You Are a Meany

You are a meany

Author's note: This story is about the unforseen ramifications of someone doing petticoat punishment to their son. I am putting the story out there self edited to see how far I have come in being able to catch my writing mistakes. Please be gentle with the criticism about the bad grammar, just point out how much help you think I need.

Luke Zahn could not believe what his mother was doing. “She started it and this is so unfair.” He said in protest to the punishment which his mom was giving him for making his sister Lori cry. If she was going to make fun of him he should be able to make fun of her also.

Alice Zhan demanded. “Young man I am sick of you making your baby sister cry, you should know better for you are older so get upstairs right now and change. You will be wearing that dress for the rest of the day”

Luke was dumbfounded and started to protest more. Yes he was the older sibling but it was only by 3 hours. He was quickly stopped by his mom when his sister, Lori, started to cry louder. He marched upstairs and told his mom he would never forgive her for this.

Lori started to laugh and make fun of Luke as he stumped down the stairs in a pink frilly dress, lacy socks and mary jane shoes. When he tried to fight back his mom scolded him. His sister kept on making demeaning at him and his mom just sat back watching. After a couple of minutes his mom started to laugh at him. Her laughter hurt him but still he would not cry.

Finally after a couple of minutes he started to cry. That is when his sister really went after him. Kept on calling him a sissy, that he looks so cute in that dress that maybe he was her sister not her brother. What got him the most was his mom agreeing with her. He ran upstairs crying and slammed his door.

His mom was so relieved that he finally broke, she was tired of the same thing over and over again. Lori was sensitive and would cry when Luke would tease her. Luke should just put up with his sister teasing him some. Little did Alice know protecting Lori from taking what she gave out would make Lori a mean person when she was an adult.

Luke heard the door of his room open and he asked to be left alone. His Mom did not like seeing him cry, but lied and said it was for his own good. He had to learn to be the better person and turn the other cheek. She did not do this to teach him that lesson, she just wanted to have peace in her house. She did not think it would cause any lasting harm. Little did she know that Luke was telling the truth when he said he would never forgive her for this punishment.

Alice try to console her hurting son and he recoiled from her touch. She told him he needed to quit crying or else he would have to stay in that dress longer. He snapped at his mom “Fine keep me in a dress all you want and make me cry more. Why aren’t you going to get punished for making me cry. I did nothing wrong. Lori said boys look stupid in baseball caps so I just told her girls look stupid in dresses. She started it and you know it. Leave me alone, I hate you.”

Even with the knowledge of her son not meaning those words Alice was hurt hearing them. She also knew from hearing them she went too far with the punishment. She was going to have to make this up to him and also somehow get Lori not to be so sensitive. “Luke how about when your father gets home me and you go and get some ice cream.”

Luke was not in the mood for ice cream or to be with his mom. Luke said “Yeah have me go outside in a dress. You are a meany. Leave me alone!”

Alice knew she messed up. She did tell him that he was going to be wearing a dress for the rest of the day. She did not mean that but Luke did not know. She corrected herself “Luke you can change before we go.”

Luke said “No, you said I will be in this dress for the rest of the day and I am going to so you do not punish me for not listening to you. You are a meany, leave me alone!”

Alice was lost at what to do. She went with his fear of getting into more trouble to try to get him out of the dress. “You know that your father is not going to like to see his son in a dress so you better change now mister.”

Luke was not phased by that threat. Luke said “I will tell daddy it was punishment from you. You will be in trouble for this not me. You did this, not me. You are a meany, leave me alone!”

Now, Alice was not looking forward to her husband coming home. Fred was going to flip when he finds out what she did. Fred was not happy when she would try to protect Lori from taking what she dished out. Fred wanted Lori to handle what she gave other people.

Alice pleaded with her son. “Please get out of the dress right now. Luke I messed up and I am sorry. I should have never done this. I should not have laughed at you and made fun of you. I just wanted you to feel how your sister felt for she is so sensitive. She is not as strong as you so you need to take her teasing.”

Luke said “No I am staying in this dress. You were mean to me, so mean and I did nothing wrong. I stood up for myself. I do not like to be picked on and Lori was doing so. You should have stopped her instead of being mean to me. Now leave me alone, you are a meany!”

