The Pink Diva Chronicles Day 31-43

Author's Notes: There were no journal entries for Day 31 and 32. Also I know I had not been putting this on each story, thank you all for the help. I had not for I did not want the thanks to come off as just being a pleasantry.

Day 33
Dana came over for dinner tonight and he suggested pizza, as if.. I looked at him like he was crazy, for he is if he thought that on our night together we were going to do takeout. . Pizza can be any night. I enjoy cooking and also dinner was almost done. I was making us steaks with baked potatoes and peas. Nothing fancy but a good steak need nothing but a little salt and pepper to make it a great meal. I offer him a drink and told him to relax while I finish the meal. It is nice to have a routine.

Day 35
Dear Pink Diva
I am so happy that I went to see a play with the girls. It was nice getting suited up. There is not much to say other than I feel like I been part of this group for a long time. More men should have a close group of lady friends. It is freeing to the soul to be around people you can be empathetic with. The best is that they are not even trying to hook me up with one of their friends. I understand why women do that, it is fun to match people up. It also feels good to help someone find their special someone.

Feeling good and the champagne we drank at the afterparty is why I am calling you Pink Diva from now on, it is just so cold to call you diary. You are more than just that, you are my faithful confidant. You are helping me realize things about me which I never knew. I like finding out how intune I am with my emotions. I like that I know know I can make a deep bond with another man. Yes, I will say that the connection Dana and I have is special. Also you are too cute to be named Diary. You deserve a cute name to fit just how cute you are.

Lastly, no one else comes in this room and you deserve better than being under my pillow during the day. Then under my bed while I sleep. I am going to keep you on my nightstand so I can see you. It will be a nice sight to see you when I come in here. It will remind me that life is better when you think about who you are. I know from you I am not the person I thought I was.
See Ya

Day 37
Dear Pink Diva
I am keeping my word. You are now Pink Diva, please do not let it go to your head too much. You might be called a diva, don’t act like one. It is beneath you.

Being a little tipsy, two nights ago, while writing in you was so much fun. I can see why girls keep diaries. Being silly and daft makes it easier to open up and then you can go and be serious. I will always cherish you and what you are doing for me.

Brunch was great. I know it will always be great. The girls brought up the Halloween Ball for it is time for them to plan getting ready. Getting their outfits Beth is going as Merida from Brave. Her long curly red hair made that the obvious choice. Stacy is going as Jessie from Toy Story 2, she and her husband, William, like cowboys and cowgirls. He is going as Woody so they will be an adorable couple. Last and not least the lovely Trisha is going as Esmeralda from the Hunchback of Notre Dame for she loves literature and James is a ham so he wants to go as Quasimodo.

The girls are having a spa day before getting ready and invited me. I am going to have to get my nails painted green for my outfit, plus have my makeup. They have been talking about it and think it is best if I get it done professionally.

I said no way sisters. I am not going out in public with makeup other than the Ball. Then they calmed me down by explaining about how much easier it will be. Also we will be parked right next to the beauty spa exit so I will be able to dash out right after it is done. I was saying no, when Beth chimed in too late we already booked it. You will have to pay for the rest of the day but as a welcome to our group gift we pitch in and got you that make over.

I felt bad for wanting to say no, that was so nice of them. Plus they were thoughtful about making sure I am comfortable with it. I will need to do it anyway and it will help the girls being there at my side, so I said yes. It was not grudgingly for how excited the girls are about it. They got me something nice and which I need. I will just sit in the back and pray we don’t get pulled over by the cops.

I know Pink Diva, explain and go on and about what is the mundane to you. I need to say these things so I can work out why I do something or like something.I want to be able to answer why I enjoy something in case Dana ever asked that again. I want to answer it for myself also f, not knowing why you do or like something leads to living a life wasted.

Wow all this girl talk I did not get to my time with Dana. It was nice and comfortable with him yesterday. We have been doing so much lately that I just came over and we played some video games. Side note he has been hungry for a proper pizza so I made . I told him to make a suggestion for our dinner night before the night and I will be more than happy to accommodate them. It is about us spending time together.
Ta Ta

Day 39
Dear Pink Diva
With the costume ball less than three weeks away, right after work I went to a professional costume shop, the one which the opera, and theater companies along with motion pictures studios deal with when they are in town. It might be a little pricy, but I figure I rather spend a little more and look good than look like a man in bad drag.

