You're Not a Man, You’re a Woman Part 2

You're not a man, you’re a woman Part II

Author's Note: The journey from living as Eric to Shelly/Erica is slowly progressing unbeknownst to Eric or Donna.

Everyone who has helped me thank you, I will not forget the kindness of your actions.

Chapter 1

In the days after the second episode of Donna forcing Eric to dress. They both knew that there was a strain on the relationship; neither of them knew how to handle it. Donna felt she was to blame for how harsh she handle her husband dressing. She found no comfort in thinking she did the right thing. In a way she knew she did not, it was more society’s problem than her husband’s. She knew but would not admit the issue for her was how others would judge her being in a relationship with a crossdresser.

Donna’s over reaction also came from how good her husband looked while dressed. It was not normal for a man to look as sexy as he did in a dress. She thought of how great he would have looked in makeup. The nervous wife laughed while she thought that he might look better than her. Donna could not believe that she was jealous of her husband’s beauty.

Eric knew the couple had to breach the silence on the subject, he just could not figure out how. Each time he dressed for her it was becoming more complicated. Before, he never thought when he dressed, he was just being. He knew, he would dress all the time if he could, but understood that she could never again do so. The neophyte woman was starting to come to term with the fact she was more than a crossdresser, she was a woman, she was Shelly. How does one who people thought was a man tell them they were wrong.

Eric came to the conclusion his wife would not pull a stunt like having her dress again. Then would not have to talk about it if it was never mentioned again. Her need to dress would be where it belong, under the rug. Even with having the belief she deserved the mocking and ridicule for being who she was, no one who cared for another would put them down. Eric knew it was well deserved for how much she hurt her wife that day. She needed to be punished for causing that pain.

The tension between them grew gradually until it exploded. Eric and Donna were going to a friend’s cookout when Donna could not take it anymore. The catalyst of her outburst was seeing her husband in shorts. Eric’s legs were still hairless and smooth from using Nair. She hated that she found them appealing. She knew that his legs looked better than most of the ladies at the cookout.

The irate wife said “Are you really going to wear that to the cookout.”

The confused husband looked at his clothes to make sure there was no blemishes on them, and when he saw none said “Yes.”

Donna said “While you can’t.”

The clueless man asked why, and his wife said “Your legs, look at your legs! Those are not the legs of a man. You need to wear pants.”

Eric got mad and defensive, he knew he was not a man but wanted to play the part. “Those legs are mine and the last time I checked I was a man! So, they are the legs of a man!”

Donna was happy that Eric put an emphasis on man each time he said. Her husband was acting like a man and wanted to make sure that she knew he was one. It fed to her belief that she did the right thing by ridiculing him. “Westly, I know you are a man but people will talk about your legs. I just do not want people to think less of you. I do not want them to think you are not a man.”

Eric wanted to ease his wife’s ill founded concerns and said “Buttercup, my shorts are long and all our friends can only see my calves, so they will not notice. Even if I had shorter shorts on only some of the ladies might notice, they would just think I am a man would did not have much body hair. The guys will not at all. Do not worry dear. It will be fine.”

With their busy social calendar Donna knew that some of the ladies would notice if her husband’s legs grew hair back so she came up with a solution. “I know dear, but think of next month. Some of the girls will notice your legs having hair again and they will say something. You can wear those shorts but you need to use Nair from now on. It is just so people do not think you are not a man.”

The little confrontation made the tension seemed like it disappeared. Donna felt that her husband would never want to dress again with how he defended his manhood. She was going to have it all, the rugged sensitive man in a great marriage. Eric knew it was just a lull in the storm, with the new woman having to maintain a hairless body the urge to dress how she should would only grow.

The foresightful husband was right about the solution of her body hair issue would end up only making the issues they were having grow. After a couple of days, Donna could not stand seeing her husband’s smooth legs. She wanted to tell her husband don’t use Nair, but knew she could not. Their friends saw his legs and a couple of ladies commented on how nice they were.