Alice knew right then it was useless to try to reason with Luke. Luke was stubborn. He might have only been seven years old but he stood his ground when he thought he was right. Alice resided herself in the fact that she was going to have a huge fight with her husband.

Fred came home and Lori, with glee in her voice, announced to him that Luke was in a dress and she cannot wait to tell everyone at school how cute he was. Alice nor Fred could not believe what they heard,that she was happy about telling people at school this. Before Fred said what he knew he was going to be mad at his wife, this is for she started her explanation with don’t be mad. In Fred eye’s Don’t be mad meant you should be mad but the person saying it did not want you to be mad.

Fred heard the story and was livid, he just looked at his wife and said they would talk about that later.He then went upstairs to comfort Luke. Luke was leery of dad for the threat that his mom made and soon as he saw him he started to cry more saying mommy made him do it. Fred calmed down his son and got him to change. He promised his son that he would never have to wear a dress again and no one will know about it.

After they put the kids to bed Fred and Alice had a talk. Alice agreed she was wrong and would never do that again. She also agreed to the fact that she was going to have to do something extremely special for Luke to make this up to him.

Chapter 2
The next day at school was the first of many of the worst days ever of Luke’s life. Even with Lori being told not to tell anyone at school, she told everyone there. All of Luke’s classmates started to mercilessly tease Luke. Luke did try to fight back but it was too many kids ganging up on him. The teachers could not stop it all and how they did stop most of the teasing just made Luke more of an outcast. Luke’s classmates now hated Luke for he got them punish.

Then what the teachers thinking Luke wanted to wear a dress did not make the situation any better. They try to support him in his desire to wear a dress. They only started to believe it was punishment after he would not back down from them. They also got mad at him when he kept on correcting by saying it was his mom when they said his parents. They called and set up a meeting with his parents to make sure no abuse was going on.

Alice was annoyed that Luke told the school what happened. She did not want to have to defend what she did to others. He should have just dropped it. He came home and she started to yell at him for bringing the school into it. Luke told her that Lori told everyone he wanted to wear a dress and that is why he said what happened.

Alice turned to Lori and asked her if it was true. Lori started to cry and told her mom yes but only for Luke pulled her ponytail. That was a lie, but Alice believed it. She then threaten to put Luke in a dress again for to her it seemed like he did not learn his lesson. Luke ran upstairs and locked himself in the bathroom. He was not going to have to wear a dress again. Lori was frustrated, she did not mean the threat. She just wanted Luke to behave.

Fred came home to his wife knocking on the bathroom door bargaining with Luke to open it and hearing his son’s reply of “No you want me to wear a dress again, you are a meany, go away!”

Fred had enough, he shouted for his wife to come downstairs immediately. He started to yell at her and she brought up they agreed to never fight in front of the kids. Fred told her they also agreed both be in agreement with any discipline done to the kids and also that she would never put their son in a dress again. She tried to defend making that idle threat. Fred was not having it, for an idle threat to work the person who received the threat had to think it was real. Luke’s actions shown he did not know it was an idle threat, so it was real to him.

Alice then told Fred about the meeting with the school and how Luke made sure the school knew it was her idea. Fred asked how the school found out and Alice informed him that Lori told kids only because Luke pulled her ponytail. Fred told Lori to go to her room and do nothing other than wait for him.

Once Lori was upstairs, Fred told Alice that Luke would not pull his sister ponytail, and even if he did that Lori should have never told anyone. Also, Alice should not be mad at Luke for telling the truth and she should be mad at herself for what she did to their son. He told her she did this, she needed to clean it up.

Fred went to the bathroom to talk with Luke. Luke was bawling his eyes out, he felt to blame for his parents fighting. Fred told Luke it was not, it was for mommy was wrong and that is why they were fighting. Lori heard it and felt betrayed by Fred, they also agreed to never talk down the other parents to their children.

After a while talking with his son, Fred was finally able to get Luke out of the bathroom; now onto the next issue, Lori. As he approached Lori's room he heard her television was on. He went in and asked her why her television was on, she said for she was watching it. Fred told her to turn it off and she did. He asked her what he told her to do while in the room and she said do nothing while she waited for him. Fred asked her if she did that and she said no. He told her then if she cannot be trusted to not watch television then she would not have access to one in her room until she could be trusted. She screamed that was not fair.

