Kim Possible and The Amazon Women 14

14 New Princess and Queen's Death

Kim said “ my girlfriend has been freed of male influence Tara can you the honours”. Tara said “ yes your highness” Tara injected the needle into Drakken neck . Shego said “ you will be better as a woman now Drakken you can go and work with Gaia and Alexis and Jaycee”.

Kim asked“ what happen to Dr Garrett?”. Shego said “ she was killed by Male sniper”. Kim was furious and said “ where the fuck is that fucking male”. Shego says “the male is in a cell now babe”. Kim said “ bring the fucking piece of shit up here now” Kim hands were glowing from her powers Shego knew she was pissed off.

Tim watched as he was Drakken hands , arms and legs become more feminine and saw as he had boobs appear on his chest he notice the blue in his skin slowly disappearing and his hair was now long then Drakken got up and said “ thank you my lady and your highness for freeing me from my male shell and influence”.

Shego said “ your welcome Dr Drakken Carla will take you to the PTA area and once you are finished you will go and see Gaia about how you can help her with extinction of males”. Drakken said “ yes my lady I will head for my PTA and then I will go and see Gaia”. Drakken left and went for her PTA then to Gaia.

Tim was still in shock he saw Drakken become a female. Kim walked up to to Tim and said “ your the smart one out of the 2 Possible twins”. Tim said “ yes I am smart but where is my father and mother”.

Kim said “Ann Possible is head of electronic part of our science department and James Possible is now a woman and our head scientist here know as Gaia”, Tim said “all the men that have been change have been done by my former father invention of changing the DNA”.

Kim said “ yes she also help freed me of male influenced and used my mother DNA and made me Princess of the Amazon and I love it” Gaia walked in and said “ your highness the mixture is ready for you”. Kim said “ thank you Gaia”. Tim saw that was his father as a woman he could not believe it.

Gaia left the throne room . Tim said “ that woman was my father”. Kim evilly giggled and “ yes he was mine also before I was freed from male influence”. Tim asked “ what is to happen to me then ?”. Kim said “ you will become a girl and my sister as princess of the Amazons”. Tim asked “ what about Jim”.

Kim said “ he will become a servant when he is not at school and he might become a breeder or a girl like you”. Tim asked “ why me not him”. Kim said “ as I said before Tweeb you are the smart one”. Tim said “ you remember me as your brother”. Kim said “ yes but I am not a Possible in any way now”.

Tim said “I can see that you look like the Photo of the queen behind you and Shego”. Kim giggled evilly and said “thank you Tim and soon you will like mother too and a girl you will love being a girl and a Amazon as well with strength and beauty”.Kim walked over to Tim and Give him the special needle.

Tim felt pain as he body began to change from a boy to a girl he saw his arm and legs like Drakken become feminine and saw his hand become more dainty and saw his hip widen and then saw as her boobs began to grow she felt her penis disappear and she felt her clit and Vagina her face was now feminine”.

She got up and said “ thank my sister for freeing me from my male shell and male influence I love being a girl now I under stand now as the princess of the Amazons and sister to future queen I will help in the eradication of male gender”. Kim said “ your welcome my dear sister Misha ”.

Misha look like her sister now she had black hair and reasonable size boobs her body was perfect like every other amazon she was royal she was very upset she never saw her mother but she was happy soon Kim would be Queen of Amazon race in their new country Amazon States of America including states Cuba and Hong Kong and countries like Brazil, Hattie and Mexico.

Kim said “ sis you have to go for a PTA examination and then if you want you can watch the execution of the male sniper that killed Dr Garret”. Misha said “ ok Kim I will go and have my my PTA”. Kim said “ Liz can you take Princess Misha down for her PTA examination”. Liz said “ yes your highness”.

Amy said “ your highness can you follow me I will take you for your PTA examination”. Misha said “ thank you agent Liz”. Misha and Liz left and Liz took Misha down for her examination. Liz said “ your highness if you want later you can see Tim Possible” Misha said “ maybe he is a pathetic boy”.

