Kim Possible and The Amazon Women 12

12 Establishing Control of Amazon States of America

Charles looked over and saw this 13yrs old Amazon girl he said “ Henry”. Hailee giggled and said “ not any more I am Hailee now I have been freed from my masculinity and male shell and have been liberated from male influence it funny now that you were born the wrong gender but soon you will understand all males will”.

Charles asked“ what do you me by that Henry?”. Hailee looked at him and said “ you will become a girl like me I understand now why you are a pathetic gender your masculinity rules your thoughts not like us girl that is why men are such warring creatures and pigs”. Charles said “ you were a boy before Henry”.

Hailee said “ my name is Hailee now male and you will call me Mistress Hailee”. Charles said “ yes Mistress Hailee”. As they sat and talked Summer Gale came over the television

Summer said “ Greeting citizens of America as you may have heard or not the United States of America has surrendered all authority over to our queen Kira of the amazon women race this mean as from now we are called the Amazon States of America”.

Summer continues “we have now A prime minster now not a president and we have a defence minster and foreign minster and other minsters which are all Amazon women our queen has decided all men and boys need to be registered by the woman of the house all women and girls need to be freed of male influence”.

Summer continued “ you will continue to work and go to school as normal, all males must call women mistress unless mother or family, there is a curfew for all male citizens you must be in after 10pm 7days a week there is no curfew for women and girls, all major business will be now run by a woman”.

Summer continued talking tell a bout the police force will all Amazon women and the military now is under the Amazon warriors. Kim was in the white house with her mother and her girlfriend Shego”, the queen said “ well done my daughter we are now in charge of America”. Kim said “ I am happy for you mother “.

Kira said “ I made the right choice making you my daughter” Kim said “ I am glad you freed me of male influence mother I am preparing for our next invasion of male control territory”. Kira sad “ where are looking now Kim”. Km said “ well mother I was thinking of Mexico and Canada”.

Bonnie walked in and said “ your highness the son of the former defence secretary is now a girl she is at the moment with a male arguing over the fact she is a girl now not a pathetic male”. Kim asks “ the father does not now his son is now a girl?”.

Bonnie said “ no your highness the boy she is arguing with is the son of club Banana”. Kim said “ that is a fashion place for teen girls am I correct Bonnie”. Bonnie said “ yes your highness”.

Kim asked “ what is the new girl name?”. Bonnie said “ Hailee your highness”. Kim said “ tell her I want to see her and bring her mother and pathetic father up to me, Bonnie said “ yes your highness I will get the girl and her family”. Bonnie left to get Hailee and her Family to bring before Kim and her mother.

Bonnie arrived where Hailee and Charles were sitting Charles was talking about what he and her used to do together at school Hailee didn't care she was more amused looking at her nails and her make up she had put on she knew she had a better personality now than before now Hailee is a girl.

Bonnie walked up to Hailee and said “ you need to come with me please Hailee her highness wants to see you and a guard is bringing up your father and mother”. Hailee said “ sure Agent Bonnie this male here was boring me he kept on saying about boring boy shit”. Charles looked at her and was shocked

Charles Asked “ what happen to me now I was told I was going to be here for a few hours it has been more than that?”. Bonnie said “ we can keep you here as long as we want male under new laws here in the Amazon States of America a male can be kept in custody for as long as we want”.

Hailee said “ as I said to you before Charles you won't have to wait long before you are a girl too it better than being a stupid boy”. Charles was now worried he knew he woud be like Hailee soon a girl and Charles knew he had lost his best friend if they decide not make him a girl and Henry was a Amazon girl.

Hailee and Bonnie headed up to the oval office it was still set up like when USA president was in charge except one difference Kim was sitting in the seat her mother had gone back to Middleton.

Hailee saw her father and mother they were both in shackles she was not concerned about her father it was more her mother her father is a male pig she heard her father asks “ where is my son you Amazon bitch?”. The guard hit him and he fell she said “ you will call her mistress male”.

