Vantier a Whateley Tale chapter 14--labor day pool party

Vantier a Whateley Tale.....Ancient and Powerful Vantier awakens in a foreign world, struggling to find her place in it.

He is saved from the death of his race and start all over again....but can she survive?
A human high school and being a teenager? Will she remember what was? And grow in power?

We take a break for the madness of Rohanna and join Vantier in her first week at school!

I have to tell you this, switching from writing a crazy Drow to a level headed older GOO is not easy!---lol

BIG NOTE for my readers!

In this chapter I am trying something new to show Kyley's learning of English and her missing words.

When she skips a word like this...."I hope ___ see you?" She is leaving out the 'to' by accident and sometimes I will use this as a plot point but not all the time. So remember that when reading that this new way to show her learning the language, it will show up time to time?



Saturday September 1, 12:50 pm
Crystal Hall

After getting my tray of lunch samples and what I already seem to like eating here at Whateley, my tray is placed next to 'KK's as I plop with a heavy sigh into my seat across from her at our normal table.

"Well what happened to you, something is bugging you I can feel the waves of it coming off ya?" she asks me with genuine concern.

"Ohhh me sorry about that?" I sigh and I firm up my shields that cover up my power of empathy better.

"That is 'I am' sorry, but what happened Ky?"

"Something I rather not talk about here, maybe back in our room a little?"


Several weeks back...

Tim Simons, the guard from back at Homestake that Kyley had embarrassed badly by making the poor man faint at seeing the 'real' her and later on befriended him.

He currently was sitting in the outer office of Franklin Delarose, Chief of Whateley Security. As Tim shuffles his file full of his papers for the hundredth time, he remembers back to when he asked old Gunny Johnson about leaving Homestake for this job offer.

Over a month back....

"Hey Gunny can I come in...sir?" Tim asked the older bald man behind his huge desk.

"Come on in Tim, the door is always open to my men!" he grinned back at the younger man.

After Tim took his seat, he leaned forward to the old soldier to be more personal with him, "Gunny, I want to get your approval for a transfer to Whateley or maybe ARC up in New Hampshire."

"Why, if I can ask. you're doing well here and fit in with your squad great?"

"It's very personal...sir?" time said growing more timid and unsure to even ask for this...something was drawing him to ask for this new job.

"Hummm Tell me straight up, personal as in you? Or personal as in Kyley Barron?" the old man asked him as he leaned back into his huge chair almost king like in it's appearance.

"Sir?" Tim questioned him.

"It was a easy question, are you going out looking for work at Whateley or ARC for something personal or because Kyley is going there?" he asked again to be more clear this time.

"I am not sure Gunny? I don't want to really leave. But something deep in me says GO?" Tim hesitated to go on explaining that strange feeling more.

"I get it Tim, you are not the only one from my staff here requesting this kind of transfer and I am sure all of you want to go, so you can be nearer to her...I know why. She pulls certain people TO her and I felt it more than a little myself. If I was not an old soldier and already had a family here, I would be going with all of you."

"So you understand then sir? I want to go in a strange way and Whateley is a step up in my pay grade?"

"I am so glad that you asked me, I have been waiting for one of my best to crack and want this transfer up there."

"Really Gunny?" he smiled to the old man.

"Yes," he said, as one hand fished a bottle of fine scotch out of the desk drawer, "I will give you a great recommendation and the chief up there owes me a favor too. So pack your trash, you are off and ask Kyley before you take a job right at her school? And if she says no, I can get you placed at ARC just as fast!"

"Thanks Gunny!" Tim says as he takes a offered shot glass from the man.

"Tim, you will look after the lady for us all here?"

"With my life Gunny, she saved all of us and she should have the best of us backing her up!"


Soon enough, Chief Delarose opens his door and waves for Tim to come on into his office, "Get on in here and lets talk a bit."

"Yes sir," Tim says and leaps to his feet and follows the man into a very nice office. Then is waved over to a chair to sit.

"Well Gunny tells me to hire you, but only after you talk to someone just before this next semesters start? That is one funny request kid!" he says then waves a hand to ask Tim for his folder of documents.

"Sorry Chief Delarose, but I have to ask someone close to me if this move okay with them and if it is not, I will find work elsewhere nearby?"

"Okay, so for now I will take you in and I can hold a slot for you because my old buddy Gunny asked me...till you want it, or not?"

"Thanks chief Delarose! I will tell you what the outcome is, as soon as I know one way or the other?"

"Good now get going, I have stacks of papers to go through with this next bunch of kids coming in!"

Tim grins at the man as he leaves, one part down and now to ask Kyley if this alright with her after she moves to here?


Once both of us got back to our shared room, we found two men inside our room! Both were very busy just finishing up laying a strip of stonework around my bed in the shape of a square?

"Why__ you here?" I questioned both of them as I came in.

"Sorry about this, we were backlogged and this was supposed to be done last week. That darn lock of yours on both the door here and in the library are very hard to install!" the first man to stand up informed me, as his partner walked out the door to grab something.

"Who__ you?" I questioned him again

"Are you...Kyley?" 'KK' corrected me quickly.

"Ohhh I am Stan," then he thumbed over to his pal at the door, "That is Morrie and we fix everything here at Whateley."

"So what is this?" I ask him, as I study the stonework square and find it's a warding line from the rainbow of colored glowing sigils dancing in the air above it. Just like the ones used in the library hear and at Homestake.

"This is a warding box for your bed, we were told that you love to read those 'X' class books of yours in bed and this is just a precaution for your roommate. Then Morrie will bring in a locking box, that works off the same locking device you used on the elevator over in the library and you can store any books inside that during the day?."

"Okay, I understand now and thanks I was kind of worried about that?"

As Morrie brings in the box and sets it down, he nudges his working pal, "Ask her?"

"Ask me what?" I had to question him.

"We heard that you are looking for work and we have a job this coming early morning next Sunday that needs someone like you?"

"What is that?"

"Helping us both with cleaning a tunnel out, that is all Class 'X' restricted access?" he shrugged to me.

"Why me?" I question the need for me or even the need to do such a task.

"Well the last student we used last term, she is stepping out on this one, this time. She had a bad time of it last year. Then add the samll fact, that you are Mythos and what could hurt you?...Then the plus is, the job pays triple time, hazard pay and that we get paid for the full twelve shift, even if it only takes an hour to finish. Most of the time this only takes two hours to finish all up?" he shrugs to me.

'KK' glares at Stan more than sideways now in her growing suspicion of the mans 'job'..."This sounds more than fishy to me!" she now warns me.

"No just plain simple dangerous, we take precautions. But there is always a chance to get hurt or dead?" he warns me now.

"How much is this 'little' job paying her?" 'KK' asks him for me, as I ponder the first question.

"Ohhh just under One thou for Kyley, we get paid way more. But that is our deal as school technicians and she is a student with a scholarship?"

When I hear that number, I have to ask Becky about it quickly. As that is a whole lot of money just for one job, one day and working as a child? ~"Becky love?"~ I question her mentally.

~"Yes Ky, you need something?"~ I feel Becky smile back at me and I can see through her eyes now. That she is at our new home unpacking boxes.

~"Are you busy?"~ I ask her.

