Alexa B-Side: #1 - Tuesday Morning

Alexa B-Side: Tuesday Morning

“Katie, can I ask you something?” Jenny says to her roommate.


“What do you think about Alex?" Jenny asks. It’s a question that has been bothering her for a few days.

“I think he has a lot of things to work out. You concerned about him?” Katie asks.

Looking at the coffee cup in her hand, Jenny responds “Yeah I’m concerned, but that’s not it.”

“Then what? Wait a second. Do you like Alex?” Katie asks as she realizes what is happening. Drooping her head a little lower, Jenny simply nods her head. Katie lets out an audible gasp. “How long has this been going on?” Kate asks, astonished with what is happening before her. Jenny and Alex? It would be one of the ultimate odd couples. Jenny is serious and confident and Alex is so, geeky? They would make the ultimate odd couple. But the answer to her question is not forthcoming from her roommate. She presses for an answer. “When did you realize you liked him?”

Jenny took a long deep breath. She knew that when she opened her mouth the world was about to change. She always liked the geeky guy from across the hall a little more than as just a friend, but with the events that happened over the weekend a new window had been opened. She saw a side of Alex she had never seen and she liked it. It was the things that brought out the side that were troubling her. Jenny looked up at her roommate and said “I realized it as Alexa was making us dinner the other night.”

“Yeah I had never seen Alex, wait a second did you say Alexa?” the words from Katie hung there. The two roommates had talked Alex into helping Jenny out with a project for her Behavioral Science class and Alex became Alexa. Katie had known about Alex’s past crossdressing and she had mentioned this to Jenny. Jenny thought he would be a perfect subject because he lived across the hall, they could observe better. Added that to the fact that Katie and he were best friends would make it easier. Katie went along with the plan because she saw no harm. And there wasn’t, however a new person emerged. Gone was the geeky video gamer and a beautiful, confident woman emerged. But that was the problem.

“I did say Alexa.” Jenny said. “And that’s my issue. I had no idea that Alexa would become such a fun person to be around. I loved the confidence but the person didn’t change. I felt instantly attracted. But I am not a lesbian. And how can I explain that I didn’t do this on purpose? This is a mess” Jenny continued on, dropping her head to the table.

Katie sat and took it all in. She knew that Alex had a gigantic crush on Jenny and now Jenny was sitting here spilling her guts about him. But the dressing thing could prove to be a major thorn in the relationship. She loved Alex like a brother and she and Jenny had become closer than most roommates. She thought hard about it and realized that if they cared for each other, what they wore wouldn’t matter. “Jen, I can’t believe I am going to say this, but go for it. I just need to be assured you didn’t do this on purpose.” Jenny assured her roommate she that the dressing wasn’t a set up. Katie continued on, “I’ll talk to him this afternoon. I planned on it anyway since I haven’t seen him since Sunday I planned on checking up on him anyway. It’s Tuesday and he is usually done early and doesn’t work. Stop by when your done with class and who knows you may have a new boyfriend! Speaking of class, I got go. See you later.” And with that Katie grabbed her backpack and ran out the door.

“I hope so” Jenny whispered.

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