Here Come the Brides Chapter 1

Author’s Note: This story was inspired by a razor commercial I seen too many time which annoys me. In the commercial some guys shaved a happy face in the head of a groom. The groom had to shave his head on his wedding day.

Thank you everyone for the help and support in my writing. I am doing a lot right now for I have so many ideas for stories which I think have somewhat of an original spin on the transgender genre. I will be going back and forth on all the stories.

Chapter 1

Terry Sakic woke up naked with a major headache, He thought, man Steve Hull still knew how to party. As the hungover man started his day trying to remember last night. He smiled when the last part of it was a blur, it must have been a wild one then. Being 28 year old and getting married in 4 months, he knew those nights would soon be behind him.He was so proud of himself for finally to start to grow up.

Being one of those who life is connected to social media, when he got some of his faculties together, Terry checked his email. One, from his partner in crime last night, caught his eye because of the strange subject “Here Comes the Brides”. Terry laughed for it must be a joke tied into last night. He could not wait to open it and read what crazy story was behind it.

Terry stomach dropped as he saw the email. It started with a picture of him naked in bed with a stripper. He started to panic and he tried to think what the hell he did last night. He would not cheat on his fiancee, he loved and admire Beth Cooley too much to do so. Then he tried to figure out why Steve would have taken that picture and then send it to him. What was wrong with his friend.

The panic groom to be read the email.

Hey there Terri,
Meet me at my house tonight at 6:00 and tell no one or else Beth will get this picture. Don’t be late.

Steven Hull

Terry wondered what was going on, why would his friend send such a cryptic letter? He started to try to figure out what was behind the message. It had to be that Steve got that picture from the stripper and now wanted to talk about it. Steve was such a great friend, he has to want to make sure I do not mess up the best thing which has happened to me.

Terry called his friend to get more information about last night. No answer, the nervous man left a message telling Steve to call him. He had to start his day and spend it with Beth. When Terry thought of Beth he remembered he had plans with her tonight. He cannot make it to the clandestine meeting with Steve. Terry quickly called Steve back, still no answer and left a message which said he could not make it tonight.

A couple of minutes later Terry got this text from Steve. “If you are not at my house at 6 then Beth gets that picture and the other ones.”

Terry got furious with Steve, his friend was blackmailing him. How could his best friend do this to him? What has gotten into Steve? What was happening it was just wrong.

On his way over to Beth’s, the man on a mission to find out what was wrong with his friend stopped at Steve’s house. Terry rang the doorbell and Steve’s lovely wife, Emily, answered it. Terry asked to talk with Steve. Emily asked what it was about. Terry turned red and said it was a personal matter. Emily told Terry to leave a message. Terry in a panic said “Tell him to call me right away, as soon as he can. I cannot make it here tonight at 6. I am going to dinner with Beth.”

Emily said “Will do.I will tell you though, you better rethink about not making it here at 6. Steve is really looking forward to seeing all of the guys then. He has something very special to tell you all.

Oh by the way I should have your boxers washed by then and you can pick them up when you see Steve.”

Terry’s eyes almost came out of his skull when Emily brought up his boxers. How did she have a pair of them? Dread filled him as he thought about waking up nude. He hated to sleep nude. Those must be the boxers from last night, Beth would know that they were his, they were Pearl Jam boxers. Then Terry thought that Emily must be in on this con.

The frightened man cautiously looked at sweet Emily to figure out if she was Steve’s accomplice as she wished him farewell by saying “See you at 6:00, don’t be late.”

Terry wished he knew what was going on right now. He thought about her warning of “Don’t be Late”, she had to be in on it. What are those two up to?It was not in their nature to be malicious, yet they are doing something dubious to him for no good reason. This was not how they would act,, something has to be up.

Then Terry thought he had to be paranoid, Steve was one of the good guys he would not blackmail me. Emily was so sweet and kind, she would never do anything so underhanded like blackmail anyone, let alone a friend.

