A Funeral for Everyone

A Funeral for Everyone

Author's note: Just a quick thanks to evberyone. I know it is not long winded but it is all I can come up with at the moment.

All of Geralt Bellegrade's friends and family knew that sooner rather than later he would die a sudden death from a severe epileptic seizure. Even with people being shocked in the fact that the walking dead man was still alive, the news of his death was devastating. His death was an inevitable as the Sun rising from the east, but people took the news like they saw the Sun rise from the west.

In some manner it is harder to accept a death of someone in the prime of their life when you are able to prepare for it. Being around a person who days on the Earth are number reminds people of their mortality and also about the great constant in life, it is not fair. People do not want to recognise just how powerless we are over our fate and Geralt was a continual reminder.

The condemned man was full of live and lived for the moment while he looked forward even with him knowing that his time on the stage will be short and there were limitations on his role in the play which was his life. Instead of wishing for a more significant role or cursing the casting director for the part he landed; Geralt took what life has gave him and use it to his advantage. He had not worry about tomorrow for he knew he might not see it. He lived for the moment and embraced life.

In looking forward Geralt had his funeral planned out. People thought that it was morbid of him, but the man was just being efficient and making sure he got the send off which he wanted.The planner of his own surprise party told no one any details of what was in store. If he did most of his friends and family would not had believed him and the ones who did would had thought he was eccentric.

With having to face his mortality his entire life he had a more in depth view of wakes than the common person. Geralt knew that for the most part the funeral was for the living and not the dead. They needed a process to close an act of their life and give the person who they held dear a proper goodbye as they carry on with their life.

Geralt was fine with funerals being about the living; they need to move on to tomorrow and not get stucked in a moment. He just thought that the guest of honor should also have a say. Not the normal say of where the body was laid out and what to do with the remains. The soon to be travler of Charon’s ferry wanted to say his proper goodbyes also.


The noon day autumn sun was shining down on the beautiful cathedral as the mourners started to gather for their final physical goodbyes with Geralt. A few of them mention the sun was fitting for their friend shined just as bright. Other said the sun was fitting for this was the Sun’s final hooray until it went away for the winter.

Even with the invites from the great beyond stating it was a homecoming party and the host wrote in them “Valhalla I am coming home!”, the guests did not agree. They saw the Earth as his true home and was treating this day as him going from where he was suppose to roam rather than him being called to where he always belonged.

The first people who showed up was those who were closest to the dearly departed, they could be seen as the fellowship of Geralt. This was the first gathering of all those with the deep personal connection to him so some of his oldest friends and family did not expect to see two men who they perceived as drag queens there.

Mary and Jane were not drag queens, anyone who knew anything about gender nonconformity would had knew. Their dress and makeup was too reserved to for them as a drag queen. These two were transgender.

Geralt’s father, Jean-Luc, was not happy with those people showing up to his son’s funeral dressed like they were going to make a mockery of the celebration of his son’s life. He went up to them and said “You people should just go. I do not know who you are or who put you up to this sick joke, it is disrespectful.Leave before I call the police”

Mary and Jane knew to expect that reaction from Jean-Luc for Gabrielle, the lady Geralt truly was, warned them. Mary thought for a second before she responded to Jean-Luc. The lady in black needed time to compose herself for she was hurting that her best friend’s dad thought she was disrespecting Gabbie’s memory. Being prepared for it did not lessen the pain. Mary also needed the time to remember Gabbie’s male name. She did not want to give away her friend’s secret.

Mary said “Mr Bellegarde, I am Mary and this is Jane and were dear friends to your son. I am sorry for our loss. I am taking this bad so I can’t even think of how hurt you are. I would never dare do anything to lessen the memory of a great friend like Geralt.”

Those words were true and Jean-Luc knew so. Hearing the sympathy coming from someone he attacked added shame to the father’s sorrow. He was hurt that he saw the worse in others. That was not how he was raised and tried to live his life. The wise man also knew Mary was not telling all she knew about his son, that added to the shame. He felt he was open enough to his oldest boy for Geralt to know that him did not have to keep anything from his father. He thought that his son was scared of being rejected by him.