Misha PTA was very easy for her she passed with flying colours Jaycee was impressed how good Misha was with her PTA, Misha was very high up as a Amazon girl but she knew that as she was a member of the Amazon Royal family

Misha was finished she got dressed in her black leather amazon uniform and her black leather thigh high boots and Misha made her way out and Jaycee said “ your highness your sister will be proud of you a lot you are now the prefect Amazon girl”. Misha replied “ thank you Dr Jaycee”. Misha left and saw Liz.

Misha and Liz made their way back to the throne room Misha saw the special area where Jim was being held she knew his fate he was going to be educated as normal then he will become a servant or citizen of Amazon race she didn't care any way she is a girl and hates boys so much.

Misha Shivered over the thought thats she was ever a stupid boy Misha was happy now that Dr Jaycee told her that she wa now considered a perfect Amazon girl and she loved the fact she was a princess of the new Amazon empire and her sister and girlfriend lady Shego will happy of her getting perfect Amazon girl.

Misha and Liz arrived back at the throne room Misha sat next to her sister on the other side was lady Shego the Guard Brought in the male sniper he was in chains and Kim said “so you the pathetic male that killed Dr Garret?” Sniper said “I was aiming for your main scientist”.

Kim said “well you missed you should be executed now for this male” Misha said “sister instead of executing him as it should be killed for what it has done to by Killing Dr Garrett why don't we make him our new sniper he would be good at using his skill against the male as we continue free the women of the world of male influence” .

Kim said “you speak a lot of sense my sister” Kim looked at the male and said “instead of executing you I have decided a you will become what you wanted to destroy the most a woman you will become a Amazon woman Sniper guards take him away and make him a woman”the guards said “yes your highness”.

Misha said “once he has become a woman get her ready for the invasion of Japan” The guard said “yes your highness Princess Misha” The sniper was taken away to be turned into woman and will now help the amazon women. Kim said “I was impress with that Misha you showed that I made the right decision to make you my sister”.

Misha said “thank you Kim I was thinking as I headed toward the throne room I am so glad I am now a girl and princess but ever think I was that disgusting boy make me feel sick inside”. Kim laughed and asks “do you want to go down and see him?”.

Misha said “yes please I want see what he thinks of me as a Amazon girl and a princess”. Kim said “you can not tell him what has happen to me”. Misha says “ok I understand why my sister “. Kim said “good”.

Summer got on television and said “. people of the amazon States of America we are now in deep mourning for the loss of our queen she will be buried in the temple in Amazon Middleton where she will be with our Goddess Hera and then we will have a 2 weeks mourning and we will have a new queen and new princess besides Princess Misha thank you for your attention”.

The Amazon States of America all 52 states are now in mourning over the sudden death of the queen of their race the Amazons the prime minster Lily said “ she was getting sympathy calls from other governments from around the world”. the Japanese government sent nothing as they are preparing for Amazon invasion soon.

Kim was busy arranging stuff for her mother funeral and the coronation of her as the new queen of the Amazon race her highness Princess Misha was heading down to the special area to see Jim Possible and she has ordered Slim to be put with him as well she is guarded by agent Carla at the moment .

Drew has been oved and put in a detention cell as Dr Betty ,Supreme commander Veronica , Lady Shego and Agents commander Tara talk about the soon invasion of Japan Veronica said “we have the best place for invasion the state of Hong Kong we launch our offensive from there against Japanese men”.

Dr Betty said “we will do it the same way as we did when we invaded here Cuba Hattie and Hong Kong”. Tara said “I heard the prime minster has had some bad call from the Japanese Prime minster”. Veronica said “ sergeant major Jessie is ready to go”.

Misha walks in and asks “how thing getting ready for the invasion of Japan”Veronica says “ every thing is going to schedule your highness we should be preparing to go”.

Misha says “as you know my sister is getting things ready for the funeral of my mother and she has been told the invasion has been under Dr Betty or Lady Shego orders no one is ask her she need time to mourn my mother death”. Shego said “I think we should invade Japan now”.

Veronica said “that is perfect they would not be expecting us to invaded while we are about to have a funeral and the whole Amazon States of America mourning over their queen death”. Dr Betty said “fine the invasion will begin later tonight the male won't expect it coming”.

Misha left and headed down to the special area to see Jim and Slim. Misha knew she could not tell him Kim is the one behind the invasions and why would she tell him he was a pathetic boy. At the invasion they were preparing their warriors for Japan as they were in Hong Kong already.

