Here Come the Brides Chapter 2

Here Comes the Bride:Chapter 2

Author's Note: Thank you everyone for your support. To the people who read my stories, it makes me want to write better so you can get more enjoyment out of it and also I can paint a better picture. To the people who gave advice, they gave me so many tools which are helping me write better. The people who edited my work, I saw some mistakes I made when comparing your edit of my story compare to what I sent you.

Chapter 2

Terry was attempting to calm down his gang while they were outside the modern day Count of Monte Cristo’s house. The last thing he needed was one of his sidekicks going rogue and trying to handle this themselves. He knew Steve was not bluffing. Steve would send all those pictures; their new nemesis had nothing to lose. Steve has not only burnt the bridges of reconciliation between them, He planted landmines along the path to where the bridge was. He knew Steve was going to try to get revenge one way or another.

Finally, all of Terry’s followers quieted down and their leader told them not to worry; he would get them out of this. He reassured them by reminding them how he was the smartest out of the group and there was no way old chrome dome could outfoxed him. Terry preached to his acolytes “Come on, Steve was naive enough to trust us not to do anything to him on his bachelor party.”

All of his cohorts felt better, except Mel. Mel was defeated. The nervous man could not keep still, he was constantly pacing back and forth. The nervous man kept on repeating that they all deserved this, they went too far. He had no idea why he listen to Terry.

Terry disliked how Mel acted and what he said.. It was too radical, from one extreme to another.One moment Mel was cocky enough to walk out on Steve and he would change to accepting their fate. If any of the guys were going to do something stupid, it was Mel.

Terry raced to Beth’s place and called her on the way. Oh great it went to call waiting. He left a message telling her that they need to talk about Steve and he was on his way for their night out On the drive over to see his lady, the angry man was thinking of ways he was going to get Steve back from this betrayal.

Then an idea which, he thought was great, popped into Terry’s mind. Oh, call his ex-friend’s neighbours and just mention to ask them if they knew why Steve had to move from his old home. With how people loved to gossip and see the worse in others, so many bad rumours would be out there about Steve. Steve would become an outcast in his suburban paradise.The soon to be groom smiled as he thought let innuendo do the work for him.

The mad avenger did not care about a couple of stitches or Steve being the butt of many jokes while growing his hair back. No one messed with Terry. He could dish it out, but he could not take it. The hypocrite thought it was his right to be treated better than anyone else. Terry did not believe in one upmanship when it came to someone outdoing him

Yeah, so what, some of his jokes and pranks were malice or easily could be seen that way. They were not aimed at Terry. This was different, Terry was going to be affected in a negative manner. He saw why it was wrong when done to him, but not when done to others. It was different for now he was the butt of a mean spirited joke.

Terry got to Beth’s place and the moment of freedom was upon him. He did not even bother to say hi. He went right into unlocking the chains his captor had around him. The freedom seeker, with anger in his voice, said “Hey Beth we need to talk about why Steve had me come over and be late for our date.”

Beth greeted the apple of her eyes with a smile as she heard Terry’s sweet voice. Terry took a moment after making his announcement to gather his words. The tongue tied groom thought, this is going to be hard to explain.

Beth took the anger in Terry’s voice as disappointment and wanted to make sure he felt better right away, so she jumped in the conversation. “Dear I got your message, sorry I did not pick up; I was I talking to Emily. Don’t be so upset with Steve, I know why you had to go over Steve’s and you should not be mad at him

Emily told me all about having to go to Florida for her grandparents 50th wedding anniversary so they would not be in the wedding party. They are still going to be at the wedding but would not be in the shape from flying back home that morning to be in our wedding. It was so sweet, Emily said she would not miss it for the world.

Steve is also sweet, for Emily also said that he was going to do everything he could to make our day the most memorable wedding we could have.

