Careful What You Wish For

Careful What You Wish For

Author’s Note: Another one of my old stories. It is a little graphic with the mention of oral sex and penises being little heavy in part of it. It was not for shock, I felt a man would dwell on it what happened in the story really occurred to a hetrosexual man.

Now to my thanks. Thank you everyone who has help me become a better writer.

By editing this story I am seeing how much I have grown as a writer. I know this story is still a little rough but I like it that way. It deserves to be, to give respect to where I was as a writer and where I am going.

It was a beautiful summer afternoon when Matt was walking down the street and a little ahead of him an urchin tried to snatch a woman’s purse. The young man pushed the woman down and started to run towards Matt. The young man was not able to get his focus on his getaway path when Matt was able to hit him with a forearm to the jaw which knocked the thief down. Matt grabbed the purse as the aspiring criminal got up and took off into the crowd to disappear.

Matt went over to the lady and saw she was groggy. He asked her if she was alright. She gave thanks to him, then replied to his inquiry that she was fine, says her name is Ayperi and she was indebted to Matt. Matt did not notice that she knew his name without him introducing himself, he just assumed that he must have.

Matt said to her that is an enchanting name and she retorted in a Persian accent while one can say that she was an enchanting person. Matt was a little surprised at what she said, it sounded like she was flirting with him. She was out of his league.

Ayperi was a stunning beauty. She was tall, 5’ 10”, with midnight black hair past her shoulder, light caramel complexion, and voluptuous curves. Her almond brown eyes were alluring and cherry red lips looked as sweet as wine made with that fruit. Her voice was as refreshing to hear as an autumn night air. Everything about her made her beauty timeless.

Matt started to walk away when he thought Ayperi was fine. She followed him like a puppy did to their owner. Matt turned around to ask her where she was going. He knew she was going the opposite direction before her purse was snatched . Again, the grateful lady told Matt she was indebted to him. Matt said no she was not. She respectfully disagreed.

Matt says to her “I wish you would understand that you are not indebted to me.”

Her eyes lit up and she reply “I do understand that you were just acting how you would have for anyone. That it is your nature to help others when they need it. Like you shoveling the snow for your elderly neighbours before they wake up.”

Matt was taken back by her telling him about one of the good deeds he has done. “How did you know that?” Matt blurted out.

Ayperi answered “For you wished so.”

Matt shook his head no in disbelief , refusing that answer as the truth that it was. Ayperi went on to start to explain that she was a genie. Matt stopped her there. She must have hit her head on the concrete and was not thinking straight. The concerned man thought to himself “I need to get her some help.” Then it occurred to him it could be worse, she was crazy and thought she was a genie before this happened.

Ayperi was telling the truth, she was a genie. Her name meant moon fairy. She was over 5 millennia in age. When one starts to count their age by millennia they tend to not use old to describe how many years. She has been in the service of countless masters and have seen most of them ruin their lives with the wishes she granted them. Being in someone service was a curse when they were a nice person like Matt. She hoped that she can help him not ruin his life like most of her past masters did with being greedy with their wishes.

Matt looked at her trying to figure out if she was dangerous to him, herself, or others. He came to the conclusion the young lady was not. She sounded too grounded in saying she was a genie. It came out of her lips in such a matter of fact manner. Her making this outrageous claim and flirting with him early made Matt come to the conclusion that she hit her head hard . Matt suggested that he took her to his house to get his car and then her to the hospital. Ayperi agreed with him calling him rayiys in the process.

Matt had no idea that she called him master in Arabic. He chalked up her using that Arabic word to her brain being a little fried from talking a bump. It was a slip of the tongue.

They make it to his home. He said he just has to get his car keys and they will be off to the hospital. She commented on how hot it was and a drink would be nice first. He offered her some water and she gladly accepted it.

They sat down at the kitchen table. Having a little break from taking her to the hospital, Matt’s mind wonder back to how did she know about him shoveling snow for his elderly neighbours. He asked her again and she started to repeat the genie story. He uttered “I wish I could believe you dear.” All of a sudden it dawned on him that she is telling the truth. That the lady drinking water in his kitchen was a genie and he thought that he got three wishes, while now it is down to one. Anyway who cares he got a wish. He urged his servant to start from the beginning and explain more about being a genie. .