Jean-Luc quickly put his ego aside and apologized by saying “Mary and Jane I am so sorry, I just thought the worse. I should had not been on the offensive with you. Please call me JL, that is what all of Geralt’s friends call me.”

The man who was humbled opened his arms to hug his new friends. The two ladies eagerly welcomed the hug and quickly accepted his apology, noting that they understood why JL was so protective of his son. On his way back to his family JL invited those two to join him. Jean-Luc wanted to make sure everyone who came knew these two were welcome and honored guest

His wife, Noelle, and son, Andre, were too numb from the loss of their son and brother to think those two coming over was out of the ordinary. They started to talk about how kind, caring and considerate the one they lost was. They all shared many laughs and tears, they knew that was how Geralt/Gabbie would had wanted it.

It was getting closer to start of the service and the fellowship grew into gathering of those who Geralt/Gabbie cared for and who cared for him/her. Other “ladies” who knew Gabbie came straight over to give their condolences when they saw Mary and Jane with the grieving family. Following his father lead, Andre made sure they felt welcome and stayed with their group. Andre was his father’s son so he also believed that if these people were important to Geralt then they were also important to Andre.

With Mary, Jane and the other “ladies” being with the patriarch and matriarch, not a soul asked a question about who or what they were. Two of the gossip queens, Susan and Iris, rolled their eyes while coming towards the family. They could not believe that some men thought that they were women would actually dressed that way at a funeral. After leaving the group and making a big production about giving their condolences those two little people convened in a corner to start to figure out why those “ladies” were there. They did not care about the truth, they were going to go with the one which was the most sensational. They did not want to know why, they just wanted to spread a nice juicy story.

As the church bells rang out, the people started to go in and get ready for the services. At the base of the sanctuary there was a beautiful metallic pink coffin surrounded with pink lilies with a pink gladioli at the head and the foot of the coffin. To the left of the coffin was a 72” flat screen television. Softly playing in the background was MLK by U2. It is a simple lullaby to those who have passed away filled with hope and acceptance.

As the people finished filling the pews; Vicar Fry came out of the vestibule on the side of the sanctuary. On his way to the pulpit, the man of the cloth looked at the statue of the risen Christ and bowed his head in reverence and love. After paying his respect to the living God, Vicar Fry made it to the pulpit to give opening prayers and salutations.

“Peace be with you” He said

“Also with you” The mourners responded

Vicar Fry continue with his greeting “The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.”

The crowd said “And also with you.”

Vicar Fry then went to the body of his welcoming to his flock. “Brother and sisters in Christ, the living God, the King of Kings, we have gather to celebrate the life of one of our siblings. Every life, including our own, is precious to God. With each life being precious to God, we will all be called back to be reunited with our creator and our lord and savior. The newest guest at God’s banquet table was named Geralt Bellegrade.

Before we proceed to follow the final wish of our friend and play a tape which has been prepared, I will say a few words from my heart and not a prayer book. Friends, we all mourn today not for the loved one who has passed away, but for ourselves. We all felt that we had more time with our friend and we have unfinished business. It might be simple like saying I love you one more time or more complex like righting a wrong.

It is not too late to finished what needed to be done, my brothers and sisters. It is never too late to do so as long as you have love in your heart. If the person is not with us anymore and love is in your heart, then those who passed away are in your heart also. Talk with them in your heart. Do what need to be done thinking of them. They will know.

So do not mourn for yourself as long as you learn from your time with the faithful departed. Do not mourn that you will not see them again until you are called back to God’s side, for they will always be with you. They are in your heart and no one can take their love away from you other than yourself.

Now I will play the video which Bellegrade requested to be played.”

The video started to play and they all saw Geralt sitting at a vanity. He looked up and smiled. “Hello everyone and thank you for coming to pay respects to me. I hope it is not your last respects to me for I always want to be in your heart.

