceful with Lori when he told her that Timmy can do whatever he wanted. It was the same response he would have gave his wife, but not in his usual matter of fact manner.

A look of fear quickly went across Timmy’s face then he went to hug Alice. His grandma stopped him by saying “Timmy it is fine that you do not want to hug me today. Just know if you ever want to hug me you can, my little big man.”

Alice made a mental note to talk with Lori about forcing Timmy to do something he did not want. She wanted to at that moment but waited. Alice did not want to come off as undermining her daughter’s authority. The matriarch of the Zahn’s clan was finally able to walk the fine line of treating Lori as her equal and daughter and also be there for her daughter as her mentor and mother.

Fred did not like the expected tension he felt. He was ready to handle his daughter being the Brat Queen and being distant about her birthday. That was just drama, and it would blow over in a day or two. This tension was from something else, something major. Whatever happened changed the dynamics with Lori’s family and was going to have an adverse affect on his and Alice’s interactions with them.

A bad moon was on the horizon and he started to say his prayers. After he pleaded with the gods, angels and saints for intervention, the patriarch of the Zahn’s clan began to do something useful, make a plan to deal with the bad moon.

It did not take long for Fred to start seeing his premonition to come true. Right after the exchange Lori and her family was even more withdrawn than before. Their reclusiveness to each other was from them all hiding something: Lori doing the petticoat punishment, Timmy fear that he must be a sissy, and Kevin trying to get to the bottom of what those two thought that they were so good at hiding from him.

The trip to drop the elder Zahn's off was as comfortable as ex in-laws sitting next to each other on a transpacific flight. Kevin drove and he had the radio off and just kept his eyes on the road and hands upon the wheel. Lori, with an intense look of sorrow and remorse,kept on looking back from the passenger seat at Timmy. Her son would look down in shame each time those two made eye contact. The tension between those three paralyzed Fred and Alice. None of passengers in the van could hear their own thoughts from how deafening the silence was.

Only when the weary travelers were dropped off was the silence broken by the exchanges of pleasantries. Alice and Fred was too tired from their vacation to talk about what just happened. When the loving wife brought up her concerns, Alice found out that her thoughts were in agreement with her husband’s. Something major happened while they were gone and soon everyone was going to feel the ramifications.

After Timmy’s parents put him to bed, he laid awake feeling torn about finding out what he really was. He wanted to be weak enough to stop his personal struggle against being a sissy but also at same time be strong enough to accept being one.

When Timmy was not doing well while getting treatment for his cancer, Kevin told his son that he could not give up, that little Timmy was a survivor and only the weak goes against what they were. Timmy dad said he was strong so it had to be true. His mother said he was a sissy, so it had to be true also. Using basic child logic if he was strong and the strong did not fight against who they were then he had to learn to accept he was what his mom said he was, a sissy.

Timmy will to live still was nowhere to be found. The vacuum in his soul which was there when his joy for life left was now replaced with the will to survive. His outlook of looking ahead of all the great joys which life had to offer him was replaced by the desire to exist in spite of the great sorrows which were in front of him.

The boy heading towards life in the shadows knew the hardships which were ahead of him. Timmy was going to be snubbed and mocked by his classmates. He would spend many birthdays alone at home with the only guests people who had to come. The love he would get would be from people who have pity in for Timmy being not a boy but also not a girl. His mom will start to reject him and try to toughen him up but fail. He knew this bleak future not for he was a seer, it was for his mom sharing the stories of his Uncle Poopyhead so many time that he was a scholar of sissydom.

Timmy was not a sissy for one simple reason, there is no such thing as a sissy. At least, not in the sense which his mom described his Uncle Pooopyhead. That what was making this imaginary struggle be a stalemate. He could not overcome an issue which was not real and he was too strong to be something he was not.

The young boy with the false identity struggle was also felt horrible. Ga-Ga’s pride and joy so wanted to hug her, but could not. Even with how much enjoyment he got from a hug from his grandma, he knew if he did he would be closer to fully embracing being a sissy. He was not yet strong enough to be a sissy. He knew he had to fight the urge to be a sissy. The survivor also knew it was a losing battle for his loving and smart mom told him that he was one so it had to be true.

Then he did his new ritual, he went to his dresser where he hid the dress his mom bought him and put it on. Lori was too wrapped up in trying to not beat herself up about what she did to get the punishment. When she asked Timmy about the dress a couple of days later, he lied and said she threw it away. He did not like lying to his mom, but knew that was what I sissy would do. They would want to keep the dress to wear it. They would not want to admit it at first but would come around to accepting who they were or be miserable like his Uncle Poopyhead.

The little fighter had to be strong and start to accept being what he was. He believed that him not feeling comfortable in the dress was just him trying to not be a weak sissy. When his mom used to humiliate Uncle Poopyhead she talked about how much he hated being a weak sissy, so Timmy figure out his uncle was weak for he fought what he was.

Timmy was not going to be weak. He was strong enough to beat cancer, so he was going to be strong enough to be what his mom told him he was. If the little fighter could put on with the painful sleepless nights, throwing up and his entire body in pain from chemo, he could easily learn to like to wear dresses like a sissy should.