Veronica said “we will send sergeant Major Jessie on her way over to there and we will invade there tonight”

Dr Betty said “ I will command it from here with Lady Shego as her highness Princess Misha has told us her highness Princess Kim is not to be disturb as she goes through the Amazon tradition of becoming the next Queen and her bury her mother in the temple of the queen in the Amazon Jungle where it has happen for generations in her family”.

Shego said “once princess Kim returns from the Amazon Jungle she will be ready we will have a public funeral for our queen and then 3 days later Kim will become queen of the Amazons and I will be come Princess there will be a job for Lady here too”.

The amazon force left their the new base in Hong Kong and headed for Japan as they have before they target the Japanese police and Military forces they land and they shoot the men and they start to become women there is panic in the streets of Japan as the invasion continues like in Cuba, Hattie and America the men are changed

Tara and her agents have landed they are global justice main area here in Japan they are shocked when they find Yori Ron's Japanese friend and her Grandfather he is shot and slowly become a woman Yori is in shock that her Grand father is turning into a woman. Then Yori is given the needle as she changes she understands.

The agents leave the village and head toward a mountain they see lord Monkey fists there and his monkeys Tara says “ Lord Monkey fists you are arrest and now a prisoner of the Amazon women”. Monkey fist didn't fight he was taken into custody and was taken down to hover crafts Tara said “Agents Sergeant major is in Tokyo”

Tara and her Agents left the mountains with Monkey fists as their prisoner when they arrived they saw Lady Shego. She says “ commander Tara I am here for the formal surrender of Japan by the Japanese Prime Minster”.

Shego and the Amazon agents walked in and saw the Japanese Prime minster he says “I officially unconditionally surrender Japan over to you the Amazon women on behalf of my government”.

Shego said “thank you mister prime minster Japan will now become a country of Amazon Empire as from now on your people will be known as Amazon citizens you will now go into mourning the loss of your queen”.

The prime minster said “yes mistress”. Shego then went over and gave him the new needle and he began to change into a Amazon woman.Soon the Japanese prime minster was now a Amazon women.

The new Japanese Amazon prime minster said “my lady I will start implementing the new laws here like in the other states and like the Amazon states of America”. Japan had fallen it was now part of the Amazon empire and now will implement same laws as the Amazon states of America.

Shego said “Tara you will stay here and help with the occupation here and make sure the new minster of Japan does her Job then you can come back for the funeral of our Queen I will take the male prisoner back to Amazon Middleton and he will be put with director Drew”

Tara said “My lady will I be bringing back the prime minster of Japan” Shego said “ yes all prime minsters and minster of the empire will be at the queen funeral”. Shego left and headed back to the palace at Amazon Middleton she knew Kim was not there she was in the Amazon jungle home of her People.

Misha arrived in the special area she heard that Japan was now part of the Amazon empire and she was very happy her sister Princess Kim would be happy too on the fall of Japan to the amazon race she was so happy now she was a girl and sister of the amazon princess.

Misha was actually in charge with her sister in mourning and change Misha was now helpping her sister girlfriend Shego she walked into the Area she saw Jim sitting by himself she walked over to him and said “hello Jim”. Jim said “hello Mistress”.

Misha asked “why are you so sad Jim?”. Jim said “ well mistress my twin brother was taken away by a Amazon guard and he has not returned back from where they have taken him”. Misha said “oh he was taken away because he was trying to escape with Dr Drakken”.

Jim said “ yes mistress he has not return either with Tim they were taken away from after we were captured”. Misha says” they were taken away a while ago they will be interrogated by her highness guards and officer and they might be returned here but you will have your uncle back”.

Jim said “thank you but I would prefer Tim”.Misha said “Jim this is only holding facility here until we decide your fate and then you are moved to new facility”. Jim said “my brother and Drakken have their fates decide by you Amazons”. Misha said “yes their fate has been decide”.

Jim asked “what was Tim's fate then?”. Misha said “he was turned into a Amazon girl and so was Drakken he is now a Amazon scientist for us she helps Gaia in any thing she need with our scientists like Ann Possible”.

Jim said “mom is a Amazon too what about my sister and father”. Misha said “ we have no idea where your sister is and the same with your father”. Misha was lying she knew where both were.