Hailee walked up to Kim and kneeled and said “your highness my name is Hailee I been requested to see you”. Kim said “you can get up now young lady”. Hailee said “thank you your highness”. Kim looked at Hailee's father and said “you see Clive Baker the girl standing in front of me was your son”.

Clive said “ no I didn't want him to become a girl”. Hailee said” why not dad I love being a girl I would never to be a boy again”. Clive said “ I wanted you be a lawyer or scientists”. Hailee said “ why should I do any of those male influence jobs I am a Amazon girl now part of the Amazon states of America”.

Kim said “ I have decide you fate Clive besides the fact you wife will be freed of male influence and you can see your son has been now I have decide we need a head speaker in the congress so you will become a woman and both congress and Senate will be now become a new Amazon parliament”.

Clive Asked “ if I refuse to become a woman and take up my new job what will happen to me ?”. Hailee giggled and said “ what is wrong being a female dad it better than being a stupid male, you men are so stupid no wonder we hate you so much your warring creatures”.

Clive looked at Hailee and said “ you were a boy just a while ago and you were scared until they took you away and now you come back in a black leather uniform and thigh high leather boots and now you have become a different person will a attitude now towards hating men and boys “.

Hailee walked up and hit her father he fell to the ground and he was shocked about her strength. Kim said “ oh yes beside your son being a Amazon girl she has become a stronger, smarter and beautiful”. Clive said “ she is also brainwashed to you course”. Hailee laughed and said “ no I have been freed of male influence”.

Kim laughed evilly and said “Hailee is right she has been freed of male influence and from her old male self and you will like other women and girls guard take him and the wife down and have the wife freed of male influence and the male been turned into a woman once they are done bring them back up to here so I can see my new parliament speaker”.

The guard said “ yes your highness”. Kim asked“ Hailee can you go down and get the male you were arguing with?”. Hailee smiled evilly and said “ of course your highness it will be my pleasure to bring him here”.

The guards took Hailee's parents down to be freed of their male influence and shell while Hailee headed down to the holding area where her ex male best friend is being hold she was looking forward to bring him to her highness .

Kim said “ Bonnie I want you to go and see agent commander Tara and tell I need her to get ready for the invasion of Canada”. Bonnie said “ yes your highness I heard our warriors have entered the Mexican- Amazon states of America border”.

Kim said “ yes we have started our invasion of Mexico and Cuba”. Bonnie said “ the same way your highness turn the military into warriors and they will assist with the invasion”.

Kim said “ yes I have been told by colonel Monique the invasion of Cuba is nearly completed”. Shego said “ once we have Cuba under our control it will call Amazon Cuba”. Bonnie said “ same laws will be applied like here in Amazon States of America “.

Kim said “ yes but I am going abolish the Cuban parliament and install a minister to run there it will part of the Amazon states of America and she will take her order from here”. Bonnie said “ I have the perfect person for the Cuban Minster Job your highness”.

Kim said “ yes Agent Bonnie” Bonnie said evilly “ the former vice president of America he will become a woman and she will be your new Minister of Cuban state of Amazon”. Kim said “ I like that name the Cuban State of Amazon states of America ”. Bonnie said “ thank you your highness”.

Shego said “ the name sounds better and your right agent we should use the ex president and make him a woman and his family , how many children does he have?”. Bonnie said “ he has 2 sons and a daughter age a 8”. Kim said “ free the 8yr old and the 2 boys can be become girls as well make his wife a Amazon too”.

Bonnie said “yes your highness I will go and do the boys and girl and what about the older male?”. Kim answered “ he will be done once we have total control of Cuban area”. Bonnie said “ yes your highness “ Bonnie left do what she was told to do by her princess.

Hailee arrives down in holding area where Charles is and says “ come on Charles her highness wants to see you and you are to come with me now”. Charles looked at Hailee got up from his chair and followed his ex best friend to where her highness .Hailee arrived back with her ex friend Charles

Kim was sitting in the oval office Lily was next to her getting use to her new position now a prime minister America now has a queen and she will only have a Prime minster now not a boring male President.