Even with his biggest desire to stop fighting and please his mom, Timmy could not. The urge to fight his new life came from what he saw in his mind’s eyes. All of his school chums laughing at him. Instead of running around with the other boys, him on the swings with the girls.

Oh how he loved to run outside, it was hard for him to be locked in his home or the hospital for a year. He wanted to feel the sun as he was running carefree, but sissies do not run for that is not girly. Sissies are not carefree for they always knew that they were not a male but also not a female.

As Timmy laid in bed silent tears ran down his face. They were not chaperone by their friend, whimpering; not for he was too weak for others to know his sad. Timmy had to be strong enough not to bother his parents about his plight. The need for help would had made him weak, and he wanted to be strong.

As the boy in a dress fought to get to sleep, that little ball of hate inside him grew more. The fire grew hotter and the diameter of this sphere was barely big enough and tensile strength of the surface just strong enough to deny that negative energy in it from making an explosive escape.


In the next couple of months that little ball of hate was growing by getting the nourishment of Timmy’s self loathing of not becoming what he would never be, a sissy. That self loathing led to a mountain of rage forming under that expanding little ball of hate. The child of strong body and will had the attitude of never giving up on his goal of making his mom right about his sissyhood. If he was strong enough to beat cancer he would be strong enough to accept what he was.

During recess, at school, Timmy started to play with the girls. He hated his self imposed exile from his old friends to make new friends, one which were more fitting for a sissy. In his head, the boy who was not a sissy, believed that his old friends were just a cover he used to hide what he was not. They were not really his friends. He thought his feeling good being around them was from his secret not being known

Timmy did like it when he would play with the girls only when he was around Amy Ferrell. Those two playing with each other was like seeing a couple which has been together for years. They were so kind and gentle to each other. Timmy had a big smile on his face when they would had tea time or play house. The teachers thought it was sweet how Timmy and Amy would do everything together, even the dishes.

The want to be daredevil did not mind not going as fast as he could on his bike when riding with her. He thought it would not be too bad to be a sissy if he got to spend his time with Amy. She made him smile just by being around.

Their blossoming friendship was adorable to all the grown ups who saw it. If they knew the true reason why those two were friends they would had been sickened by what Lori did to her son. The friendship would had lost the sweet and innocent nature of it which made all the teachers at the school adored about it.

The friendship would had become a tragic tale of why people should never do things to humiliate others. They would have saw the yearning in Timmy’s eye to be where he belonged. The adults would had known he accepted being exempt from what he wanted for he thought he did not deserve being treated like a normal boy.

Then one day Amy told Timmy he was cute. Even with the boy, who was struggling with who he was, hating to be associated with anything sissy, He turned red. If this boy was a reindeer he would had leap in the air saying she finds me cute. Timmy knew that he would like being a sissy if it meant hearing compliments from her.

Timmy’s acceptance of the myth his mother made about his identity was short lived. That ball of hate, which was dormant when Timmy was around Amy, quickly aroused when Drake Sellars started to taunt Timmy about Amy saying he was cute. The lava in the sphere started to percolate for hearing a boy say he was cute, reminded him of the ugly lie he believed.

The boy, who was ashamed of what he wasn’t, nicely asked Drake to quit. He did so for Amy, something just made him want to be as sweet and nice around her. His newest friend brought out the desire for Timmy to be a better person.

If Drake knew how mad Timmy was he would have honored the request. He did not and he poked fun at Timmy trying to be the better boy out of those two. Drake said “You should be in a dress for you are acting like a girl.”

The lava caused cracks to form on the surface and it started to bubble to the surface. It was the first time Timmy felt true aggression in his life.His instinct of fight or flight kicked. If the boy who wanted to protect the secret which was a fantasy stood up to cancer there was no way he would run away from his tormentor.

Drake knew he went too far in his teasing when he saw fire in his friend’s eye. He has woken up a sleeping red dragon and was going to feel the fire of his attacker’s rage. Before Drake could say he was joking, he got a right hook to his jaw.

The punch was so hard that spit and one baby tooth went flying out of the mouth of the unconscious recipient of it as vanquished tourmenter fell to the ground. Timmy saw his chance to make sure no one even questions that he was not a real boy by making an example out of Drake. Tim was about to swoop down on him like a dragon on a wounded challenger for his domain, when he was held back by Ms Rondbreg

Timmy was told that boys were stronger than girls so it hurt his fragile ego that the teacher was able to manhandle him. Not being strong enough to break free of her grasp on him also reinforced the belief that he was a weak sissy. The boy who wanted to be what he was not quickly quit putting up a struggle to get free. Timmy hoped that the ruse of him not resisting would not let his fellow students or teachers onto him being a sissy.


Lori was so happy to be at work, unlike at home, she could relax. Home was so stressful with covering up the punishment she gave Timmy to Kevin. The constant reminder her son’s lust for life has been disintegrate. If that was not bad enough, Timmy’s actions, which came from his new outlook on life, reminded her of Luke’s at his age.

Thinking of Luke got her mad, that weak pathetic excuse for a man, was the cause of all of her ills right now. If her parents did not had to go visit him on his birthday she would not had to put her son in a dress. She blamed them not being there on her birthday for her son acting up.