Ayperi said “I am a genie so I can grant my rayiysi’s, it mean master’s, wishes as long as he is my master.”

Matt told her he was no one’s master so please do not call him that, and he knew about the three wishes.

Ayperi clarified about the wishes and genies “ Oh no ma- I mean Matt. You do not get three wishes. Your wishes are granted as long as I am in your servitude. It might be only three if you use them to get major wants granted. It might be countless if they are all minors. Like asking me to understand why you did what you did. I got the knowledge of that good deed you did and why you did so.

Now more on wishes. As you know they are magical so that means they are unpredictable. They will not always turn out how you think they will. This is for magic is like water, it takes the path of least resistance when it flows.It will alter reality in the least amount it can. You are the epicenter of the wish so it more likely to directly affect you to make itself come true.

Also a wish from you cannot counter a past wish from you. You can modify it so it is more pleasant to you. You can alter other people’s wishes and might do so. When you make a wish you will remember how reality was before you made it. You will also know that what you remember is not true anymore and the new reality is what is true. Other people will might feel a little disconnection when dealing with the new past and swear the old reality was what has happened but they will know they are wrong.

So please be careful what you wish for. This is strong magic and I cannot control it, cannot change what you have wish for and have no idea how long you will have your wishes granted. I will not be able to be around to help you cope after my servitude is done. I will have to go find my new master. A genie needs to be with a master. “

Matt asked her for more advice, like should he start making the wishes now or wait. He wanted to know what she wanted him to do. He liked the idea of having his wishes come true, but he did not like having someone not free and somewhat under his control. She has her own life. It made him sad for her about having to find a master when free.

Ayperi tells him, to take his time or hurry up the choice is his. She suggested that he took his time so he did not screw up the wording of his wishes. She did not want anything harmful to happen to her new master. She then explained that most of the stories about genies granting wishes fast was for the genie did not like the master so did not give the proper warning. She elaborated more about genies getting into people’s debt and were linked to them. That does not mean that they will like their new master. That most genies were spiteful towards greedy self centered people. She liked him as a person, for she knew he has a good heart by his actions of helping her and his wish which gave her a better understanding of the type of person he was..

Matt thanked her for the good advice and thought that he should start off small. She agreed with him. He looked at her wondering how she knew what he was thinking. She told her inquisitive master that they had a two way telepathic connection . That if Matt wanted he can close it and reopen it as he pleased. That all he needed to do was to think about using it to work and most genies did not tell people about it.

He thanked her for being so open about it. He tried it on her and saw that she is thinking of why genies do not tell their master about the psychic connection. Matt found out it was for it made them feel weak and took away more of their free will. Knowing that made her new master trust her completely. He knew that she will not try to trick him as long as he stayed true to himself.

He stated his first wish. “I wish I had my friend Nathan’s dick.” He waited for his cock to grow for his friend Nathan has about 5 inches on him. It did not and he was confused, maybe she was not in his debt anymore. Oh well that is just his luck he got wishes and not using them for anything but to get an understanding of wished and what he thought was a mythical being until a couple of minutes ago.. He actually thought it was for the best. It is better to earn something than it to be just given to you.

Little did Matt know that he wish was granted, just not in the way that he thought it would be. The magic started to weave through the fabric of reality to change the pattern of the past. He did had Nathan’s dick last night. He sucked his friend off. Then his phone buzzed telling him he got a text. He looked at the text and it was from Nathan. It read that they need to talk about what they did last night.

Matt got more confused when he read the text. He looked at it while thinking about what they did last night. What do we need to talk about all we did was play some Halo, drank some beers and then I sucked his dick. His thought process stopped in its tracks. He was flabbergasted. He knew that he did not suck his cock, yet his memories said otherwise.

He remembered the two friends playing Halo and having a couple of brewski. Then they started to talk about on of their favorite subject, sex. Matt then remember saying to Nathan he wonders what it is like to give a guy head. He then just kissed Nathan. Nathan kissed him back. It started to get very sexually charged and Matt just worked his way down to Nathan’s cock. He started to feel shame when he realized that he took Nathan’s manhood in his mouth.