Fred then covered her lying. She would not admit it at first, but finally did. He took away from her iPad and computer as punishment and also made her tell her mom the truth.

Fred came downstairs and Alice was waiting for him. His wife wanted to know what gave him the right to tell their son she was wrong. He told her for she was wrong and Luke needed to know that fact. He then informed her that he took away Lori’s television, ipad and computer until she learn to act better towards her brother.

Alice did not like that, she said that sisters treat their brothers that way all the time. Alice was the youngest sister in her family and did get away with teasing her brothers while they got in trouble. The reason was the age difference, the youngest brother was 4 years older than her. They were supposed to be more mature than her.

Alice brought up how they were supposed to agree with the punishment. Fred fired back you did not do so with Luke, plus what you did with Luke showed me you cannot handle this situation. Alice did not like him saying that and accused him of saying she was not a fit mother. Fred hated her putting words in his mouth and told her he meant that she did not handle those two teasing each other right.

Chapter 3

The next 5 years were horrible for Luke, he lost all his friends from Lori telling them he like to wear dresses. He did not get along with his mom. She thought that he was overreacting to the situation. One of her brothers was a loner and enjoyed being so, Luke should be able to do the same.

None of his fellow classmates invited him to their birthday parties or came to his. The second one after he became an untouchable to his classmates, his mom actually had two parties on his and Lori’s birthday. One for him and another for Lori. That was so the kids would show up to Lori’s. His dad put a stop to it once he found out that Lori did not invite her brother to her party. He was so mad at his wife when he found out she allowed Lori not to invite Luke. Alice try to defend backing up Lori’s decision by saying that the kids would not have shown up if they knew Luke was going to be there. Fred did not attend the party to show support for his son and did not sleep in his own bed for a month.

Fred also put a stop to Lori going to coed birthday parties which Luke was not invited. This was for Lori was the cause of Fred exclusion so she should be excluded also. He was mad when he found out that his wife was sneaking Lori to those parties behind his back. Alice thought it was unfair that Lori had to pay for Luke being unpopular. Alice was lucky that Fred did not find out about the birthday parties she held in secret for Lori.
The worse was how Lori became popular and would join in on picking on him. Until Luke became a social leper, he was more popular than Lori. Lori hated that she needed her brother to be part of the group. Now she did not, so he can find out how it felt to be not as popular than her. Then when she felt he learned his lesson she did not do anything to bring him back to the group for it might hurt her standing with her friends.

Then an unexpected turn for the better came when his Aunt Bridget, her mom’s sister, and Uncle Martin, Bridget’s husband, came back home to visit from California . They were not home for 6 years and Aunt Bridget was so hurt to see her favorite nephew a different child. He used to be so alive and happy, now he was behaving like the world was beating him down.

She asked why and was appalled by the answer. Bridget knew that her sister did not mean any harm for what she did, but could not believe that she was not helping her son more. One night she offer to have Luke stay with her for the summer. Luke needed to get away for a while. Fred told her that he liked the idea and he and Alice would talk about it.

Alice and Fred talked about it. Alice was not going to allowed them to take her son away. He might still be mad at her, but she loved him. She was trying her best to get him better but could not. Fred told her “You already took your son away from yourself 5 years ago when you put him in the dress. Then you kept him away by always siding with Lori. That gets me so mad and we always fight about it. You know that Luke needs you to side with him but you do not.”

Alice got defensive. “ I do not side with Lori, I am just not going to have her be treated by her classmates like they treat Luke. It is hard enough for me to see my son how he is, I could not handle both of our kids being social outcasts.”

Fred then said “Let Luke go live with your sister for the summer and he can come back with more confidence. He needs to be a normal kid, one who has friends which have the same interests as him. He has a couple now but they always change when those kids start to be accepted by the others. That hurts him for he has to put up with knowing that one day his friends will turn on him. I am going to say yes to your sister generous offer.”

Alice relented, she knew she was wrong. She just did not want to face the truth. She was the reason why her son had to go away. She caused him being an outsider and to make matters worse she could not find a way to make it better. It hurt her that she caused a rift between her and Luke. She just did not want that rift to grow while he was gone.