They should not had went out there for a couple of reasons. One, he was used to no one caring for his birthday and second that thing did not lift a finger to try to help her son. He could not be tested to see if he was a match for the bone marrow transplant. The sad part was if Lori learn that Luke was the match that saved Timmy’s life she would had blame him for not telling her sooner

Luke should had helped, it was the right thing to do. It did not matter that she has not talked to him in over 10 years. It also should not had matter that she did not invite him to her wedding or that until he was asked Luke did not know he had a nephew. If Luke was a man and not a sissy he would had done the right thing.

Lori never understood why Luke was her parents favorite. Her older brother always got special treatment. It was not right that she had to invite Luke to her birthday parties and he did not had to do the same with her. Yeah, he did invite her but that was for he wanted the cool kids to show up. Even with her loving her childhood, she thought it was so unfair that Luke got to move to Cali. It was amazing, in her green eyes, how her dad would punish her for telling the truth about Luke being in a dress.

As her phone rang, Lori’s home life crashed into her work life. It was Timmy’s school and they wanted to have a meeting with her about the fight that Timmy was just in. Being the best parent that the loving mom could, she took the rest of the day off to go down to the school right away.

When Lori heard the details of the fight she was repulsed by them. The principle was happy for he thought that came from how violent her son was in the fight. The intense distaste from the incident came from her finding out that Timmy has been hanging out with the girls instead of the boys. It was not right, a little boy Timmy’s age should be hanging out with other little boys. What would her friends say if they found out that her strong boy has been having tea time with Amy Ferrell.

Then she felt dread, what would Amy’s mom and dad say. Those two were relentless on Luke, calling him Luka the sissy. They were a big part of the grindstone which helped Lori make Luke’s self-esteem into a fine powder.

The woman who wanted the perfect childhood for her son was going to put a stop to this. Tim needed to act like a boy his age. The last thing Lori needed at this time was another flaw in her homelife.

After the meeting Lori took the undisputed fighting champion of the 2nd grade home. She was going to put a stop to what she deemed was his misbehaving. Her son will be a boy. As she was instructing the eager pleaser in the backseat how he was going to act from now on, they drove past the Bullseye store where she got that pretty punishment which she believed work perfectly.

That dress did make Timmy listen to her and he did stop crying. Her son was strong and he could handle the threat of petticoat punishment again. He beat cancer so how could the menace of having to wear a dress hurt him? It could not, he was strong not weak like her brother.She would be smart enough to just warn her pride and joy that he would end up in a new dress again if he acts up.

Lori said to her son “Listen here mister. If you keep on acting up by playing with the girls or getting into fights you will end up in a dress again. There is where I got it and I can get another one if you want me to.”

Timmy did not know his mom was bluffing him and he called her out on it by trying to please her. She said he was a sissy and he needed a better dress. One, which made him feel like what his mom saw in him. Timmy wanting to please the sun of life said “I want you to.”

The frustrated mother took Timmy desire to make her right as him talking back to her. The worse part was he was also calling her out on the idle threat. She said “Fine, we are stopping in the store right now unless you say no.

Plus, if you don’t say no I will get an entire outfit. Shoes, socks, tights, panties and a girly undershirt. So what is it mister or should I say missy”

It took all of Timmy’s courage to tell his mom wanted a dress. Wanting a dress was not for him, it was for her. His mom cannot be wrong, he would not let her. She was not wrong about him being strong, so she will not be wrong about him being a sissy.

Even with wanting to do what he thought was right, Timmy tried to gather the strength to say no, but he could not. The little boy did not speak up, he did not want to disappoint his mom and not embrace his dreary future. He took him not being able to say no as a sign of weakness and more proof Timmy was what he mom said he was.

Lori took the silence as her son was questioning her authority. That was what happened with Luke and her mom. Lori was not going to have the same misfortune happened to her, her mom lost a tool to discipline her brother and Luke had the upperhand. That was how Luke got his way all the time.

Lori never understood why her dad took that away, his own wife’s power to threaten Luke with a dress. Then with losing power over Luke, Alice could not let her daughter shine like the social maven she was all the time. She had to sneak her daughter to parties, all because according to her dad, Lori was the cause of Luke being unpopular.

In Lori’s mind, she only repeated the truth and then teased some. It was what children do, tease each other. It is not her fault that Luke could not take a joke and just laugh along. So what those words were hurtful, she had no intent for them to be. So what he was the butt of the joke, he deserved it for he was beneath her. Lori was allowed to make fun of others but they better not even make a harmless statement about her she took wrong, for that would be hurtful. To this day she will defend those actions and say that it was just teasing so the words do not matter, then again it is not surprising for she is childish in her need to still tease others and was still self centered.

The woman who was a good mother in her own mind, was not going to let her child stay childish and she saw that dress as a whip. She could just use the threat of putting him in that dress to whip him inline. The best part was that the instrument of behavior modification would be in his room. A constant reminder of who was in charge, Tim would then know at any moment she could put him in a girly outfit.

Lori would not admit that she was displacing her anger for Luke onto her son. If she did not cover up she was using fear, intimidation and humiliation on her son with the veil of the lie it was harsh love, she would had be sicken of how she was torturing her son.

After they turned into the Bullseye’s parking lot and before they went into the store, Lori gave her son one more chance to get out of the situation while her saving face. “LIsten here Tim, just say no we know you do not want a dress. Only a sissy would want a dress and you are not a sissy, are you?”