~"Why no and you know that!" she mentally giggles at me, "I am fixing up our new place! But why again?"~

~"The school needs me for a job on next Sunday morning very early, the man says it's a bit dangerous. But I think it's okay and it pays almost a thousand dollars for a few hours work!"~

~"Dangerous I don't like, but if you think you can do it? I will always trust your better judgment."~

~"I will do this one job and see if more just like it comes along later on. Love you!"~ and I end the chat with a mental hug.

"Well Stan I will do it, just come get me when you need me on Sunday please?"

"You got it kid, dress to get dirty. Or I can give you a coverall that you can burn later?"

"I will take the coverall set, because my clothing budget is stretched very thin!" I laugh at him.


After both of them left us 'KK' tried to grill me a little and I let her in on my new troubles from the security department visit as best I could. She paced the room angry at Edward too, "That boy dropping this all on you, that is so unfair!" she howled for me.

"Please 'KK' calm yourself, that emotional rage hurts me?" I almost whimper as her waves of anger and rage wash over me.

"Ohhh dear I forgot, please let me leave for a second and go hit something hard?"

I had to shake my head at her plan, "That's not necessary, unless you really want to go hit something?"

"Ohh Kyley, that's why I am starting to love ya girl! You think of others before yourself."


Sunday September 2, 6:10 am
Poe cottage

Late last night, Becky had contacted me and arranged a 'porter' to come meet me at 6:15 this morning. So just outside of the quad area I stood waiting for this person to arrive.

Then right at fifteen on the dot, a guy popped right up in the center of the quad and waved to me, "Kyley Barron?" he questioned me.

"That be me?" I yelped back.

"I need your ID then we can go?" so I hand him my card and he nods back after reading it. "Stand close please?"....then gone.


Sunday September 2, 6:16 am

When the port ended, both of us were now standing in a large empty room. "Miss please follow me?" he asked and then lead me into a beautiful waiting area. That was the center of many connecting rooms that had mutants that have 'porter' powers at work, coming and going or a working on a human made Porthole device or Dimensional gateway.

As I glanced at the gate working, as someone just stepped out of it and I watched as it powered down, "I have to come back and look that over, it seems out of adjustment. Then add to that, it looks very inefficient to me?" I wondered out loud.

A man started to laugh at my simple statement, as I spotted both him and My Becky! "Now I am sure Kyley is going to be worth every cent of that tuition at Whateley and what we are paying on top of that!"

I was not even thinking to answer him at the time, I just hugged Becky fast, "HI my soulmate, I missed you terribly this last week!"

After I let Becky's feet fall back to the floor, she turned to introduce the man to me, "Kyley, this is Dr. Otto and he is in charge of most of the section you will be dealing with." Then she waved over to the next woman, "And this is Mrs. Tupper, she runs the dimensional gateway team. You will be working for her and her team, on improving their existing gate technology."

"Nice to meet both of you?" I grin more than happy to meet someone that I will be working with soon!

"Well shall we get Kyley over to security for the black section and get her all set up with what she needs?" the tall man, that Becky called Mr. Otto asks us all.

The next part of my trip was the longest, as we traveled down into the huge mountain well over a mile deep and came finally to a very secure section after changing elevators twice to get here.

"Well here we are ladies!" Dr. Otto announced to us as the last huge door slid open on the truck sized elevator.

"Well this is nice?" I said looking over the rather plain room, that had mostly steel or what looked to be steel walls.

"Kyley?" Dr. Otto calls to me and stands next to a new man, "This is Matt Cordova, he runs the black section...research department that you will be working under and he will be showing you what they need work on?...Matt she is all yours! I have to go back up top to greet someone."

"Good day, Sir" I said to the leaving Dr. Otto.

"Kyley, I will be seeing you around for sure. I used to handle Sara's work for ARC, I know that you met with her Homestake and I am sure that I will be assigned to your case soon enough?"

After Otto is gone and rather huge door closes behind him. Matt waves me over to his desk, "Kyley this is your new ID card and the locks on the Black section open to this card and mine only. We are the only two that can open all of them." he says to me, as his two fingers slide them across his large desk to me.

"Okay Matt...sir I understand."

"Just Matt is fine, we will be working together for several years I think. So lets be close friends then and use just first names?"

"Hope so, this archive seems to need my help from what__ am told?"

"Ohh yes it certainly does, most of the books and items in the high restricted section have never been logged properly. Only robots work inside that room and shelve the books. Then place items in separate cases by classification type, magical, Mythos type or a long list of others. All done to keep interactions or bad reactions down and that is all the work we can do at this time?"

"So I might be the first person or being__ see some of what is in that vault in?"

"In most cases the first person in decades and in some cases hundreds of years. As some shipping cases came to us sealed and we never knew what was in them."

I have to ask this, over at Homestake I could take some of the more interesting of difficult tomes home to read? Can I do that here too?" I grin at him.

"Yes, it's all up to your discretion. Mostly because, we have no idea what is in some of the collection in there!" he laughs at me.

As he laughs at me as a nice looking, but plainly dress lady walks into Matt's office and hands him a file, " is what I need that new girl to find for me?"

"Ahh Ellena, this girl right here, she is the one you want with over your requests?" he nods to her.

"You?" she questions me sharply, with more than a few waves of confusion I can just feel wafting off her, "You are the Mythos that Homestake sent over to work here, but you are a teenager?"

"Yep, that is the body the universe chose for me and if you find out why it did? Please do tell me, I have many questions to ask it?" give her a more than crooked smile, that instantly cracks Becky up with bouts of laughter.

"Humm, I have to guess the universe works in strange ways then? But Miss Barron, this file has what I need the most attention on for my research, if you can help me?"

I flip through the small file and read her very strange list back to her, "You want information on the Drow, Elvin royals, generals and any commands that are used to order troops." then turn over a few more papers and find even more strangeness, "And any memoirs by the same or written histories?"

"Yes I am very interested in their military command and the Drows involvement in it?"

"So what type__ Drow are you after, as there are many different types in that race of Sidhe?" I ask as I ponder her list of questions as I read farther down it.

"There is more than one type, this is the first we have heard of it?"

"Yes, there are the Grove Guardians, the royals of their kind, warriors, mages, enchanters, what could be called civilians and lastly the rarest of all...the changed."

"I would need a short description on all of them, to be able to tell you what I was pursuing?"

"If you are after information on the Drow I saw this week__ Whateley, that one is one of the changed and most dangerous to even play with." I inform her.

"That is the one, she showed up a few months ago and we need research on her?"

"I can do that, but I am sure most__ this will be with the Medawihla Were tribes archives located at their village?"

"As fast as you can, if you have too? Just give me the books on the subjects as you find them, I can personally stand up to level four on class 'X' items with no damage."

"I can do that, most of this is just personal journals and not really class 'X'...I am sure most of it was misplaced is all. BUT be warned, that surly some of the royals books will be trapped and trapped well! Then add any military communications to that list."

Matt perks up just then as I warned her, "What traps Kyley?"

"Spells woven into the very pages of the books and maybe hidden in amongst the text itself?" I ponder the question more, remembering what I had used in the past myself to keep my secrets.

"So you will warn us if you find them?" Matt asks me.

"I will try, but most spells that Sidhe make don't even get my attention anymore? The spell set inside a trap, it will see me as a friend or Sidhe and not react to me. But to a human...ohhh that can get bad and very quickly!"