Donna then started to ride Eric about having to wear shorts. In the middle of talking about their days Donna suddenly changed the topic by interjecting “You know you should have just man up and wore pants to that BBQ. Now you will never have hairy legs again. You know how much I love my man to be hairy.”

THe wide eyed bewildered husband replied “What are you talking about? You never once said or mention anything about liking your men hairy. You know what, you got on me for trying to grow a goatee. It is no big deal that I will have a smooth body now, I am still who I am, “

If only Eric would have said man this spat would have be delayed until it brewed over again. Donna said “It should be a given that a woman wants her man to have hair on his body. I would love you to have a goatee but the bristle of your beard are rough on my skin.

You, not minding having a smooth body makes me think I was right in saying you are not a man you are a woman.”

Lucky for Erik he was tired so he was not thinking straight. He forgot the pain he caused his wife with her catching him dressed like a tart. He got up and shouted “Listen here, I am a fucking man! I am getting sick of you bringing up seeing me in a dress, get over it. I made a mistake by dressing and I have learn my lesson. Now I do not want to hear anymore about this subject!”

The anger her husband shown momentarily reassured the doubtful wife about her husband's manhood. Donna to support her man showing his alpha side said “That is better. I can live with a smooth man if he has that much fire in his belly.”

Chapter 2

The subject of Eric’s dressing was not brought up again until a couple of weeks before Halloween. Donna found new confidence in her belief that her man was a man, Eric was really showing his alpha side to her. She loved how aggressive and assertive he was towards her and others. Having faith, that her husband was all man again, brought out the frisky side of her.

Eric was not showing his alpha side, he was showing his irate frustrated side. He felt like Tantalus, the sweet fruit of dressing was dangling right out of his reach. It was taunting him, and he felt the yearning even more now with his smooth body. Not being able to quench that urge which was in overkilled made him snap at everyone. The worse part to him was that his wife seemed to enjoy his new attitude.

Eric could not take the pressure of not being able to dress, trying to hold Shelly, his true self, down and his wife liking the new miserable him. Then one day the weak willed husband broke down and gave into his desire to express himself via clothes. Eric was going to dress while she was out with the girls. The cautious dresser told his wife she would call him before she left the club on her way home. Donna, ate that up, she loved that Eric was being stern and forceful, like a man should be.

Of course, how Eric was acting was not like being a man to Donna. If it wasn’t for his dirty little secret she would have thought he was acting like a caveman. She was happy her husband was not acting feminine. If he was acting feminine, that would mean to her Eric still wanted to dress. To her it was better to have a man who was acting like a jerk than a man who liked to dress like a woman.

Their big night was upon them and they both were happy. Donna was having her rockwellian life. She had the best husband she could, in her mind those two were living the life behind the white picket fence. Eric was going to get be who she was, Shelly. The novice lady was going to get to run in the sun amongst the living instead of stalking life in the shadows with the ghosts. .

The edgy husband yelled up the stairs “Hey Buttercup, you said you would be ready 15 minutes ago. It is time for you to be going.”

Eric was a little testy when Donna was running late on being ready to go out. Donna did not take it that way, she him yelling at her as him taking charge. The tardy reveller was putting on her earrings as she came down the stairs while saying “Sorry Westley, I am happy that you are keeping me to my word.I will be better next time.”

HIs wife response and actions made Eric even more irate. She did not have a set time to meet her friends, she did not need to be on time. Plus her acting pleasantly complaisant was just wrong. He loved how passionate his wife was, she should be full of life not docile towards him.

He wondered how could his wonderful wife be happy that he just treated her like she was underneath him. Even with not liking her reactions to his outbursts, they were better than when she was passive aggressive about catching him dressed. The frustrated man was thankful he should be in a better mood after dressing tonight. All he wanted was everything to go back to how it was before May 5th 2016.


Donna left and Eric started to morph back to her true self, Shelly. This was going to be her first full time out and about in months. What made it all the better was Shelly was under the false assumption her time without the mask on would not have any bad experince in it, like the last three times

There was a bad omen about how enjoyable the night was going to be when the eager lady was picking out what to wear. Her wife was going to be out so she was going to dress for a night out on the town. Shelly only had a couple of outfits and only one of them really fit the occasion she was going to fantasize about. It was that black miniskirt and pink halter top ensemble her wife caught Eric in.

