The Loyalty Test

The Loyalty Test

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Tim Rodgers was ecstatic when he hung up the phone and went to his computer. He opened up a new Word document to start his exit strategy from his job. He just got done with a productive conversation from the Dean of Business at Northeastern Wesleyan University. He was offered a full time professorship chair there. He could not wait to start making his plans and also tell his wife the great news.

Tim still loved his job, but not as much as he used to. His heart was just not into it anymore. The higher up he went up in management, the more he lost his passion for forecasting. He loved working with the numbers and with each promotion, he got to do so less. He had to do more supervision, which he felt was just being a glorified babysitter. He had to go to more meetings, which he felt was just that the other members of upper management scheduled to feel important. Lastly, he felt like a cog in the machinery when he had to do more paperwork, which made him feel like he was just a bureaucrat doing busy work.

With him feeling so withdrawn from what he was originally hired to at this company, the less he wanted to be there. Tim was dreading the rumor he was up for the final promotion he could get there, he did not want it to be true. If what people were talking about at the water cooler was true then he was going to go from President of Production and Quality Control to being the CEO of Paulson Corp.

That was another reason he was conducting a job search, he did not want to be offered the job. He knew if and when he was offered the job he would turn it down. If Tim tuned it down then he knew that the board of directors would want him to move on from the compnay. People did not believe him when he said so.Tim could not blame them for he has said this each time he was offered a promotion and took it anyway.

This time it was different, he knew he would decline the job. He now had no reason to take it. He was financially secure for the rest of his life. His house was paid off, his youngest son was in his last year of college. He actually had more of a social life. With all his friends also being empty nesters they were able to socialize more often. Lastly, his priorities had changed, he did not need to prestige which went along with getting a promotion. He was no longer worried about keeping up appearances. He much rather spend his time with his wife and friends than running a company which needed of major changes.

Tim felt so relaxed as he started to write the timeline of his departure.

Chapter 2

Tim was finishing putting the timetable together for his departure and going on to writing his letter of recommendation for Naomi Bonilla, his personal assistant. He hated that her job title was personal assistant for she was far more than a glorified secretary. He wanted to recommend that she got the promotion to senior Production Manager. She knew the job and filled in when the current one was on vaction and with Tim leaving the current Production Manger should be the one to get Tim’s old position.

Tim heard his door open and saw Naomi come in with some more paperwork. As always he got up to meet her to get the paperwork. Tim liked to start looking at what he needed to read while walking, for some reason that got him more engaged into it. Tim thanked her for delivering the paperwork and started to look at it.

Naomi told her boss to turn around for she thought she saw a smudge on his face. Tim did so and Naomi got in closer to inspect his face. Tim was wondering why she was so close to his. Then she went in to kiss him. Tim tried to stop her but could not. He pushed her away and asked “What the fuck are you doing Naomi?”

Right after he said that he heard his wife ask him the same question. He looked in shock and saw his wife, Tabitha, with Faith Paulson, the current CEO of the Paulson Corp. The man in the compromised position said “My Tabby, I do not know why but for some strange reason Naomi kissed me and I pushed her away."

Naomi, with tears running down her face said “You are lying, you kissed me Tim! You been trying to get with me for a while and this was not the first time you made a sexual advancement on me. I am so sorry Ms Rodgers.”

Tim could not believe what he was hearing. He started to deny it and Faith told him to go straight to her office they needed to talk. Tim started to object to it. None of the three ladies listen to him and told him to get out right now.

Tim left the room feeling furious and dejected. He was mad that he was not going to be part of the conversation about what happened. He was sadden that Faith, his friend of over 25 years, was so dismissive of him. His dejection grew as he walked past his wife. As the man who was set up walked out of the office, his wife had a hurt look on her face and her voice cracking said “How could you do that to me?”.

Chapter 3

When Tim was out of earshot, the ladies started to talk. They laughed and agreed that he bought that they were all mad at him. Faith thank both of them for going along with her plan. Naomi told her she was welcome and was happy to be helping the company. Tabitha also welcomed her and said she understood why she needed to do this to her loving husband. Both Naomi and Tabitha were not admitting to themselves a huge reason they went along with pulling this con, for themselves. Naomi was going to get a huge promotion out of being part of this test and Tabby was going to move up in the social circle by being the wife of the CEO of one of the biggest employers in the valley. They waited ten minutes and went to do their next part of the plan.

Faith put what was just put into action as a loyalty test to Tim. She was forced to step down as CEO of the company which her grandfather started 70 years ago. The board of directors has picked Tim to be next the CEO and Faith just wanted to make sure that he was the right person for the job. She also wanted to her frustration out on Tim that the board thought he could do a better job at steering this company into the future than she could.

Faith was just the third CEO of the company. Her Father and Grandfather were the other two. The hurt woman told herself that she wanted to make sure that the first non Paulson who was CEO was totally loyal to the company. Loyalty was extremely important to her. Whoever was appointed to be CEO would be the first outsider to run her family empire and needed to know she had their unwavering devotion. She was willing to go to the extreme to make sure the right person was picked.

Faith stormed into her office and started to read the riot act to a confused Tim. She was reaming him and her mark could not get a word in edgewise. In her lecture Faith said “Tim I am so disappointed in you, you know this is going to be a huge legal issue for Paulson Corp.

Naomi said you told her she needed to always wear a dress and look ladylike at work. That made me sick hearing that poor girl tell me it. She talked about how disappointed she was in you. Tim this is that going to be a huge legal issue for the company. It was sickening to me to hear that you told Naomi that she needed to wear a dress at work all the time and be more ladylike. It is ironic that man, and Tim I used that term loosely, who put together the sexual harassment seminar for the company is now an offender.

You should have never made sexual advancement on your subordinate , yet alone kept on doing so when she turned you down. You want to know the worse part. That your loving and faithful wife had to see you be a predator "

Faith went on to tell Tim he should have never kept on pushing his sexual advances onto his subordinate.

"You better get yourself a great team of lawyers for not only will Naomi be suing you, I am going to look into suing you for what you did to my family’s company and I think your wife will be filing for a divorce. I hope that little kiss was worth everything it is going it cost.”

Tim was not worried about lawsuits or losing his job. Those lawsuits would be thrown out of court for Naomi could not prove her lie. Plus. he had another job lined up. He was worried about his wife. He knew the heart of his better half must had been broken from seeing Naomi kissing him. He also knew that his wife would believe him once she has a chance to recover from the pain.

