The Summertime Blues

Author's Note: This is an old story of mine which I self-edited using the great suggestions I been recieving. I will go back and edit it more. I want to see how well I was able to implement the suggestions which I got. Also I want to give a thanks to all the people who had help me in my writing.

It was a bright sunny Saturday afternoon in July yet it was raining in Joe’s mind. This was for Joe was having a run of the mill bad day so he headed to the bar for a drink. He just needed a little stress relief and his for some reason normal method was not working well today. It could have been he was not in the mood or he just needed something different. “Yeah a change could do some good” he thought. He has not socialized with new people in a while and surmised a break in the same monotonous conversations he had with his friends would brighten his mood.

As he walked in Joe saw a corner of the bar empty. Joe notice the nice relaxed atmosphere of the room and made the decision he was staying for a couple of drinks. He went up to the bar and asked the barkeep to get him a Liene and a double of Southern Comfort. Being a gentleman he of course used please.

The barkeep was happy that his new customer sat where he kept watch over the bar. He was going to have someone different to talk with. Joe being a new customer made the barkeep even happier for he would not have to hear the same monotonous conversation which he had with his usual customers all the time.

After serving the new customer the barkeep introduce himself as Tony. Joe introduced himself back to Tony. Tony knew how to read people, he had to for it was his job and had to do a good job to get good tips, The barkeep asked Joe what is up. Joe told Tony “Nothing it is just a run of the mill bad day, I just needed a change from my normal stress relief so I came down here.”

Tony knew that Joe wanted to open up but held back for Joe was the type of person who did not want bother someone while working. Joe just did not realize that part of Tony’s job was to listen to the customer gripes. Tony asked Joe what was his normal stress release.

Joe did not expect that question. The answer was too private to tell Tony, plus if Joe was brave enough to tell him, Tony would mock him. Joe quickly thought and blurted the first thing which came to his mind, video games.

Tony knew it was a lie for how Joe hesitated in giving the answer and how he did not start to give details. It did not matter to Tony for he knew what it was, porn. He could not blame Joe for not telling him for they did not know each other. Tony quickly changed subjects back to what was bothering Joe by saying “Joe, you know talking about what is bothering a person usually works when their normal stress release does not work. So what is on your mind.”

Joe was happy to see that Tony was offering to be a sympathetic ear. Joe told Tony “It is just a lot of little things, I need a change. I am not happy with the direction of my life. I feel like I am on autopilot and just cruising along to the finish line. It is not that I am looking for action and adventure. It is just I need a change from the same old, same old.”

Tony knew exactly what Joe was feeling, he heard the same complaint in a variety of different ways by a variety of different people. He also knew what Joe needed more than just airing his grievance about having a good life which was a little boring. This was for Joe had a case of the summertime blues. Contrary to popular belief, there is a cure to the summertime blues and tony knew it, get Joe to do something to just fun. Nothing else, it purpose would be purely hedonistic. It has to be fun, and simple.

Tony wanted to think of something to suggest and inspiration walked into the door. It was the Saturday morning golfers. They were always in a great mood, joking laughing and just having a good time. The best thing is they are highly accepting to new people, they made anyone they met feel like part of the group.

Tony waved them over to him and they did not care where they sat so they went. Tony quickly introduced Joe to the foursome: Paul, Larry, David and Adam. They hit it off for those four were all about fun on Saturday afternoon when they get together. They did not have the worry of work nor family. They did not want the same monotonous life which they had will be responsible adults. They wanted to laugh, sing, share good stories and make an ordinary afternoon together extraordinary just by being positive.

After a couple of round Joe was out of the doldrums. At first he just joined in the laughter, then he interacted more with the guys. Telling funny stories from his youth, like the time he came home drunk and his dad asked what he preferred a lager or a pilsner while yelling at him and Joe gave a serious answer. He explain to his shocked dad how he preferred a lager for it had more of a body compare to a pilsner. Joe’s old man was furious at the time and sent him to his room but now laughs about the amausing incident.

Then it happened, it was his turn to buy the round and he used his left hand to get his wallet. He gave Tony the money and Paul saw a little bit of leftover pink fingernail polish on Joe’s ring finger. Joe saw the look on Paul’s face and knew he saw it. He knew that Paul found out that Joe was a crossdresser.

Crossdressing was Joe’s normal stress release. It was not doing it for him anymore for he needed a change. He depended on it too much and was not as well-rounded with his social activities as he should been. He just needed to interact with others. Now, Joe believed that this was over and he was going to have to leave soon, but not before those four guys mock him for doing something which caused them no harm

Paul open up his mouth and Joe though here it comes and he was right. “Hey there Princess that is a nice shade of pink.”

The smile on Joe faced disintegrated, in its ashes a look of despair emerged. Then something unexpected happened. Paul, also lost the smile on his face and one of sorrow emerged. That was not normal Joe thought; disgust, anger hatred and contempt was what he would expect to replace the smile.

Paul lost the smile for he was just joking with Joe. He was a little too drunk and did not even think that Joe would take his joke as an attack. This was for Paul’s brother also crossdressed, so he was used to giving good heart grief as a joke. The last thing he wanted was to make his new friend feel uncomfortable.

Paul quickly apologized to Joe, “Sorry Joe, my brother is also a crossdresser and I razz him all the time about it in good jest. I had a couple and went too far. I am so sorry. You are a great guy and we all are enjoying your company.”

The other three quickly piped in, talking about how cool Paul’s brother, Dan, was. How much they like him and know that crossdressing was just something they do, it did not make them a freak. Larry even joked about how Dan looks better than his wife when Dan was all dolled up. Dave quickly joked back that anyone looks better than Larry’s wife.

Joe started to smile again. He was happy that he was accepted; more importantly they knew of someone else like him. It would be great to finally meet another ‘girl’ like me. Maybe we will become friends and we can go shopping together, or at least cybershop together, Joe thought. He quickly asked if Dan lived around here.

Paul’s response. “Yes he does and I tell you what. Give me your number and I will have him call you. I will also give you his number. My bro would love to meet you and have another “sister” That is what he calls other crossdressers
Also I will call you and we can all hang out again. Now back to more drinks and more laughter.”

They quickly exchange numbers and got back to just enjoying the moment. After a couple of more rounds and countless more laughs and jokes, Joe got up and left. While leaving Joe even joked about his dressing when Paul said goodbye princess. Joe with a smirk on his face said “You forgot the pretty pretty in front of princess.” Joe left the bar a new man for he was cured of the summertime blues.

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