"Bad, how bad?" Matt questions me again and seems to be finally getting serious about the danger I just pointed out to both of them.

"Dead, mind ripped apart, possessed and who knows what else?" I count off a short mental list, then finally shrug to both of them.

"Well you can test them for us, then release the ones you feel are mostly safe?"

"I can try, but that might add weeks to my geting one large tome done for you and then I can not be fully sure I caught each one?"

"Why not?"

"I am not human or Sidhe. So the spell will just sit there waiting for the wrong person to read it or open the page?"

"Okay...okay, so what are the odds then?"

"Of a tome being trapped? The higher the person or being it was made for, the higher the risk and for example a Queen's tome. I would never let you read that...EVER! I am so very sure it would kill you on the spot. A generals book, maybe half that level of danger or less?"

Matt pondered on my answers for several minutes, while I made sure that the list was firmly in my memory with a second reading, "Kyley, how about this? You do a good quick pass over on any book that fits Ellena's list and we will go over it here at ARC for any dangers above that?"

"I don't recommend doing that, most good Sidhe trap spells? A human will never find, till it's done it's task?"

Ellena chirps in next, "We have excellent people here and I feel we are up to the task of finding them."

"Your life, not mine. But if you cause damage and I have to fix it, expect the cost in many ways to be great?"

Matt slides in his chair a little forward, closer to me, "What do you mean by that Kyley?"

"If a cursed person is killing or threatening others and I see it...they die to save others. That is the best safest way to deal with Sidhe royals curses."

"Why so harsh?" Matt shakes his head to me and glares at me very sternly.

"Sidhe curses of that level, they usually have layers and some will not activate for years. Then some of them, even curse your children in later generations."

"I had no idea they would ever do that!" Ellena gasps a little at me.

"The Sidhe are that way, ruthless in protecting their secrets and especially from humans!"

"Humm I have been running the black section for years and never heard of this?"

"The dead, mind tattered or possessed. They don't talk much?" I almost laugh at him.

"Okay, we will go with the set plan of you going through it all as best you can and then hand over a list or the books themselves to us, to research from there."

"Your life, I will do as asked of me." I warn him yet again, as I ponder to myself 'You are not thinking Matt, of how harsh a Sidhe curse can be?'

Matt goes on to his next step in his mental list and shows me over to the huge doors that lock off that 'black' library of this section of ARC. With a few uses of my new ID card at a few armored doors, I walk slowly down the center isle of the huge vault over a mile deep sealed within the hard rock of this mountain and all that is walled off behind several feet of armor, that is magically warded on top of all that!

Inside that surprisingly well lit place, I find a rather nice table waiting for my use and several nice chairs, one is a absolutely huge overstuffed variety from a great library I guess?

Most of the rooms books are still hidden deep within shipping crates and the shelves are bare in this section. Off in one far corner. I see the same style containers that held objects in the vault that I awoke in over at Homestake and several of the same metal style pallets from that room too, each is holding up a large object and all wrapped in several layers of packing blankets!

One thing I do note that hits me as strange, yet makes some sense? I can't hear Becky in my head at all, the metal of the walls must be shutting even that out. But that is good in a way, because that means to me that nothing can get out and harm others from being locked in here.

One crate I glance over draws my attention quickly, so I go over to it and have a closer look inside it and nearly at once I pull out several large tomes from the shipping crate. I find that they are what Ellena is looking for, at least in a basic part and I scan over the pages very fast. Once done, I place the three books I had time for inside a warded pouch and walk back out to the rest of the group still waiting for me.

Once I am back in Matt's office I hand Ellena the large warded bag of books, "Here Ellena, this pouch has some Sidhe academy tomes in it. One on basic military structure, one on the use of different Sidhe and Fae races in combat. The last is a basic history of the Drow, it is a bit plain and more than 'whitewashed'? I think you call glossing over the bad parts? But it seems sound in most of it's parts."

Ellena looks up at me and seems very excited to even get these so soon! "Thanks, are there more in there?"

"I am sure there are, all those came from the same shipping container and seem to be_____ same type of academically styled books? Someone left you a collection from the Sidhe academy___ my guess?"

"What else do you feel is in that container?" Matt asks me next, as Ellena takes the books to be checked out by a mage in the room for any of the traps I had warned about.

"There might be instruction tomes for magic and other such trades? Who knows, a good academy library would have had tens of thousands of books. Not the few dozen that crate had in it?"

"Well this is a good start and we will see you when next?" Matt asks me a leading question of when I am coming up here next and I look over to Becky for an answer to that.

"Ahh Becky decides where I go off campus and when?" I yield to her and her knowledge of the outside world.

"Kyley will be here on the fifteenth for about six hours?" Becky says after quickly rechecking her notes written on her vast calendar.

"Why not next weekend?" Matt questions her.

"Well Matt, next weekend is my weekend with her and Kyley has a job to do at Whateley in the morning hours of Sunday. Then Matt please remember this, she has four HUGE library collections of go over, ARC's, Whateley's, Homestake's and the Medawihla tribe's. That will take decades, not months."

"I understand, we will start with Ellena's list and go from there? But I do have Kyley scheduled for a pick-up and her going out to the Medawihla tribe on late Wednesday for a check in? Is that fine with both of you?"

"I have no issue with that time, just next time tell me a week ahead of time...please. As Kyley and I do have other plans sometimes?" then Becky glances over to me reading over one of the books that I just brought out of the vault. "Kyley are you fine with that time?"

"My class time is empty after four on that day so far, it might change if I get a Teachers assistant job for the flying classes?"

Ellena squints at me and seems surprised I said that, "Planes, you fly planes and teach the class?"

I have to laugh at her, I know it's not polite! But her looking at me so utterly confused is so funny I can't help it, "Why No Ellena I don't teach flying with a plane, I teach it with my wings! I would show them___ now, but this shirt would get ripped?"

"Ohh you have wings?"

"Yep she does!" Becky winks at her, "Huge black wings, just like a hawk does and she flies rather well! I have taken a few trips with her and it's fun!" she smiles at me.

"It was for me too!" I smile back at her. ~"Every time I fly with you my love, it is the greatest part of the day!"~ I tell her mentally next, as I don't want the humans here to know about our shared life too deeply.

"Well we have to get going now and get her back to school!" Becky sings out to all of us.


Sunday September 2, 12:30 pm

We had stopped off for a short lunch in the cafeteria here, I grabbed a few snacks to try out and Becky had what I found out was a very nice Pizza!...after a snatched a slice of it from her plate.

On the way to the transportation center, I noticed a persons head in the distance and I was sure I had seen them before today? Once they stopped at a map kiosk, I guided Becky that way ~"Becky, I think I know that man over there and I want to talk to him?"~

~"Fine with me, let's see who it is then?"~

Once we both got closer and the crowd thinned a bit, I noticed it was Tim Simons from Homestake? The Guard who had passed out when he made me more than angry and I grew to my more normal, thus imposing size. Poor guy broke his nose, when he fainted at the sight! But later on, we made-up and became very quick and close friends.

He was studying the map kiosk looking for something, as I spoke to him, "Tim what__ you do here?"

"What 'are' you doing here...Kyley?" Becky grinned my way her correction, but I was far to into knowing why he was here right now, for me to do my normal corrections for her.

"Ohhh Kyley! I am here looking for a job maybe and I had hoped to see you or find out where Becky lived at while I was here?" Tim excitedly said back to me.

