Kim Possible and The Amazon Women 11

11 America Surrender control

Shego said “ your name now agent”. She said “ I am now called Carla my lady and I am happy to help in our invasion and conquest of earth”. Kim said “ agent Carla can you take Se-nor Senior to Amazon Middleton and put him in the special area but before that change into your Black leather Amazon uniform”.

Carla said “yes your highness”. Carla went away and came back in her amazon uniform she was with former mob boss she was also in her Black leather amazon uniform and black leather thigh high boots Kim said “ once you have taken him there you will return and help in final stages of our invasion of America”.

Carla said “ yes your highness”. Carla went over to her father and grab him and the former mob leader with her and took him to a hovercraft Se-nor senior asked “ where am I going Junior?”. Carla said “ you will not call me Junior you will call me mistress from now on you now a guest of the Amazon women”.

Carla left with her ex father and had him on board the hovercraft and was heading back to amazon Middleton he was put in the special area he was dressed in a white dress and sandals. Se-nor senior saw Drakken he walked over to him and said “ you are a guest as well of the Amazons”.

Drakken said “ yes I was put in here by their princess Kim and you”. He said “ I was capture in the that town before Washington D.C.”. Drakken said “ where mobster big Tony lives and works form”. Se-nor senior said “ yes but he is longer a Tony he more like a Amazon woman he was change in front of me”.

Drakken said “ fuck he looked after our money and finances”. He said “ well not any more cause all his crew are now women”. Drakken said “ was Shego there as well”. Se-nor senior said “yes and Kim possible with same powers as her”. Drakken said “ yes she got Electronique to drain all the male member of team go”. He pointed to them.

Se-nor senior looked over and he saw team go dressed like him and said “ wow not many men here”. Drakken said “ your son Se-nor senior junior did he escape from the Amazons”. Se-nor senior said “ no he has been change into a Amazon girl she is now agent for the Amazon princess”. He saw the twins sitting in the corner.

Se-nor Senior said “ the possible twins are prisoners of the Amazons now too?”. Drakken said “ they were brought in the same time as me so has Ron Stoppable family but I have not seen them since the I was in the amazon and Shego and I were captured”. Se-nor senior said “ maybe he is a Amazon girl too”.

Carla return from Amazon Middleton she saw that the forces were in Washington D.C. Kim notice the vehicle near the Pentagon she saw it was a global justice car she knew it was Betty Director car she was in there trying shut down the main defence frame showing Kim's amazon forces where every base is.

Shego said “ we are going on our own from here babe”. Kim said “yes we will take Veronica and agent Bonnie with us this is the plan you will go in the way you use to and act like you are attacking me the way you use to and then I will come out of hiding and she will see I am not missing”.

Shego said “ those times I was firing my plasma I was trying to not get you I have loved you before you became evil and a Amazon Princess”. Kim said I have always loved you Shego I acted that I loved Ron Stoppable but I didn't”. Shego kisses Kim and said “ I love you too babe”.

Kim, Veronica, Shego and Bonnie left the rest of the agents had their orders they were proceed into Washington and establish control and prepare for major Amazon warriors to arrive to begin their occupation of America queen Kira said “ that America will be called the Amazon States of America”.

Kim walked into the pentagon it was guarded by soldiers and guards, Bonnie and Veronica fired at them as they were hit they fell to the ground and started moaning as they became women and amazon warriors. Shego left Kim and took off pretending she was not Kim' girlfriend.

Kim slowly made her way toward the computer area where Betty director was. Shego made her way there and she saw Betty heading towards the computer man frame area she was watching Veronica and Bonnie firing at the men and watching them become more amazon women for her princess and her queen.

Kim was following Betty she was making sure she was not seen as they approached the main frame power area As Betty approached the power switch she saw Shego and asked “ what are you doing here Shego?”. Shego said “ I am here to stop you form turning the main frame power off”.

Betty said “ I need to stop the Amazon from succeeding in the plan to take over America and the world”. Shego said “ I can't let you do that Dr Betty”. Betty approached the power grid she was near it and Shego fired her plasma beams at Dr Betty making sure she missed as her lover told what to do.