While still looking at the text he said. “No, no, no. That is not what I wanted. I wanted this. I wish that Nathan’s cock was mine.”

The magic worked again.As always, the magic took the least path of resistant while changing the past. Matt got another text and it read. “We need to talk about last night. You can do that anytime you want, my cock is yours.”

Oh great, not only did suck off his friend but his friend enjoyed it so much he wants more. Matt thought back about the memory he just had. He was grateful that at least he was not good at sucking cock. That changed also. He was great at sucking cock. He was able to take all of Nathan’s penis in his mouth. His memory of Nathan’s orgaism went from it being a normal one to being so intense. The pulsing of his cock was massive now. His load was so much bigger. He felt horror thinking about another man cumming in his mouth

Matt looked up and shaked his head and started to panic. He was confused for he is great at sucking cock yet does not want to do so.

Ayperi starts to console Matt. She told him to calm down, to stop and rethink what he is doing.
Matt was very appreciative of her and knew that he put himself in this situation.

He looked at her and just said. All I wish for is that my cock was Nathan’s” As soon as those words left his mouth Matt knew he was going to regret tham.

He was happy for his memories had not change. Maybe his cock was going to grow. He tried to justify what his past was now. Hey to have a fabulous cock like Nathan’s was worth sucking one cock for one night. I bet a lot of men would suck a cock for a 10 inch one.

He thought that he better text Nathan back to say that it was a one time thing. What happened last night will not happen again. He reached for his phone and started to text. He wrote, as mine cdick is yours if you ever want to suck on it and sent the message. Matt cannot believe he just sent a sexually charged text to his friend.

Matt was seriously upset now and felt distressed over this ordeal. At least he only remembered doing it and he did not really experienced sucking the cock. He knew how it felt to give a man oral, but he did not have to live the ordeal doing so.

Ayperi was still trying to comfort her master. She, like all genies got an empathic bond with a their masters. That was why they would become spiteful when they have a self centered greedy one. They also become self centered and greedy. He was such a nice guy, she wants him to stop wishing for she would had love to stay in his servitude.

Matt felt bad about Ayperi’s reactions to how he was feeling. He has to man up and remember it was no big deal. He sucked a cock and he was good at it. It was not like it is going to happen again. He did not want his new friend to feel pain for he was not good at making wishes. Matt said “I wish I felt better about last night.”

Ayperi smiled when she heard that wish, that was for one of the few secrets she could keep from her master. If his wishes are selfless, then he does not lose any of the magic he has to draw his wishes from.

Right after the last word left his lips Matt started to feel so much better. He just enjoyed feeling better and knew that his ignorance is bliss. He knew that as soon as he thought of why he was feeling better here was a good chance it was going to make the situation worse.

He thought of why he was feeling better and of course he was right about it becoming worse. He enjoyed sucking Nathan’s cock. The magic took the easiest way to grant the wish and made it that he enjoyed having that cock in his mouth. He now loves and enjoys giving blow jobs. With him loving to give blow jobs, he did not have to justify the act anymore. The best and quickest manner to feel better about doing something was have enjoyed it.

Matt thought of realized how much power he had by having excellent oral skills. Matt loved being able to make Nathan cum. It was so rewarding to feel cum gush out of Nathan’s penis. He then thought of the taste of cum and loved it.

Thinking of how much Nathan enjoyed it gave Matt a warm feeling. He thought while at least Nathan had a great time.

Matt put his hands on his face. I just made myself not a guy who sucked a cock, but a guy who enjoyed sucking cock. A guy who enjoyed the pleasure another man got from his mastery of fellatio. He asked Ayperi if he was now gay. She said no, you are now pansexual, then reassures him that if he was it would be fine. She explains that if he was bisexual he would have only enjoyed the act of giving a man oral. The pleasure came from being with a certain person he was close with, have a connection to, so he is pansexual.

Before Matt could soak in everything he felt about giving the blow job and Ayperi’s explanation of what he is now another text from Nathan came.

“Like I said we need to talk so I am coming over. See you soon.”

After reading the text, Matt picks up the phone and called Nathan. The last thing he needed was for Nathan to come over. He did not even want to think what might happen. He knew that Nathan will probably expected his dick sucked again. Then he realized that there was a great chance he will jump at that chance.