He called Steve, once again no answer. Terry repeated that he was not going to make it tonight. Right away he got a text from Steve which read “Then I should just send Beth the pictures now. Good luck dealing with her.“

Terry got hysteric and called Steve, for the fourth time no answer. He knew that Steve had his phone. He pleaded into the phone “Steve, please call me back. I have no idea why you are doing this. We need to talk. Whatever you do, don’t send those pictures. We will talk before 6. I know you have your phone. I can’t make it. If you send those pictures Beth and I are done. Please call me. I know you have your phone.”

Terry got a text which read “Check out Facespace.”

Terry went to his Facespace page and saw a posting from Steve. It was a picture of Steve at his computer with the caption “Just at my computer getting ready to send some interesting pictures to friends.”

Terry almost posted on Facespace telling Steve not to send those pictures, then he thought better. Beth would see his post, and might asked the love of her life why he did not want Steve to post those pictures. Terry then called Steve expecting to leave a message and said in an disapproving tone “Fine I will be there at 6, but this ends tonight.”


A smug Steve listened to his voicemail and told his wife “This is funny, Terri Jo thinks this is going to end tonight.”

Emily shook her head and laughed. “Poor Terri Jo, it is only starting for him and Beth along with the rest of them tonight. It is great that we are going to get everyone back for how they almost ruined our wedding and marriage.”
Steve and Emily were going to have revenge on all those people who thought it would be funny to play a prank on Steve the weekend before their wedding. Terry, was the ringleader, thought it would be funny to get Steve so drunk that he would pass out then shave his eyebrows. Terry was immature and thought pranks were funny. The childish guy always teased at the most inappropriate time and always in a demeaning manner. He spent too much of his time planning and doing practical jokes. He was the person in the group who was last to grow up.

That practical joke would have been bad enough, but not warranted the payback those two had plan. It went too far and they also try to shave a couple of lines in the side of a passed out Steve’s head. Drunk people and razors are not a good combination. When the pranksters tried to make a line they ended up taking a huge chunk out of Steve’s hair and scalp. The guys needed to rush Steve to the ER where he got 5 stitches. There was nothing his barber could do to repair Steve’s hairdo, so Steve needed to shave his head.

When Emily saw the Professor X look alike, she was furious with him. She could not believe he was so immature that he would shave his head before their big day. Steve did not have the skull to look good bald. When Steve try to explain what happened, she took it as an excuse and started to have second thoughts about if she wanted to marry him. She did not want to have to deal with a manchild as a husband. Emily wanted to be a mother but not right now.

Emily knew it might just be wedding day jitters so she talked to her friend Beth. Those two had grow so close since Beth started to date Terry and Emily revered Beth’s point of views on matters. Beth started to laugh when she heard about Steve’s shaven head and said “Oh you have to hand it to my man. He knows how to pull one over on someone.”

Emily was aghast when she heard Beth’s response. This was not funny. Beth told Emily to lighten up, the shave head would make the wedding so much more memorable. Emily knew that Beth was just trying to justify the prank gone wrong. Nothing needed to be done to make the day you join in the union of holy matrimony stand out other than to be surrounded by loved ones while you pronounce your undying love and affection to the person you cherish.

After leaving Beth, Emily called Steve right away. The repentant groom started to grovel his bride to be for forgiveness. Beth stopped him right away and apologized for not believing him. She felt bad about not giving him the benefit of the doubt.

The days coming up to the wedding Steve told his better half that after the wedding he was done with his old friends. Emily told her better half that she trusted him and he did not have to end the friendship with those guys. She knew that he would not be as immature as they were. Steve informed his wife, he was doing so for himself. That right now they were at different points in their lives. With a pain in her heart, Emily agreed for she knew how important his friends were to Steve.

Steve found out about what Beth told Emily and all he could think of was how to get revenge on them. Beth should not have downplayed how important the day was to his E. Then it came to him, he knew that Beth was the one for Terry, so he was going to figure out how to ruin their big day also. The best part was Emily was going to be able to tell Beth, to get over what has happened it was going to make her wedding more memorable

So, Steve still hung out with the guys after getting married and he plotted the retribution. Then it came to him. He told Emily his devious plan and she loved it and so wanted to help. Steve was proud of his wife, for she also was not going to take what those people did to their wedding.