Jim asks “my brother Tim where is he?”.Misha said “you are sitting next your brother Tim now”Jim asked “what you are a girl now?”.Misha said “yes I am a girl I was freed of my male shell and male influence I love being a girl Jim you and I were born the wrong gender I love being a Amazon Girl”.

Jim asked “what is my fate then Mistress?”. Misha said “you will be educated as usual then you will be either a servant for our new queen when she is sworn in or you will become a citizen of the Amazon empire as a female or maybe you might become a breeder”.

Jim said “one more question mistress where is Dr Betty and do you remember anything of us together as twins”. Misha said “yes I do remember some of my boyhood it make feel disgusted now”. Jim said “ we used to do things with dad annoy Kim and her boyfriend Ron”.

Misha seen not interested in what Jim was saying she was more amused with her nail and ears peirced and being a princess and Jim could see that and Misha saud oh yeah Dr Betty is Amazon defence minster for the Prime minster of the Amazon states of America”.

Jim said “Dr Betty is now a Amazon and you now think what we did was disgusting now because your a girl now”. Misha said “I would rather be a girl than a stupid boy like you I prefer being a girl especially in this environment with Amazon women in charge of America , Cuba , Hattie , Hong Kong and Japan”.

Jim said “Japan has now fallen to the Amazons”. Misha said “yes we are going well with our conquest of taken over the male world soon men will be gone and there will only women like me I will be when I am older”. Jim said “they are right when they say you get brainwashed”.

Misha laughed at him and said “ the thing wrong with you is Tiim you are a stupid boy and you are born the wrong gender but soon in a generation there will be no more men or boys like you and us Amazon will the rule earth with out your stupid gender”. Tim looked shock at her the guard brought in Slim Possible .

Slim saw Misha talking to Jim and asked “Jim where is your brother?”. Jim answered by saying “you are looking at her uncle Slim”. Slim looked at Misha and asked“Tim is that you there?”. Misha replied “yes it me but I am not Tim any more I am mistress Misha to you now male”.

Slim was shocked the way Misha spoke to him she was now acting like a Amazon then Gaia walked in and saw Misha there and said “your highness we are to test the liquid cure on a male”. Misha said “what about Hego over there he will make a good Amazon warrior”. Gaia said “perfect choice your highness”.

Slim couldn't believe how nasty and evil she was pointing to a man like that Slim said “Tim that not nice you shouldn't choose a male like that to be guinea pigs like that”. Misha looked at him with disgust and said “in this area male you are our prisoner if we want will do what we want Gaia after Hego we will do him”.

Gaia saw who Misha was pointing at it was her Brother Slim but she didn't care he was a male and said “I brought enough to do few your highness”. Misha said “good after Hego is finished as a woman then we will do this male here next a the male boy can get ready for education”.

Gaia said “Ann said she will have the Collars ready soon she need s couple of males to try it on”. Misha said “she can have Mego and Shaun Stoppable we caught yesterday”.Gaia asked “what has her highness got planned for Veronica's Family?'. Misha Replied with “her highness said it up to Veronica”.

Gaia said “I am just happy for what decision Veronica makes about her family your highness”. Gaia tell a guard to go over and get Hego as the rest of the special Prisoner they are all dressed in their white dresses and sandals the guard went over and got Hego he was brought in front of Misha and Gaia,

Gaia walks up and says “Hego you will drink this substance and it will make you feel better” Hego took the drink of Gaia and started to drink it in front of Gaia , Misha , Jim and Slim he drank the whole substance ans he said “.hmm that was very nice”. then he felt the pain as he began change into a woman.

Hego hands became dainty and his arms and legs started to become feminise and his hips started getting wider the her penis disappeared and was replaced with a clit and Vagina she notice her face was now very feminine and then her boobs grow from her chest she had now long black hair past her shoulders,

she said “thank you your highness for freeing me from my my male shell and also from male influenced I love being a woman now”. Misha says “your welcome warrior and what is your name?”. She said “my name is Helen your highness”. Misha says “good now go and get dresses and have your PTA”

Helen said “yes your highness”. Helen left with a guard and she was on her way Slim and Jim were shock the leader of Team go was now a woman and then they saw the woman with Misha very happy and so was she over the change of Hego to a woman now.

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