The texts has shown the wishes were also affecting Nathan. He was just sitting at home watching a baseball game when he remembered that he got a blow job from his best friend last night. That was very weird to him, he thought he would been thinking about that first thing after waking up. He texted Matt to say they need to talk for that is not going to happen again. He was not going to see Matt again. He sent the text. He then gets the return text. He smiled and thought for some reason he almost said that he was never going to see Matt again.. He was crazy for even thinking that. Last night he got the best blow job he ever had. He thought about the text Matt sent and wanted to go over there now to talk more about it.

Hey I might like the blow job from him but I am not going to give him one. It was nice to know that I could. It was nice to know that Matt is only for him like he feels about Matt. He was getting ready to leave when his phone rang

The phone rang and Matt tried to come on with any excuse so Nathan does not come over right now. Nathan answered, Matt’s heart skips a beat when he heard hello. Matt told Nathan not to come over just yet, he has some errands to run. Nathan said fine, then started talking about how good last night was, Matt let out a giggle and agreed. They talked more about it and Matt found himself being giddy with how cool Nathan was about what happened. Nathan suggested that they were going to go out to eat; his treat. It was the least he could do for how great Matt made him felt last night. Matt said he would love to have dinner with Nathan. While saying goodbye Nathan said wear something nice to Matt for they were going to a fancy restaurant..

They hung up and Matt was happy. It was going to be nice to have a good meal with a close friend who is a great guy. The only bad thing is that Nathan was a little metrosexual and always tried to get Matt to dress sharper.

Matt paced back and forth and started to tell Ayperi about the phone call. He was excited about tonight and wanted to share it with his genie. He was also nervous for he knew that he should not be feeling this way about going to dinner with a friend. Matt was upset about the off handed remark Nathan made about his fashion. Thinking out loud he said “ Not everyone wants to smartly dress. Why wear a button down shirt when a golf shirt is fine. Golf shirts are just so much more comfortable. I wish my style was to his liking.”

Right after he utter those words he thought that he needed to quit using I wish so much. He did not most of the time, but having wishes tend to make people say it. It could be the power of magic making them do so or just their subconscious mind focusing on the fact that they had wishes. It was actually a little both reasons.

Matt felt his heels getting push up while he is walking and he got a little off balance. His shoes were becoming more of a tight fit. He looks down and saw that his Reeboks hightops were changing and becoming black ankle boots with 3” heels. He felt his socks become softer and along with his pants went up his legs. His crew socks were becoming black tights. His jeans kept on going to his crotch, he could feel a little bit of his butt cheeks hanging out of them. He was now wearing Daisy Dukes. His underwear became softer and started to cling to his groin. They also shrank and went from being boxers to brazilian cut panties.

At the same time he felt straps on his shoulders starting to go down both his front and back. Then on his ribs he felt wings started to form. Towards the back the wing gor hooks and eyes closures and the front they form cups. The cups and the hooks and eyes closure meet the straps. On his chest he felt some plastic. His t-shirt started to rise to show his midsection and the sleeves and collar area start to retreat in the middle of the shirt. The shirt changes color from black to pink. He saw mounds form on his chest and his shirt become a crop top tank top.He saw a silver necklace with a heart pendant

He felt his hair go past his ears and go down his back to right below his shoulders. He felt a little bit of weight pulling his ears down. He walked as fast as he could to his full length mirror. The clothes are not cut for a man so he feels a little uncomfortable in them. If only the shorts hugged his hips some,whatever was on his arms were a little bigger, the shoes were not so tight and he had some room for his penis it would be better. While walking he saw some silver bangles on his left forearm and his nails match his shirt. On the short trip to his bedroom he notices a flowery aroma in the air. He pulled his wrist up to his nose and finds out it is coming from him. He is wearing perfume.He did like how it makes him smell.