Tim smiled for he had to do nothing to prove his mom right. Lori took it as her son being more brazen in his challenge of her authority. The woman who was not to lose the staring contest with her son was now determine to follow through with her plan. She needed to put her son in his place.

The disciplinarian was going to have her son pick out the dress, but something inside her told her not to. It was she knew she was wrong in taking this course of action; but, the self center liar did what she did best, deceived herself. She convinced herself that she had to make sure it was the sissiest dress they had.

Lori picked a pink frilly dress with ruffles and bows on it. The tough love practitioner got mary janes, lace ankle socks, white tights, panties and girly undershirts to go along with it. She got more upset for she using the money she was going to put in her vacation fund on this.

On the way home the stymied parent was thinking how her son being stubborn adversely affected her. Poor Lori did not know her stubbornness and only thinking of herself was what exacerbated this situation. Instead of thinking about how the situation affected her she should have asked her troubled son what the issue was.

When they got home Lori told Tim “Listen here missy, I will be calling you missy when you act like a sissy and playing with girls is acting like a sissy. I do not like doing so, but it is for your own good. I would much rather have you be my son.

Now go upstairs and hang that dress in your closet, put the panties, t-shirts, tights and socks in your underwear drawer and the shoes underneath your bed. You better hide them good, if not your dad will find out that you are a sissy and you do not want that.

I love you missy and this hurts me, but you need the right clothes if you are going to act like a sissy. It is just silly for a sissy to dress like a little boy.”

The beaten boy took his prison outfit up to his room. He saw what his mom just did to him as her rejecting him, like Ga-Ga did to Uncle Poopyhead. He wondered if he was going to be so rejected that he got kicked out of the house like his mom told him what happened to his uncle.

He slowly put the pretty pink punishment outfit away. He made a promise that one day he was going to be strong enough to see that outfit as what he should wear. He would see it as an honor to fulfill what his mother told him was his destiny. Now he had shame, so he cried silent tears and he felt that little ball of hate grow, the cracks in it become more brittle and the mound of rage becoming a hill.


A couple of weeks later after Timmy set up his secret shrine to sissyhood, his family was at a McCain family function. Timmy was loving being outside just running and catching a football with his dad. The football was a little big for the future hall of famer QB hands so his passes wobbled like a wounded duck.

It was a sunny day and Timmy’s attitude fit the bright sky . He was not thinking about his bleak future, and his lust for life made a brief return. This was until his three uncles, Kristopher, Francis and Julius, thought that they would had a laugh at his expense. Kristopher while laughing said “Hey, Kev your son throws like a girl.”

Before Kevin could tell his youngest brother to watch his mouth, the entire party heard a high pitch war cry. They looked at where it came from and saw a little boy full of rage running towards his uncle like a barbarian entering combat. Francis and Julius laughed at his nephew's reaction. What can a little boy do to a grown man?.

Those words caused more cracks to form in the surface of that ball of hate which grew even more from the mocking of his own blood. From the cracks fire, lava and a rhythmic stream of steam was oozing.

Those three all quit laughing when Tim got to his victim and punched him in his privates. Kris keeled over in pain while Kevin grabbed his son.

After Kristopher got his breath, in anger he told his oldest brother “You better learn how to control your kid. He can’t go around hitting people that are joking and having a good time with him.”

Kevin was not having his youngest brother tell him how to raise his son. The patience he used to have in abundance was spent on his investigation on what was going on in his house yielding no results. The fed up father said “Maybe you should not joke around with people all the time Kris, you need to grow up.”

The youngest McCain did not like being reminded he was his place in the hierarchy and said “While I am mature enough to take what I dish out, so I can joke. If you can’t take it maybe you need to hangout with the old men,”

The other two jackals laughed, it was for they were trying to prod a little argument. They found so much enjoyment in chaos. Kevin thought to himself challenge accepted and went to disprove his younger brothers wordz. “Yeah you are right Kris, you can take it so well. That is why you laugh when Jules and Francis point out that your wife left you because you were not man enough to keep her. She left for someone who was more macho than you, an accountant. Everyone knows how manly those number crunchers are.”

Kris mumble not cool and left to mingle with other people at the party. Jules and Francis were laughing and congratulating Kevin on his burn on the youngest. They loved it when the lion would put the cub in his place, not so much when he did it to them. Kevin was sick of those two also and wanted to chase them away “Eeyore, I mean Francis, you should not be laughing. You are so sensitive and down all the time. That is why it is true when you say no one likes to be around you. You bring them down.

Julius, you also should not be laughing. You will also be single like Francis and Kristopher if you keep on getting drunk every night and spending time, doing who knows what, on the net instead of being with your wife.”

The two remaining jackals left with their tails between their legs mumbling how their older brother is no fun anymore. Those two could not be further from the truth. Kevin was fun, it was just that he was mature and did not have time to act immature. He had to be their for his son, his wife was more than immature for the both of them. Lori was getting worse, he could not believe how bad she took her parents not being at home for her birthday. It was strange that they went to see Luke, but they had their reasons. They had to.

He will figure out what was going on in his house and the change in his in-laws attitude towards their prodigal son, but not now. He needed to tend to his crying son.

The caring father said “It is fine Timmy, you need not cry.”

Timmy crying said “I am not a sissy.”

