A New Job Promotion Twist Part 2

I'm leading Collin down the steps of our secret basement. It is the day. He seems calm – if not confident. As we stand outside of the door, I tell him. “I am required to ask you if you are willing to walk through this door. You will not be hurt by anything you see. But if you feel you don't want to do this, you will be okay. We will honor our five year deal with you.” Collin says, “I want to do this. I am ready.” I open the door for him, and then sit and wait.

Seconds turn into minutes and minutes turn into an hour, and there is no Collin. I feared I would hear him back against the concrete wall, but I would be alerted by my phone if he started to hurt himself. There were video cameras in the hallway. Then my phone gets texted, “He is in.” I breathe a sigh of relief. He is capable, but hopefully he will see the tricks inside.

While I wait, I remember the last six months. It started with a family dinner with Collin and his young family. It continued with his first day of orientation, and mine. I had moved to level two gym. Justine and I and the rest of us associates were being trained, but this time as women. Our days were filled with yoga, judo, karate, self-defense, and weapons. It continued with surveillance procedures. It was extremely nerve-racking. I was getting instruction that was taking away the innocence and the this is all just about sales.

I knew what I would be doing not tonight, but tomorrow night. I would be stationed outside a club. I would begin to follow Collin or another associate around during the day. I was to make sure if he survived tonight that he followed the rules that he has been learning and would even learn more – especially sex rules. I would clean up his messes if necessary. I would kill him, and make it look like an accident if necessary. It had happened to my predecessor in sales Illinois division. It had been discovered that she was having sex with those she should not be. Someone, possibly her recruiter had been told to end her life.

I was about to think further on the past half year when my phone receives a text. “The rock is on the move. Attention!” I stand up and wait as if I had been sitting and expecting this moment. Soon, I hear his footsteps on the other side of the door. I push the door open and give him my best smile. He jumps through the door. “I did it!” I have a jewelry case ready. “”Quick put it in here,” I told him. I shut the jewelry box and hand it to him. This is yours, but first we have some work to do.”

I lead him upstairs and to the second floor, and walk him out to the First Year Associate hallway. “I was here,” I hear him mumble. “I know, but don't say anymore here.” I told him. I lead him to a different room Technology and training. There is James Cummings – I know him as Jamie. He or she is the new Vice-president of Associate Training. I hand him company ID card. Up comes my name and address. Then my female name Michelle Gorman, position, and that now I am level four as of today.

Then, I hand a second card to Collin. “Hand that to James, here.” He does. His name and address pop up. It also shows his new female name: Kelly Drew. It lists his or her new position and clearance level. Then, James tells him to sit down at the computer station in the corner where he answers the questions and picks his favorites.

James and I talk while he works on the desktop in the corner. James hands me my company ID. “You ready for tonight?” I am. I told him. “Where you going to take her?” He goes on. “ I'm going to take her where Gerry took me, to Club Downtown.” James asked, “And Rhoda cleared it?” I nod my head. “That is a good place. Good luck, and I hope you have fun.” I steel myself. We had received a big time briefing about the first night. We were told to monitor very carefully how much sex they have – to make sure that nothing goes too far.

When Collin is done, I stand up. I nod goodbye to James, then I give Collin my attention. “Are you ready?” I ask him. He nods his head with excitement. Then I lead him out of level 3 control and back to the entrance, and before the door where he will be working: Associate Entrance. “You will be on your own from this point. Proceed through this door. Look for the door with your associate name on it. You know that name, right?” He shakes his head, before I go on. “You will walk into a locker room. First thing you do is make sure all your possessions are there, then take your robe off and walk into the shower. I have left plastic on the floor and a razor in the corner. First, shave around your testicles so that it is clean. Then, pick up the plastic, roll it into a bag and throw it away. From there you can enter the cryx room. Remove your robe and place it on the hook on the right. Place the jewelry box on the table, and then open the box. Then, turn on your touchscreen television. Then, take your time. Enjoy a fantasy or two. Then, when you masturbate, make sure that you do so on the cryx. It won't make a mess. You will see. When you are done, it will be glowing a silver-blue. At this point, open the right drawer and put on the leather gloves – you remember company policy regarding the handling of the cryx, right?” He nods. “When you are ready walk through the door, and I will be waiting for you.”