Luke had a great summer living with his aunt and uncle. They also enjoyed having him there. Bridget was 15 years older than Alice, so they were empty nesters. Luke regained energy brought a rejuvenation in their home. It was coming close to Luke having to go back and he asked his aunt and uncle if he could stay.

Briget and Martin talked about how nice it would be to have Luke stay with them, but knew it was only a dream. They wanted it, but he needed to go back to his mom and dad. They told Luke they would have to talk with his parents. Luke knew it would be a no, his parents were happy that he was doing so much better but wanted their son home.

Bridget was true to her word and brought it up with Alice and Fred. Alice was offended and wanted her son to come home right away. Fred was open to the idea, he knew he would miss his son but wanted what was best for him.

After the phone call Alice dismissed the subject when Fred brought it up. Fred would not drop it, he knew he had to do what was best for Luke. Fred told his wife that they would move to another town if Luke came home. Alice agreed for they had been looking at moving for the last 3 years.

Fred made himself clear, he meant that they would be moving right away. That she would have to pick one of the homes they have been looking at for them to move to. Alice told Fred they would move when they found the right house. Fred told her that they been looking for 3 years now and it was enough. That she needed to pick a house so Luke can have a new start.

Alice wanted to do what was best for Luke, and at the same time stay where they lived. It would not be fair for Lori to have to start anew just because Luke was not as popular as she was. Boys can handle not being popular better than girls so Luke can handle it.

Alice drew a line and said that they would not move until they found the right house, no matter how long it took. Fred crossed the line and said then Luke is staying out in California until we find that house. Alice told Fred never. Fred crossed that line also “Then you better get ready to downsize our lifestyle, for I am going to rent an apartment and live there with Luke. We will see each other less but I need to do what is best for my son. I let you drag your feet with finding a new house for it is a huge decision and affects the entire family, but enough is enough."

Alice was furious that her husband back her into a corner. She knew that he was going to have him and Luke move out when Luke came back. She did not want to lose her family. She also did not want to admit that she was failing Luke as a mother. She relented and went with the compromise of Luke living with his aunt and uncle until they found a new home.

They told Luke the news and he was excited. He also said that he was looking forward to them getting a new house so he could come back home. The search continue for that entire school year and Alice kept on finding something wrong with the new house. They kept Luke updated and it made him grow more distant from his mom. He knew that she just did not want to uproot Lori.

Alice did not like that Fred kept on telling Luke why they were rejecting the new homes. She felt that Fred was making her out to be the bad guy. Fred told her that it was the truth and Luke deserved to know it.

Alice, and Fred made plans to go with Lori to see Luke in California. Alice and Fred were so looking forward to seeing their son. They wanted to see how much he grew and see him full of life again. Lori was happy going to California for Boys +1, her favorite boy band, was playing while she was out there and her aunt got her tickets to the show. Lori was looking forward to see Luke only to remind him that he was not as popular as she was. She hated that her parents were talking more about Luke, she wanted all their attention.

They got to California and the visit started out great. It did not last being great for that long. The second day they were out there Luke had a couple of his friends come over to meet his parents. Lori hated that she was second fiddle to her brother again, she was going to change that. While they were enjoying the cookout she told Luke’s friends about him wearing a dress.

Luke was horrified hearing his sister bring that up. Fred quickly interjected that Lori forgot one important part of the story, that Luke’s mom forced him to wear that dress. Alice was pissed that once again Fred had to point out what she did. She tried to justify doing it. Luke was relieved that his friends did not care about the story. Later on they said his mom was wrong to do that to him.

After they were done eating Fred told Lori he wanted her to see the view of the valley from upstairs. Lori went into the house and her dad said “Young lady, you are to go to the guest room and write a paper for me explaining why you were wrong for bringing up that humiliating story about your brother. You will not do anything else until I get the paper and approve of what you put in it. Understand.”

Lori said yes, Fred said what for he wanted more than a half felt confirmation. Lori relented and said “Yes dad I understand I was wrong and will do as told.”

After Luke’s friends left, Lori came down with her paper. She wrote a great paper about why she was wrong, she did not believed a word of it. Fred was happy with the paper and waited for Lori to apologize to Luke. She did not, and Fred was disappointed in her. He made her do so, but it was worthless and did nothing to help Luke feel better about his sister.

