Little Boy-Girl 35 a Father’s Secret

It was like any other day at the Davis’ house. The younger kids where playing in the indoor pool area. The older ones where tending to their kids in the play room in the house. I was up in the master bedroom getting ready to show the neighbors the side of me they never saw before. My wife was helping with everything. The kids knew I had to do this and said they love me no matter what I had on. It had all started on day it was just me and the kids in the indoor pool. The girls where all ready in the pool Junior and I wanted to surprise the girls.

Junior was already accepted as one of the girls when dressed. Junior had only seen me dressed once. Well it was time for the girls to see. I was glad the boys decided to go to the baseball field at the school to play ball. It was time to walk out Junior lead the way. We had what some would call a mother/daughter set.
Well it was but made special for us. A special pocket to hide our bits the girls whistled at us causing us to blush.

I was about to go and change but the girls said we love you no matter what you have on. I then went up the ladder to the slide and made sure the water flow was on to help slide down. Well when I hit the water I came up and went to get out I heard the girls giggle. Junior was giggling right along with them. (Girls you know what I mean.) The swimsuit had ridden up. I dropped back down it the water and fixed it. I then got out and did it again this time the girls did it as well.

We had fun in the pool the boys swam out side and decided to come in side to play on the super slide.
The slide is about 40 feet up and shoots down 20 feet then levels off of 5 feet then shoots down the last 15 feet. That slide is fun too but not as fun as the one that shoots down 35 feet in a spiral with a five foot drop that ends in the water. So you have to swim out from under the water.

The reason the boys came in was a strange man was watching the outside pool from the school yard. I thought that was weird because no one was to be in the school yard today except for the officers walking the grounds. The only place kids could be on the school grounds is the baseball and football/soccer fields and the outdoor basketball and tennis courts. This guy was in the playground area.

I called the officers that were walking the school grounds to see why they didn’t see the man. I was told that the man told them to leave the grounds or go to jail. I was outraged and wanted to know more about this man that threatened officers of the law. I know it had to be the D.A Bruce Quill. I was about to go to the fence when I realized what I was wearing.

He was trying to get dirt on me and my family. Both blood family and friends that was family through the kids. The security camera footage was all snowy do to a jammed signal only way to do that is to know the closed circuit TV channel signal. The thing was only three people in the neighborhood new it and the local police department.

Something was up and it was going to get bad but it was only the start of it. Bruce Quill was trying to catch the boys dressed as girls. Knowing that his reports from the parents that were against the school from expanding to their kid’s school. Plus they wanted the freaks that were already in the school kicked out of the school all together. It was an act to clean house and it didn’t matter if they had the rights or not. Transgendered, Cross-dressers, Kids that were slow in learning and the kids in diapers had to go.

What got the most attention was the boys in their kid’s school wore dresses to school so their diapers could be changed with ease. The girls in the school that wore diapers were accepted with no problem to. It was just the boys the kids treated badly. That’s until a boy saying he was a girl.

Now with Bruce Quill walk around like he was the mayor of the town. He thought he could do what he wanted. If that was to run a family out of town for helping kids that needed a safe place to live and go to school so be it. Bruce just needed the state to back him up.

He was trying to get proof that the family was a bunch of freaks. The event was to be held at the school and was invite only. The two neighborhoods and the group home right outside the gate were the only ones invited. It was one Bruce Quill that walked in uninvited and started to take pictures an officer saw that and took the camera and removed the memory stick and handed it back and was told to leave.

Bruce smiled as he walked out and said gotta you freak and I caught you in your dress. As I looked at the pictures that he took. In them I was kissing my wife who was dressed in a dress as well. In the picture it looked like two lesbians kissing and that was what I was gunning for. The joke was on him though we had won round one.

(Start of Happy Teen Babies)

It was two week later when he returned to spread rumors about someone that was at the school. This time it was at the school that I was working on a case at. Two kids were picking on a girl and her brother. They were on their way to the school nurse to be changed. That’s when I walked up on the event in the hall. Bruce Quill III. was one of the boys doing the teasing of a girl. That’s when the back lash all started. The diapering of his son hit struck a cord with him. Saying the diaper kids should be removed from the school. The schools board said “our hands are tied up with a federal law. Saying all children had the right to go to any school that can help them learn”. Bruce Quill Jr. was not happy with the news and said “I’ll sure that the school burn to the ground.”

T.B.C in School for Transgendered, Cross-Dressing and Diapered Kids 1 Davis’ meets the Finns

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