It took a minute for the sales rep to understand the Tinkerbell outfit was for me, for some reason he thought I was going to be Peter Pan. I know that I am a man but I need a Tinkerbell outfit and also a Peter Pan one. I clearly said I need, that means it is for me.

I ended up buying one for they did not do rental of that costume in my size, which is a 16 in women’s clothes. Tell the truth that is not bad for hey Marilyn Monroe was also a size 16, that is good company. He told me it will be in on Saturday, yeah.

I also bought a wig and breast forms. I ended up buying and not renting the wig. I know with the skull cap that the wig never touched anyone else’s head, still I am not wearing a wig someone else worn.We went with a B cup for we both felt they were the most believable for my body type. We also both agreed that a fairy does not have a huge rack.

I asked about hair extension and He said honey Tinkerbell was a blond not a brunette so you are renting a wig. I giggled to myself for I thought it is fitting for I always call myself a ditzy blond. A good one which you use spirit gum to hold it on. It was so funny when he said that I am going to look amazing dear, while at least as amazing as what he can do with me. I giggled and he did also.

He suggested that I also get nude sheer panthose and a gaff here also. That they will have my size in pantyhoseand also they will be more durable than store bought ones. He explain what a gaff is. I did not even think of hiding my bulge down there. Another reason I should have thought this out more before I said yes.

I walked out of there spending over 400 dollars. I know that is a lot of money for one night but it will make Dana smile and he will be happy. All the joy he has brought into my life that is a small price to put a smile on his face many times.

Day 41
Dana came over for dinner and I made a simple grilled chicken and pasta toss. It is a quick simple meal where you can throw in some veggies to make it even more healthy. I am feeling so good eating better and going to the gym. I have more energy and also I am becoming more streamline, a slimmer version of myself.

He talked about going to rent his Peter Pan costume on Saturday and we can rent my Tinkerbell one also. I told him I am not going to be renting a Tinkerbell costume. He got so sad and said why before I could continue. Then when he heard that I already went to the shop and bought one and rented his, he was so happy.

I did not mean to put his emotions on a roller coasters but it was fun seeing his reactions. I explain to him why I had to buy one and he wanted to pay and I was not having it. He relented and said he could tell by the look on my face, I was going to be stubborn about having it my way.

I am doing this for him but myself also, If he asks for something and I can do it then I will, that is what friendship is about. The more I see his happines about being Peter Pan he easier it is for me to be Tinkerbell..

Day 43
TBDE, I know I am over exaggerating,but it was such a good day filled with good vibes. The gym was great, ran into my first girlfriend, Bridget. We shared each other’s first kiss, you know that I know exactly where it was. She moved away when we were in 9th grade and she just move back to the area. With the help of the internet we did stay in touch. We are still close friends, it is the last couple of years we only really talked when she came back to visit. Her mom moved back into the area.

She looked great, who cares about that. We talked and it was not awkward. It can be weird to bump into someone you thought was living far away. She told me she was going to tell me after she got settled. She wanted to do that on her own and knew I would try to take over. I would have for I look out for her like she does for me. She did not want to fall back on only having old friends from middle school as her social circle.

We were both leaving so we went to the juice bar there. I was a little hungry so I grabbed a yogurt. She liked that I did not try to impress her with a protein shake. I am not that insecure, plus I am trying to lose weight not gain muscles. If anything my arms are too big.

I did try to play it cool and said while I am going for losing weight and need not add anything to my 12 inch biceps. She laugh for we both know I am not cool, while not in the macho sense. She gave me her new phone number and we talked about getting together soon.exchanged phone. I did text her later and she texted me right back. I knew she would for we just have that connection.

Dana came and picked me up, he asked if it is alright if Trisha and James comes over after we get our costumes . Trisha wants to see Tinkerbell, I said fine. I could tell that Dana was going to say something about me already paying for the outfit but he knew better. I know I must have gave my stubborn look to him when I informed him it was my treat to a friend. The same clerk was there and on the way out mention to Dana he is a lucky guy and we are going to be a cute couple. I corrected that clerk right away.