"Why is that Tim,___ job at a Homestake was good one?" I said and Becky looked at me rather harshly.

"Your job at..." Becky corrected me again. But this time I followed along, repeated the corrections and that gained me a grin of satisfaction from my teacher!

"Kyley, I just felt that I should be close to you and protect you?"

"Tim, I am fine and safe here." I try to comfort him.

"But I feel so much better now that you are near me, heck some of the guys at Homestake felt it too? But they had families that kept them in place there and even the Gunny felt it, he was the one that gave me permission to come after you?"

"Tim please!" I say quickly and grasp his hand to feel out into him, "Lets not talk about this now, where there are others that can overhear us?"

As I hold his hand in mine, I feel it in him. Tim is bonded with me in a small way, it must have been all those times I visited the library and talked with him. Elder Gods I really don't need this now, but an idea forms deep in my mind right then!

Tim's sad eyes plead with me next, "Kyley please, I just need to be near you? I have a job at Whateley all set up!"

"Tim get our address from Becky now and we can see you at our home this Saturday night, to talk about all of this in more private place?"

Becky gives him a note with our new address on it very quickly and we walk off with Tim waving to us as we go.

~"Is this bad Ky?"~ Becky asks me mentally.

~"It might be, I am sure that Tim bonded with me on some level and now is drawn to me."~

~"Ohh like me?"~

~"On a smaller level, yes the same. But we two are joined on much a higher level, from where Tim is at right now."~ I smile her way.

~"Are you going to do the same with him, as you did with me?"~ as she thinks that towards me, I feel that emotion of apprehension growing deep within her.

~"You and me are bonded on a level he may never see, but I have plans for Tim if he agrees to them?"~

~"What love?"~

~"I have to think about my plans and be sure of them first? But is Madelyn still at Homestake?"~

~"Yes she is, do we need her here?"~

~"We might? If this idea I have forming within me now, that deals with Tim and her. Is all set and happens as I plan it too?"~

~"Her and Tim having your kids!"~

~"No, something even grander for him and more towards what I want in life! I will tell you about it all later?"~


A short time later, we both embraced in a quick hug in our time waiting for the person to 'port' me back to school to show up. We had just finished up a very quick self tour, where I had walked around the large campus that ARC had here and made sure I was familiar enough with it now not to get lost?

"Well I have to go now?" I say to Becky and really don't mean one word of it!

"It's only a few days, I will come get you Friday night for the weekend and then we have fun, after a few chores that is!" she smiles back to me.

"Chores?" I question her.

"There are a few things to move around in the new place and since you're the strong one?"

"Ohh I get it!" I smile at her, "you're nesting!" and she swipes at me.

"But there is more, I have to take you to the local bank to set-up an account there?"

"Okay what ever you say, I trust you fully on your choices for this outside world stuff."

Just then a small woman asked me from just behind Becky, "Are you Kyley, I am here to port you?"

"That would be me!" I said then walked with the small woman, over to the spot that the 'porters' used.

"Well I will see you Friday!" was Becky's last words as she popped from my sight and now Whateley's Quad come into being.

"Thanks for the ride!" I waved to the porter and they vanished with a shimmer of light.

'I remembered back to when I still could do that, to bad all that was stripped from me?' I gave a short sigh and thought to myself sadly with.


Sunday September 2, 2:30 pm
Poe cottage

On the way back to my room, I stopped off and grabbed a few bags of snacks for my room at the huge store on campus. What this shopping trip was for, is my driving need to experience even more of the new tastes I was finding each day and not the need for food. Elder Gods I was happy when I found new candies to try out here!

As my door clicked open 'KK' sang out to me, "Hey you're back Ky! Have fun up there at ARC?"

"Most__ trip was__ business, but I did get to se my Becky in person!" I grinned to her and tossed a bag of candy her way.

"'s 'most of that trip was just biz'..." 'KK' corrected me with that sly grin that I was starting to see was her trademark now.

After I corrected my mistakes in english for her, the shopping bag full of snacks in my arm was spilled loosely into my bottom desk drawer and I flopped onto my bed to eat a few chips from one opened bag, "Want some?" I asked 'KK' as this flavor was a bit boring for me...cheese pizza chips?" I said after reading the label again.

"No thanks, this sour candy you gave me is just fine for now." she waved the bag at me.

Since our door was open, as I just loved watching the other kids come and go on our floor. Angel popped her head into the door with a huge grin on her face, "HEY Kyley, if you did not know this? Tomorrow is a holiday celebrating the working person or Labor day and we have it off. So there is going to be a Bar-b-Que and lots of fun! Most of us use that day for swimming in the school pool!"

"Why__ you on this floor Mary? I thought you were up two floors with Lily?"

"That is...why 'are' you...And I am the RA or Resident Assistant for this floor of freshman, I should have told you that the other day?" she winked my way.

"Great you're just down the hall from me!" as I said that and she realized what that might mean to her, she blushed a rather nice shade of beet red in embarrassment.

"Ohh that's right?" she thought out loud, but she was trying hard to hide that very sudden uneasiness.

"Angel, something is bothering you? Please come on in and close the door for a minute?"

She shrinks back from me a bit and from that idea. But gathers up her courage and does as I asked her to do. "Come sit on my bed or on 'KK's if you like?" I try to make her comfortable as I can with a either or choice of where to sit.

"I am not sure what you want Kyley?" she asks me, as her voice fades a bit and she sits at the far end of my bed. She just barely looks my way, as I lean against the wall on the far end and a still open book I was just reading lays in my lap.

"Mary, if you're feeling drawn to me, that is more than normal and part of what I am. I give off a glamour much like the Sidhe or elves do and it makes or influences others to like me more, then want to help me. It can be controlled, but never goes fully off and I am very sure of this next thought I have. That with you being a creature with wings, you feel this even more than say 'KK' does?"

"Ohhh you did not tell me that the other day?" she quickly whispers to me.

"Say anything you want to in here, 'KK' will keep anything said here between us and we try not to have secrets between us roommates?" I nod 'KK's way and she winks back to me.

"That is the whole truth Mary, we try not to do that here. This is a safe room and Ky is keeping it that way!"

"Okay, think I am really starting to like you?" she says pulling a bit more inward and growing even more timid about talking about the subject. I can see it in her body movements, plus feel it flowing from her emotionally.

"Well that's great, I like ya too and lets do some time flying tomorrow...hmmm?" I question her with a grin and nudge her with my outstretched foot brushing on her leg to get her attention.

"I would love that, cya tomorrow! Mary beams happily back at me and she springs to the door, then is gone like a flash!

'KK' grins me way, "That girl needs some help coming out of her shell and I thought I was bad!"

"You were the easiest to help so far, just had to get you to realize the world had not ended is all?

"Yep and so far you are right about me. This is looking like a fun place to 'live' in!" she tosses the bag of candy at me, "have a sour!" she tells me.

"I would have gave Mary a hug of support before she left, but cracking that shell of her's will take me some time?" I say as my hand grabs that tossed bag from the air and takes out a piece, to toss the bag back to her.


Monday September 3, 7:10 am
Poe cottage

Most of that night I finished up my notes on that last book from Homestake, wrote out a nice report on it with a basic synopsis and dropped the book in a shipping box with it's notes for shipping back to Homestake.