He made it to the bedroom and did not notice the changes in it. His bed now had a light purple comforter on it. Between the pillows was his teddy bear. He now had a vanity and there was a jewelry box on the top of one of his dressers. The picture frames were not just the function wooden ones he used to own. They were pascal color with nice designs on the framing and add some life to his bedroom

He looked in the mirror and saw his new cute, yet sexy outfit. He liked how it looks on him. He knew that was wrong; and until a minute ago he would have been so embarrassed if he was wearing these clothes and in full make up. Now he liked how he looks..He was shocked at the makeup he has on. He mentally commented on the great job he did on the eye shadow. “OMG I know how to apply makeup” he screams internally.

Ayperi follows him into his bedroom. She saw him twisting his ankle and admiring how he looks. She could also see the little bit of confusion in with the delight in his facial expressions. She starts to console him again. She wanted him to feel good about who he was now, for he was stuck as who he was.
Matt was sick of hearing her try to brighten his mood. He was going to yell at her. She can see it in his face and his body language.. He looked at her and sawher real concern his anger melts away. She was relieved.

“Ayperi sorry that I was going to yell and was mad at you. I was going to blame you for this, but I can’t. You did not do any of it.

I am just upset at what I have become. I went from being an average guy to a cute crossdresser. A guy who loves to suck cock and wants to look cute. To top it off I think I have a crush on my best friend. If that is not enough he knows it and is going to use that to his advantage. What guy doesn't like getting his cock sucked and now in me he has that option just about anytime.

“Then it gets worse” Matt was going to use sarcasm and said it got better, but changed his mind, it was a way to talk down to someone. He would not demean a friend like that. “These clothes are just so uncomfortable. I like wearing them and know I will when I can but will be awkward in them with how ill fitting they are.”

Matt got a spark in his eyes for he got a good idea. He has a wish that will at least make the clothes fit better. A wish that will be beneficial. It is so simple that it cannot be messed up by the chaotic nature of magic.

Ayperi smiled when she saw that gleam in his eyes. He was feeling better. Then the wish came out of his mouth. “I wish I was not so uncomfortable in these clothes.”

The results of the wish did not go how he planned. He felt the silicone breast form disappear while his own chest got heavy. He looked down and saw that he has cleavage now. He has breasts! His stomach retracts and he felt his entire body lose muscle tone and mass. His hips and buttoks explanded to fill out his shorts better. His penis shrank some so it was not pressed up against his shorts. He panic when he felt his penis shrink for he was scared he was going to be a woman. That would have happen but a wish cannot counter a prior wish. His wish of his cock being Nathan’s prevented that from happening.

He looked at the mirror again and that little budge which he had in his pants was gone. It look like what guys would call a camel toe on woman. His arms were skinny and his legs were not as muscular. He could see the curves of his body. He had a body of a woman now.

Matt was amazed and pleased with how good he looks now. He is also sad at what he has become and how much he enjoyed it. As he sat down on his bed, he looked at his new friend, with puppy dog eyes, and asked “How can this be any worse?”

Ayperi sat next to him. “Matt it can be very worse. I know from so many past experiences. I saw people go from being rich and healthy to poor and sick. I saw people who could no longer understand their native tongue and I saw people who none of their friends or family knew who they were. I saw people become so one dimensional that they were not really humans anymore, they were characters of archetypes. I saw people die from what they wish.

You dear yes your style has change, you have sex with another man and you like it and him. Yet you also like the changes. You think you should not for in your mind you think that changed the real you is. You have not change what is important in you. You are still a kind, caring, smart and outgoing person. You are still the same person.

Like I said you like your best friend. He likes you also. You can do a lot worse than have a crush on him. He will treat you good.

Yes it will take some time to get used to the new you. The new you is not that much different than the old you. The new you core is the same.”

She went on to ask Matt questions about a myriad of topics such as politics, ethics and pop cultures. Matt found he had the same taste in them. That honestly comfort him for his essence was basically the same. He always believed that a person was their ideas, beliefs and convictions. His has not changed where they matter most.

After their chat and Matt was feeling better, Ayperi suggest that they work on making his life better fit his new situation. The servant told Matt he was no longer her master but her mistress. That for all intent and purpose Matt was now a female. The moon fairy then stressed that the new lady did not use the word wish for the time being

The first thing on the agenda was his name, Matt just does not fit now, and he knew that. He proposed Bobbi, that was a sweet name and was is for a man and woman. It would fit what he was now.