When Collin steps through, I go back to the secret stairway and go up to level three. Then, I stand at the entrance to Associate Level 4 entrance. I present my identification, open the door and walk in. I walk up and down the well-let hallway until I stand before my new locker room. I present my credentials and walk in. I undress and put the black satin robe on. I walk into the cryx chamber. I open the drawer on the right, and pull out my leather gloves. Then, I pull out and put on my cryx.

It touches my skin, as many times before. It burns slightly, lovingly I think now. Then I feel the familiar inside-out feeling. I am lifted up off the ground. I shrink and grow. Then, the cryz is lying gently between my two perky breasts. I reach over and put on my satin robe. Then, I am out the door and into my much bigger closet. I put on my favorite black dress and heels. I take some time to make my hair. Then, I am out the door. Rhonda is waiting in my office. Next to her is Jacob, docile and peaceful. He looks younger and better than the day I had last seen him years ago. He wears an amulet around his neck. It gives him his own youth, but more importantly protects him from the full power of one of us. Rhonda says. “Okay, Jacob. It is time. Follow Michelle.” I lead him out and down to the on call room on the second floor.

I walk out and wait in my old office – soon to be Kelly's office. I sit and wait. It isn't too much longer when a sweet and gorgeous new being walks down the small hall. Long blonde and straight hair flows down her head. Her brand new cryx lies between two perky cute breasts. She walks off into the bathroom – it is only natural. When she is ready, she walks back out. I hear her say, “Hi,” in a very soprano uncertain voice. When she settles her eyes on me, she looks long and hard – even maybe longingly. I stand up and motion her to sit in my former office chair.

I sit quietly across from her at her desk as she looks around and takes in her new surroundings. When she is ready, I tell her. “This is where you can rest if you are staying here for some reason overnight. That will only happen a few times at your level of clearance. Tonight I would like to give you a present.

I stand up and lead her out to On Call Room # 1. I walk inside and hold the door open for her. When she sees Jacob sitting there, I tell her. “Jacob, I want to introduce you to Kelly. Kelly, this is Jacob. Jacob is one of those who went through our training, but for whatever reason was unable to make a cryx. He continues to work for us. Tonight, he has a special task, as do others like him. He will help you break in this new body of yours. Jacob has done this before, and he has clearance, and will be perfectly safe for you. Do not be afraid. Sit back, relax, and you will find that your body will do what needs to be done. When you are done here and would like to continue with the evening, I will be waiting for you in your office.” Before she can tell me that she isn't ready for this, I walk out of the room and leave her be.

I walk back to the office and sit on the lounge chair. Then, I wait for Kelly to return.

When Kelly comes back, she is walking with a sway and a power. I can see the cryx glowing and warming. I know she is feeling that rush in her head. I smile at her. “How was it, Kelly?” She is smiling head to toe, and that said it all. “That was good, huh? Well, it is only just the beginning. You and I are going out on the town. I brought some of my clothes out just for tonight. I put them in your closet. Let’s go and try some things on.” I lead her back to her walk in closet. I had left several dresses and outfits in the room. After she has picked out her outfit, she goes back into the bathroom. She freshens up, and it will be pretty natural thanks to orientation – but I think the cryx has something to do with it too.

After she returns I show her a black bra and bikini panties. I watch as she takes off her robe. I see her wiggle into the panties. I watch her pull the bra over her chest and back around her body, then click it in place. Then I see her put on the black little dress that she had chosen. It is quite revealing. It accentuates her breast and the beautiful cryx that sits between. I help her accessorize, simple for now. Then, I wait in her office while she sees herself dolled up for the first time.

Then, I see her swaying her hips out to me. She is stunning – beautiful, of course. Then, I lead her out of the office and into the 2.2 boardroom. There we have a makeshift photo studio set up. I take some pictures, upload them to her profile and mine. When I have enough, I lead her out. We go out the back door. I take her hand in mine and walk her to the front entrance. I have a cab waiting for us. Then, I instruct us where we want to go, and get ready to initiate Kelly into our world.

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