His wife, his Tabby. She was the reason he worked so hard and was able to move up the corporate ladder. He loved her with all his heart and wanted to provide everything she ever wanted or needed. Her support gave him the strength to work those long hours. Her giving up a career to raise their family made him able to do his best at his job. She gave up her goals to be the best mother and wife she could be so he made sure he was the best father and husband he could be.

He could not believe she was at the office. This was the first time in the 25 years he has worked for Paulson she showed up at the office. He was too concern about her feelings to even question why she was there.

Faith’s phone rang and she answered it. She walked away from Tim for some privacy. It was an one way conversation. She kept on agreeing with whoever she was on the other line with.

Faith hung up the phone and said. “Timmy you are a lucky bastard. Naomi said she is not going to file a sexual harassment lawsuit as long as we follow the settlement which she came up with. She now has your position,President of Production and Quality Control, and you will be her personal assistant. Timmy, you will also dress like a woman at work until she feels you have learn your lesson.

Your wife has agreed that you should do what Naomi wants so you can show your loyalty to her and this company. To also show your wife that you have true remorse for your philandering ways.

This will start tomorrow. Your wife has been so kind to go buy you an outfit for work and you can go home right now to start to get ready.

Timmy, Don’t worry about the other workers seeing you at first. You can still use the executive elevator and until you get comfortable dressing how you wanted Naomi to dress I will keep all of them off of our level. Unlike you I do worry about other people’s feelings.”

Tim hated that he could do nothing about Faith talking down to him. That minor annoyance was overpowered for the man who just got berated was relieved to hear the conditions until he found out about the dressing part, He was ready to quit that moment. He quickly changed his mind when he heard his wife wanted him to do it. His Tabby, he would do this for his wife. It will not be long. It can’t be. Faith knew the kind of person he was and so did his wife.

Tim said “Ok Faith.”

Faith scolded him “Timmy, you do not call me Faith anymore. You call me Ms Paulson from now on, understood?”

Paul said “Yes, Ms Paulson”

The newly demoted man left the room fuming. Tim was pissed off that his friend did not hear him out, that she was not loyal to him and she saw the worse in him. He was disappointed and angry at Naomi for setting him up. He hated himself for somehow he did not see how much of a conniving bitch Naomi was. He was upset at the universe for the dumb luck of his wife seeing that.

Chapter 4

Tim got home and found his wife waiting for him. He saw shopping bags on the table. He was too dismay to question how she shopped for his new outfits and got home before him. The man in the his wife’s dog house started to tell her that she had to believe him. Tabitha stopped her husband and said that she was too mad to talk to him about anything else other than getting through tomorrow. That he is lucky to be in the house right now and they had too much work to do to get him ready.

Tim agreed with her. The perceived philander did not want to upset her anymore and knew once she calmed down she would listen to him. Tabby’s husband loved how understanding she was and how well she knew him. He knew that her love for him will help her find her trust in him again.

She told Tim to go take a shower and gave him a some Nair. The hurt wife explained how to use it and made sure he knew, other than his genitals, it was for his entire body. Then after he was done to meet her in their bedroom.

Tim went up to take the shower and Tabitha was upset. She did not like seeing her husband this down. She only went along with this for he was going to get to be the CEO. The social climber told herself her better half worked so hard to provide for her and the family that he deserved to get that promotion. Tim was strong and could go through this day of hell. Hell she knew many people who would do a lot more to be CEO of a company which is almost worth over a couple of billion dollars.

Tim took the shower. He hated how the nair felt on his skin. It was warm and tingled in a funky way. He then washed his body hair off. He could not stand seeing it just wash away from water. He was disgusted when he felt how smooth his legs were.

Tim met his wife in their bedroom and said “What is next Tabitha.”

Hearing her Timmy call her by her proper name set the conniving wife back some and asked “My Timmy, why did you use my full name?”

Hearing his wife call him by her favorite pet name for him set Tim back. The man walking on his wife’s broken heart was not going to ask his wife why she did so. He did not want to tempt upsetting her any more. The unknowing test taker said “I know how much you hate me calling you anything other than Tabitha when you are mad at me.”

Hearing how considerate her husband was being stopped Tabitha in her tracks and cursed herself for forgetting how much she hated being called by her pet name when angry at her husband. She got a gut feeling that she should abort this test right now. The loving wife talked herself out of it by saying it was for Tim and she could feel a little hurt so her husband could get that huge promotion. Tabitha said “ I wish that you would have been more considerate of my feelings when you wanted to kiss Naomi.”

Tim went to defend himself but did not. He knew he would have to take everything which Tabitha said to him for she was hurting bad. He looked down in shame for something he did not do. Tabitha looked away from her husband. She hated that she once again falsely accused her husband of cheating on her and added to him feeling down.

Tabitha hated how she felt and try to console her husband to feel better about herself. “Tim we are all human and you made a huge mistake. I just need some time before we talk about it. I know I will forgive you, but I am just too mad at you at this moment. Trust me this ordeal will make us a stronger couple and we will be in a better place in our relationship soon from it.”

Her words did nothing to change Tim’s mood. She was concern about how down her husband was but had some reassurance for she knew this will not be long and Tim would be richly rewarded for his suffering.

Tabitha then helped Tim put on the pantyhose. He could not stand how they felt on his legs. It felt like they were restricting them. He could not understand why anyone would want to wear them. He dare not ask that for it might upset his wife.

Then they went on to rest of the outfit Tim and he hated every part of it. The panties were too tight, he had no room down there. The padded bra dug into his shoulder.The skirt made him feel exposed plus there were no pockets in them. The blouse felt wrong on him. The suit jacket felt decorative for it had no buttons. The heels made him feel like he lost his coordination. He felt totally wrong in this outfit.

The beaten man stood their sulking. He tried to hide it but could not. He was disappointed in himself for he could not be mature enough to be comfortable in those clothes for his wife. Tabitha saw how much discomfort Tim was in and told him to change. Tim said “I cannot change, I need to get comfortable wearing these kind of outfits. I will be doing so for the foreseeable future.”

Tabitha said “I do not think this will be for long, Naomi is just hurt at your actions It is more to make a point.”

Tim inquired when he said “What point?”

Tabitha answered “You should not tell women how to dress.”

Even with being a strong man and wanting to take all these false accusations to protect his wife’s feelings, the man in a dress could not take it anymore and asked “Do you think I would say that to anyone?”

Tabitha knew he would not. Her husband was a man of integrity and would not tell others what article of clothing they had to wear. She lied to her husband and said “I do not know.”

Tim was hurt hearing her say that for how much he defended his daughter's right to wear whatever she wanted. How many times did he said in front of his wife that the clothes does not make a person who they are. How could she forget him saying those things?

Tim felt his sadness turning into anger so he excused himself to the study to read. The upset man needed some alone time to recenter his emotions.