For some reason James was a little hurt by that. Outside, I said Dana I said that for one reason you are out of my league and wanted to make sure that clerk knew that. Then he told me that I am not, that I have to think higher of myself. That anyone would be lucky for, his words, I am smart kind caring witty charming and so supportive.

I see that he was worry that I had low self esteem. I blush from his compliments, I blush so easily and it is a good thing I like the warm feeling that gives me inside. I told he about how him is also a catch for how nice, smart, confident caring and funny he is. We agreed that we are both catches and that we are in the same league. He laugh and I giggled, and he show that smile which I so adore. He is a great guy and I hold dear his happiness. I enjoy his happiness enough to dress like Tinkerbell to his Peter Pan.

On the way home Dana called say come on over. We got in and I told Dana I get some coffee brewing for our guests, he said he will run down the bakery to get a cake. It is nice that we make such a great team, I wonder if that is why we are good friends or with being good friends we became a good team.

Trisha could not wait she wanted to see my costume right away, I told her to wait we are having coffee first. I did then pull out the dress and the accessories and I will tell you about it. It is a forest green halter dress with sleevetes made of organza, a silk fabric which is stiffen. The bodice is trimmed in gold, green satin ribbon lacing and fairy wings attached to the back. The fairy dust bag is a smart addition to the outfit. It doubles as a handbag. Then lastly, a little bell so you could mimic her voice.

After seeing the rest of the accessories Trisha asked where are the shoes, bra and panties. Of course I did not have them so she said shopping trip. Reason number 78 why I should have thought this through before I said yes: bra and panties. I told her I will buy them online. She said you need to try on the costume today so no, we are buying them today right now.

James jokingly moan about himself being cheap when acting like he is handing her his wallet. Trisha has a great job in logistics so she does not need the money. I know that is why he made the joke. He makes sure he does not make anyone, other than himself, the butt of his jokes.

Shopping was actually a nice experience for I got alone time with a close friend. I am happy that Trisha was there for I could not have done it without her. I am so happy that I was able to convince her I was fitted for a bra, she wanted me to get it professionally done. OMG, that would have been so embarrassing. We found a support strapless green bra in my size. I thought that would be the hard part, no it wasn’t. The panties were.

I just wanted plain white briefs. She had other plans. We went to the Disney store and she showed me Tinkerbell panties. They were briefs, like I wanted and but green. I wanted white. They had Tinkerbell flying on them spreading fairy dust which spelled out her name. The fairy dust glitter in the light. I will admit that they are cute.I think she did not fight for the bra fitting so she could get me to buy these. I understand why, but that was devious in a good way, LOL.

She explain to me that if I wanted to look the part, I needed to feel the part. Wearing these would help. I did relent without putting up much of a fight, no one else will know what I am wearing.

Another reason I agreed with my friend’s way of thinking is I need to feel the part. I told you before Pink Diva I said I do not want to look like a man in bad drag. I also do not want to feel like one. I want to feel like a fairy. That is part of the reason Halloween is so much fun for me, I get to roleplay. That has to be another reason I agreed to Tinkerbell, it is a role which I never got to play before.

Last was the shoes. I am proud of myself after only three stores I found the perfect ankle boots. They are green suede with tassels around the ankles and three inch heels. She was happy with them and we both giggled in agreement. I will admit, that they make the outfit look better than the plain black pumps which I wanted to go with instead.

I also got a lady razor, shave gel and body lotion. I will need to shave my legs and chest. Trisha informed me those area will need to be moisturized afterward so they will not get irritated. Yet, another reason I should have thought this through before I said yes. I could write a book on the reasons a man should say should think before he agreed to dress up as a fairy.

We got to Dana’s place and I got ready to change. I told Dana I was going to take a shower. He quickly mumble ok. I looked and he was so nervous. I am the one trying on the dress and he is nervous. I told him to calm down. He said that I did not have to do this. I thought here is my out. but I told not to be silly I am doing this. I am the Tinkerbell to your Peter Pan.