Betty Asked “ why Shego? why stop me?”. Shego said “ I believe in what the amazon are doing men had their chance it is time for women to rule”. Dr Betty asked “ why Shego the amazon are evil they are getting rid of a gender”. Shego said “ that gender are pigs they have raped and most of them get away with it”.

Dr Betty said “ but the extinction of a gender “. Dr Betty tried again but Shego fired again at her . Shego said “ if it meant to be why fight against your gender Betty we women are the best the Amazon have taught me the truth you are under male influence I was freed even Drakken and my brothers are pathetic males”.

Betty said “ but the Amazons are holding Kim and Ron down there hostage”. Shego said “ why would we hold Kim down there she is a female and most probably escaped by now and if we have had her she is too smart for Drakken and she might be not as smart for us Amazons .

Betty asked “ why do you consider yourself an Amazon Shego ?”. the question stunned Shego. She though to herself do I answer a male influenced woman or should I wait until her girlfriend came she then said “ I was upgraded by the Amazon princess I am now male influenced free”.

Betty said “ you are no long the lap dog for Dr Drakken”. Shego got angry and fired her plasma at her but missing her as she been instructed by her girlfriend. Shego said “ I am no fucking lap dog for a pathetic male like Drakken soon all men will be women and the end to their pathetic gender,

Betty asked”what about pregnancy and other you need male for?”. Shego said “ some male will be kept and used as breeders and some will not be used as house slaves and other will be used in thing we amazon women decide we do not need to go like mines and construction”.

Betty thought she was doing a good job at distracting Shego she though it was time to run and destroys the pentagon main frame she slightly moved out of Shego sight she headed toward the main frame computer Shego saw her leaving she had done what her girlfriend told her to do distract Betty.

As Betty approached the main frame computer she was looking around to see if there was any Amazon women or agents including Shego she was near the main frame door when she saw some one walking up towards her it look like Kim Possible but the girl had black hair not red like Kim's Hair.

Betty was acting very cautious as the girl got closer she was ready to knock her out when she saw it was Kim her self she said “ miss Possible you have escape from the Amazon Jungle” Kim acted if she had escape form the Amazon she said “ Dr Betty I have been trying make my way back to America to warn about the Invasion”.

Betty said “ you were captured by them”. Kim said “ yes I was Ron and I were going to see what was going on down there as we told Monkey Fists were up to some thing and once we got there Ron and I found out it was a traditional thing he does all the time”. Dr Betty asked “ where is Mr Stoppable?”.

Kim said “ Ron and I were captured by these women and taken to their Village he and I were separated and put different area they took me and tortured me and ask where the best area to attack the male world I have not seen my boyfriend since”.
Kim shiver think of male as her boyfriend.

Dr Betty said “ your hair has changed colour now your hair is now black”. Kim said “ it was dyed by a another person you help me and he help me with escape” Betty was looking at the roots if Kim's hair and notice they were black too but she was happy Kim was ok

Betty said “ have you seen your father and mother and anyone else around”. Kim said “ no except my father he is now helping the Amazons should I say she”. Betty said “ your father is a amazon woman now”. Kim said “ yes she is their number one scientist there besides Dr Garrett”.

Betty said “ you saved him”. Kim said “ her now Dr Betty he was changed and I believe my mom Ann Possible is one of them now too”. Betty said “ we need to shut down the main frame computer so the amazon will be blind in knowing where main military base”

They made their way to the main computer frame as Kim and Betty were there stood 2 amazon girls it was Veronica and Bonnie. Veronica was acting now she knew her princess was acting if escaped the Amazons so Dr Betty would think she was still ok but Kim complexion was changing into amazon princess.

Kim was beginning to look like the amazon queen. Veronica said “Stop or we kill you”. Kim said “ what are we going to do now Director”. Betty said “ we will surrender to them Kim”. Betty walked up to Veronica and looked at her and asked “ your Ron Stoppable”.