Tabitha so wanted to comfort her husband and not let him alone to stew in sadness and dejection. The caring wife said “Tim, come on let us watch some television together. Supper is almost ready and you will not be able to get much reading done.”

Tim said “I am going to skip supper tonight, I am not hungry at all.”

Tabby did not know what to do, she did not want to guilt him into doing anything else but she wanted to be by his side to make sure he was alright. Tabitha went with a compromise when she said “How about after I eat you join me and we will watch anything you want.”

Tim was confused by that offer. Tabitha was acting like he was wronged and not her. He told her that he will join her after supper but she got to pick what they watched. She grudgingly agreed.

Tim went into the study and Tabitha called Faith to ask her to end this loyalty test. Faith told her no and explained why. That Faith needed to not only hear that Tim would do it but see him go through with it. She was going to trust Tim to run a company which is fully owned by her family.

Paulson Corp was divided three ways, her aunt and uncle with a fourth each and her dad with a half. That she was going to trust Tim to be in charge of making sure he can keep over 2,500 well paying job in her hometown. That it is worth Tim having a bad day to ensure that he was the right person. Think of all the people who will have bad days if he was not loyal.

Tabitha did not like it but thought she understood why Faith was doing so, the lovely wife. Greed does funny things to people. Faith was really concern about her inheritance and making her replacement know who really was in charge. She lied to herself into believing that the other reasons was why she was doing it. It was all about she wanted to make her future part of the company was in good hands. .

Tabitha asked for reassurance that it was only for a day for Faith did say she would back out of this if Tabitha wanted to. Faith told her of course she had the press conference line up for Monday morning. This part was true, Faith was being forced out by the board of directors and they wanted a new CEO as soon as possible. The worse the outster was led by her father.

Being CEO was harder than she thought it would be. Her company sales was not growing as much as the rest of the industry and she did not know how to deal with it. She was mad that her father did not give her a chance to right the little bump in the road.

Faith believed that Tim could correct the ship when he had control. She just could not let him implement those plans while she was in control. Her name and reputation was on the line, and could not handle failure if the idea came from someone else. She also could not handle success if the idea came from someone else.

Tabitha to feel like she still had veto power over this said then Tim does get to eat with us tomorrow and not just serve the meal. We tell him as soon as he sits down to eat. Faith agreed to it.

Tabitha then called Naomi and told her to be extra nice to Tim, still be distant but not mean. Naomi asked if Faith was on board with this change of plans. Tabitha told her no but it did not matter, they are talking about Tim, her husband so she can change or veto the plan.

Naomi agreed and made a mental note not to tell Faith and be mean to Tim when the CEO came around. She wanted to be super nice to Tim but at the same time she was not going to ruin her chance at that great promotion. She knew that Tim would understand for even with being a personable person he always told her not to take business personally.

After making the phone calls Tabitha went to eat supper. It was strange to eat by herself. Tim made it a point to be at home to share dinner with her. If he had a business dinner he made sure she was there. She missed the small talk they had about their day. With the food being so bland to her she thought that the spice which was missing from it was Tim.

Chapter 5

Tabitha finished supper and went into the study to get Tim. Her husband was just sitting there staring into space with an open book in his hand. Tabby called him Timmy. Tim did not like that one bit for how Faith talked down to him earlier in the day by using it. He never allowed anyone other than his wife use it. He had to allowed Faith to do so for his wife wanted him to do this strange exercise.

It took a second for Tim to respond and he asked Tabitha what she wanted. She cringed inside hearing Tabitha again, the love of her life still thought she was mad at him. How could he not she thought. If this was not for what she believed was Tim’s dream job, so many people depending on his loyalty, and her moving up the social ladder she would have regretted not calling it off on the phone with Faith.

Tabitha thought that getting Tim out of that skirt would lighten his spirit and said “Before you join me in the living room why don’t you change. You had enough time in that outfit to start to get use for it for work. You will never have to wear women’s clothes while at home with me. I agreed to your work attire for Naomi so wanted it.”

Tabitha smiled for she made sure that she drove home the point the clothing was not her idea and she did not like it.Tim mentally agreed it was a good idea to get out of that uncomfortable outfit and just get ready for bed. He told his wife her idea that was a good idea. Tim slowly walked down the stairs to join Tabby in the living room in his sleeping shorts and t-shirt.

The loving wife knew her husband was doing worse than he was letting on. The energetic man was not the type of person to just lounged around in what he wore to bed. He might want to do something quick before bed like take the dog for an extra walk. He looked worn out, depressed and lethargic, that was not her Timmy, Tabby thought, her Timmy was full of live and energy. She needed to know what was going on with the man who owned her heart and said “Why are you ready for bed, what is wrong dear?”

The answer was a shot to Tabby’s heart “I am down for you, my wife, does not believe me on what happened with Naomi today or even want to hear me out.”

Tabitha face grew a frown. She really did not want to talk about it for it did hurt her helping Faith do this test on her husband. Tim saw that frown and said “Also that frown is another reason. You are so devastated by what that scheming lady did and there is nothing I can do to cheer you up, for you think I am the cause of that frown.”

Tabitha corrected Tim, by saying none of that is true, without giving a reason. She knew that her husband did not believe what she said. Tim try to make his wife feel better when he told her in an understanding tone “I know why you feel upset hurt and betrayed. I am looking forward to when we will be able to talk about this and what really occurred.”

Tabitha did not want to talk about what happened today anymore. She told Tim to drop it. She wished that he would bring up another topic other than anything tied to this loyalty test. Tim was not going to for early that night she told him she was not going to be in the mood to talk about anything else. He was going to respect her wishes and was just quiet.

After sitting in the loudness of them saying nothing Tim thought that he better bite the bullet and finally ask about makeup and his hair. Tabitha cringed when she heard him bring it up. She knew it was coming but did not want to deal with it right now. She said she would help him with his makeup in the morning and she got a wig for him to wear.

He asked her what was the style of the wig. She told him not to worry about it. Tim was getting sick of not having any control of what was happening and told her it was going to be on his head so he will worry about it. He did not want to look any more foolish than he already was going to dressed how he was.

Tabitha quickly apologized and told her husband she meant it was a nice pageboy wig which looked very professional. Tbaitha explain that she did not mean it as he did not have the right to know.

Tim told her there is no need to be sorry, he understood he was not in her good graces right now. That made the room silent. It was an uncomfortable one. Tabitha could not stand how much her Timmy was beating himself up. Tim could not stand how hurt his wife must be and how she was still trying to be nice to him.