“No, one said that Timmy.”

“While Uncle Kris said I threw like a girl and I am not a girl. If I do anything like a girl then I must be a sissy.”

Kevin did not like how logical that answer was for a 7 year old. He must had been called a sissy by someone. Kevin was relieved for this must be what is going on at home. Lori was keeping him out of the loop about their son. Those two will have to talk when they had time, his wife has to keep informed about Timmy. Even the little things.

Not thinking Kevin tried to reassure Timmy that he was a normal boy.

“Timmy, you are not a sissy. I love you and I could never love my son if he is a sissy.”

Those words had good intention but a bad results. Kevin did not mean them, for he would love his son no matter what. He was just trying to make Timmy see that he was not something that he feared he was. He figured that Timmy was just tired from all the running around and getting worked up about being picked on by his uncles. His son needed a rest, that was all

Timmy started to cry more. Kevin said “Timmy, it is fine to cry. You need to and I love you. Why don’t we take a break from playing catch. We will play tomorrow, with a new football, if you like. I know I would like that.”

Hearing his dad saying he would like to play football put Timmy’s mind at ease about hiding his secret. He knew his dad would not offer to catch football with a sissy. He started to ease up on the crying and while sniffling said “I would love to catch football with you anytime daddy.”

Kevin offer his pride and joy his hand and they walked to the picnic area to spend more quality time together.

While Timmy’s hate and rage were growing, Luke and his parents, Alice and Fred, had been making huge advancements in reconnecting. They video chatted a couple of times a week via Skype and send each other emails of things they find interesting.

With each conversation and email Alice was getting closer to coming to term to what she did and closer to giving herself forgiveness. She wanted to shower Luke with love and it filled her heart with joy that her son wanted to run around, feeling free in it. Luke told her that the next time those two come out to visit, they were staying in the guest room and pester her to set a date.

Fred was so happy that something good, other than Timmy’s recovery,came from Timmy’s illness. He would rather had not made the reconnection if that would magically had made Timmy not had cancer; but needed something positive other than Timmy’s surviving to come from all that pain. No child should endure what his grandson did.

Fred hoped that somehow that it could lead to a reconciliation between Luke and Lori. Even with that hope he knew it would not be. Too much time has past and too many hurtful things was done by Lori for them to find common ground.

Also, in so many ways when it comes to Luke, Lori was stuck in the past. She was still the 7 year old girl who hated to share attention with her brother. Lastly, Luke has moved on many years ago. Lori might share his blood but in his eyes those two were not brother and sister.

Beth was so happy to see her husband getting to know and have a relationship with his parents. She was lucky that she had a good one with them while they were alive. It sadden her when Luke was estranged from his parents for they had a chance to make amends.

It was getting closer to Luke and Beth’s visit when Alice brought up the topic which she knew that everyone was trying to avoid, what to do about Lori. It was delicate for Alice was in agreement with her husband about those two needing to make amends. She also knew unless some miracle happens the rift between the modern day version of Cain and Abel would remain.

Alice said “Luke, it is all up to you about what to do with Lori on your visit. If you do not want her to come over, then your father and I also do not want her to come over. We will state to her that we do not want it,for how she treated you in the past. I am only bringing this up so I know what to tell her.”

Luke was wise enough to know that even with his parents fully supporting his decision about Lori, they would want those two to try to work it out. He loved that about them, that they wanted a strong family but also knew they had to do what was best for their kids.He wanted to give them the chance of him and his sister working on becoming closer.

Luke also wanted to give Lori another chance to show him her true colors. This was for he wanted to remind himself why those two did not have a relationship and could never as long as Lori was true to her old self. A small part of him was hoping that somehow fate could pull a blue whale out of the hat and those two started to see each other as brother and sister. It was for a selfish reason, he wanted to make a relationship with the boy who shares his marrow.

Luke said “Lori can come over, but if she starts to pull her old tricks either she leaves or I leave. Tell the truth I want to see that nephew of mine. I know we never talked but I feel a close connection to him.”

Alice replied “Luke, I am happy that you are open to being around your sister. This is not me playing favorites but with you staying with us she will be the one to leave if you are not comfortable around her.

No wait, this is still not playing favorites, but if she pulls that crap she used to on you she is going to leave. I should had never put her on that pedestal when she was young. I know it might be too late but, she will not be on it anymore. It is not healthy for me or for her.”

Her admitting to others and seeing the actions which she needed to take was a huge breakthrough for Alice. Not only was the flawed mother trying to right the mistakes she made with her son, she was now going to do the same with the Brat Princess she coronated. The lady who was having a revolution in her family knew it was time for her daughter to grow up and abdicate her throne.


It was the morning of the day that Kevin was going to buy the new football and spend quality time with his son. Timmy was still sleeping as Kevin and Lori was having their morning coffee. This was the perfect time for Kevin to bring up being left out of the loop about Timmy and school.

While sipping his java Kevin was wondering the right approach to broach the issue of Timmy with his fragile wife. He did not want to be too direct for it would lead to a fight, but at the same time he did not want to play innocent for it would give her too much wiggle room to not tell the entire story. After taking another sip of his morning joe Kevin said “Dear, Timmy was worried about people calling him a sissy, care to tell me more about this?”

