Gaby Book 12+1 Chapter *36* Comedy Klub

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*Chapter 36*

Comedy Klub

Of course the visit to the Fischer’s hadn’t actually taken that long, I had plenty of time to get to Cheer.

“I thought all girls wanted to be ballerinas.”

“Ut uh, not this one,“ Mand stated.

“Even Goth Gurl did ballet until secondary school.”

“So you’re making up for lost time?”

“No! Look, are you coming or what?”

It had taken a bit of persuasion to get her to agree to coming to Cheer with me, only a demonstration of my flexibility convinced her – maybe I should’ve warmed up a bit before doing the splits.

“Come on you two,” Dad chivvied.

“Everything okay today, Gab?” Pater enquired as we set off for Altenahr.

“Think so,” I allowed.

“You sort out your disagreement with Connie?”

It wasn’t exactly a disagreement was it?

“Yeah, we’re talking again at least.”

“Remember to tell Hannah you won’t be there Friday or next week.”

“Yes, Dad,” I sighed, it was after all my reason for asking Con about time last night, not that I got a chance to explain.

In no time we were baling at the Tanzklub and joining my would-be cheerleaders.


“New recruit, Gab?” Hannah asked spotting Mand nervously following me.

“Kind of, she’s come from England to join my rad team, I thought she’d benefit from some off the bike stuff, if that’s alright?”

“Sure, I’ll sort you out the forms.”

“Oh and she doesn’t have any German.”

“She has a name?”

“Duh! Sorree. Hannah meet Amanda de Vreen,” I switched to English, “Mand, this is Hannah, she’s in charge of Garde and Cheer.”

“Um, Gooten ar bent,” Mand offered.

“You’re Welcome.”

They were both equally bad at each other’s language; guess I’m stuck as translator.

“Whilst I remember, Hannah, I won’t be here next week or at Garde.”

“Off gallivanting again, eh?”

“Er yeah,” I admitted.

“Where this time?”


“Wow, you do live an exciting life, Gaby Bond!”

“Too exciting sometimes, we’d best get ready.”

I might have had an emotional day but a couple of hours of hard exercise soon takes your mind off things. Despite her initial reticence even Mand was getting into it by the time we finished, most of the time it’s visual so Mand’s lack of language skills wasn’t such a handicap.

“I ache all over.” Manda supplied as we waited for our taxi – Pia having ducked out.

“It gets better,” I suggested.

“I’ll take your word on that. I’m starting to see that there’s more to little Miss Bond than first meets the eye. Talking of which, you never did tell me about this Max properly.”

Talk about a terrier.

“What are you doing tomorrow, Amanda?” Mum enquired as we headed home, taxi duty having been passed to her.

“Not sure, Mrs Bond.”

“I’ve told you, it’s Jenny. In that case you can come to HQ with me, meet George and the girls, we’ve got a ride out after lunch, Gab, you coming?”

“I guess so,” I sighed, “you’ll have to take my kit though, I’m not lugging that lot around school.”

“Well that’s that sorted out.”
I toned things down with my outfit Tuesday morning, no stilts, no tight skirt and no stockings! So okay, I’m back, almost to my normal stuff, the exception being a cord skirt instead of trousers – look it’s easier for changing when I get to Apollinaris alright? Of course I forgot to readjust my saddle before setting off so I ended up stood on the pedals around to Thesing’s, dumkopf!

“Where’s her ladyship this morning?” Frau Thesing queried.

“Got fed up yesterday, sent me instead.”

“Pudding or pflaum?”

“Tempting but I’m out with Mum this afternoon so I’d best give it a miss today.”

“You poor thing,” she grinned, “here, you can take the coffee over.”

“Slave driver.”

“I don’t pay you to talk.”

“You’re not paying me anyhow.”

“On with you!”

“It’s the real Gaby Bond!” Steff announced.

“Not you too.”

“You’re no fun.”

“So what’s this about you getting all up close and personal with Max yesterday?” Brid enquired.

“Not gonna happen.”

“Florian said she saw you two at it near the rest rooms.”


“We weren’t ‘at it’, I slipped and he caught me okay?”

“‘S not how she told it,” Brid pressed.

“Well I was a bit emotional so I might have held on a bit longer than strictly required,” I admitted.

“Ha, knew it!”

“He’s a friend, okay?”

“She protesteth too much.”

“What am I missing?” Con enquired arriving from the flat.

“Florian saw Gabs and Max in a clinch yesterday.” Pia filled her in.

“Well he is her boyfriend,” Con stated.

“He is not my boyfriend!” I stated through gritted teeth.

“Come on, Gab, everyone knows you two are a couple.”

“We are not!”

“So who are you going to Mart’s with?” Brid pressed.


“I thought you just said Max.” Con grinned.

“I did, me and Manda are cadging a lift, but that’s all.”

“Ha, knew it!” Brid crowed.

“Talking of which, when do we get to meet this mystery girl?” Steff asked.

“She’s hardly a mystery.”

“Well you’ve not brought her out to meet us yet,” Pia put in.

“Con’s met her.”

“When?” Miss Thesing queried.

“When I went to Italy? We stopped here for frühstuck?”

“That was Amanda? Bit taller than you, short mousey hair?”

“Everyone’s taller than Gabs,” Steff chuckled.

“Her hair’s not that short,” I noted (and certainly no longer mousey after that disastrous dye job in Switzerland!).

“No don’t remember her,” Con stated before creasing up. “Sorry, couldn’t resist, Gab.”

“You lot gossiping all day or going to school?” Frau Thesing enquired.

“We’ve got a choice?” Pia riposted.

“No, now shoo!”

“But I’ve got boots on,” Steff mentioned.

What’s with all the comedians this morning?

I didn’t get the attention that yesterday’s garb attracted, today I was just one of the crowd.

“Gab!” Max hissed as Frau Dürst started to take the register.


“I got the transport fixed.”


“Bond?” Frau Dürst queried.


“Mum’ll pick you guys up at yours.”

“Tell her thanks.”

“Not your boyfriend, eh?” Con observed with a twitch of her eyebrows.

“I told you it’s a lift, that’s all.”

“You could have come in the car with me and Anna.”

I hadn’t actually even thought of that.

“There’s two of us remember, Gloria’s car isn’t exactly big.”

That seemed to satisfy her, I on the other hand am as confused as ever, why didn’t I just ask my rents?

That and the questions from Herr Ansbacher’s history homework all seemed to escape me as I perpetuated the dizzy blonde thing. Somehow I survived the school day without further prying or any repeat of yesterday’s hug fest with Max.

I wasn’t due to meet Mum and the others for an hour after school let out, normally I’d just go and hang out but today I found myself pushing the Schauff through the Altstadt window shopping. It then hit me, what am I going to wear to the party? It’s tomorrow and I’ve no idea, bum!

“Ha, thought it was you!” a familiar voice stated.

Yup, I was stood outside Eloise Couture, could only be one person.

“Hello, Gerta,” I offered through a forced smile.

Maddy Bell © 26.12.2014

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