We Don’t Have to Take Our Clothes off to Have a Good Time

We Don’t have to take our clothes off to have a good time.

Author's notes: I just want to thank everyone who has helped me. I hope you all enjoy this little love story.

“Have you tried turning it off and on”, the two strangers passing by each other mutter out loud in a sarcastic tone with a bad Irish brogue as they heard a hipster talking on his uPhone about the tech issue he was having with his uPad. They looked at each other and laughed when they made eye contact. They both knew that the other quoted a line from their favorite TV show, The IT Crowd.

It made perfect sense that The IT Crowd was both Jermaine and Nadine's favorite show, they both worked in IT. The show related to them, for like the two of the protagonists in the series, they dealt with the same simple issues which anyone who took computer science 101 should be able to fix on their own. They both also enjoyed the smart writing of the show which was able to neatly tie together very different situations to be connected. Lastly they liked that the writer and creator of the series, Graham Linehan, would take the micky out of himself with the cameo appearances he did in all his series.

Then Jermaine, out of his shy character, said in a matter of fact manner to the lady whom he shared a laugh with “You know that if you type ‘Google’ into Google the internet would explode.

Nadine played along and said “I know I tell everyone not even to try it as a joke. It is not a laughing matter.”

While they both laughed the hipster looked at them with contempt. It was not for they were making fun of him, he knew it was not personal. The hipster hated that those two had to be in on a something which was not mainstream and the worse was he did not know anything about it. He prided himself on being on the cutting edge of what was hip and was so proud that he was the first of his friends to be in the know and had cold brewed coffee.

Jermaine noticed the lady’s dimples in her cheeks while she laughed and liked he saw. He found himself becoming smitten by the stranger. Being a little socially awkward made what Jermaine wanted to do next a little hard. The reserved man just never felt natural when he asked a stranger to do something. It felt to forced and not organic to him. The who thought too much always felt like the activity was done under false pretense and that made him uncomfortable.

Jermaine said “What to do something?”

Nadine took the man ungraceful and unsure attempt to ask her out as him lacking a little self confidence. She found him cute and witty and wanted to spend some time with him. She also wanted him to be a little more assertive, she loved it when a man took charge. Nadine said “Hun, I would love to do something, what do you have in mind?”

Jermaine said “That the issue, I do not know what to do. I really do not care what the activity is, I just want to spend time with you and get to know you better. I find myself intrigued by you “

Nadine laughed and blushed some. His bluntness with stating his objective and telling her how he made her feel incredible. He suitor was in his own manner a take charge man. He just did not understand the social dance of activity on the date was an excuse to spend time with someone. “While what do you have plan to do now.”

Jermaine said “I was going to stop at the store and buy the ingredients to make myself a nice homemade meal.”

The lady wanted to hit restart on their interaction, her pursuer was treading water and slowly sinking any chance he had to get to know her better. His lack of doing the dance was a stone tied around his waist. The lady who wanted to be caught said “My name is Nadie and I was also on the way to get something to eat. Why don’t you join me?”

The man who did not get the subtleties and the social dance of courting said “I am Jermaine. I would love to join you. Where do you want to go?”

Jermaine, did not eat out that often for he excelled in the culinary arts. Jermaine would not spend the extra money to eat something which he would not enjoy as much as something he could make.

Nadine just wanted him to take the lead, she was not really going to get something to eat. The lady desperate to be caught was willing to give him one last chance and said “Why don’t you decide where we go”

Jermaine said “I only asked for you said you were on your way somewhere to eat. I do not eat out for I am a great cook and do not want to pay extra to eat something which I know I can make better.

I would love to suggest a place but I do not know of a place which would be on par with the company I would have. Fine restaurants are not my area of expertise.”

Nadine said “It does not matter where we eat. Some people say hunger is the best spice. I think the people you are having the meal with is the best spice. Why are you making asking me out so hard?”

Jermaine was a little offended by the question, in his eyes she never had to deal with the situation of making a plastic event come off as natural. “Nadine, I am not making it hard. It is ihard. I do not want to do just anything with you as an excuse to spend time with you. I just want to spend time with you in the most natural manner possible. Doing something we both would be doing anyways. It would lead to both of us not being tense.

If you ever had to ask a woman out , you would understand that it is hard.”