As I dropped that into the warded box at the foot of my bed, that they installed this week, 'KK' came into our room in a very joyous spin while humming some new song, "Ekkkkk Ky darn it! PLLLease put something on, I know you like being nude and all? But give me time to adjust to all of this....please?" she grins at me and tries to cover her eyes.

All I could do was chuckle at her pain and the more than little bit of 'lustful' emotion wafting off her, as 'KK" is still very much male within her mind! "Yes roomie, done!" I say to her and start putting on my bikini for today's swimming fun that Mary told us about.

"Hey you are not going out like that are you?" 'KK' asked me, with a very concerned expression on her face now.

"Yep, Mary said there is swimming and I love doing that. Besides wearing this is the only way they will let me here? Because at home, we wore nothing for swimming and everything else!" I remind her and pull on my kaki shorts over the bottoms for the time being, then get the bikini top all set under a short cut tee shirt that has an opening on back for my wings.

When I stand back up and turn around, 'KK' is standing RIGHT there next to me and pokes an accusing finger into my left boob! "You do know how 'hot 'n' sexy' you look and that most guys...heck girls in this school will be 'lusting' after you. JESUS you must have, what I am sure is the biggest bust line in POE! Maybe even the school?"

"This," I shrug to her, "this body? I can not help the way I look and I don't care if they look or stare...just no touch!"

"NO touchING!" she rings out at me the correction.

"Touching? Got it." I parrot her.

"Well at least you?" she keeps poking me there in that soft spot, "Put on a tee shirt, I guess that is a start then?"

"I could wear something even sexier?" I wink at her.

"Do I really want to know what that is?......" she stops, but can't hold it any more, that more than human need to know!

"TELLLL ME then, what is sexier than this?" she picks a finger at the strap of my thin top.

"I do have a rather nice leather out fit made by a Succubus? But it's packed with the stuff I sent over to Becky's." I frown that most of my best stuff is over with her at the new house.

"Do I even want to know how you met a succubus?" she shakes her head to me, not really wanting to know I am sure.

"We met her at the Sturgis biker rally, she makes real fine leathers or outfits and she gave me this one for free! Why I don't really know?" I ponder the act of her doing that yet again.

"Well while you get your stuff together, I am going out to roam the hallways and have some fun?" and out she zings from the room.

Once the lid on my book box was closed and most of my side of the room cleaned up. I nod to the room in though, 'I have to get 'KK' to learn to be a bit neater over this coming year and put her stuff away better?'

As I walk the halls of Poe, wandering around looking for 'KK' and getting us both over to some breakfast. I find her on my second pass of a hallway and a tall very white skinned girl is talking to her.

But what shocks me and catches my eye! Is that I can see the waves of pure lust are flowing off the albino girl over to 'KK' and she seems to be held in their sway?

As I get closer to the both of them I can hear the albino say to 'KK' in a low husky voice, "You're a sweet looking little Asian girl and I just love Asians!"

My hands lands on 'KK's shoulder and with my touch, that 'lust' aura is broken. "Hey 'KK' we gotta get going to breakfast now?" I say simply and try to defuse the situation fast.

But as 'KK' snaps out of what this girl was trying to do to her, she gets very mad at the though of what might have happened to her! "What where you trying to do you sheet white asshole!" she yells at the tall albino girl.

"Please 'KK' not emotional anger, you know that hurts me too?" I try to sooth her, as I try to defuse this situation again and stand between both of them.

"GET OUT of the way 'pretty' blond! Before you get hurt?" the other girl warns me with a very fierce snarl.

"Vamp, stop that right now!" I hear a shout from down the hallway at all of us, my guess this girl's name is 'Vamp' now?

"I will not get out of the way, this is my roommate and you were trying to influence her! If you walk away now, it will go far better for you?" I warn her, as both of their waves of anger feed into me and influence my thoughts.

Vamp goes to shove me, yet finds out very quickly that I don't 'move' so easily, "So you're an exemplar too...figures you 'pretty'!" she nearly spits the word 'pretty' at me and I quickly guess that it's an insult by the way she said it.

"Could both of you calm down and let us talk this over?" I ask them again

"!" Vamp howls at me and I feel something pulling at my inner energy, 'Take this!" she warns me and it gets even stronger now.

When she does that, my mind quickly figures out what she is and the name matches that power 'Vamp' is a life force or energy drainer. A very minor form of my way of feeding or the GOO's!

"So you feed on life force!" I shout at her, "Well eat this!" and I shove a hand to her chest! While I toss WAY too much of my life force at her, for her to even think of handling.

Soon enough, Vamp's gets very shaky after my touch and can't pull away from me. Like she is over energized, hyper and has too much energy within her to handle. She starts twitching, shaking, she sighs with pleasure in a most sexual way, then her eyes rollup into her head and she faints to the floor with a thud much like a tree falling over.

Mary gasps out just as she finishes running up next to me, "What did you do, is she dead?"

"Why no Mary, I try to never kill. She is in a 'food coma' I think is the right term for this?" I laugh at down at the fallen Vamp.

"Should I call Doyle for a medic?" Mary asks me again.

"No Mary, let me just pull most of that out of her and she will come around soon enough, I am sure?" I tell her, as I kneel down and place a gentle hand on Vamps leg to pull out all the extra life force.

"How did you do that, Vamp usually knocks out anyone she does that too?" another girl in the hallway states.

As I laugh, I tell her my answer, "Poor Vamp here, is used to sipping life force or energy through a straw. So, I hit her with a fire hose of it So much so, that she could not handle what I shoved at her. Please tell her this, if she does that attack to me again or 'KK'? I will hurt her worse next time...far worse!" I warn the girl in hopes that Vamp gets the message and stops this spat now.


Monday September 3, 10:10 am
Whateley Quad

The Quad is alive with the music of a student band playing at it's center, the style and song are not known to me. But the 'tune' is interesting...kind of? Both of us plop onto a bench and watch the rest of the school go mad with fun of the small holiday celebration.

"I still think I should go bash that Vamp chick in the face!" a still stewing 'KK' sneers my way.

"Please 'KK' you know that does not feel good to me when you do that, I would love to leave my mental shields down for most of the day and enjoy it?"

"Ohh ya, sorry I forgot again that emotional anger gets to ya?"

"Just try for me today, then I will have to teach you how to block what she was doing to you via her small infuance power and with some can block any of her attacks I bet?"

"Ya think?" she grins my way now.

"Sure, just being around me all the time. That will give you some great resistance over time, remember I have a Glamour too?"

"Well since we ate and the music here in the quad just sucks. Lets go to the pool party and have some fun?" she winks at me.

"Fly ya there?" I ask her.

"Ahhh nope I hate heights!"

"I might able to fix that for you?"

"Mess with my head, Ky lets just stick with making sure I am happy for now and go have fun?"

"Okay, later then!" Then I suggest to her, "You actually might like flying?"

"Way later, but the pool sounds more fun to me right now!" and she runs off towards Holbrook Arena where the pool party is being held at.

Holbrook area was one of the few buildings on campus I had yet to see first person, all I had heard of it so far, was straight from the school description of the place 'large stadium, designed as a multi-sports arena, capable of being changed into a basketball, ice hockey, swimming, football or soccer venue or used for various public events.