Now the night of the first phase of how Steve and Emily was going to take an eye for an eye was upon them. The best man, Terry Sakic, and all the groomsmen:Kelly Roy, Kim Hee-chul, Max Vicker, Jessie Forsberg and Mel Blake were sitting in the living room waiting for Steve to address them. They try to talk to Emily and she just told them to shut up or else the pictures would be sent to their wives or soon to be wives. Mel got up and said “I am single so you have no one to send them to. I do not have to play this stupid game anymore.”

Emily said “Melody you better sit down or else all the pictures get sent. You are all in this boat together now. If you all like your life as it is now you better get your friend to stay.”

Mel sat back down and wondered why Emily called him Melody. He stayed for was loyal enough to his friends that he could put up with whatever nonsense Steve and Emily were up to. He just knew his friendship with them was over. Mel was right about that, but it ended the night that they took the chunk out of Steve’s hair and head.

Steve came into the living room and Terry shout “What the fuck dude! Why are you doing this to us. We are friends and friends do not treat each other this way. What the fuck do you want so we can give it to your sorry ass.”

Steve said “Oh shut up Terri Jo and I do not want to hear a peep out of the rest of you girls. You are here for I never really had the chance to thank you for my bachelor night and it would be rude of me not to. So not only am I going to thank you for getting rid of my eyebrows and messing up my hair so bad I needed to shave my head for my wedding. I am going to repay you all.

Terri Jo, your lovely bride to be thought it was so funny that my wedding was almost ruin by you and how immature you are so I thought she would love the same thing for her wedding.”

Steve took a break from talking and Terry thought he figured it out. “Dude, I did not know you were so mad about that accident. It was a prank, it was not meant to be that bad. I know you are going to have us shave our heads for my wedding. We will do that for you and it is even.

I just think you went a little psycho by blackmailing all of us with pictures of strippers to do so. You should have just said so and we would have done so right guys.”

Terry’s lackeys all laughed in relief and agreed. They started to chatter when Steve told them to shut up again. They saw the anger in his eyes and all just sat there waiting to hear Steve out.

“Terri Jo, you would be right, it would have been a little psycho for me to do all this just to have you all shave your heads. That is not what is going to happen. See, your wedding is going to be so memorable for there is going to be two brides Terri Jo. You and your wife. There is also going to be two maids of honors, and two sets of bridesmaids.“

Terry laughed and said. “You are really cutting off your nose to spite your face. You are going to look so pretty in the Maid of Honor’s dress. I think you will look better than your wife, then again that would not be hard.”

Terry’s henchmen all cringed when they heard him teasing Steve. The guys knew their leader was joking around but now was not the time. It was for Steve was mad and had a right to be, so they needed to placate him, not rile him up more. Steve was the type of person who took a gun to a knife fight so there was a good chance Terry just up the ante they had to pay to get out of this game.

Steve looked Terry right in the eyes and said “Ha Ha not funny. Now all you girls: Kellie Ann, Kimmie, Jessica, Maxine and Melody you can thank the bride for now you all have a makeover session to attend now. Also,you will answer to those names from now on.

If you did not figure it out yet Terri Jo, I am not going to be in your wedding party and my wife is not going to be in your fiancee’s wedding party either. We do not want anything to do with any of you after the wedding day. We are not friends anymore. That stunt you pulled was wrong, and don’t say it went bad. That you were not thinking and you should not have even of done it.

I know you are thinking while then we should not be doing what we are doing. Well this is different. This is not joshing around gone bad, this is payback for what you did.

Now next Saturday my wife was kind enough to make an appointment with a bridal shop for you girls to get your gowns for the big day. Don’t worry you will get an email to tell you what time and where. So until then bye.”

They all started to object and Steve said “I said bye and I suggest that you leave now or else I would send those pictures. I also have other evidence of you “sleeping” with a stripper. Just think of what your ladies will do when they found out you had been unfaithful.”

Until then they all thought this was a game, it was not. They knew this was serious and they all better fall in line. The new bridal party got up and left.

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