Nadine was a little offended by Jermaine's last comment. If he knew the truth about her, then he would know that she fully understood how hard it ask a woman out. Nadine started life as Russell Gatling. She did not transition to being Nadine until right after college, so Nadine knew from first hand experience how hard it could be the man doing the social dance..

Nadine also did not know how to handle her secret. She did not feel it was a secret for when the time was right she told people about her past. Nadine quickly said “You would be surprise what I understand.”

Now it was Jermaine’s turn to want to reset the conversation. The man who was attempting to woo the amazing lady off of her feet knew trying to ease the tension was having the opposite effect. Jermaine said “I am sorry, that came out wrong. I did not mean to be disrespectful or come off sounding like I was talking down to you.

How about this, I was in the mood to make meatballs so we can go to Hoagie Hut. We will both get a meatball hoagie so when I do cook for us, you can compare how much better my meatballs are to theirs.”

Nadine was impressed with how her admirer was able to change the course of the conversation. She like how confident he was about his cooking. Him knowing his way around a kitchen was an added bonus for Nadine knew she was not the best cook and wanted to learn. Growing up she hid who she was, so would not dare be caught doing anything which people would see as being stereotype of feminine.

The happy lady reached out to rub her possible new beau’s arm and said “There is hope for you yet. Let us go.”

That touch was a little electric and magical for both of them. They smiled at each other for they both knew there was potential for something wonderful between them. The best part is that they were on the same page and knew that they would have to be tolerant of the other slipping and sliding as they fall in love.

Jermaine went from being sceptical to a true believer in Nadine’s view of what is the best spice. He never enjoyed a hoagie as much as he did this one. Her laugh, wit and charm added so many layers to the flavor of the bland meatballs.

Nadine was getting a little taken by her gentleman caller. She never meshed with anyone like this before. She was getting a little scared for this was the first time Nadine was on a date without the man knowing her past. She was never approached and picked up like this before.:The couple of dates she been on were either her being set up by friends who informed the date about Nadine or people who knew her well before they went on a date.

Jermaine did not want the time with the object of his desire and affection to come to an end. The time with her was going so smoothly. He did not believe in love at first sight until now. He felt such a connection to this wonderful woman and knew at that moment he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. He would not dare admit it to her, for the fear of chasing her away. The man who did not want this magic moment to end suggested they go to the park down the street to walk around

The man who was ready to give his heart away could tell Nadine also felt a connection. Jermaine did not know she was a firm believer in love at first sight and she felt that towards him. Nadine had to hold herself back from saying yes before her new man finished the question. She knew the answer would had been the same for anything, even if he suggested that they went and got married. She knew that he was the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with.

As they walked towards the park, Nadine and Jermaine’s hands were drawn to each other and subconsciously they interlocked fingers while holding them. It felt so right and natural to both of them. Neither of them dare to say how good it felt, not in fear of scaring the other way. They did not want to ruin how special the moment was with words. Also,they had no need to say anything for when they gazed at each other the looked on their faces told the others how they felt about holding hands.

On the way to the park they passed a little corner shop and Jermaine got an idea. They went in there and got a loaf of bread. Then when they got to the riverside he offer his sweetheart some of bread to feed the ducks. They had a great time watching the ducks enjoy their feast.

As the sun was setting on the day they both knew that this amazing first date was coming to an end. Neither of them wanted the time together to be over. Both of them for they could not remember having such a great time just being in the company of someone else.

Nadine also wanted the date to last forever for she was concerned that once she told Jermaine her secret he would change how he felt about her. She knew that if that happened they would not even be friends. The man she was developing intense feelings towards would break her heart if he could not handle she used to be a man. He would also fall off of the pedestal she has put him on.

They made their way back to the entrance of the park and faced each other. They could see the sun setting in the corner of their eye and the horizon was as picturesque as a Bob Ross painting. Jermaine never felt as confident about a first kiss as he did right then. He brushed his fingers gently against the beautiful woman’s face and went to lean in for the kiss.

Right before her prince charming went to close his eyes and give Nadine the magical kiss to wake her up from the slumber of being single she pulled and turned away. She could not kiss him, for she knew she would have to tell him about Russell if she did. She did not want to take the chance of him rejecting her. She much rather had the man who filled the hole in her heart not be with her her being too weak to tell him about her past, than for him rejecting her for her past.