As I entered it today, the roof was already rolled back in place and the very bight sun shone down on the arena floor. Most of that floor space was set up as a pool for now, the rest was split between seating and a cooking area where the school was holding a huge BBQ event. One corner had a dance floor set up, with a band playing soft music right now to a small gathering crowd of eager students.

The pool by itself was huge, it flowed from sallow nearly walk in section, all the way to the deep end, where the depth was noted on the wall at forty feet and that end had the diving towers that stood over fifty foot plus at the tallest ones platform. The middle of the vast pool, is where most of the kids were playing at and seemed to be enjoying the few long slides that twisted down from the top of the bleachers on the other side of the pool from us.

After I spotted a stack of waiting towels next to the door, I snatched Two of them and made a beeline to a bench to lay one out on it. Right after I kicked off both of my slip-on shoes, Night popped out on the higher up level of the bleachers and perched on a nice spot on that handrail over looking the area.

~"Well you going for a flight then?"~ I asked the bird.

~"I might, but first I rather watch the kids and how they act in this setting? Some of this is rather strange to me, don't you think so too?"
~"I am still learning how the kids here think and act. So I take nothing at face value for now?"~

~"Hummph! Well then I will watch for us and learn, if you will not?"~

~"Listen to me feather duster! I am learning right now, via my interacting with them?"~

Night said nothing from there on, she was mad at me for correcting her I was very sure!

My towel was rolled out and my spot for the coming day claimed. My shoes were laid under the seat and my top was pulled off and folded up on the towel. As I shimmied out of my khakis to get ready for my swim, two nearly simultaneous sounds happened.

One was a splash, I saw through Night's eyes as she chuckled... a Boy had just fell into the pool very hard, via watching my butt as I shimmied out of those shorts! That boy was so caught off guard by his fall, he came back up to top of the water choking for air and spiting up a bunch of water he had swallowed.

Crash number two, was caused to my great amusement by the same thing. Two boys crashed head long into one another at a fast run and fell to the hard concrete of the pool deck! Both seemed okay for the rather hard hit?

'I guess 'KK' is right about something this morning, my body is quite the distraction then?' I laughed to myself and Night even laughed again to me mentally ~"Yes it certainly is!"~

With all my clothes set and folded for later. I stroll to the waters edge, lean down and wave my fingers through the warm water 'Hummm a fresh water pool, not chlorine like at Homestake. Must be for allergies that some kids might have here' I wonder silently to myself.

Now all ready, a simple dive into the pool from off the edge and I swim to the far bottom end for some fun!

Across the pool in one of the clear patches of concrete floor that other students have laid out towels or mats to rest on or sun themselves, Rosalyn Decker or Blackrose lowers her sunglasses at the sight of the blond girl just standing at the waters edge.

"Who is that lovely blond girl?" she asks the others laying around her from Poe cottage.

Lily leans over to see who Roz is yammering about and spots the girl she is talking about. "OHH her, she is a froshie in with us this term and she is down on Angel's floor."

"Humm she is? Maybe I will have to invite that one to the hot-tub social! So you think she will be game Lily?"

"She told this to me, that she has a girl on the outside that she sees regularly. So I guess she plays in your game and swings your way!" she winks at the stalking lesbian of Poe, who seems locked onto her next prey.

When Roz watches the girl jump out of the pool and run up the stairs to the highest deck of the diving platform. She slowly studies over that tall fit body of her's, the great smooth skin, large breasts and perfect shaped face that only a Goddess could make. Her mind is now set...'she wants to get to know this one!'

"Anyone else know her?" she points at the girl just starting a motion to dive off the tall platform.

Molly watches where Roz points, along with the rest of her training team. "Ohh her, that's Kyley! Rythax knows that girl and she knows Nikki rather well or I should say this...she knew Aunghadhail real well?"

As Molly told Roz that, the girl leaps off the platform, does several crazy spins and tricks on her fall to the water, then enters the pools flat surface in a perfect dive that leaves nearly no ripple in the surface at her passing below it.

"She knew Aung?" a rather puzzled Roz asks.

"Yep so she says? Rythax, he knows her real well. The only way I can put it this, so it makes sense to me and maybe you? She is like Sara was...a GOO...a Mythos."

Roz shivers for a second thinking of what that might mean, that extremely cute girl...she might be hiding a mass of icky black tentacles just under her skin!

"So she is like Sara?" Roz asks again and slides over to Molly to ask even more questions of her intended prey!

"Sorta...kinda...maybe?" Molly she questions the idea herself, "But she is real nice to be around and fun too. I think Angel likes her a lot!"

"Ohhh so Angel likes her?" Roz thinks of the 'never come out of her shell' Mary and that snatching a could be lover away from her. That would put an even harder layer on that unbroken shell of her's.

"Yep I am sure of that, both of them have wings and fly! Tell Roz about her Rythax?" she says, as her hands grab the cat like being off her lap and drops him next to Roz to chat.

The 'cat' before Roz yawns out, as his nap was just interrupted and he was sunning himself too! "What did you need my knowledge of my lady Decker?" the cat asks her in a tone of voice, that says he is used to more of a life dealing with a royal courts needs and not the high school life of teens!

"Tell me more about her Rythax...please?" she tries to praise the cat like being he is and pets his fur in a way she knows he just loves.

"I will tell you all about her kind, but not the person she is. That is a personal history and you must ask her yourself." He nods to her.

"So what is she then?"

"When I first met her, she was a ruler of nearly a whole world of it's own and she affected what happened on several more. Her race was most kind then, a winged humanoid one and one that had great knowledge of magic."

"She flies, but I see no wings on her back?" Roz questioned the cat and watched the girl run up the diving platform to do yet another very fancy dive off the top level.

"She has them, look at her back and you can just make out the tattoo that covers them up!" a grinning Angel sings out, as she just arrives next to the small group of Poe kids and unfolds out a mat to lay herself on.

"Nice seeing you here Mary!" Roz smiles back, as she gets up to a kneeling position to give Mary a quick hug.

"Yep had to come, have fun with all of you and Kyley there is on my floor too. I hope she gets the TA job in my flying class, as I am so very sure she can teach me a few things about flying!" Angel quickly bubbles out very joyfully back to Roz.

Even Roz can see that Mary is infatuated by the new girl and she decides right then to back away from even getting between them for now anyway. There is hope there, that this new girl can crack Angel out of her shell and get her out amongst the other students, this might help her with facing down her dad too!

Angel's Dad was an over bearing father SLASH reverend preacher, that wanted his daughter for use in his TV channel sermons to his sheep...'followers'. But when she changed to a winged angel from a regular girl, she gained the need to have other girls in relationships and a total repulsion of anything male! Even touching males makes her sick, this is caused by psychic rather than physical, dealing with their inner male essence.

Her daddy does not care for her new liking of only females in life and shipped her off to Whateley in hopes that would fade or get fixed or until he figures out some way to 'fix' her problem, he even tried to have her kidnapped during her first year and 'reprogrammed' out of her 'issues'!

"Well I hope she gets the job too then, if you say she is great at flying and can teach others. Then it must be true!"

"Yes I am so very sure she is going to be a great teacher!"

"So Rythax, can you add in anymore about her?" Roz keeps on the cat creature that used to be a ambassador to many worlds in the ancient past.