By the way, I should be mad at you for ditching Steve last night after you had one too many shots of whiskey. You should not always be trying to have wild nights, and you know how crazy you get with whiskey! I don’t like you drinking that by yourself. it is time for us to settle down and you need to stay with someone to watch over you when you out; someone you can trust like Steve.”

Terry kept a poker face on as he knew he was holding 2 7 off suit before the flop and all in right now against Steve. He did not care, they still had five cards to see before the game was over. He could get three sevens on the flop and win this game.

Terry excused himself to make a phone call, he was going to force Steve to go all in also. That was going to be the trio of sevens he needed. He would just tell his soon be bride the truth right after the call. Terry was so lucky he called Steve instead of texting him, if they did not talk Terry would had lost his wonderful bride to be.

Terry sounding as confident boxer in a rigged fight said to his ex-friend “Hey asswipe, go ahead and send those pictures. I will just explain you are a small minded person who set me up for the joke of me shaving your head.”

The mastermind laugh back at his target. “Oh come on do you think I would really send those pictures. What kind of person do you think I am?”

Relief ran through Terry soul, he so thought he lost a dear friend over a little joke. Terry did not understand that the joke was wrong and should have never had been done. He thought that Steve was upset for it was pulled on him. Steve would had hated the joke pulled on anyone.

Terry laugh and said “You got me, but I am so going to have to get you back, It is good that we are cool. Why don’t you call the guys and tell them they are all off the hook.”

Steve laughed back and said “Oh you are confused. I am not stupid enough to send those pictures from my email. I was going to send them from Foxy Moxy’s email. the lady in the picture. With how Beth has her email address on her Facespace account, it is so easy for anyone to contact her. Don’t you have to love social media.?

Now Terry Jo, with the name calling, you just got yourself and the girls to have shave your entire body from the neck down, except your private area. It better be done by Saturday. Don’t worry about having to tell your bridal party the great news, I will and also who to thank for it. Have fun .”

Terry started to object to dead air on the other end. Not being able to tell his tormentor how he felt made Terry so frustrated he almost threw his new Uphone 8. The snookered man stated to recollect himself. He thought he had a week to come up with something. Seven days, 168 hours, Terry was sure he could come up with a plan to trump Steve’s Ohh he sees three sevens in his future.

Steve hung up the phone and thought he would had felt better about how well things were going according to plans. He spent hours making this machiavellian plan. It was well map out, with great contingency plans,for various reactions to each step. It had abort option in case him or his Emily changed their mind To top it off, he was playing this right, he was not letting his victims know anymore then they needed to know.

The scheme was working like clockwork yet Steve felt hollow inside, like a piece of him was missing. It was almost like getting payback was meaningless. If not for how much they hurt his wife, Steve would had back out of the plans right there and then.

Steve could tell his wife was also feeling a little distressed about what they were doing. Emily felt so out of character with their actions, she felt like a different person. She knew that all those people were getting what they deserved, yet it did not feel good. Deep down she knew even with being correct, her want to give back what they gave her, the scheme was wrong. It was forcing karma. Karma happened, it was not made. If not for how much Steve wanted to make sure no one messed with his wife ever again she would had back out of the plans right there and then.

Those two were feeling bad about their plans for they knew it was wrong, and it was not revenge which they wanted. Those two wanted justice for how they were wronged by people they considered friends. The injured couple were too blinded by the betrayal to see that the hurt they had was worth getting those immature self-centered people out of their lives. Justice would had been for them to just move on for they were the ones which were always there for those people. When Terry and his cohorts needed something, they knew they could depend on Steve, the same held true for Beth with Emily.

Revenge never accomplished anything in life but had those who wanted it become stuck in the past. Most of the time the old adage, of revenge is a dish best served cold, was not true.; it was a dish best not served. It was not a sweet and savory meal, but bitter and poisonous. It tainted the soul when fully consumed.

Steve gathered himself then put on his game face. He had an obligation to right what happened to his bride. Those people were not going to get away with their careless actions which took away so much from their wedding. After getting his priorities to what he thought was straight, he made five phone calls to inform his other victims of the new plans.