After the apology Lori wanted the conversation to be about her so she told Aunt Bridget she was so looking forward to the concert they were going to tomorrow. Aunt Bridget informed Lori that they were not going to the concert now because of that stunt she just pulled. That she was not going to reward Lori’s bad behavior by taking her to that concert.

Lori scream that was not fair and her mom agreed. Uncle Martin also thought it was a little drastic. Aunt Bridget stood her ground, they were her tickets and she could do with them what she liked. Alice told her sister she had no right to tell Lori she could not go to the concert. Bridget agreed with her then informed her sister that Lori could still go to the concert, it is just that Lori could not use the ticket which Bridget bought. After explaining herself she and Martin left to give her sister’s family so privacy while they continue the discussion.

Lori scream in Luke’s face “I hate you, you big sissy. Get over the fact no one at your old school liked you. You just do not like that mom and dad like me better, just like everyone else.”

Fred had enough. “Lori, you do not talk to anyone, let alone your brother in that manner. You do not tell your brother those lies. You need to start to treat your brother better for one day you will need him and he will not be there for you. I would not blame him.”

Fred knew that him and Alice messed up by allowing Lori to become so self centered. He tried to stop it but Alice did not help. It was like she was blinded to the fact how needy their daughter was. How mean their daughter could be to others.

Alice did not like how Fred talked to Lori. Lori was fragile and he was too tough on her. Lori needed that extra attention and it is fine that she got it. In Alice’s mind it was not playing favorites, it was giving each child what they needed. Alice said “Fred that was a little harsh, Lori was not thinking and like she said earlier she thought it was a funny story for Luke’s friends to know so they would rib him about it, like she did when Luke lived with us.”

Luke being confident could not take hearing that lie. “Mom, Lori was not ribbing me when she used to pick on me at school. She did so to make herself feel better about herself and to be more popular, Lori does not like me, never did and I do not like her now either. She tried to destroy my social life again. She cannot stand that I have friends, that some people like me better than her.”

Alice told her son to take back those words. Fred piped in that Luke did not for that is exactly how Lori was acting and how he felt. Luke also told his mom he would not. Alice saw the hate he had for her in his eyes. She knew the rift between her and her son was growing “Luke, don’t you talk back to me like that and get that hateful look off of your face. Why do you hate me so much?”

Luke told his mom he did not hate her, he did hate that she put him in a dress. Alice told him to get over that, she was sorry about doing it and learned her lesson.

Luke “No, you have not learned your lesson about that. You never did anything to rectify you doing that. You never punished Lori for telling everyone at school. You never put any effort in making her stop teasing me about it, but punish me if I fought back. You snuck behind my back and held secret birthday parties for Lori. Yeah Lori would rub my face in it, when I brought it up you said maybe I should be in a dress for I am complaining like a little girl.

It is not only about you putting me in that dress, it is your actions afterward. You treated me not having any friends like it was no big deal. You never found a house for us to move to so I could start anew. In a way that is good for Lori would have just told people about the dress.”

Alice felt bad about what her son said. She also wished that he understood that she was not going to make Lori pay for the fact that he was not popular. He should have found a way to get past what happened. She loved her son but thought he should have been stronger.

Alice try to defend her daughter “She would never have told people after we moved. Luke I did not mean you should be in a dress, I just was sick of you complaining about something I could not fix. You needed to fix it.

You are coming home with us Luke, we need to mend our relationship. You need to see that I do care for you but I cannot do everything for you. You need to quit blaming me putting you in that dress for all your issues. Not everyone can be as popular as Lori is”

Fred blew a gasket when he found out about the secret birthday parties and her demeaning their son. “Alice, right here, saying that Lori would have never done what she just did is Luke’s point. We are going to have a huge talk after your sister comes home and take the kids somewhere.

Luke you should have told me about the parties and your mom using the threat of her putting you in a dress to demean you. Also you only have to come back home with us if you want to. ”

Luke told his dad. “It was no use to tell you, when I did all it did was lead to you and mom fighting and nothing changing. I did not want to be the cause of you two not getting along.

I know you mean well dad, but mom wants it so I will be coming home. I am going to my room.”