After a while of both of them just staring at the television Tabitha told Tim she was going to call it a night and asked him if he was going to join her. Tim lied to her and said he would be up in a couple of minutes. He did not want to sleep in the same bed as her. He knew how emotional she was and did not want her to have a constant reminder of being hurt next to her. Tim drifted off to sleep on the couch.

The alarm woke Tabitha up and she reached over to give her husband a loving hug. Her arm hit the mattress. She saw that he did not join her in bed. The frustrated wife was so happy that this is going to be over so soon. He will be so happy later tonight and they will sleep together. The stain this ruse was putting on her made Tabitha look forward to tonight when she would fall asleep with her wonderful husband spooning her. She loved the secure feeling she had in his arms.

She woke Tim up and told him to start to get ready for the day. She did not want to talk with him for it was too painful. He took her being short as a sign her anger was growing and not ebbing away. His simple reply was yes Tabitha.

Hearing him say her full name got her mad. It was not at him, it was about this stupid loyalty test. It was hurting her husband too much. Seeing the flash of anger on her face made Tim think now the sound of his voice got her upset. Tim told her that we need to talk about what happened. Tabitha told him they will tonight after supper.

Tim was not happy with having to wear makeup. It felt like his face was covered. It made him feel like a clown. Tabitha asked him what he thought after she was done with the makeup and the wig. He told her he felt like this was going to be a long day but it would be worth it if it helped him earn his wife trust again.

Tabitha was stunned at hearing that Tim thought she did not trust him. How could he not think so, she was always there for him. She then quickly thought about how she would have felt if Tim would not hear her out. That devastated her. The woman with the self inflicted wound had solace in the fact this would be over soon.

Chapter 6

Tim made it to work an hour early for he wanted to make sure no one other than Faith and that bitch Naomi saw him. He had a faint hope that this would be over soon. Either Faith would come to her senses or he will able to finally tell his wife about his new job over the weekend.

He sat at his new desk and opened his emails. He saw that Faith was true to her word and sent an interoffice memo which stated her floor was off limits today for all personnel. He sat there just waiting for his new boss to come in. He felt his hatred grow the longer he had to wait. He was praying to any god which would listen to him for her to fail, a pox on her.

Naomi came in with two cups of coffee in her hand. She got one for Tim, she was going to keep her word and be as super nice to him today. She greeted “Good morning Tim, here is a coffee for the best personal assistant I could ask to have. I got it the way you like it.”

Tim took her gesture as her mocking him. That little ball of hate he had in his stomach grew at a cancerous rate and was ready to explode. He held it in as much as he could. He did not say what he wanted but the tone of his voice was poisonous.

Tim said “Good morning Miss Bonilla, thank you for the coffee, but I have to decline it. I do not want anything from you other than knowing what you want me to do.”

Naomi was hurt by his words. She told him she was trying to be nice for she knew today was going to be hard for him. Naomi said “Tim you should follow what you told me many times and not take what this personally, this is business.”

Tim replied. “I am taking my own advice Miss Bonilla. Me being your personal assistant is a business arrangement. That means I do not want anything other than a business relationship with you from now on. Also as soon as I do not have to be your personal assistant I am done dealing with you.

I am also following the advice I gave you of not trusting anyone who is not loyal. You betrayed me by lying about that kiss. I know you set me up for this”

Those words hurt Naomi even more. She wanted to reply but did not know how. She wanted to get under his skin and thought of ways to do so. She finally thought that she would hold this situation over his head. She mention “If you are not nice to me like you used to be, I can drag this out as long as I wanted to. You might retire wearing a nice dress.”

Hearing that threat did not change Tim attitude. He knew he was not long for the business world so he did not have to kowtow to this bitch who ruined his life. His reply was “Miss Bonilla I hate wearing this skirt and would do almost anything to get out it right now. One thing I will not do is be nice and friendly to you.”

Naomi was stunned to hear that from Tim. He was not only her boss, he was her mentor. He had her as a personal assistant for 10 years now and helped her grow so much as an employee and a person. She could not comprehend why he was so mad. This was only for a day and a test. She forgot he did not know those facts. She also did not know once he found out this was a test he was going to explode.

Faith came in and asked those two how they were doing. Naomi said “great until I had to deal with my new personal assistant giving me a bad attitude.”

Tim said “ I am fine Mrs Paulson and turning down a cup of coffee from someone is not having a bad attitude.”

Faith saw a chance of making Tim’s day a little more miserable so she told him, he better take the coffee. That Naomi still has not signed the agreement and she could change her mind. Tim thanked Miss Bonilla for the coffee and took it.

Faith then mention about how Naomi wanted to have dinner over at Tim’s place to talk about how the day went. Tim objected and said that he did have to work for Naomi but did not had to have her in his personal life. Faith understood Tim’s objection but said that Tim’s wife agreed to it. Tim hated hearing that.

Faith then went on how Tim will be serving supper for the ladies will be talking about how he performed today and make a decision on how long this was going to be. Tim objected and said it was his life so he should have a say in it als and also he does not trust Miss Bonilla.

Faith understood that also and liked he was upfront about his mistrust for Naomi. He was honest with why he felt that way. She did not want to lead on she was agreeing with him so she asked Naomi what she thought about what Tim just said,

Naomi was overwhelmed with her new position and could not deal with how her old friend has turn his back on her. She lost her restrain and said “I think he should dress as a maid while he is serving us dinner tonight.”

Faith agreed it was a great idea. Tim objected again and Faith told Tim she would call Tim’s wife to see if what Tabitha thought about it.

Hearing those words brought relief to Tim. He knew that Tabitha would never agree to that. She reassured him that he would not have to dress like a woman in his own house. Naomi on the other hand hated to hear that. She did not mean for Faith to act her suggestion. It was just to make Tim feel small, like he was making her feel.

Faith was going to her office and told Naomi to walk with her. As soon as they were in the office Faith commended Naomi on the great maid idea. The idea was proof that Faith made the right decision to take a chance and give Naomi a huge promotion. That she really helped in making this day as miserable for Tim as it could be.

Naomi was ashamed that her action she took out of spite was going to have this effect. Naomi said “Faith I think that time just having to think about dressing like a maid is good enough. I will still have to work under him after this is done and doing this humiliating act to him will do more damage to our relationship. Also, Tabitha would be furious at me when she found out that Naomi came up with the idea.