Veronica said “ not any more I was freed from my male shell and my masculinity and male influence”. Bonnie went around and grabbed her and cuffed Betty and they walked up and Shego appeared and said “ I would like you to meet my girlfriend Dr Betty and Amazon Princess Her highness Kim”.

Betty looked at Kim and said “ why Kim”. Kim evilly laughed and said “ why not men are useless when I went to see my father he was already captured by my mother and her forces I was taken with Veronica to the Amazon village we were then put in a room”.

Kim continues “ I was asked to come and see where my father was I found out he was Gaia our main scientists and mother decide to make me her daughter and I was made Princess of the Amazons when Drakken made his way down here with My girlfriend”.

Kim continues “I seduced her and made her my girlfriend then Ann Possible came with a friend name Monique I turned her and then Ann Possible became one of us Amazons it was decide that Ron should be Veronica and then the invasion began you will become like me and be my new director for amazon intelligence we will free you of male influence”.

Betty said “ you have become very evil and corrupt Kim”. Kim giggled and said “of course I am evil I want female domination men are useless creatures and I believe in my race, you think I am evil I believe men evil they have their stupid wars Bonnie make her one of us “.

Bonnie walked up and put the needle in her neck Betty began to change her body became stronger she knew she was a director of Global justice but she hated it cause it was run by men she would now go and help her princess and become the director of Amazon intelligence.

Betty was un cuffed she said “ your highness I can make sue the male main frame computer is connected to our one at Amazon Middleton where Alexis is and we can know where every male base is in America”. Kim said “ good director Betty now get your Amazon Uniform

Betty said “ ok your highness”. Betty left and went go her new Amazon black leather Uniform on she return and said “I have been hearing we are capturing American Sates easy”. Shego said “ we have control of every major city including now Washington”. Betty said “ I think by now global director Drew will be in Hong Kong”.

Bonnie said “ it does not matter it will be part of the Amazon empire too”. Kim walked over to us and said “ I have been inform by colonel Monique that the vice president has arrived with state secretary and defence secretary once they surrendered mom said we are to make them women”.

Kim. Betty , Shego , Bonnie and Veronica arrived at the White House there were soldiers and Amazon warriors the soldiers had their hands on their head and the amazon warriors started clapping as Kim and her entourage arrived n the building Kim met up with her mother and they both walked and saw the Vice President.

Kira said “ you have agreed to surrender your country over to my control and will submit to Amazon occupation”. The vice president said “ yes your Majesty we officially surrender all authority to you Amazon women. The vice president sign the surrender papers the United States of America belong to the Amazons.

Kim said “guards take them and make them women”. Guards said “yes your highness”. The men were taken away and Kim said to all the warriors there “ladies welcome to the Amazon States of America”. The former vice president was taken down a area the amazon had set up.

He was waiting and the Tara and Bonnie appeared he said “why are we becoming women” Tara said “all men will become women here the Amazon states of America it might take us a few years or so but the Amazon states of America will be all women and girls country with some men as our slaves and breeders”

The Vice president said “I would rather stay as a male than become a woman I have a family” Tara said “we know you have a family we have gathered them up like other male member who are with you”. The defence secretary said “what you have my family too” Bonnie said “yes we have your family too”.

White house Spokes men said “my family left when you started your invasion with order of my brother in law global justice director Drew” Betty came down laughing and said “they will be caught by us soon all men will be changed and all women will freed of male influence the days of male rule are over”.

Bonnie said “the queen is swearing the first Amazon states of America Prime minster”. Betty said “yes the once former United States president is now Prime Minister Lily , I am now defence and intelligence minster and I am here to get the new foreign minster” She was pointing to Secretary of State he was injected and began to change into a woman.

The white house spokemen started to change into a woman the family of the vice president family was brought in including his 2 son and youngest daughter. The defence secretary wife and son was brought in his son looked very scared the wife said “we were getting ready to head for Canada before we were captured by the Amazons”.

Bonnie walked over to the boy and asked“ why are you so scared for young man”.
The boy said “ I am frighten that is all my dad has lost his job and you Amazons are every where now my friends bully me at school but when my dad was defence secretary I was considered ok but he is first to loose America to Amazons”.