Luke walked to his room with his head down and no energy. Lori smiled when she saw that her brother felt defeated. She just could not stand her brother was doing better than her. Her sense of sibling rivalry twisted her relationship with Luke. She just had to be better than him in everything. Also she was mad at him for she believed that he was responsible for her not going to see Boys +1.

Briget and Martin returned and Fred asked them if they would be kind enough to take Luke and Lori somewhere for Fred and Alice needed to talk. Bridget knew that those two were going to need a while so suggested that she take them to a movie.

Fred and Alice had their most heated fight ever. They called each other names which they still regret to this day. This is like any fight between a couple, no one won it. It was agreed that Luke will stay out here. It was also agreed that Luke would come home for Christmas. Lastly it was agreed that Luke and his mom would have a talk about their relationship.

Chapter 4

Luke never ended up moving back to his parents, Alice never found the right house. Fred also gave up looking for he knew that it was in Luke’s best interest if he stayed in California. He was thriving there and Fred did not want to chance Lori trying to sabotage Luke’s progress. It did hurt Fred for he knew that he would never be as close to his son as he wanted. His son’s well being was more important to him so Fred resigned to that fact.

The space between the closeness that Luke and his mom had grew as he was gone. They did have talks about making their relationship better, but Alice always found a way not to keep her end. She would still always side with Lori. They started to visit Luke without Lori. Alice would always mention how much she missed her daughter. That hurt Luke for Lori choose not to come out to see him.

Luke was going to graduate from college with summa cum laude honors so his parents and Lori came out to attend his graduation. She was already working as a MRI technician and felt slighted that her parents did not feel the same pride in her finishing school. She did not care that Luke had the highest honor which his university bestowed, she finished her program before he was done with University..

The night before his graduation Luke was going out with his friends to have one last night out together before they went their separate ways. Lori suggested she came along, Luke said no. Lori did not talk to him other than Christmas time in almost a decade. He did not want to spend time with her. He was also scared that she would do anything to try to make his friends like her more.

As Fred was getting ready to drive Luke to the bar, Alice told them to wait. She informed Luke that he was taking his sister. Luke told his mom no. His mom told Luke that his sister is trying to reach out have a better relationship with him so he should meet her halfway. Also, that Luke was her son so he was going to listen to her.

Fred did not like the idea one bit. He knew that Lori was up to something and did not want her to ruin this special occasion for Luke. Before he could object Luke agreed to it. Luke thought to himself “If Lori does anything to make me look bad in front of my friends, I just will cut myself off from my family.”

Lori, staying true to herself, at the first chance she got brought up Luke wearing a dress. Luke and his friends laughed when she did. See, Luke was not the scared lonely little boy anymore and they all knew about that punishment. They also all knew about Lori always trying to make his life a living hell. They decided to make her night a living hell. They brought up how she was jealous of Luke looking better than her in a dress, how she could not stand Luke was more popular than her until she told the entire school about the punishment, that she was nothing more than a self-centered bitch who’s best days were behind her.Lori hated it and got a cab to take her to the hotel.

They were all laughing and having a good time when Luke’s mom showed up at the bar. Alice went right to Luke and demanded that he apologized to his sister. Luke just looked at his mom and said “No, mom. Lori tried to belittle me in front of my friends and we were not having it. Don’t even try to say it was in good fun, for you were not here to witness it.

I told you and her I did not want her to come, yet you forced her on me. While if you think I have to listen to you for you are my mom, I am just not going to have anything to do with you anymore. I will see you and dad at graduation for I know that our precious snowflake Lori will be too upset to attend. There we will say our goodbyes.”

Alice told her son to quit overreacting and demanded him to come back to the hotel with her. Luke said no. She started to yell at him and the bouncer asked her to keep her voice down. She told them she was talking to her son. They told her they did not care and asked her to leave.

His mom was leaving and Luke’s friends suggested that they call it a night. Luke was determined not to let his mom ruin their last night together. This might be the last time he ever saw these people for they were going to spread all across the globe. They did stay and the mood quickly went back to the celebratory.

An hour later Luke’s dad showed up. He asked his son if it was alright if he could join them and offered to buy the next two rounds. Luke quickly said of course.Luke could not pass up free drinks and a chance to give his dad a proper goodbye without any drama from his mom. Luke was waiting for his dad to bring up what happened and it did not happen. Fred told his son how proud he was of him, how much he loved him and that he would always be there for him however he could.