"Not her, but her kind. Just like I already told you?" the Shadowcat grins knowingly to her. He is never fooled these days by anyone, Rythax has spent far too many centuries in royal court life to fall for a child's try at prying information from him.

"Okay, I get it. So what is her race like?"

"They used to be very human like, then a near miracle happened. Their Emperor lead the race to greatness and near godhood. That is when a great change happened deep within them as a people and they started to protect any who asked for that protection, without any cost asked for in trade." the cat said very proudly and stretched it's long body to gain a better spot to lay down in the sun.

"So a very nice people then?"

"As you kids would bet!" he laughs at her.

"Rythax do you think...ahhh...she...might like me?" Angel asks and turns a bright shade of beet red while doing it.

"Kyley likes you for sure, both of you have wings and will have lots to talk about then!" he helps the girl along with her getting out of her shell more.

"Geee I am not sure?" she starts to fidget her fingers in with her hair and cave mentally into herself again.

"Mary go talk to her darn it girl!" Roz then nearly shoves Mary off the mat that she was laying on.


After I dove into the middle of the pool, my body sank towards the bottom as I let the warm water relax me. As I drifted with a few kicks deeper, the thirty foot mark was on the wall and I noticed a kid looking right at me with a smile on his face.

"You are not breathing?" he said into the water and then I could tell he must have some sort of small aquatic mutation.

The last of my air blew out of my mouth and water was sucked into it's place to talk with, "Nope have not breathed in years!" I smiled at him.

"Humm interesting?" he said back to me, as I hit the bottom of the pool with a outstretched hand, to say to myself 'that I had touched the bottom' as a small challenge to myself.

"Well unless you are following me, see you later? I want to do some more dives!" then with a flurry of hard kicks, I burst up to the surface of the water and headed back over to the diving tower.

As I run up the several series of steps, I mentally go over a few diving tricks in my mind from my younger days and set a few of them to try on this first run! Once at the top deck, I wait for a second for a fellow student to finish up and dive...then I go with a quick leap!

When I fall towards the water, I spin, roll and flip a few times each, then hit the water with a very small splash. At the ladder to get back out of the pool, that boy I bumped into from below greets me with a smile.

"You are better than my bother at dives!"

"Is he here today, I love the challenge of a good diver?"

"Nope, he is a year older than me and was sent to a very small school out west, that's on a island."

"Why was he not sent to here?" I had to ask.

"He can only be out of water for at best thirty minutes, then on top of that. He has a tail like a true mer-creature does and thirty minutes with legs is the best he can change back to so far?."

"So I have to guess, you only got part of what he has?"

"Yep we found a necklace, one that changed me the next day. I only wore it a few hours during the day, I got the gills and webbed hands from that short span of using it. But he was stupid and wore it the whole night we found it. So he got the full package, tail gills and some water powers?" he shrugs to me.

"So I hope you liked water before that change?" I ask him as my body leaps up the ladder, to go do another dive.

"Loved it, so my dream of being a diver for a ship repair company or something like that is set!"

At the top of the tower, he waves to me and off I leap again to try to top my last dive. After I pop to the surface again, he is clapping at me. "Good one, you must be shaking off the rust?"

"Yep!" I say back to him as I leap up the ladder once again. But this time as I get out of the pool, a strange boy is taking photos of me getting out of the water like mad and I feel pure LUST flowing off him. As I get hit by waves of that growing LUST of his, I am very sure that my pictures will end up as pin ups in his room or worse!

After I shake off what little water is still on my body, he takes even more pictures and then after whip some of that water out of my hair, he takes even more pictures. When I see that he is not stopping anytime soon, I walk slowly over to him. "Well what are you doing there and are those pictures for you or everyone?" I ask, as toss so much of my glamour at him. That there is no resistance to my questions, as his eyes glaze over.

"Ahhhh" he almost drools back to me, "They are for me and I might sell them for money?"

"Ohhh that is not nice of you?" I say to him in a sultry voice and just pass a hand smoothly under his chin to lift it along with his eyes to mine. So that I can pull him even deeper into my sway!

"It's not? Okay what do you want me to do then?" he drools out to me now fully in my sway, as my eyes 'lock' on to his and his is my literal 'toy' to play with.

"First what is your name?" I teasingly whisper the question into his ear, as I lean down to him.

"I am Peeper!" he shouts back to me.

"Okay Peeper, why don't you give me the memory card from the camera and don't take anymore photos of me?" I suggest to him with my eyes and push even more Glamour at him.

He fidgets with the camera, pulls out the small memory card and quickly places it into my open hand, "Thanks!" I grin back and give him a small peck on the cheek for fun.

His eyes cross instantly in ecstasy, "You're welcome!" he gasps out now short of breath.

"Now run along and no more photos of me...ever...or I will not like you anymore!" I pout to him, "You don't want that do you?"

"NO! more photos!" he shakes his head to me briskly.

"Good Peeper, now I have to get going. So have a fun day!" I say to him as I turn away back towards the ladder and another fun dive.

He nods to me continuously and walks away the other direction not even watching where he is going to, then very promptly...falls face first into the pool as he stared at my backside!

All of the students sitting near there, watched on as I did this to him and then started laughing so hard it shook the building! Peeper 'popped' back to the surface, looking very crestfallen, as he drained water out of his expensive camera in several thin long streams.

"Now that was funny Kyley!" A newly arrived Angel laughs to me, "But why did you kiss him?"

"He deserved some small payment for this?" I grin, then show her the memory card from his camera as I snap it and destroy what's left with a bright burst of my energy.

"You should know this, most of us girls just slap or beat him silly for doing stuff like that!" Marry hisses at me.

"Why do that, when you can get the same outcome with less bloodshed and trouble for all?"

As I started to climb the stairs of the diving tower, Mary spoke up to me again, "So you are going to swim more?" she asked and I could feel some reluctance, with embarrassment blended in amongst her words.

"Seems like a good idea to me, why Mary?" I stop from bounding up the stairs to go dive once again, as a few other kids bounce past me.

"You want to come fly for a bit with me?"

"I can do that, you sure you don't want to go for a swim too?"

"Nope my wings get wet and look silly!" she fidgets back to me.

"I can fix that easily, with a very small spell and they will not get wet for an hour or so?"

"Thanks, but I rather fly!" she tells me and I feel a waft of 'hope' come off her.

"Fine let me dive off this tower again and we will get going?"

Mary goes to wing, hovering by the pool's edge and watches me as I climb the stairs to the top dive off the tower again. Once at the top, I jump off and do several nice twists again. But this time instead of hitting the water, my wings 'pop' out and I pull up just inches from the water. One of my hands skims the top of the water playfully as I fly down it's length and pull up to a hover at the end.

"Well Mary get up here!" I shout an invite at her over the pool's noise.

We both flew around the huge building inside and out for over an hour till 'KK' waved at us to come on down and grab some BBQ! Luckily for me, Becky had introduced me to what a BBQ was and I had an idea of what to get this time.

As we went to go sit with the other Poe cottage kids, I quickly grabbed my stuff from the bench where I left it and a mat to lay on, "Hello Rythax, good to see you again!" I greeted my old friend as I kneeled down to eat with the group.

"Good day Empress." his deep sounding voice rumbled out of the far too small cat that he was morphed into now to make any sense.

"Rythax, I told you this once, I am empress of nothing. So I must insist that you use my new name for now...Kyley...please?" I stare at him, more then a little cross with him for forgetting it once again.