Faith did not care, she loved the idea for the more miserable he was doing what they wanted him to do, the more he proved his loyalty to the company and more he would remember who has the real power at Paulson Corp.. She explain to Naomi “Tim is a very understanding person. He will get over this once he got the promotion. You will get back on his good side once she excelled at her job. Remember Tim does not take business personally. Also, I will take the blame from Tabitha”

Naomi relented for hearing about how great she was doing did stroke her ego. It helped that she would not have to take the responsibility for her mistake. She was a great lady but vain and did not want to own up when she messed up. It was easy to butter her up and have her see things your ways if you knew she was more concern with people seeing her as a talented business lady and not just a good looking lady. She knew that looks faded but skills were forever. She also looked for the easy way out of trouble.

Naomi left the office and Faith called Tabitha to tell her the change in plans and also get Tim dress size. The woman scorned by her own company was going to have to get a maid uniform right away to put her replacement in his place. Tabitha heard the plan and objected. Faith said this was going to happen. Tabitha said that Tim was going to eat dinner with them and he should not have to be dressed as a maid then. Hell he should not have to dress like a maid at all. She knew that Tim was going to be upset at them all when he found out what they did, him becoming CEO will lessen it but Tabitha would have to deal with any more repercussions at home.

Faith knew she needed it so that Tabitha would not have to deal with any more of Tim’s wrath. She knew that she had to sell it in a manner which would not cost her friend anything. Faith gave the potential buyer of her new plan her sales pitch “Tabitha, I will make sure that Tim knows it was not your idea. The brunt of his anger will not be at you, he will be focusing it on Naomi and me. You do have final say about this test but I have final say on if Tim becomes CEO”.

Tabitha convinced herself that she was only going along with this so her husband could get his dream job. After the call Faith made the necessary arrangements to have a maid outfit deliver to Tim’s house.

Tabitha reinforced to herself why she relented and went along with this change She always wanted Tim to get this promotion for she would be the wife of one of the most powerful men in this valley. It will help with her social standing in the community.

Tabilta was going to call Tim and start to smooth it over in a couple of minutes and that will help calm him down. The reason she waited was so she could get the right words to have her husband understand.She will use please do this for me to show me how serious you are about showing me you did not kiss Naomi. She hated that she was going to lie to him, but she told herself was for the common good.

Faith called Tim and told him the great news. He denied it and she insisted it was true. He just could not believe it. Then the office phone rang. He answered it and it was his wife. She said “I have to tell you something, please do not freak out. At dinner tonight you will be dressing as a maid. Please do not be mad, Faith asked me if it was fine and I thought that it would be a good way for you to prove to me you are telling the truth about not kissing Naomi.”

Tim was destroyed hearing the news. He could not believe his wife was acting so childish in making him do humiliating actions to show her he was telling the truth. In a weak voice he said “Tabitha I cannot talk about this now, I am at work. I am not the boss anymore.”

Tabitha knew she needed to explain more. The woman who was trying to smooth things over said “Dear, this will only take a moment.”

Tim took the first pause to cut off his wife in a polite manner “It does not matter if it will only take a moment. You are not the only person who is mad at me. Naomi is very pissed at me and I cannot be caught on a personal phone call. I do not know what she will do next, it was her that came up with the maid idea.”

Tabitha could not believe what she heard. She told that cunt to be extra nice to Tim and she did this. Tabitha asked if she could be transferred to Naomi and Tim did so. Tim put his wife on hold and buzzed Naomi to tell her she had a call on line 2.

Naomi was all excited, this was going to be her first business call at her new position. She picked up the phone and proudly said her name and new title. The response she had she would have never expected. She was called a no good cunt bitch. She had no idea who was on the other line. She asked “Who are you to think you can talk to me in that manner?

Tabitha said “The wife of the man you are fucking with by making him dress like a maid.”

Naomi quickly started to backpedal “I am sorry, I said that for I was mad at Tim for not taking my peace offering of a cup of coffee. It was Faith’s idea to actually do it.”

Hearing that weak excuse for the new hurdle Tim had to jump just added to Tabitha’s bitterness towards Naomi. “Listen here I do not care whose idea it was to go through with this. It was your idea to do it. Own up for this you bitch. I want to let you know that I will make sure that Tim never forgets how you treated him and once he is entrenched as CEO you will be fired.”

Naomi was mad that Tim would let his wife know who was really responsible for the maid outfit. She was going to get him back. He told on her after she gave a sincere apology about making that joke and Faith taking it seriously. She called Tim in her office and berated him. She said “You have no right to tell on me to your wife. If you are going to gossip and act like a hen I will just call you Tammy for the rest of the day.”

Tim did not care, he had such a low opinion of Naomi right now her words could not hurt him. He smiled at her when she gave out that punishment. She asked him why he was smiling.

“It is simple why I am smiling Miss Bonilla, you are so immature that you think calling me Tammy would hurt me. It does not for I do not care what you call me. I do not care about what you think of me. I am here so for my wife thinks I cheated on her with you”

Naomi said “Tim get out of my office right now.”

The man who finally was broken and started to fight back saw that he got to her and could not resist getting her more annoyed. He said “ You can’t even keep your word and call me Tammy for the rest of the day.”

Chapter 7

Naomi did not know what to do, she was not acting her normal self. She chalked it up to being nervous about her new position. The nerves got worse when she saw that her mentor was not going to be there to help her today. She called Faith and left a message to be called back.

Faith called her back and asked what she wanted. Naomi told her about blowing up on Tim and how she told Tim she was going to call him Tammy.. She wanted to know how Faith was going to take Tabitha’s response if Tim’s wife now knew who was really to blame about the maid outfit.Naomi reminded Faith about taking the blame from Tabitha. Faith said she did agree to take the blame from Tabitha she could not help it that Tim told his wife who came up with the idea. This was an important lesson for Naomi, learn to damage control and not to lash out.

Naomi could not believe what she was hearing. This was well beyond damage control. She knew she caused it by taking Tim’s reaction personally. Still she needed help, she thought the best course of action was to stay in her office away from Tim. She called Tim and said to just have all the calls to go straight through to her office.

Naomi was able to not have any contact with Tim until lunch time. She was hungry and did not bring a lunch, she never had to for her boss always got her lunch. It was one of the many perks she got from having such a great person as her superior.

She called him and asked where was her lunch. She was dreading hearing his response. Was he going to point out she did not call him Tammy? Was he just going to laugh at her? Was he going to blow up on her, like she deserved?

None of that happened, Tim in a professional voice said “It is not my job to bring you your lunch. Is there anything else you need?”

Naomi said no and hung up the phone.

The timid VP left her office to get lunch and saw Tim at his desk talking to Faith. Tim had a bitter look on his face. Naomi wanted to keep her word about being extra nice to Tim and offer to buy him lunch. Faith corrected Naomi. “Naomi remember you wanted to call him Tammy today so you better keep your word.I do not like my upper management not to do what they say, isn’t that right Tammy?