Lori did not like the question and wanted to know where it came from “What do you mean, my love.”

“Lori, darling,, Timmy was concerned that his uncles saw him as a sissy when they were picking on him. I put a stop to them teasing him right away. You know I think adults should not do that to kids.

I want to know where Timmy came up with that concerned. It really affected him, he was crying.”

“Oh, great” Lori thought. She knew that she had to talk her way out of this one, for even with loving her husband with all her heart and soul, she hated that he could be a stick in the mud. He will not be happy if he ever found out about her putting Timmy in a dress, for he would consider that picking on him.

Kevin had so many views on what is right and wrong, he even had a list even about joking around. Of course, he called it picking on people. The first one was what he just stated. Also no ganging up, two against one is not right. Then there is no joking about people behind their back. Lastly, if you are going to tease about someone you better be doing the same with yourself at the same time. Something about the joking better be inclusive not exclusive.

Plus Lori, had a new lie to help her justify her actions to herself, she was helping to build Timmy’s character. Having her son know he could be put in a dress at anytime was going to make him a better person in so many ways. It was going to make him stronger, listen to his elders better and now build his character. It is for the best if she did not tell the entire story to her husband, he would take away a vital tool she could use in Timmy’s growth as a person.

Lori said “Oh yeah, Timmy has been playing with Amy Ferrell and Drake Sellars was teasing him about being a girl. Timmy asked him to quit and when he did not Timmy punch him in his face. Drake got knocked out from that punch.”

Even with not wanting to condone violence, Kevin swelled with pride that his son stood up for himself. The pride was bigger for his son won the fight with one punch.

Kevin said “Dear, I wish you would had told me sooner, I knew something was wrong with you and Timmy. There has been so much tension between all three of us off and on for the last couple of months.

Do not keep things from me and have Timmy help you. It puts stress on him. He does not deserve that stress, for you always hide the most trivial things from me. You know better than to hide the big things for I always find them out.

I am going to wake up our little fighter. Then after he eats breakfast take him to get his new football.”

Lori had different plans. Timmy should not had cried in front of his uncles and she needed to have a talk with him. Then Timmy should not had said about worrying about being a sissy. She wanted to make sure her son was strong and tough and knew exactly how to do so, talk to her son about the whip.

Lori said while smiling “My love, you finish your coffee and I will wake up Timmy. I will make him breakfast while you go to Bullseye to pick up the football. Also pick up some of that ground coffee we like from the local coffee shop on your way home, we are almost out.”

Kevin left to go do the couple or errands and Lori went upstairs to wake up her son. She looked down on him and thought for a moment to let his transgression pass. There was three adults picking on him, it was understandable he cried. Then it happened she saw her son’s resemblance to her brother. That drove her crazy with envy, her green eyes returned.

With the same glee in her voice she had when she teased her brother, Lori said“Rise and shine missy.”

Hearing how happy his mom was with taunting him woke Timmy right back to his dismal reality. He did not get his normal blessing on having a couple of minutes in the morning of not remembering he secert. Stunned and hurt Timmy said nothing.

Lori then continue to use the stick to drive in the lesson that Timmy should not cry. “Good, I see my missy is awake. I heard about you crying at the picnic yesterday and I am not happy about it. I thought you were doing so good about being a boy, like you should. But you crying has shown me it was all just an act. Boys don’t cry.

I do not want to admit it, but it looks like you are a sissy like your Uncle Poopyhead. Now you know where you pretty dress is and I should put you in it right now and have you declare to dad the sissy you are.

But I will be nice and will give you one more chance to prove me wrong about you being a sissy. Now you better shape up missy. Understand?”

Timmy was too devastated to say anything but “Yes, mother.”

His mother, the lady who was the sun in his life, has forsaken him. The defeated boy. being a no good sissy was a total eclipse over her love for him. He was rejected by the who gave him birth.

Lori was so happy that her whip worked so good. On her way out she said “Good, now get changed to get ready to play some catch with your father and I will make you breakfast.”

As she left the room Timmy told his Mom he loved her and she did not hear him. That was the only reason she would ever not say she loved her son back to him. He took it as total conformation of his mother’s rejection of him. That caused even more cracks to be formed in his ball of hate on top of the mountain of rage. Neither the ball or the mound it was perched on were little anymore.

Lava, flame and the rhythmic steam was pouring out of each crack, Timmy could feel his blood boiling. He felt his awareness as sharp as it ever has been.

Timmy sat at the table and ate his cereal in silence. His mom was a little concerned about the look on her son’s face. It was one of a person years Timmy’s elder who was sick of the world and right at their breaking point. She took it as her son now realized that she had the upper hand over him from now on. He would get used to it.

Wanting to put her son in a better mood and give him a compliment.Lori said “So what is on my cutie’s mind?”

Timmy did not take those words as his mom being nice. He took them as her mocking him for what he was. They caused him to feel like a different person. A person who had to lash out at anything which caused him pain. Timothy stared down his mom and said “I hate you for you are a meanie.”

The reverb of those words on Timothy’s soul caused the cracks on the sphere’s surface to grow more. Lori was taken back by those words. Her son had no right to say them to her. She did not know what to do, those words broke her heart. The confident mom started to question if she went to far with having her son keep the dress in his room.