"Yes lady Kyley, as you say and wish?" he says back with some sadness rolling off his words to me.

As we sit and chat, I notice that Mary is keeping an eye on me most of the time and sneaking 'looks' in my direction sometimes? When I catch her doing once again, she turns red and I feel waves of embarrassment off her.

Rythax clears his throat, then grins at me and begins to tell me in very old Hawklord that even Becky I am sure does not know! "Kyley this young one Mary is smitten with you. Just know this please, she is very inexperienced and venerable in love life."

"Ohhh thanks Rythax, I shall be more on guard and aware with her now. I will help her along as best as I can with this." I smile back to him, that old beast knows me well. I just have to be told someone needs my help and I give it willingly.

"A most experienced teacher she has just gained in the art of love...I heard tales of you before you met Gina!" he chuckled knowingly to me.

When he utters that name, I have to stop and regain my composure with a long sigh. Rythax instantly notices it, "Sorry I should not talk about wounds that are still fresh and very deep."

"Not your fault old friend, we both have loss and have to move on in life."

"That we do, if you need someone to talk with a being that knew of that time. Ask Molly here to call for me, I sure she will do that at anytime you need to use me as the friend that I will always be?" The shadowcat tries to comfort me and mentally reminds himself, to ask Molly about doing just that later.

The huge party went on till the sun had set and a little beyond. But the schools staff sent us all off to bed as the real night fell...We all had class to get to tomorrow morning!


Tuesday September 4, 1:10 am
Poe cottage

As the night came, 'KK' and I went back to our rooms for the night. She was across the room from me soundly asleep, as I read yet another a book and made a few notes on it for the schools files.

Just after midnight, I felt someone in need and in need badly too! All night my mental shields were left down to see if the other students on this first night before class, needed my help and here was one who did. This girl was very upset and scared of the coming day of class tomorrow, my mind felt the waves of fear and growing depression wafting across the building from her.

Night pops out to stand watch over 'KK' while I am gone, ~"Watch over her you old bird!"~

~" get going! That child needs you and right now!"~ Night urges me mentally.

With my robe slid on my body, my bare feet speed me quickly down the hallway to a room, just a few doors away from mine...Downpour's room.

Inside I found her roommate trying very hard to talk her back into bed and not running away from her going to class tomorrow. I grinned as I slowly pushed the door open a crack, "I see that someone is still up and needs help to sleep before the fun of new classes at a new school comes tomorrow?"

"I don't want to go to a new class...they will hate me! I want my old school back and my old family!" Downpour cries to both of us.

" Not everyone at this school will hate you or even in that class? You have to give it have to be crazy, mean and overbearing to get them all to hate you! AND that takes lots of work and a few weeks of time at best!" I grin to her and start laughing.

Her roommate starts laughing like a maniac at the thought I just gave her, "Yep Kyley is right Downpour, you do have lots of work to get them all to hate you! Even then, I am sure there will be a few hold outs? There always is that one 'goody two shoes' in each class that will like you?"

I sit on the bed, just to the other side of the still sobbing Downpour and look over to her roommate, "Hey why don't you get some sack time, while Downpour and I will plot all night on ways to get that whole class to hate her?"

"I don't want to do that?" Downpour sobs at me.

"But you said they will all hate you and that takes some work to do...does it not?"

"Kyley has ya there girl, she is right."

"Get some shut eye, her and me have evil planning to do now?" I winked at the roommate again.

"I want to hear those plans too!" her roommate tells me with a sly grin that starts to crack a smile from Downpour now.

"Ohh no!" I shake my head to her roommate fiercely, "I only let the vast secrets that a Mythos like me would know, on how to garner that much hate in one class to Downpour...she has earned that from me...this one is truly EEEEEEVil!" I say in a movie star accent and give her a firm shake by her shoulders to emphasis my point!

"I got it, but no talking loudly all night!" she warns us both.

"No problem! A nice silence spell on your bed will keep it all quiet for you." I state as I toss one onto her bed with the wave of a hand.

As she walks to her bed, the roommate glares back at me, "Hey it's not silent yet?"

"Lay down, then it will work" I grin explaining my spellwork to her.

She lays down as Downpour says "Goodnight"...and that makes her 'pop' right back up, as her words get cut off mid sentence, "...........ust heard you say only part of that?"

"Well so did we!" Downpour says more than excited by hearing and seeing it happen, "Do that again, say something while you lay down and sit back up!"

"I don.........say?" she says going up and down with her words chopping off each time her head hits the pillow.

"NOW that is funny too see and hear!" Downpour laughs now and her old sadness is quickly vanishing now with each laugh.

"Night girls, no planning the overthrow of the world without me!" her roommate grins back and falls back to her pillow, then rolls over to sleep.

With the roommate trying to get back to sleep, I tuck Downpour back into her bed and kneel at her bedside, "So you feeling better now, I can stay the night if you want me too? As I really don't sleep!"

"Why did you come to my room Kyley?" she asks me.

"I felt a heart in pain, so I came here, where I am needed of course?"





Shadowsblade here.

This is my newest story in a joint venture with a group of fan fic authors, so far this group is made up of Nuuan, then Branek and finally myself. We all got together and after a jumpy start decided to make a group of stories that all take place within the Whateley fanfic universe. This one here is my second one and hopefully its a good one.

But remember all. I am not leaving Shadowsblade behind! I will start writing her soon!

To have an idea about the main protagonist this story's will develop
around here is a short introduction.

Angels Peril a Whateley Tale: Written by Branek
Tormented by the past, Angel is struggling between light and dark.

Melvin a Whateley Tale: Written by Branek
They say old soldiers never die, Melvin is about to learn that the hard

The Way of the Dragon a Whateley Tale: Written by Branek
Born for eternity but vulnerable like a child, dragons shouldn't leave
their nest.

Every Rose has it Thorns a Whateley Tale: Written by Nuaan
Watch what you say around rose, could give you more trouble than you ever
asked for.

Kelly a Whateley Tale: Written by Nuaan
Struggling with fate, Kelly has to deal with love and loss.

Shadowsblade a Whateley Tale: Written by Shadowsblade
Created for war and forged in pain, dealing with deamons within and the

Vantier a Whateley Tale :Written by Shadowsblade
Ancient and Powerful Vantier awakens in a foreign world, struggling to
find her place in it.

You might ask yourself what is the Whateley Universe? To make it short,
here is a abstract straight out off the wiki.

Whateley is a Prep School for different teens. VERY different ones. Where else could a kid go to a school that has a resident demon living in the furnace? Or meet magic users, mutants of every imaginable kind, get trained in how to handle some rather odd abilities, and worry about
flunking Freshman English? Come visit Whateley Academy, nestled in the
lovely hills of New Hampshire. Just down the road from a town named
Dunwich... (Mythos jokes purely intentional).
This is the Whateley Academy Universe, a shared universe with over a dozen authors and more than a hundred stories (and counting). The stories range in size from vignettes to novels. It's a Mutant High scenario with both a strong transgender theme and a slightly watered down Cthulhu Mythos theme.

It's also very much a work in progress.'
If you want further information you will find them on.


But I have to thank, Both Branek and Nuuan for their vast input and the ability they both have to 'bounce' off ideas and improve them!

To all my readers who have e-mailed me and given support--THANKS!

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