Beth was getting irritated at the constant ringing of Terry’s phone while they were out to dinner. The nonstop ringing and her date answering would have been bad enough, but that childish ringtone. Terry had Hanson’s “MMMbop” to announce he was getting a call . At least he was not doing the head bop while answering the phone.. Terry thought it was so funny, it was just annoying . It was not something a 30 year old man should do.

The worse part was each phone call made Terry become more distracted and pulled away from their special time together. To Beth, date night was not about where they went or what they did, it was about maintaining the connection those two had. A couple could not be in a strong relationship if they had lost touch with each other.

Terry was being taken away from his nice dinner by his friends demanding he fixed the situation right now.. They were all impatient, and wanted results yesterday. Why could his buddies not just stay calm. The worse is now Max was blaming him also for this. They were starting to turn on each other.

All the complaining and hostile feeling were diverting him from his date. Instead of paying attention to the person he was going to spend the rest of his life with, he was more interested in the people he has spent his past life with. He was in the then, not the now.

After the fifth phone call, the fed up girlfriend bluntly asked her far away boyfriend if he was on a date with her or hanging out with his friends. That question made her regain Terry’s full attention. Terry made up some lie to cover up why he was invested in spending time with Beth and said “Sorry dear, there has been a quick change in next Saturday’s agenda for what the guys want to do after getting fitted for the tuxedos. They wanted to make sure we included Steve.“

Beth’s feeling of being jilted quickly went away, it was nice that the gang wanted to make sure that Steve still like part of their fraternity. She knew that they had not been seeing a lot of each other lately with Steve’s move to suburbia.

Beth also knew that the friends would be even less when those two move out of town to their own section of the burghs. Terry and her were looking for a place close to his childhood home, Terry wanted to make sure his new family stayed close enough to his parents that they could easily stop over any time. That would make it on the other side of the city from Steve and Emily’s home.

Felling petty about not considering that those phone calls might be important and how hard this change in life was going to for them Beth said “Dear, I know how different life is going to be after we get married. I do not want you to be concerned with your friends. They will still be your friends. I understand you will be spending more time with them before the wedding and less after. I want you to. I am only asking that when we have time together, you are with me and not trying to make the connection with your friends stronger. This time is to make our connection to each other stronger.”

Terry got his priorities straight and did the unthinkable, in the connected aged, and turned off his cell phone. The burden of figuring out how to outmaneuver his rival was immediately lifted from his conscious mind . The weary beaten man started to become refreshed by new level of intimacy he was receiving by just truly being alone with Beth right now.

With Terry’s tension gone, Beth followed his lead and turned off her phone. She had no need for anyone to be able to contact her now. Beth had what she need; to be with her man, only her man. The future Ms Sakic needed to be all alone with her man . Even with being in a sea of noisy people in the restaurant, the two lovebirds were own their own secluded tropical island warmed by the love and affection they had for each other. That date was special for they shared private time together while out in public.


During the week the ‘girls’ got the information about the gown fitting. Each one of them, except Mel tried to in their own unique way to talk Steve out of it: Kelly tried smooth talking; Kim used bribery as to try to buy his way out; Max threaten to get Steve back; and Jessie pleaded. None of it worked. Steve would not even listen to them. Steve would hang up after he said “You” then he used their new feminine name ”will meet my wife at Stunning Bridal at 6:00 saturday. Do not forget to be shaven and please don’t waste my wife’s time. She really doesn’t want anything to do with you anymore.”

During the week guys were furiously exchanging text, emails and phone calls to try to figure out how to get out of it. All it really accomplished was wasting their time. This was for they were all talking at each other not with each other. All of them needed to be heard but none of them wanted to listen. Each one of them was being pulled in five different directions and could not get their own bearings.