Right then Kevin came in and saw the showdown. Lori quickly changed her look to a happy one. She wanted to keep her husband clueless about what was really going on. Kevin said “What is going on? I want to know right now!”

Lori was quick on her feet, it came from all the times she tormented her brother about being a sissy. “Oh dear, Timmy is a little mad at me for I got him a new outfit which he hates and I wanted him to wear it soon.”

Kevin shook his head, Lori should never shop for Timmy’s clothes. She wanted him to dress like a miniature metrosexual. Timmy did not like button down shirts with dress pants for school. He wanted his Penguins shirt or jersey with jeans. Kevin said “I told you not to waste time and money on shopping for clothes for Timmy. He hates what you pick out for him.”

Timothy said “Father it is Timothy. I want to be called Timothy.”

Kevin knew his son was upset, plus Timmy can be called whatever he wanted to be. “OK, Today it it Timothy.” Then with a singing tone in his voice he said “Are you ready for some football?”

Timothy got out of his chair and on his way out of the house, while glaring at his mom, said “From now on it is Timothy. I am Timothy, it fits the boy I am.”

Kevin thought he got what was really getting to his Timmy. His brothers having fun at Timmy’s expense. He was going to have a talk with them. “Ok that is fine Timothy, I like the sound of it. Let’s get to the park. I feel like Timothy is going to throw some tight spirals with the new football.”

Lori was not going to let anyone, even her son, have the last word. The Brat Princess was going to make her young prince bow before her. She wanted to remind him who ruled and said “Timmy when you get home and after your bubble bath you will be wearing that new outfit I got you.”

Those words did not have the desired results, her son told her his name was Timothy and she better use it. Her husband sided with Timothy by telling her that she will call her son what he wanted to be called. Lastly. that Timothy did not have to wear anything which he did not want. That was it for Lori, her son was going to put in a dress again.


Timothy started to morph back to Timmy when at the park playing catch with his dad. Running free and laughing made him feel like the carefree child he should be. His dad was so happy to see the dark cloud over his son’s head dispersed. Then Blake Sellars and a couple of his friends happened to show up at the park.

Timothy started to stare them down, he did not see them as classmates. He saw them as attackers who wanted to make him admit he was a sissy. Timmy’s future might be one of a sissy, but Timothy’s was not.

Kevin saw the cone of fires shooting from his son’s eyes towards the group of kids venturing up to them. He saw Mr Sellars and knew one of the boys had to be that kid who picked on his son. He told Timmy he would be right back.He did not think it would be best for those kids to play with Timothy today. He just knew how 7 year old boys could be. They might say the wrong thing to his son.

On his way to talk with Mr Sellars Kevin recalled his name, Blake. He laughed for he did not know what was worse, a father and son having the same first name or if those named rhymed.

Kevin said as trying to boys off at the path“Hey there Blake. I am Kevin, the father of Timmy McCain. We are spending some special father and son bonding time together so if you don’t mind can you keep your group away. I really want this special one on one time with my son.”

Blake said “Oh come on let them play a little together then we will be out of your hair. You know how boys that age get easily bored. I promise you they will run off to climb the jungle gym within five minutes.”

Kevin agreed, he knew he was being overprotective of his son. Kevin also knew he needed to quit it. Timmy needed to be treated like a normal 7 year old boy.

The kids got up to Timmy and greeted him. Timothy informed them what he preferred to be called. Blake was not going to have Timmy, the boy who hangs out with the girls, tell him what to do.

Blake was brave for he had his friends with him. He went up to Timmy and try to put him in his place. Blake pushed his nemesis and said “No boy who should be in a dress for they hang out with the girls tell me what to call them, Timmy!”

The other boys laughed. That ball of hate cracked open and inside it was a dragon. It was never a ball of hate, but an dragon egg. Those kids unleashed the red dragon of rage named, Timothy the Wicked. Timothy with both hands pushed Blake down to the ground. Timothy swooped down on his victim while the down boy’s companions started to hoot at the fight.

The two adults quickly ran to break up the fight. After separating the dragon from his prey, they found out what happened. Even with his kid being in the wrong and started the fight Blake told Kevin “Your son better never touch my boy again.”

Kevin was not going to allowed Blake to try to blame his son for what happened. “It is simple Blake if you do not want your son to get beaten up then he better call my son by his name Timothy and also not start the fight “

Blake try to defend his son’s action but Kevin was not having it. At the same time he did not want to escalate the situation. Kevin said “Come on they are kids and you know in a couple of days they will be best friends again. If you make sure your kid does not push mine, I will make sure mine does not push him to the ground.”

OK, Kevin might not wanted to escalate the situation, but he wanted to make sure that Blake knew what would happened if his brat messed with Timothy again.

After the kids left Kevin was able to calm Timothy down. The dragon went back to its lair on Rage Mountain to start its slumber until needed again.

Lori was, at home, scheming on how to get her husband out of the house for the day. She made that threat of putting her son in a dress and was going to live up to it. She could tell him that he could spend the day watching the game with his friends at the bar. That would not work, he drank the last two days and was such a lightweight anymore. It reminded her that her husband was such a stick in the mud.

Yeah tell him that she forgot that the girls were coming over to just spend the day chatting. That might not work either. He might just spend the day outside doing his honeydo list.