Prime minister Lily said “ we have some resistance in some states since Summer went to air but we are getting the upper hand all Amazon states of America your highness”. Kim said “ keep me the progress report”.

Veronica walked in and said “ your highness we have new we will have Cuba and Mexico under Amazon control with next 23hrs”. Kim said “ good Supreme Commander Veronica”. Veronica said” than your highness and as well Amazon girl Hailee is waiting for you”.

Kim said “ good you will to the pentagon we were there early today Veronica you will be in charge of new Amazon States of America Pentagon main defence computer frame it has been updated with Amazon technology now”. Veronica said “ yes your highness but I will be coming back to Middleton when we go back “

Km said “of course Veronica”. Veronica left and headed over to the Pentagon once she got there she saw the Amazon technicians and asked “ are we up to date here or not?”. Amazon women technician said “ yes supreme commander we are ready and we will be soon in control of Cuba, Haiti and Mexico”.

Veronica was happy she would report to her Princess that she will be now in charge of those countries with Brazil falling same time as when America fall the invasion of the male world was going good but they knew obstacle were coming up in Asia , Africa the pacific region and of course Britain and Europe and rest of south America and Caribbean area .

Hailee walked in with Charles said “ your highness this the male you were after his father runs Club Banana”. Kim said “ very good Hailee you will do well with us now even at your school now as Amazon”. Hailee said “ of course your highness I am a girl I prefer to be a girl than like him a stupid boy”.

Kim asked “ your name please young man”. He said “ my name is Charles I am 13yrs old and I live with my father and mother, my Father is the owner of club Banana stores very popular with your average teen girl”. Hailee looked at him and was looking disgusted over his male pride.

Kim said “ your father is being held in a detention facility here and your mother is being freed of male influence like Hailee your mother will be taking over the running of Club Banana franchise and you will help when a teen girl come in to the store with her freedom and you will also do it to boys as well”.

Hailee said “ your highness a lot of boys do not go into these stores and only go if they are forced by their girlfriends”. Kim said “ you have a point Hailee your going to be a popular girl now at school you will free the girls at your school and they can act like they still love their boy friends and will take them there”.

Hailee said “ I will do anything you your highness I have now the strength and the beauty and with his help we can control the school and make the other girls at my school be free of male influence”. Charles was looking at the way Hailee spoke to Kim. What was left of his friend Henry was now gone and so might he.

Charles said “ my mother will be like Hailee now and will despise males now”. Hailee looked at him with total annoiance and said “ I am glad I am now a girl to think I was that stupid pathetic boy who use to get bullied by male influece bullies who think with their masculinity”.

Kim said “yes you see Charles you now live in The Amazon States of America by the time we have quarrelled down the resistance and military who are denying their new destiny as women I need stores like your mother's club Banana esprit H&M and Wall-mart stores to help with the freedom of your teen girls and freedom their male shells for boys and men”

Charles said “ what happen to my father?”. Kim said “once your a girl you wont care what happen to him but for your information now he will be sent to be re-educated to a world run by women or he will become a woman and helper for your mother at her company Club Banana”.

Charles said “ in other words he will be either a slave or a woman”. Kim said “ no we are not making men slaves we are going use some as breeders and other will be workers and the rest will become women by the time we have conquered the world men will be only 10% of earth population”.

Shego said “that if Gaia can find away to supplement the male juice from men and then we will not need men at all”. Kim laughed evilly and said “ true Babe Hailee take Charles down and make him like you a girl”.

Hailee said “ yes your highness it will be a pleasure to take him down there ”. Hailee grabbed Chales and took him down to where she was transformed into a girl he was then stripped and given the Nano-bot needle.

Hailee said “welcome to being a girl Charles” Charles started to change his body had now wide hips and he saw his penis disappear and a vagina appear he saw her boobs appear on her chest then she fell to the floor as nanotechnology took over her brain and made her like Kim and her Amazons.