Before I start I want to say to my mom, dad and baby brother, I am sorry. I should have told you more about who I am. I did not for I was too scared to accept it myself. I know you have met my dear friends Mary, Jane, and the others. They will answer any questions you have after you hear what I have to say. I also know you have made sure they felt welcomed. Thank you and I love.

Now onto Susan and Iris, before you start to spread rumors quit it. You need to start worrying about your life more before you talk about others behind their back. You need to be kind to others and quit putting people down in “good fun”. It is not nice and shows you are inconsiderate of others and a lack of wit if you depend on such a juvenile form of humor.”

As he continue to talk Geralt started to casually put some foundation on. “I knew my time on Earth was short so I wanted to give all those who were giving me a proper sendoff, one in return. I was hoping I did not have to show my real self in this manner, but if you are watching this video I was not strong enough to be Gabrielle to everyone.

I wanted this time to be a funeral for everyone I am, not just how my family saw me as. This is for they might not have seen me as the woman I am inside, but I could not hide her from them. They just were not looking at a sister, daughter, niece or aunt so they did not see what was hidden right in front of them.

I was named Geralt by my loving mom and dad,but really I am Gabrielle. They thought they had a healthy baby boy, but they had a healthy baby girl in a boy’s body. From a young age my parents knew I was a kind, sensitive one. Those two were wise enough to see those traits for what they are, strengths. Their love fostered their those traits and made me a strong person.

I was able to stand up for others even when I knew I would lose if it became physical. I found out that when you ask people why they are mean to others they will just tell you are on your own and filled their own heads up with the lie of they did nothing wrong.

I was able to make so many great connections with others from their support for I was able to put myself in other’s shoes. I listen to them and talk with them. People have a need to be heard and I am proud that I did that.

I was able to be there for others by just being myself. I did not need to think about doing the right thing, it just came to me from how I was raised. I am grateful for how my parents raised me”

With each line Geralt delivered his voice sounded less than his own and his face looked more feminine. Even with his physical attributes transforming those words were still his. Those who did not know about Gabrielle found out that they knew her the entire time.

Gabrielle kept on giving her own eulogy. “I never allowed this body to define me. I never allowed my epileptic seizures be anything more than a minor inconvenience. I could not for people had it worse than me. I was lucky to be as healthy as I was.

I also did not let the sex of my body define my gender. I express who I was however I could. Being a female is not about wearing a dress or doing your hair. It is how you perceive the world, it is how you feel, it is your essence. A pretty dress is another manner of expressing your feminine side. It is a small manner and too many people make too much of a big deal about clothes.

I do wish I was further down the road on being comfortable in expressing who I was in the trivial manner of wearing the clothes I was most comfortable with. I was not, I knew I would look like a man in a dress more than a female in a dress. Even with all that strength my parents gave me, I was too vain about my looks.”

The video sped up as Gabrielle finished her make up. There was a voiceover. “I want to tell everyone I love them and hope that they can accept to remember me for who I really was, a good person. I do not care if you call me Geralt or Gabrielle, a name does not make me who I am. I do not care if you laugh at me by how I will look at the end of this video, for if you do then what is trivial is important to you and we never had a connection. I am doing this so you all could once in my life see me how I wanted to be seen.”

The video slowed down to normal speed and Gabrielle was cute. It was just a plain blue and white striped dress with blue flats. You could tell she was born a man, but everyone saw how comfortable, confident, and content she was in wearing her outfit.

“My time talking with you is drawing to the end. I wish you could had spend more time with me as Gabbie, those who want to know more about her feel free to talk with Mary, my best friend, Jane Mary’s little sister who we love and adore or the rest of the ‘ladies’ who came and are so dear to me. You will see I was the same person no matter what I wore. I love you all and will be watching over you when I can. I can only be with you in spirit but all of you are strong enough to know you really only need moral support to do what you need to do.”

The video ended with a picture collage with Pearl Jam’s “Yellow Leadbetter” playing. When the song ended LC stood up and said “I am proud that I raised such a great daughter and wish I had more time to see her as who she really was.”

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