Even Terry was unraveled. He was not coming up with anything, the biggest reason was instead of working on the, blaze which was his wedding now having two brides, he had to keep on fighting minor brush fires from his friends grievances about the situation. The fire chief only accomplishment was being able to make sure the men under him knew somehow he were going along to get them out of this predicament so they needed to still try on tuxes Saturday before the meeting with one of their foes.

On his way to the tux fitting Terry thought he saw the first card of the flop, it was a seven. Steve had to use Foxy Moxy for all the guys. Their women would not believe that they all slept with the same stripper. “Oh. Kojak is not too smart and he is done. I will figure out a better way to get that bastard back than just calling his neighbours. I can’t wait to tell his wife.”

Terry busted into the tuxedo shop with a spring in his step and his dejected friends were pissed at him. How could he be happy right now? He looked at them and with great conviction said “Dudes it is over. How would our ladies believed that we all slept with the same stripper.”

All the guys, except Melm started to hoot and holler in jubilation. Their savior has come through again. Then Kim asked “Mel what’s wrong we are free? Or were you looking forward to wearing a dress.”

Mel turned his anger towards KIm. “No stupid. It is just my stripper name was not Foxy Moxy, it was Cinnamon Deelite. Somehow, Steve got different strippers for all of us.”

Max blurted out “Yeah mine was Chardonnay Wyne.”

Kim lowering his head said “Yeah Diamond Sparkle for me.”

Kelly shamefully chimed in “Sierra Mountains.”

Jessie sheepishly said “Misty Skye”

Then they all started to bicker. They told Terry it was over, Steve has outfoxed the fox. That sly dog got them in a stranglehold. Terry knew he needed to change the mindset of defeat to perseverance. They needed to fight a good fight, they might be going down, but it would not be easy for Steve.
Terry then gave another inspirational speech. He said “Are you guys or gals? You are guys. Guys, and you all know you are guys, do not take anything which they do not want to. We are not going to let that Steve get us. If anything, he will take what we will give him when we get the upperhand.

That is for he is not one of us. When we joke around he is the butt of our jokes? Come on if he was not, would we would had shaved his eyebrows and those lines in his head. We would not had kept up on him about his new hairstyle if he was truly in our inner circle. He was around so we could feel closer by putting him down.”

Terry’s speech was a romanticized version of the past. One which made him look better than he was and Steve look worse than he was. It was true that Steve was the only one who they pulled a wedding prank on, but that was for he was the first one who got married. Almost all of Steve’s groomsmen saw the damage it did to the wedding and the strain it put on their relationship with Steve, and also Steve and Emily’s.

The followers only went along with Terry with teasing Steve about it, for they thought that was what men did with other men. It is not, it is what boys do to other boys. One by one they quit joining in with Terry’s teasing for they how immature their treatment of their friend was. Even with having remorse and knowing they were wrong, only one of them actually ever gave a true apology, Mel. The rest did not want to own up to any wrongdoing.

The only one, who did not see the error of their ways, was Terry. He wanted to each time of his boys got married, the pranks and jokes got worse. In a way it is ironic that Steve was going to make the trickster be a bride at his wedding. He got what he wanted, yet hated it.

Jessie, Kelly and Kim’s spirits were lifted. Yeah Steve could not take on these six guys. He was too passive and nice, they were going to walk all over him again. Max and Mel did not like that speech; Steve was their wounded friend.

Both of them modified the speech and put their name in it instead of Steve’s and did not like it one bit. They knew that Terry was mad but they were hurt hearing those words when they imagined it was aimed at them. They had shame when they felt the pain being put down gave them.

Their intentions behind the prank might had been well, but the results were not. Those two knew they had to live with being responsible for the results; and saw what they did for what it was,not what they wanted it to be. Even with understanding Steve’s reasoning better, they knew what Steve was doing was wrong.

Then they showed up at Stunning Bridal and sat down in the reception area. The other bridal party which was there looked at them strangely. The guys all felt uncomfortable before the stares, but now it amped up tenfold. They all could not wait to see Emily.