Tim responded “Yes.”

Naomi hated herself for what she was about to do. This was not who she was, she knew she had to do things which was out of character in her new position so she put on her happy face and said “Sorry Tammy do you want anything for lunch.”

She meant the sorry for saying Tammy. Tim did not take it that way. He took it as her being sorry for using Tim. He just said “No Miss Bonillla and you know why.”

Naomi quickly left so she could not dig herself a deeper hole with Tim. She cannot imagine how much Tim despised her at the moment and could not blame him. He thought that she set him up and ruin his marriage and his business career. Then he must think that she was only keeping him around to relish in getting what she wanted. Then no matter what she did today she looked like a heartless bitch to him. She was thankful that the promotion he was getting later today would help smooth things out between those two.

Chapter 8

Tim was looking at the clock and counting down every minute until the end of the day. He was happy for he came in early today so he got to leave at 4 o’clock instead of 5. He only had one half hour left. He had all the paperwork filed, responded to all the emails, and made sure that the new VP of Production and Quality Control’s schedule was set . He thought it was a little weird that Faith had him do so as Naomi. It had to be that the CEO wanted to make the announcement of Naomi’s promotion on Monday. It rang true to him for in Faith’s daily memo it was mention they was a company wide meeting for a major announcement.

One great thing about Paulson Corp they made a huge deal about internal promotions. Management believed in loyalty and a great way to foster it was to show people got rewarded for good service. Many of middle level and some upper level management actually started on the factory floor.

It was 3:45 when Tim’s intercom buzzed. It was Naomi and she asked him to come into her office. He wanted to scream, it was 3:45 and he never did this to her on a Friday. He could not stand that she was doing a power play. She has already won, why rub it in?

He went into the office and nicely Naomi said in her sweetest voice “Tim, it is almost 4 o’clock and I am not close to being finished with the production plans for next week. I need to leave soon to pick up Saul from daycare. Can you please do me a favor and finish them so I can be on time to see my pride and joy.”

Naomi was under the wrong impression that Tim will not take his anger of her out on her son. He loved that kid,and she was very nice in asking her friend to perform this extra task. Plus it will only take him an half hour at most. It was not that much time added to his work day.

Tim looked at her in disbelief, she knew that he had to go home put on a stupid maid outfit then cook and serve them dinner. He said “No, I am done in 15 minutes and I have too much to do for tonight. Plus, even if I did not have any prior engagement, I am the personal assistant and that is way above my pay scale now “

She pleaded with him “Come on, do not do this for me, do it for Saul. Do not make him pay for how you feel about me now.

Naomi using her son as a pawn to get her way added to Tim’s hatred of her. He sneered when he said “No!”

Naomi was not going to let her son down and have him at daycare one moment longer than he had to. She decided to not accept the fact that nothing could make her former mentor do anything extra tohelp her. The dedicated work mother try to play on Tim’s outstanding character. “Where is that nice man who took me under his wing. I know you are mad at me, but we will be able to work past this and become friends again real soon.”

Tim could not take it anymore. This vile person thought that he was enough of a fool to be on social terms with that user again. He said with strength in his voice “Listen here Miss Bonilla, I am not a nice man. I can be nice to my friends but never mistake me for being a nice person; I am just a man who treats people nice until they do not do the same with me.

Tell me why you think I would help a self centered person like you who is now in over her head? Tell me why you think I would help a person who treated me like shit when she thought she did not need me anymore?

You do not know how well you had it when I was your supervisor. I always made sure you were taken care of. I made sure you were respected. I made sure you had a chance to shine. I let you leave work early without using vacation or sick time when you had to take your father to chemo. I looked the other way when you had long personal calls while dealing with your divorce. I took less of a pay raise and added it to yours for I wanted to make sure you got compensated well for your work.

I did all this and the thank you gave me was to ruin my life. Not even the nicest man ever would help you after what you did to me. The weakest man would, but not a nice man. So unless you need anything which is actually in my job description I am going to excuse myself.”

Naomi again brought up Saul. Tim thought that she was using her son to try to get her way and hated it.

He turned around and said “Again listen here you bitch. I do not care about your brat. He can stay at daycare a little longer. The workers will stay there with him. You are just worried about having to pay the extra fee for being late. I know that is true for you showed you only care about yourself with your actions the last couple of days.. It is sad to use your son in that manner.”

Tim went to leave and Naomi had to defend her love for her son. She said “Never talk about Saul like that again. You will pay for what you just called him. He is my pride and joy and I will do anything to defend him and I would never use him to get my way.”

Tim laughed off her threats. While leaving Tim rhetorically asked “What can you do to me to make me pay for calling that brat a brat?”

Naomi smiled for she knew that she could ruin his promotion. After he left she called Faith and told her how Tim treated her badly. Faith in a matter of fact manner said “So what.”

Naomi was livid and said “Here is what, with Tim not staying on to help and calling his superior’s son a brat he failed being loyal.”

Faith corrected her “If anything, Tim passed with flying colors. He did his job, and for the most part took all the humiliation which came his way. You had no right to ask him to stay pass his schedule work hours.

How could you not blame the man you got demoted, put in a dress, verbally humiliated, ruin his marriage and have him dress like a maid not to flip out when you finally pushed him too much. I give him credit for not doing so earlier.

You better get used to long nights here at the office with your new position for you are not as skilled as the old VP. I also think that you will not really being getting that much training from him either at first.”

It finally dawned on Naomi how bad she has treated her friend and mentor, there was no way she could face him until he found out the truth. The remorseful lady said “Faith, I am not going to be at dinner tonight. I cannot face Tim and Tabitha until he knows the truth about what has happened.”

Faith was still under the assumption that everything will be fine once Tim became CEO. She also was not scared of Tim being mad at her for she thought that she could talk her dad not promoting him. They could hire a high profile headhunter and get someone who by reputation alone could improve the company's current state of affairs. She reassured her employee “Naomi, listen you are strong enough to face him. He is going to be dressed like a maid.He will not have the courage to talk back while we still have power over him. It will be three against one.

Plus once he gets that promotion he wants, this will start to become water under the bridge.”

Faith told Naomi what she wanted to hear so she changed her mind and told her she would be at the dinner.

Chapter 9

Tim got home and his wife was waiting there for him with a whiskey in her hand. She offered it to him and he politely turn it down. She asked why and he told her “I do not have the time to relax for I need to change into the maid uniform and start dinner. I also am pissed off and do not touch alcohol when I am mad. Finally, Ms Rodgers, a maid cannot drink while on duty.”