The joyful lady’s happy mood quickly change to one of regret and remorse. Shelly could not bear the thought of how much pain that day has caused her wife. The horror struck her about the agony which would be inflicted on poor Donna if she ever found out her husband was really just her wife. The agony was lessen by the thoughtful lady remembering the pains she went through to make sure her Buttercup never would feel the pain of knowing she married a woman.

Thinking of that pain and trouble that dress and her being her has caused Shelly, she went for her denim skirt and blouse. She was not going to fantasize it was a night out on the town, Shelly was going to clean house as penance for allowing herself the pleasure of wearing what she should.

Shelly actually was having a great time cleaning the house. She had the uncommon feeling of just being, Feeling natural and comfortable in one’s skin was a pleasure which most people took for granted. It would be a long time before Shelly could have that simple pleasure again without guilt or shame.

Even with not acting like she was out, Shelly thought of it a little bit. She was a little embarrassed when she thought how nice it would be for a man to check her out. Shelly was not ashamed of it, but she agreed with her wife’s words of a real man would not want another man to see him as a sexy woman.

Then her thoughts went to a more pleasant place, her and the love of her life, both dress to impress out on the dance floor dancing. Their bodies so close, their hands touching the other's body. They would be putting on a show to the other partons of what seeing the two ladies which the lustful onlookers could never have.


While driving to the club Donna thought of how overall her life was wonderful. Eric was being the man he was. Yes his temper showed a little more lately, but that was so much better than him being too considerate. Her husband new vice of being too manly would be taken, by her, all the time over his old vice of dressing like a woman. She thought that maybe he dressed to keep that alpha male at bay. He should not keep the wolfpack leader repressed.

Donna was having a great time at the bar with her friends. They were all chatting, laughing, giggling and giving out wooos the entire night. All the ladies wore their sexiest outfit and were a little out of place at this neighborhood bar. It did not matter to them, they wanted the looks from the men. They all had the dogma of there was no harm in flaunting it if you got it.

The night was in line to be an epic one, for Donna, with just how much fun she had until her friend Lisa brought up Halloween. She was the one who joked last year about Eric and Donna switching costumes. Lisa made that joke again and Donna was not having it. The protective woman told her unexpecting friend it was stupid and she did not know why Eric played along with it. Lisa said Eric did not play along with it. Those two got into a little debate over it, with everyone siding with Lisa.

The friends just chalked up Donna’s overreaction to how she got when drunk. They all knew that she became a little neurotic and took her emotional reaction in stride. With them not wanting to prolong this debate they asked if everything was fine with Eric. He was not himself lately. Donna wanted them to explain how and when they brought up him being easily crossed Donna laughed. She told them they have her strong man being his alpha self confused with anger. They quickly dropped that also for the same reason they drop the debate about the joke, Donna could be so neurotic when she was drunk..

The conversation went back to the laughs and Donna only eased up some. For the first time in months she was having doubts about her husband’s being a man. In the back of her mind she still was thinking she was right about Eric saying yes to Lisa. She was also thinking that maybe her husband was only acting like an alpha male.

All the ladies had too much to drink and Donna was the first one to call for a ride home. The old Eric, not Shelly or irate Eric, answered the phone. Donna pleaded with him not to be mad but she needed a ride home. Eric was pleased that she called and made sure she knew. He told her he would be on the way down and would also take Lisa and Beth home. It was not out of the way. That kind gesture made those uncertainties in the doubtful wife’s mind stronger. She insistent he did not had to. Eric said he knew that and he wanted to then told his wife to put Lisa on the phone.

With Eric not asking Donna did what she was told, her man told her to do something she was going to. Lisa thanked Eric for the ride and when she got off the phone mention how much she liked that the old Eric was back. Those words acted like steroids to Donna’s concerns about Eric’s manhood, they rapidly grew and got stronger. Donna said “No, my husband is just being a gentleman.”