What made matters worse was Mel, sounding nervous, asked Kelly if his leg were also itchy from shaving. It was loud enough that the all the people in the reception area to hear it. Terry shot Mel a look of disapproval. Kelly wanting Mel to shut up said “No I used Nair instead.”

Mel said loudly “You should not have used Nair, we were told to shave our legs. Why did you use Nair.”

The other patron of the shops could not hold it in anymore and started to snigger. The rest of Terry’s bridal party started to bicker again. Kim and Terry tooked Kelly’s side while Jessie and Max took Mel’s. They were so concerned about if Kelly messed up or not, that they forgot other people were around.

Then the disagreement went into what was the best method of getting rid of unwanted body hair. These guys could get into a heated long drawn out discussion about if Miller Lite was less filling or tasted great.

The ladies in the room did their best not to laugh, but hearing men finally talk about the pro and cons on the different techniques of body hair removal. It felt good to them to know that some men finally knew the pain a woman had to put her body through to meet the modern day’s standard of beauty.

Then a lady, Rhonda Francis, came out and said “Terri, that is Terri with an i, Jo Sakic, we are ready for your fitting.”

Terry felt like crawling under his chair and hiding there when room finally erupted in laughter. The room quickly became silent from the stern look from Ms Francis. This was a high end bridal boutique, and the proprietor was not having anything which would lessen the experience for any of her clients, male or female. erry gain some of his self esteem back and corrected her “It is Terry Sakic and it is spelled with a y.”

Ms Francis said “I am sorry, I was informed your name was Terri Jo and you wanted to make sure people knew how you spelled it.

The guys quickly walked back into the fitting area and saw Emily waiting for them. She was in a black pantsuit and simple white blouse, with her hair in a bun and holding a clipboard. .They all just stared at each other. Ms Francis could feel the ill will they all had and asked “Is Everything alright and Ms Hull why did you inform me your wedding client wanted to be call by a name other than his own.”

Terry and his cohorts looked oddly at Emily when they heard the word client. What was Ms Francis talking about?

Emily smiled and answered Ms Francis inquiry “Everything is great. Terri Jo wanted to be a bride so bad for her wedding and begged me to be her wedding planner. I told her she had to embrace being Terri Jo all the time around me. She is just nervous that people are going to mock her and her girlfriends when they are out and about preparing for the wedding.

Before we get started please let me introduce you to all the girls. You already know who Terri Jo is so I will start from her left and work my way down. There is Kellie, with an ie, Kimmie, also with an ie,; isn’t that so cute both of them use the ie spelling of their name. Maxine, Jessica, and feisty Melody. I hope Melody does not make a scene like the last time we saw each other. Say hi girls.”

They were all quiet, they were not going to acknowledge being called girls to a stranger. They all could not believe and stunned how far their harassers were going to settle the score. This was well beyond payback, it is full of malice.

Max felt guilty, that his actions have driven some good people to do bad things, wanted to make some amends and went along for now when he said “Hi Ms Francis, I am Maxine.”

Then Mel gingerly fell in line when he said “Hiya, Ms Francis, I am Melody and it is my pleasure to meet you.”

Terry sighed hearing Mel greeting. He could not stand that his partner in punishment was still trying to be pleasant in this situation. That was not showing the piss and vinager the prisoners of circumstance needed right now. He needed to grow a pair soon or else, Terry was going to have to get the sufferer of Stockholm syndrome back if he does not helped with their jailbreak out of this silk and satin prison.

Kimmie, Kellie and Jessica also gave a greeting using their female names. The last was Terry, he was not going to do it. He announced “She already knows who I am Ms Hull. I am not going to reintroduce myself to her.”

Emily said “Terri Jo dear, you know how important it is to Moxy that you do so. She is making sure this wedding still happens how it is planned. You know it will change if she is not happy with you not showing how much you want to be a bride.”