Tabitha did not like that Tim was being sarcastic by calling her Ms Rodgers. She was having a bad day also for she felt that she made a bad decision in going along with Faith’s test. She was going to go off on Tim but control herself. She knew he was very upset about what he thought was happening. She did want to show him that she was not going to let him take his frustration out on her and said “Listen here Tim you might be having a bad day but don’t get smart with me.”

Tim quickly replied “Mrs Rodgers I am not being smart with you. You agreed to me being a maid for the night and that is what the help…

Tabitha interjected “I never agree to that!”

Tabitha stopped speaking for she was amazed at hearing what she said and what she was going to say next. She was going to try to defend having her husband dress like a maid. She could not believe that she went along with this loyalty test. Tim becoming CEO and her being the CEO’s wife was not worth it. She did not know what to do for she saw Tim anger growing each millisecond.

Tim could not stand that his wife just lied to him. He could not stand that she did not hear his side of the story.

“You did not agree to me being a maid then what is in that white box behind you? Then why did Faith tell me so? They why did you call me at work to tell me about the changes in plans for tonight and said to do this to prove I did not kiss that bitch, Naomi?

You would not hear me out about what happened in my office yesterday. I went along with this stupid punishment not to keep my job, not so Naomi, that cunt, would not sue me. I do not care if she sues me. I went along with it for you were hurt.

I really do not know where we are going to go from here. You do not trust me, you think I am not loyal to you. You think it is fine to go back on your word when you are hurt.

I do not see us being able to reconcile the difference between what you think happened and reality. Having to prove my loyalty to you shows me that I will never really have your trust again.“

Tim stopped for the what he wanted to say next was going to be hard. He was going to tell her he was done with this stupid game. He did not care if his wife left him, for in a way she already did by not trusting him.

Tabitha knew her husband well enough to know what he was going to say next and why. She knew that prideful stubborn bastard she married treasured trust and loyalty. She knew that if he walked in on her kissing a man and pushing him away he would have automatically thought that the kiss was unwarranted by her. She knew not showing him the level of trust and support he thought he had from her that the marriage was over in his eyes.

Tabitha started to cry “I love you Timmy, go change and we need to talk.”

From Faith and Naomi calling him Tammy, he heard that name instead of his own when she said I love you Timmy. He screamed “Never call me Tammy again, my name is Tim!”

Tabitha was confused. She swore “I would never call you Tammy, I said Timmy. You have to believe me.”

Tim, with more venom in his voice, fired back “Just like you said that you would not have me dress like a woman at home.”

To defend herself Tabitha said that Faith wanted it. Trying to blame someone else for her decision was the wrong course of action. Tim grabbed the white box and just stormed out of the room muttering to himself “it was over.”

Tabitha prayed that he was talking about the stupid loyalty tested and feared he was talking about their marriage. This test turn out to be more than she agreed to. Tabitha hated that she was going to have to deal with the brunt of Tim anger after he found out about her part in it. She would not lie to her husband about it. Even if she could in some manners it would make the situation worse. He would think that she did not trust him. It would not matter that she knew the truth to Tim, it would matter that she did would not hear him out.

The questions came as she was following her new unwanted maid. How could this situation went so wrong so fast, why did Faith and Naomi not go along with their original plan, why did I agree to this, was being higher up in the social circle so important to her than she did not see how the loyalty test would affect her relationship with her husband.

Before Tabitha caught up to her husband she made a huge decision, this stupid test was over now. She came to this conclusion not for damage control, she knew she was going to have to face the wrath of her husband. It was for it was the right thing to do, Tim never deserve having this done to him.

When Tabitha caught up to Tim she said “This is over and we need to talk.”

“This is not over.” Tim stubbornly said. “You do not get to keep on changing what I have to do to prove to you I did not kiss that slut. You do not get to keep on changing when we talk about me being set up. I also have a say in when we talk. You want me to be your maid and you want to wait until after I serve you and those harpies dinner , then dammit I am going to be your maid and serve dinner before we talk. Now let me go change into my maid outfit for I have to get dinner on Ms Rodgers.”

Then before Tabitha could say anything Tim slammed the door in her face. She knew it was pointless to go into their bedroom to talk with him. He would be deaf to anything she said. Tabitha gave in to the fact that her and Tim were going to have the biggest fight of their marriage when this was over. No, it was not going to be a fight, a fight needed two people in it and she was not going to do anything but take what was coming to her. It was going to be a lecture from Tim and he was going to be cold towards her afterwards for a long time.

As Tim was putting on his new outfit, Tabitha did start dinner for him. Tabitha would tell Tim that he did not have to cook supper for that was not agreed to. She hoped it would help bring calm her husband down, but knew it would not. She was trying to use the letter of the agreement to get out of the spirit of it. He hated that in his personal life, he had to deal with that too much in the business world. He felt when people did that they were just trying to back out of what they agreed to.

Tim put on the maid uniform and yearn to have the women’s business attire back on. He really felt exposed and the petticoat was so uncomfortable. He made his way down to the kitchen and saw that Tabitha was working on dinner. That raised his anger even more.

“What the hell do you think you are doing?” Tim yelled at his wife. “I was supposed to be doing that and you are now. Do you think that somehow this is going to make it better that you went back on your word so many times yesterday and today? It will not.”

“Don’t raise your voice at me!” Tabitha quip back. “You cooking was never agreed on, it was only serving. I can help you if I want.”

Even with knowing that she was wrong Tabitha had that outburst at her husband for she needed to vent her anger. The two ladies she had a legit grievance against were not there so she took it out on Tim.

“You now damn well that me also cooking the meal was implied when you agreed to me being the maid for the night. The lady of the house does not stoop down to doing the domestic chores.

Lastly, I will raise my voice at you when you are acting as immature as you have been. Act like a child, then be treated like one. Now get out of the kitchen right now. I am going to do exactly what you agreed for me to do.”

As she left the kitchen, Tabitha realized that she made the matters worse with Tim, How mad he was at the situation he was looking for a fight and Tabby showing her anger brought the eagerness out to fight in him.

She was hurt at her husband saying she was acting like a child, first it was for she thought he said it to hurt her. Then it quickly went to the real reason, she was acting like an immature child. Not listening to her husband side of what happened, expecting him to jump through hoops to please her, and not keeping her word was all immature behavior.

As Tim was in the kitchen, Tabitha stared out the living room window looking for their guest to pull up. She was going to greet them at the door, there was no way that Tabby was going to have Tim answer the door for those two. As her time as being a sentinel slowly past her sense of fear was raising. She was scared that she still has not realized how much she messed up by agreeing to this test.