Bonnie asked “ what is your name any way?”. He said “ my name is Henry I am only 13yrs old”. Bonnie said “ well I am only 16yrs old I am a Amazon warrior I was once a cheerleader but we considered that down grading to women”. He said “ my friends have cheerleaders as girlfriends”. Bonnie said “ come with me”.

Henry followed Bonnie down corridor where the Amazons have set up he saw other boys here but no one he knew then he saw a boy he knew it was guy name Charles. Henry said “ when did you get capture by them”.Charles says “when you head back to school you will get belted by the bullies”

Bonnie said “ Henry why do bullies pick on you at school”. Henry said “ well mistress Bonnie it has been that way all my life even before my father was defence secretary I was bullied I was considered not a popular boy at school even around home the girls never like me but I considered that ok”.

Bonnie said “ most amazon women and girls are the same we don't like boys or men we think you are disgusting creatures soon your gender subjugated to women rule the better it will men have had their time”. Charles said “ why now sure men have their faults”.

Bonnie laughed and said “ yea you were born the wrong gender that your fault”. Henry said “ I agree we male have been very nasty female gender but why turn most population of men to women”.

Bonnie says “ some will be change we still need the new Amazon States of America to run as normal even though it under Amazon occupation and it includes you 2 going back to school from tomorrow you will be taught the Amazon curriculum”.

A amazon guard turns up and says “agent Bonnie the boys mother is here and he has been registered as a male in his teen years”. Bonnie said “good and the boy's father”

Guard said “he has been re-register too he is a local merchant own a local shopping mall and some in other parts of the Amazon States of America the woman said she will take over his business but he will stay the face of the shopping empire”. Bonnie Asked “what is the name of the shop?”.

Guard said “I think they call it Club Banana”. Bonnie said “take this news to her highness and see if she wants control hold the women and male here as well as the boy can be detained here” Guard said “ yes agent Bonnie”. Then she said “Henry can you follow me please”. Henry said “yes mistress Bonnie”.

They headed to another room and Bonnie said “.take all your clothes off Henry”. He did what is was told. Henry asked “can I ask why mistress I have to take my clothes off for”.

Bonnie said “most bullies are male like you and he reason is because of the masculinity so we are going to get rid of yours and make you a girl and Amazon you will wear bleak leather like me and love being a female amazon girl and hate boys”.

Henry looked at her and said “ but mistress I do not want be a girl”, Bonnie said “ you will love being a girl and you will go back to school as Amazon girl and you will help control the bulling at school as a Amazon girl”. Henry asked “ my friend Charles what happens to him”. Bonnie said “ you wont care soon any more”.

Henry was given a needle he was sitting and the then pain hit him as he began to change from a boy to a girl his hips began to widen his boobs began to grown and her body became more feminine her legs an her arms and she had a vagina now and clit she was a Amazon girl.

Her name now was Hailee she loves her princess and queen. Hailee said “thank you agent bonnie for freeing me from my male shell I am now a amazon girl and free from my masculinity and free of male influence I will help our princess here in the Amazon sates of America and her conquest for her majesty in getting rid of inferdental know as men”.

Bonnie said “ Hailee you will help out the schools you and other amazon girls will help with new female school amazon curriculum”. Hailee said “ I do under stand agent Bonnie why we need the amazon curriculum for girls but why for boys our aim is get rid of the inferdentail known as man and boys”.

Bonnie said “ all boys will soon become girls like us and they will freed from their male shells”. Hailee said “ I am glad I was freed from my male shell and influence from man”. Bonnie said “ you better go and change Hailee a naked girl here does not look good”. Hailee said “ yes agent Bonnie”.

Hailee left Bonnie and she went over and got her new black leather Amazon uniform and thigh high boots. Hailee got dressed and return back to Bonnie. Then they left and headed back up to the area Hailee saw Charles he was going over to get some food for his lunch Hailee walked up to him and said “ hello Charles”.

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