The thwarted woman was at her wit’s end. She was going to get her Timmy, not Timothy, in a dress today. She was not going to let her son gain the upperhand on her, even if it was temporary. Lori did not feel even a little guilty about her plans. It was not her fault, Timmy should had been better behaved. Plus he said he hated her, while she will give him something to hate.

Then it happened her deus ex machina came when her mom called. Her mom wanted to give Lori one last chance of coming over today to see Luke, her brother, who just came back home to visit. It all came to Lori, she could show Timmy what a loser her brother was and her son would plead and do anything not to be a sissy. It works out great she did not have to use the dress and would have her son be the good little boy she wanted him to be. He will even start to dress better, for a dress shirt is better than a dress to a little boy.

The reason behind was another reason she was in a bad mood, she was not going to be the center of her mother’s attention for the next two weeks. It was also the real reason she was punishing Timothy. The Brat Princess was taking out her frustration of her mom not devoting all her time and energy to Lori on her son.

Lori was in such a good mood when her son and husband got home. She said “Hey dear, my mom called and said that my brother was in town and invited us over to see him.

I think it is a good idea, me and him need to patch things up. I know he has been in the wrong, but I am willing to be the better person. He deserves to be connected to his family also.”

Kevin was leary but agreed. He did not want to come between a family reuniting. He knew he was going to have to pick up the pieces when it goes wrong, but it would be worth it. His wife needed to have a chance to have strong family connection.

While Kevin was taking a shower Lori talked to Timothy. The Dragon’s, inside him, one eye peeked open, assessing the threat. “Now listen here missy, you do not tell me what to call you. I am your mother and if I want to call you Timmy I will. If I want to call you missy I will.

Now I got something better than putting you in a dress to make you see I am in charge. Your uncle is at Ga-Ga’s and we are going to visit him. You will see how pathetic he is and if you do not listen to me from now on, you will be just like him. Do you want to be a pathetic sissy like Uncle Poopyhead.”

The dragon closed it eye, for Lori was a dragonslayer. It knew right now it could not win the fight. Timmy said “Yes Mother.”

Lori liked hearing mother instead of mom, it gave her more authority. Lori was going to have her Timmy call her mother from now on. “Good, now tell your mother what you like to be called ”

Defeated Timothy said “Timmy.”

“Good, I am happy that you are seeing things the right way, my way. Don’t worry I will make a man out of you yet Timmy.”


They got to Ga-Ga’s house and each step towards the front door made Timothy the Wicked felt pushed more into a corner. They opened the door and as they came in the Dragon knew right there, at that moment, was it own personal Ragnarok. Timothy looked at stranger, who must be his uncle, smiling at him and said “You are a sissy and I will never be like you. I will listen to my mother and never be in a dress again or like to wear a dress like you do. You are nothing but a poopyhead.”

Almost everyone was stunned by what Timothy said so they just stood there as he ran up to the bathroom. Lori was stunned that her son told them all she put him in a dress. Kevin was too stunned about hearing that his brother-in-law liked to wear women’s clothing to pick up right away that his son said he was in a dress. Alice and Fred were stunned that their daughter hatred of her brother was so intense that she poisoned her son to hate him also. Beth was stunned for she could not believe that Lori did not learn from the mistake that Alice made.

The only one who was not stunned was Luke. Those words did not hurt him, in fact they liberated him. He never again had to hear his parents mention him and that lady who just came in should make amends. He knew that Lori would not change, that she was stucked in the past. That the petty brat had to have everyone hate him.

Luke and Alice made eye contact. Luke could tell his mother wanted to set Lori straight. He nodded to say she had his blessing. Alice said “Lori, you are a vile person. You lied to your son about the person who saved his life. I put Luke in a dress once for I took your side. I was so wrong and told you that many times. I messed up for I did not have my actions back up what I said. I let you not have to own to the consequences of your actions.

Yes Luke was the match, he got tested before your father and I even went out there. He did not want any of us to know for he did it for the right reason, to help family. He did not want us to feel like we needed to accept him.

We found out for Aunt Bridgette got sick of us talking down on him. We did not tell you for we knew with how much you hated him having any attention you would not change how you viewed him.

Plus you put your son in a dress after you saw how it affected Luke. You are so self centered and I am to blame. While it is all going to change. I will always be your mother and there to help you. I am not your friend, we will not be chatting on the phone, we will not be having our weekly lunch. I hope for your own sake that you can see how making everything about yourself has made you such a bad person.”

Kevin looked at his wife and said “What the hell woman, you put our son in a dress. He was worried about people seeing him as a sissy for you did that. How dare you.”

Luke went upstairs to try to talk with Timmy. He knew that his nephew needed him right then. He was going to help Timmy with that rage and hate he felt. He knew all about that dragon of rage, for he had one. It died quick for so many kids teased him at once and they slayed it. There was no way he was going to let Timmy be a shell of a person like he was.

Lori stood there hurt and she knew it was her own actions. She knew that she was so wrong for all which she has done to her brother and her son. She also knew that she needed to somehow make this right if she could. She did not believe that she could right it. She could not believe that her brother helped her even after the hell she made his life. It had to be too late, she did too much without ever thinking of anyone else. She caused so much damage in her life and had no idea why. Lori just stood there a shell of the person she used to be.

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