Terry knew he had to grin and bear it. Emily gently reminded her victim the cards which Steve was holding in this high stake game. How could he not go along right now? Reluctantly Terry said “Hello Ms Francis, you can call me Terri Jo. Let get this started I want to be finish with it.”

Ms Francis now took the ill will as being the guys were uncomfortable with a stranger knew they were crossdressers. “We can started right away, but first I need a credit card from all of you. It is our policy that when any of our clients try on bridal lingerie they buy it. Don’t worry we will measure all of you so we can make the right alterations. We are going to make sure you are all stunning on the big day.

Also please, all of you, have a seat and enjoy some tea, finger sandwiches and light healthy snacks. Ms Hull was considerate enough to make sure we had low calories options for you to enjoy, She wanted to make sure you all had the figure for the nice dresses you will be wearing. ”

All the bridal party looked at each other, they were shocked that they were going to have to pay for this humiliation. That was putting salt and alcohol on a wound.

Terry freely offered his credit card; he was chalking this up to adding to the payback he was going to inflict on Steve and Emily. His lackeys followed suit. They knew it was best to just follow their honcho’s lead.

Terry then pointed at a plain white bridal gown and said “That one, size me up and have it ready for me.”

Ms Francis looked at him and said “Are you sure? Your wedding planner picked one out for you to try. She said your wife was going to love seeing you in it, for it was her style. You should at least try it on for how did you put it Ms Hull ‘Terri Jo in that gown was going to her wedding much more memorable.’ ”

Terry hated that Emily was lording the fact her and Steve, for the moment, had the upper hand in their battle of wits. The unwilling bride to be said “fine”, he did not care right now. He just wanted out of here. Ms Francis said “Good you paid Ms Hull to provide you a service and I believe that she did a great job in picking out a gown and the ladies bridesmaids dresses”

The gown of retribution was an off white organza lace off the shoulder ball gown with a court train and ruffle breading sequins wedding dress. It was uber feminine. The dress was so beautiful and any man would had loved to know it was the dress the bride was going to wear at the wedding, unless they were going to be the bride, like Terry was.

Before Terry went into the dressing room Ms Francis stated “There are a couple of pairs of heels in there. Pick out the one which you want with the dress and wear them also. We will need to measure you while having them on.”

While Terry was putting on the gown, Ms Francis showed the rest of her patrons the bridal party dress Ms Hull has picked out for them. They were a fuchsia A-Line Strapless Knee-Length Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress With Ruffle. Ms Franics mention that they only had one pair of shoes in their dressing room so they do not need to worry about choosing what would go with their dress.

As the reluctant bridesmaids went into their changing rooms Terry came wobbling out of his. Kelly snickered and Terry shot him a look which could kill. The prankster did not like it when a prank was pulled on him, he was supposed to be the butt of the jokes, others were..

Terry was so irate about the situation and lost in the thought of how to get his freedom so it did not even registered to him that Emily took a couple of pictures of him. With how often people took pictures with their phones, it has become part of live. It was easy to not even notice someone when they took your picture

Emily said “My work is done here, so I am leaving. Terri Jo and the girls will settle their accounts with you Ms Francis. Don’t worry Terry I got the pictures just in case you want your bride to see the gown before the wedding.”

The befuddled model said “What?”

Emily smiled and said “Oh Terri Jo, you know how flighty you can be, so I took some pictures of you in that beautiful gown if you change your mind about your woman seeing the gown.”

Terry said “Thank you, I will not forget what you did today and make sure I repay you properly.”

As Emily was leaving she counter Terry thinly veiled threat with “I am counting on it, dear.”

Beth was having a nice relaxing night at home when the doorbell rang. She got up from the couch to answer it and saw it was Steve. The perplexed lady thought he would be the last person she saw;. Their friend was supposed to be out with Terry. She opened the door and said “What are you doing here Steve?”

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