Nadine said “Sorry Jermaine, I am not ready to kiss you.”

Now, Jermaine knew he was not a lady’s man, and might not be the best at reading people while it comes to dating. He was sure kissing her was a sure thing. How could it not be?

Jermaine did not care about the rejection. He lied to himself to believe that he still had a chance with the lady who rejected his advancement. “Nadine must be very old fashion.” the heartbroken man thought “Yeah she is old fashion.”

Jermaine smiled for he wanted to take the physical part of a relationship slow. In his eyes sex was special and should only be done with someone you deeply cared for. He was never aroused by just seeing a beautiful woman. He had to know her and find her unique.

Jermaine said “That is fine, I can wait as long as it takes for you to be ready.”

The truth in those words worked on Nadine’s defensives. She knew she had to let him down easy. She wanted to remember the man who would save her from feeling lonely when she was home alone in the future as he was right now. She said “Jermaine, I will never be ready to kiss you. I thought we were just starting a friendship. I did not think you felt that way about me. It would be for the best if we do not see each other again.”

The situation was just not adding up to Jermaine. He knew that the lady who he wanted as his one and only felt the same about him. He knew the time they spent together was not as people who wanted to be only friends. It was time as people who wanted to spend the rest of their life together with the other.

As Nadine was walking away tears were falling from her eyes. Jermaine reached out and grabbed her hand as he said, “Wait.”

“Dam his touch,” Nadine thought as she felt their connection from feeling the already familiar aura of her love touch.. His touch felt like home.

Nadine turned around and the man she wanted to be her groom went to wipe the tears away from her eyes. He lean in again to kiss her. Nadine fought so hard to not kiss him, she knew he had the right to know her secret. She pulled away and said, “I can’t kiss you without telling you something first. You need to promise me that even after hearing what I have to tell you that you will still want to kiss me. I know I cannot handle you rejecting me over what I have to tell you.”

Jermaine thought he knew what he was going to hear next. Nadine was married. It made sense that she was, how could he had thought that a woman as great as her was available?

Love makes a person do crazy things, things which they thought was against their moral code. Jermaine never imagine that he would be part of an affair, but wanted to be with the lady he loved too much and said “I don’t care, I can be the other man.”

Nadine laughed for some close minded people would had seen the man after her affection as the other man in their relationship. Jermaine took the laughter as him being right and went it to kiss her again. For the third time he was turned away.

The seeker of their first kiss just looked at Nadine and said “I might have made us going on this date hard, but you are really making our first kiss hard. I do not care it will be worth it.”

Nadine said “After I say this we will kiss. In a way you are right about being the other man in our relationship. At least that is what some ignorant people would say.

There is no easy way to say this so here it is. I am transexual, my name at birth was Russell. I will not hold it against you….”

Jermaine went in for the kiss and it was sweeter than he could had dreamt. They both looked at each other and said wow. A kiss never felt like this before to either of them.

It was now the man basking in the sunlight of new love turn to admit something which he was afraid would scare the person he loved away. “Nadine, you shared something which you guarded with me so I should do the same now. I love you. I thought I knew what love was until I spent time with you. What I felt for others could not hold a candle to my feelings for you.”

Nadine was floating, was Jermaine for real. He was not affected by the news she told him. He took it in stride, maybe it did not register with him. She had to make sure that he understood what she said. In a pleasantly surprised voice the lady who has found her own personal heaven on Earth said “I tell you that I used to be a man and all you have to say is that you love me.?”

Jermaine knew that they were slipping and sliding again. He did not care, for the would just lead to love. Jermaine said “While I do love you and that revelation does not matter to me. I will say that if I knew it when we first met it might had for a couple of minutes. Then I would had spent some time with you, and the connection I felt with you would be too strong for me to care. How you make me feel is what matters to me.I felt a connection to you which was so strong.”

Jermaine did not want his declaration of his love for her to be hanging out there so before he went in for another kiss he said”I love you Nadine, like I never loved anyone before.”

Nadine was overjoyed at hearing those words from the only man she ever wanted to hear them from. She then realized that she did not say it back to him and quickly did “My love, I so love you also..”