Ayperi commented it was nice but Matt should go for a name with a good meaning behind it. She explained how everyone used to believe that names were powerful. That they should capture who that person was and that Matt was more than just the situation he was in now. Matt soaked in his genie’s thoughtful comment from her and agreed. He should give himself a name to strive for, a name which had strength. He said Hope. She loved it.

Matt has made a decision, he will go as Hope as his new name. Matt took a deep breath and said “I wish people knew me as Hope and they accepted me the same as they did when I was Matt.”

For the first time the pandemonium which using magic caused worked how Hope wanted it to. Her name was now Hope and people treated her like they when she was Matt. Hope knew this for she thought of his relationship with her homophobic brother. They were still tight. Her brother still did not like homosexuals but he respected it was their life.

Hope thought about her job and saw it was the same. She was so happy, she loved being a math professor. It felt even better now for in a way she was showing females that they could excel in male dominated fields.

Hope then wished her entire wardrobe was more fitting for who she was now. It became so. She marvelled at how much more clothing she had. She also giggled at how much she loved having so many outfits to choose from.

Hope felt lucky and wished that Nathan was comfortable in liking her as his girlfriend. She did feel bad about it for the wish was just for her personal gain. She saw the wish worked out right when she got a text from Nathan “Hey I know you are busy but wanted to make sure you know this is a date I am taking you on tonight. Hope I like you and want our relationship to become closer.”

Hope blushed when getting the text. She then thought that Nathan was going to get the best girlfriend ever. One who loved to play video games, sports and got male humor.

Hope then looked at Ayperi, her friend and wanted to do something for her. She took a chance with this next wish. She knew it might not work how she planned it, but Hope did not want any more wishes and it might free her friend.” Hope said to Ayperi “I wish you were free."

That is the wish that all genies dreamt of hearing. It freed them from servitude to from their master. More importantly it also freed them for ever having a master again. They were freed from the endless cycle of servitude of a long succession of masters. They were freed from being bound to magic. They became mortal again.

Ayperi levitated into the air and she started to glow. Her arms rose to be parallel to the floor. Then beams of energy shot out from her. Then she collosped to the ground.

Hope started to panic, she believed that her wished just killed her friend. That thought made all the other wayward wishes look like pleasant outcomes. She ran to her fallen friend and held picked Ayperi up by the torso to hold her. With pain in her voice Hope said “I am sorry, I should have listen to you. I thought that maybe that wish would free you. It did but not how I expected. I promise I will never forget you.”

Ayperi started to come to. She looked at Hope with joy in her eyes and said “Thank you, I am now free. I will never have another master again. I will never have to watch a person destroy their life by trying to fulfill desires which they do not need.

I will be going now, Hope I will never forget you. I am eternally grateful to you.”

Hope asked her where she was going. Hope just assumed that Genies normally did not have homes. They were always found in lamps and bottles.

Ayperi said “I need to start a life. I need to find a place to live, a job and so much more. I need clothes. This outfit is all I have.”

Hope looked at her friend and saw they were the same height and had about the same figure. She smirked when she got an idea and then waited a second to see Ayperi's reaction. Ayperi just looked at her friend wondering what she was doing.

Hope then remembered that they no longer had that telepathic connection and said “Oh sorry. I forgot we could no longer read each other’s mind. You can live here for as long as you want. You can borrow some of my clothes and we will run out and get your wardrobe started. I so want to shop. I know I like it and want to truly experince it.”

Ayperi said “But in so many ways I ruin your life. You handle it so well but I changed you in ways which you did not want to be changed.”

Hope said “You might have changed me in ways which I did not want to be changed but they all made my life better. I know have the chance to share my life with my best friend. He is a great guy, the only one of my friends which I would have wanted my sister to date. We will be happy together and make each other better people.

It might not be want I wanted but I am enjoying being the new me. I have you to thank for having a new lust for life. I so want to see what the world has in store for me as Hope. I want to see what Hope can do for the world.

So it is settled, you are staying here with me.”

Ayperi agreed and it was a start of a wonderful life long friendship. They were each other maid/matron of honor at their weddings. Their raised family together and were there for each other to share joy and sorrow.

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