Finally, Faith’s BMW pulled into their driveway and Tabitha went out to the front yard to greet her unwelcomed guest. Faith made Naomi feel better about the day by stroking her ego with saying that she show great leadership skills with how she handled “Tammy”, Faith and Naomi were chatting and laughing until they saw Tabitha unsmiling face and stony stare greet them. Naomi went from walking casually to being tense and Faith went to walking more seriously. Naomi felt that she was going to have to justify her actions while Faith was going to defend hers.

When they got close her to Tabitha, sounding like a mother seeing their children came home late, told those two to get in the house right now. Naomi knew the dinner was not going to be a pleasant experince, while Faith was offended that Tabitha would take that harsh tone to her.

Naomi ran right in and Faith stood there. Tabitha said “Faith what part of get into the house right now do you not understand.?”

Faith said “I heard you but is is such a nice pleasant day I will take my time.”

Tabitha said “Listen here, you will get in there and just sit in living room until I call you for dinner. Right now I do not care about if my husband does not get that promotion. It was not worth him having to show what we all know about him. It was not worth us not being loyal to him.

Now get in there or else just go home right now”

Faith knew that Tabitha was not bluffing. She wanted to save face so as she walked in said “I would like a glass of red wine while I wait for dinner.”

Tabitha said “No, you came over for dinner. There was no mention of pre meal cocktails being served.”

Chapter 10

Tim started to serve dinner and Faith and Naomi both called him Tammy. Tabitha told them to stop that right now. He finished serving dinner and Faith asked him where was his plate. He informed her that he would not be eating with them tonight for he passed on the offer from his wife. Faith told him he would want to eat with them. Tim responded no he did not for he will not socialize with people who do not respect him. That he also hope the only reason his wife was having dinner with those two harpies was so to get this over.

Faith said “Fine have it your way, go in the kitchen and pout Tammy.”

Tabitha had enough. She threw her napkin down while raising her voice and said “Faith just tell Tim the great news now. He has proven how loyal he is and he does not deserve this anymore. In fact, he never deserved this. I have no idea why I went along with your crazy plan. I was blinded by you saying he would get his dream job of being the CEO and I would be the wife of the CEO.”

Tabitha got up and went to hug her husband. He backed away from her and told her to not come any closer. He was processing what he just heard. His wife was in on the set up along with Faith. Hearing this made him feebleminded for a second. He knew one thing, he did not want his wife to touch him.

Faith smiled and said “True he did show how loyal he was today. Congratulations Tim you are the next CEO of Paulson Corp.

You also show your integrity by your actions today. I know you will stay with the company until you are ready to retire. I am so happy that the company will have stability into the future when we go public. I know you will be able to lead us well in the future. I am so happy for you. Sit down and I will get you your plate and serve you. That is the least I can do for how well you handled yourself today.”

Tim just stood there he was still processing what was happening.

Naomi took this chance to defend herself. “Tim please do not be that mad at me. I am sorry for everything but Faith asked me to do this and offer me your old position for doing so. How could I pass it up? She said she had faith in me and I just needed to show her that I was capable of doing what was right for the company. You will not be CEO for three months and I cannot wait for you to mentor me in my new position. You will do a great job at having me ready to take over.”

Tim finally was able to talk again. He knew where he was going to start with Faith.

“Listen here you stupid, stupid bitch. I am not going to be the next CEO of your company. I do not want to handle the huge sexual harassment scandal which is coming from your actions. I also do not want to work for someone who is not loyal to me. You doing this sick test shows me you are not loyal to me.

You know the only reason why you were named CEO was for your father was blinded by being related to you. He finally open up his eyes and is forcing you into an ‘early retirement.’ He saw that your inaction was causing the company to fall behind.I know it is not too late to turn that company around but I am not going to be the one to do so.”

Naomi was next “I will answer your question. It is simple how you turn down that offer. You treat people how you wanted to be treated. That was always the main lesson I try to teach you.

That is why you do not take business personally. It is not so your feelings are not hurt when someone does you wrong. It is so you do the right course of action. You make decisions which are based with the big picture in mind and you did not. You did not take into account how cutthroat I can be. I will use all my contacts to make sure you do not sniff a job which is above the lowest level of office work.

You put a promotion which you were not ready for over treating me how I treated you. Now both of you get out of my house before I drag you out by your hair.”

They both got up and and ran out of the house with their tails between their legs like the bitches they were..

When they were gone Tim turned to Tabitha

“My Tabby, My Tabby, My Tabby. You hurt me so much. You went along with having me believe that you had no trust in me. You went along with having me believe that you saw me as being unloyal. You had me believe you were disappointed and mad at me. You saw how hurt I was by you losing your faith in me and did nothing until right now. I needed your support and you did not give it to me. In fact, you were part of the reason why I needed it so.

You did this for what, a promotion which I did not want and you can have prestige. You knew I did not want it for I have been looking for a new job. I know that I said it before about not wanting a promotion and took it anyways. This time you should have known it was different. This is for I explained all the reasons why I did not want the promotion. All the other times I had more reasons to take them then not.

I really do not know if we can work out the damage your betrayal has done to our relationship. The biggest reason is right now I do not want to.

What gets me the most is I got that professor job. We were going to start to wind down and enjoy life more, travel in the summer, me always being home at an early time. I was going to tell you but you told me you did not want to talk about anything else than getting through that kiss. If we talked about that yesterday this would not have happened. While we are through this, and now it looks like we are done.

Please leave me alone until Idon't want to talk about it now. I hope you can trust me when I tell you it is going to take more than one day for me to get over this.”

Tim walked out of the room. Tabitha asked him to wait and hear her out. Tim told her she should respect his wishes when she wronged him like he did when she made him believe she felt wronged by him. Tabitha knew he was right.


Tim made a decision. He did not want to try to work it out with Tabitha. It was not that he did not love her anymore, he did. It was he could not look past she was not loyal to him. He could not look past how hurt he felt by her betrayal.He could not look past that she would not admit the main reason why she went along with the test.

Tim was true to his word and filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Paulson Corp. It became a huge scandal and forced Faith out as CEO three months sooner. She did not get the golden parachute. It also forced her father to come out of retirement to run the company until a successor could be found. Old man Paulson was not happy with his daughter. He actually took away her inheritance for it was his decision to make Tim the CEO.

Naomi was fired on Monday by Faith hoping to do damage control. She started to look for a job; but Tim was true to his word and she had to change career path. She got a job at a convenience store. She hated Tim for being so vindictive towards her.

Tabitha could not agree but respected Tim’s decision to part ways. She was happy that he helped her get back into the business world. She never got over that Tim would not talk to her about anything other than matters which concern their children once the divorce was finalized.

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