Luke told his friends that he was going to another table to spend some time with his dad. When they were at the other table, Fred told his son that he was sorry that he did not do enough for his son. He understood why Luke felt how he did and that Luke will always be part of the family if he choose to be.

Luke told his dad that he would keep in touch with him and he loved him. He was not going to be treated how he was by his mom when it comes to Lori and his relationship. Fred understood and suggested that maybe Luke can still come around without Lori around. Luke turned it down for even when Lori was not there physically, his mom would have her there spiritually.

It was not until his wedding that he saw his mom and dad again. They went to the wedding but were not invited. Fred did not know they were not invited and felt horrible finding out his wife lied to him. Alice could not understand why her son kicked her out of his wedding. Fred was not kicked out for he left when he found out he should not have been there. Luke stopped even calling his parents and did not return the phone calls they made until they quit trying to talk with him.

A few years after the wedding Luke got a call from his Aunt Bridget to tell him his sister son, Tim, needed a bone marrow transplant. Even with how Luke felt about his sister he told his aunt that he would be checked to see if he was a suitable donor only if no one else in the family knew. He did not want his mom to use his act of kindness to try to reconnect to him.

A couple of days after the being checked to see if he was a match, Luke heard a knock on his door. It was his mom and dad, they both looked sad and asked if they could come in. Luke knew what this was about so he let them in

Luke’s mom told the story of Lori’s son needing a bone marrow transplant and pleaded with Luke to be tested so he could help his nephew. That they had nowhere else to go. Luke thought about his response. They ranged from wanting to tell his mom where she could go, she had no right to ask him to that he also wanted to be part of the family again. He had to make the decision

He looked at his mom and dad and remembered his dad warning Lori that one day she was going to need her brother and he would not be there for her.

“Mom, I am so sorry for Tim, that he needs a bone marrow transplant but he is a stranger to me. I was not invited to Lori’s wedding, never even told I had a nephew so I cannot help him in good faith. There are others children who need a bone marrow transplant, yet I am not rushing out to help them

You should have not come here. I am not part of your life anymore. All you telling me this is doing is making me feel guilty for not helping someone in need. Now please both of you leave my house and forget that you know where I live.”

Fred spoke up. “Son, I supported your decision to cut us out of your life. I understand why, still this is just cruel. You are making an innocent child pay for our mistakes. Little Timmy needs you, not us. Do it for him? Please, you cannot be this cold towards us.”

Hearing his father words rattled Luke, he wondered if he could live with the fact that his parents thought he was heartless towards them. He might not want them in his life but he wanted them to have good thoughts about him. He made the decision this would be a clean break

“Dad like you said to Lori one day she was going to need me and I will not be there for her. I will not help Tim for it also helps her.”

Alice and Fred left Luke’s house. They were so downtrodden about how cruel their son was towards anything which had to do with Lori. Alice finally realized that how she treated Lori and Luke was the cause of this. They did not know how they were going to keep what was left of their family together.

Luke found out he was a match and made arrangement to donate. His aunt was so proud of him. She did not like how he made his parents believe he did not do it, but understood. He just did not want them in his life anymore.

Then while recovering from donating he got a letter from his parents. It read
Dear Luke
Thank you so much for donating the marrow which saved Tim’s life. We are so proud of you in seeing if you were a match before we even asked. We understand why you lied to us and know it is our fault that you did. Please do not be mad at your Aunt Bridget, she only told us after we bad talked you to her. She had to defend you when we called you evil.
We have not told Lori for we know that you do not want her to know. We just tell her about how she ensured you would not be there for her when she would need you. Even with the pleasure you would get with her knowing what you did for her, it would not be worth it to you for she would try to contact you. She treated you so bad while you were growing up and we did not do enough to stop it..
This letter is short for we are going to respect your wishes and stay out of your life. I (your mom) was so wrong with how I treated what happen with me putting you in that dress. That thoughtless action had a butterfly effect on your life. We love you and you will always be in our hearts.
Mom and Dad

Luke with tears in his eyes picked up his phone and made a call. “Hello mom, I love you and we need to talk.”

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