She looked up at Hailee and said “ I feel so free from my male shell and male influence I love being a girl”. Hailee said “ I told you would love being a girl it better than being a stupid boy”. Cassie said “your right it much better and Hailee I am now called Cassie . Hailee said “ cool we better return to her highness”.

On their way Hailee help Cassie get into her new black leather Amazon uniform they both arrived and saw her highness Kim said “ you look better now as a girl”. Cassie said “ thank you your highness your right in being a girl is better than boys and I cant wait to help get change boys at club banana”.

Kim said “ good your mother now finished your father has signed all his assets over to your mother as if he had any choice it is the law now men cannot own any assets only women can now in the Amazon states of America and states of Cuba”. Hailee saw her new mother Teagan now which was her Father.

Teagan was now the speaker of the Amazon states of America Parliament and she will be implementing her majesty laws and she was now happy she is a woman the foreign minster was now in her job she was on her way to Hong Kong as she knew her highness want Hong Kong and Japan next she want Director Drew.

Cassie walked up to her mother and said “ mom where are we going to have Club Banana headquarters”. Her mom said “ we will have it in here in Washington not far from parliment”. Cassie said “perfect place mom I will be able help my new best friend Hailee implement her highness new idea at our school together ”.

Cassie and her mom headed to where club Banana will be now in Washington now even though the royal palace of the Amazon states of America was in Amazon Middleton . Hailee left her new best friend Cassie , both girls were looking forward to school tomorrow they will start on popular girls as they are popular too

Monique walk and said “ we have started preparing our invasion of Canada your highness”. Kim said “ we will hold on that invasion for a few days I want sneak warriors into the Hong Kong area of China and invade that”. Betty said “ your highness the Chinese will be very upset if we invade”.

Kim said “ they are hiding a wanted man and I want him back here and maybe a
as a women and the Chinese will fall same as here”. Betty said “ it just your highness I thought Japan and Canada”. Kim said “ not Canada they would be ready but Hong Kong wouldn't and Chinese will be amazon women soon any way”.

Monique says” we could invade Hong Kong and Japan at the same time we have enough warriors now as the male soldiers of America are now become Amazon warriors each of our cities, as all male soldiers are becoming Amazon women our warriors is becoming more everyday”.

Kim said “we will invade both at the same time”. Betty and Monique says “yes your highness”. Kim has decided to invade Japan and Hong Kong she know there is Yori where Ron was sent for a while but Yori doesn't know Ron has been changed into a girl now.

Kim told Betty too get everything ready and once they are she is going back to Amazon Middleton where Kim will be there as thre is where her mother is and will be home of the new Amazon empire.

Kim left Washington for Amazon Middleton the new home of the Amazons Kim knew she had special prisoners like Drakken and the Possible twin she want to change one of the twins into a girl and make him her little sister the other twin boy will become a house servant but will go to school.

Kim was flying back in her royal hovercraft Kim saw a small town Kim saw action between the new Law enforcement there and resistance rebels against her rule she saw Bonnie and Tara and her agents Tara said “ your highness you want take a look at the problem down there”. Kim said “ yes Tara we will”.

Bonnie said “ your highness Alexis has warned this area is secure but not that secured enough yet”. Kim said “ tell Alexis to send more Warriors here and find out where the local army is”. Bonnie said “ I am on it straight away your highness”. Kim and her entourage arrived at the small town she saw it was quiet little town.

The town had a saloon and drug store local mall and huge park area she also saw the local police force the sheriff was a male Kim landed near the sheriff station and asked “are you the local sheriff here?”. Sheriff says“ yes little lady I am”. Kim then asked “ you runs this town”. Sheriff said “ our Mayor Harry jay Kingston”.

Kim said “ I want you to take me to him now male”. Sheriff says “ your a rude teen girl calling me that”. Sheriff was then grab by Kim agents and they walked in and brought out the deputies Sandy says “ sheriff we have been captured by the Amazons you looking at the princess of the Amazon”.

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