I took the shower and shaved, it took forever. I am so lucky that somehow I didn't nick myself. I dry myself off and follow the instruction for the body lotion. I will admit that I did like the smoothness of my legs. It felt nice and soft to the touch. My legs now looked better also.

I then put on the gaff. Wow, it is really snug, my balls went up into my abdominal cavity and my penis is squeezed tightly against the gaff and me. Sorry about giving TMI to you PInk Diva. It was an important part of the outfit. Having no bulge down there does change how I feel. It is not a bad change, just different.

Then the panties, I will admit that Trisha is right about them.. They are perfect, they just are so feisty and cute. Next was the pantyhose, they felt so good on my legs. I do like to feel and see them on ladies legs, but now I understand why ladies like the feel of them.

I put on the bra and breast forms. It was odd having a chest.I then put on the dress, it was a little tight on my upper legs. I did have enough room for my legs in them. They just constricted my movement, I could not take my normal stride in it. The wig went on and then the bodice. I finally looked in the mirror and I hate to say it. I did not look bad.

I did not look bad but it felt odd also. I looked so foreign to myself. I felt different about myself,more concern about how the clothes made me feel instead of if they fit, clean and appropriate. They say the clothes makes a man. I think that is only if a man allows it. I looked at them just thinking if they are fit clean and appropriate and they were so I was ready to go downstairs.

I walked down the stairs and saw the room waiting for my entrance. I felt so exposed and almost turn around to run back to the bathroom to change. Dana saw the vulnerable look on my face and hit that smile of approval to show me it will be fine. That made me feel better. His words gave me more confidence. Trisha loved it and James in the most serious tone I ever heard him speak mention that it look good on me. All that support instead of razzing made it easy to come down stairs.

After a couple of minutes I went to go upstairs to change and Trisha said no. You are not walking good in that dress and heels. You need practice. You also need to get used to sitting in it. You need to be comfortable in it also so you do not look like a deer in headlights all night long like you do now. I hate to admit it she was right. One needs to be comfortable in their own skin and you can look at your clothing as skin you put on. It should be an expression of who you are.

I got some tips about wearing a dress from Trisha, the most useful one was using the restroom. I should hike this one up

Knowing this made me think about going to the restroom at the ball. It is going to be a pain. Men just think they have to make a smart comment when they see something which makes them uncomfortable and a fairy in the men's room will do so. They are so worried about attacks on their “manhood”. They need others to see that they are a man. Boring, just be yourself.

After Trisha and James left, Dana told me I can change. I did not want to. I was still getting used to my outfit. It takes time and I do not want to be shocked when I see my silky smooth legs at the ball. I wanted to enjoy the night of the ball and getting comfortable in my outfit will help. Staying in the moment without thinking what I am wearing will help me fully experience that night with Dana.

We ended up just hanging out. At first it was a little awkward, that is the first time I ever felt that uneasiness between us. It felt like a tension between two people who want to say the same thing and just could not at the moment. I so want to tell him I am happy now I agreed to this, not only for him but for me.

This uneasiness had to be from Dana worrying that I was going to back out. Poor dear, he so wants to be Peter Pan. It would be wrong to build up his hopes just to crush them. I would not do that to a friend, to him.

I assured him I was having fun not only with words, but with actions. I shaked my bell while I talked. Then I reached in the bag acted like I threw something on him and grabbed his hand. It felt so normal to hold his hand, like I always did it when I was around him. I like it, for it is a sign we have affection for each other.I always held his hand.

I said come on you can fly now. I acted screwy and carefree, he finally joined in and he thanked me so much for agreeing to this. After running we made eye contact and just felt that connection 2 good friends have, it felt good having that warm feeling all over my body. He says he owns me. I told him no seeing that smile on his face hearing him laugh and feeling good vibes from him is payment enough.

He really blushed from that statement. I do not blame him, it feels so good when someone cares a lot about you.

While I think that is enough of me telling you about TBDE. Don’t worried I did change before I left Dana. I did enjoy wearing that dress, but not that much to keep it on. The enjoyment came from knowing the happiness it was giving Dana.
Good night

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