That word gentleman actually made Donna think even more about her husband’s masculinity. A real man is not gentle, they are firm. With a little disappointment in her voice Donna reiterated her husband was just being a gentleman. The other ladies just thought that Donna had one too many shots of tequila.

As Eric was playing taxi driver to the drunk ladies, Lisa laughed and mention how his wife thought he agreed to be Buttercup this year for Halloween. Eric was happy it was dark and even if they could see him the ladies were too juiced to see how red he became. Oh yes, he would love to dress like buttercup. He laughed it off and said “Of course I did not. There is only one Buttercup in my marriage and that is my wonderful wife.”

Donna got mad, she believed her husband was calling her a liar. How dare Eric make her look like a liar to cover up he is really Erica. She blurrted out “Oh yes you did! you so want to be a Buttercup. You can admit it dear. We are all just ladies in the car.”

The mood of the car suddenly went to one of a grudge match between two fighters. Lisa and Beth both got quiet and wanted to be anywhere but in the backseat. Eric trying to keep a level head said “Buttercup you just misremembered, I would never say you are a liar.”

The backseat passengers felt a little at ease by Eric not taking the bait to fight. Them being at peace was short lived for Donna roared back “Don’t do that! I know what you said. You said yes for you want to wear a dress.”

Eric had enough and so wanted to end the fight. His wife was drunk and she would not remember this conversation anyways. Of course, this assumption was wrong like all the others he had tonight. Eric said forcefully “Fine, I said it. I want to be Buttercup. This year you will be Dread Pirate Roberts and I will be Buttercup.”

Donna shut up for she was shocked and hurt by her husband saying yes. No real man would agree to be a princess, so the alpha male was just an act in her mind. She could not believed that she fooled herself into thinking that her husband was a real man. He was not a man, he was a woman.

Eric took the silence as his wife seeing the errors of her ways. Again his assumption was wrong. After dropping off his intoxicated passengers and drove his bombed wife home he found out how wrong he was.

Donna opened up the door and saw the house was clean. She waited for her weak husband to get in, turn to him and let that pathetic man have it. “You cleaned the house. No real man would clean the house on a Saturday night. That is so domestic. If you wanted the house cleaned you should had made me stay home and do it. That is what a real man would have done.”

Eric was regretful about the outburst in the car, he knew he was wrong in using sarcasm on someone who was drunk, they take things too literally. He did not want to fight and said “Buttercup, a man does what he wants when he wants. So it was fine for me to clean the house. It is going to give us time to lay in tomorrow and just enjoy each other’s company in bed.”

Donna was not going to play nice. “Listen here Erica, do not Buttercup me. You think I would want to spend time with a woman in bed? No I am not like that.

You just admitted that you like to wear dresses to two of my closest friends. How am I going to live that down? You need to make this right.”

The traveller of the high road said “I did no such thing. I was just trying to shut you up. I do not want to be Buttercup, you are my Buttercup.You got a crazy notion in your head that Lisa was serious about a joke and I agreed to it.”

Donna so hated that her husband was not fighting back and said “It is not crazy to think you said yes to being in a dress. Remember what I caught you in on May 5 2012.”

From being Shelly earlier today Eric found the strength to keep his wits and said “I know what I was wearing, I made a mistake but that was in private. I never would have dressed like that in public and I do not want to dress like that ever again. I am your Westly, I am your man and I want to be your man.”

Hearing Eric say man placated the scorned woman “I am sorry so Westly. I just do not want people to think you are not a man. But you have to make sure that those two know you were not serious about dressing like Buttercup for the party.”

Eric not wanting to fight agreed with his wife and helped her up the stairs to bed. Donna quickly fell asleep. Eric stayed up thinking about how he knew he was going to have to dress as Shelly again even with not wanting to. It was going to be hard for he had to do so behind his wife’s back. He was torn between how wrong it was to sneak dressing and wanting to wear a dress and just how right it felt.

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