They shared a couple more kisses and made plans to see each other tomorrow. They were two people who were truly madly in love with each other and started to spend most of their free time together. Each time they were together they felt the connection become stronger and show it physically more by touching and cuddling with each other.

Nadine wanted nothing more than Jermaine to be inside of her. She did not want to rush those two until she was talking about her new love to Sada, another transexual lady. Sada’s heart was in the right place when she brought up that she believed the reason why Nadine’s dream come true was not as real as her friend believed. Sada’s theory was that Jermaine was not taking the relationship to the next step for he was hung up on the fact that Nadine used to be Russell. Sada’s advice was for friend to force the issue. It would save her from heartache later.

Nadine was weak and let insecurities about the strength of her new found love come to the surface. She started to question why her man was such a gentleman when it came to the bedroom department. He did kiss her and would let her fall asleep in his arm while they were in bed, but he was not acting like a red blooded male towards her by taking his time to escalate the relationship..

Then an idea came to her, she would follow the sound advice of her friend. She was going to push the issue, for she felt that Jermaine was trying to not cross the stall facing the fact he could not be with her. Plus, she wanted some, she wanted to feel the pleasure of them both getting to biblically know each other.

The two lovebirds were at Nadine’s place when she excused herself for a moment. She went upstairs and a couple of minutes came down wearing her favorite lingerie with pump heels. It was just a purple teddy with a matching thong, but she was from the school of thought that less was better when it came to lingerie. Her man just looked at her and said “Wow.”

She went up to her man and started to kiss him and then whispered seductively into his ear “take me, make me feel like the woman I am.”

There was nothing in the world right now that Jermaine wanted more than to be with her. He felt that he was going to give into his urges. Love can make people do something which is against their moral code. Jermaine fought to stay strong, he wanted to save himself for marriage.

The born again virgin has been with one lady before and she broke his heart. He did not like knowing that she had something special from him and just left him. She lessen the experince in his eyes. He never wanted to be that open with anyone again unless they were going to spend the rest of their life together. Until this moment he did not care if his celibacy until marriage would end a relationship. If a woman would not wait for him, then she was not the one.

The man fighting against the pleasure of the flesh somehow found the strength to abstain. “Nadine, you look great and I want you so bad, but I am not ready.”

Those words made Sada look like a prophet of doom to Nadine. The hurt woman said “Leave, if you can’t handle me for who I am now, then you will never be able to. I am a real woman! Just leave.”

Jermaine looked at the woman he loved and said “No, I am staying. I love you for who you are and I know you are a real woman. That is not the reason. The reason is that I am saving myself for marriage.

I only had sex with one other lady and she left me. It was nothing more than a fling for her. I shared myself with her and it was not anything special to her. It was just to get her rocks off. I felt like her boy toy and used. I have too much respect for myself to ever let that happen again.

I should have been more open about it, but thought you would not understand my conservative views about my sex life. I do not judge others for how freely they are with sex but when they find out they think I am a prude or sexually repressed. I just want to be with only one more lady my entire life.”

The woman who saw the worse in her man was hurt again. This time for not trusting the man she loved. “I am sorry dear. You know that I will never leave you. I want to be intimate with you tonight.”

Jermaine knew that they were slipping and sliding again. This time he cared for it could go wrong. “Sweetie, you almost just kicked me out for you thought the worse of me. We are falling in love and I know I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I am just not ready right now for sex . Please do not put pressure on me.

We don’t have to take our clothes off to have a good time or to be extremely intimate.”

Nadine knew that she hurt her man and almost made it worse by trying to push the issue to show she cared about the man who owned her heart. The remorseful lady said “I am sorry again. My insecurity about how other people see me I displaced onto you. I should not have.

We are both vulnerable and I promise you I will wait as long as it takes for you to be ready for us to spend the night together. I know that the wait will make when we consummate our relationship worth it.”

The man who put his ethics above pleasure open his arms to the woman he wanted to be with. He knew that she would always tempt him into giving into his carnal wants by just being herself. He also knew that she would not let him fail himself and would deny herself pleasure until he was ready.

Nadine crawled in the arms of the man who cherished her more than anything else in the world. His embraced made her feel safe, loved and wanted. She realized that she felt closer to him than she did with anyone she ever was with. She was happy that they were going to wait until the time was right. His wonderful woman was content in the knowledge she did not have to take her clothes off to keep his heart.

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