The Tale of Two Girls Part 9

The Tale of Two Girls Part 9

Dear readers,

I have included a list of the characters which will help you keep track
of all the people in my story. It's basically in order of appearance.

New readers please read the preceding chapters of this story and the two
preceding stories, Chrissy's new life and Chris's surprise prize.

Please enjoy my writings; it gives me such great pleasure to write about
a subject that is so close to my heart

List of Characters

Chrissy's new life

Chris Reilly Chrissy Reilly almost 13 years

Aunt Mary Susan, Aunt Mary's daughter

Carolyn Aunt Mary's maid Bernice Carolyn's daughter

Edwina Aunt Mary's maid

Karen Aunt Mary's maid

Brenda Reilly Chrissy's mother

James Reilly Chrissy's brother

Mr. Mark Kennedy and Mr. Peter Foster: Aunt Mary's pilots.

Mandy Penelope

Chris's surprise prize

Christopher James Christine James 22 years old

Patricia and Kathy girls living in same apartment block as Christine

Beverly Guthrie owner of Cinderella's bridal boutique

Susan James: Christine's Mom

The tale of two girls

Priscilla Turnquist: Aunt Mary's mother and Chrissy's Grandmamma

Sylvia: Priscilla's maid.

Josh Maguire: 17-year-old guy given job at Cinderella's. New name:

Kenny Short Best friend of Chrissy New name : Karen

Mrs. Gloria Short Karen's mother


We had just finished supper when the doorbell rang. I went to go answer
it and was surprised to find Mrs. Turnquist standing on the doorstep. She
was quite distraught. She was babbling about a teenage girl lying on the
ground at our gate. She had seen the girl collapse. I called for Patricia
to come and rushed out with Mrs. Turnquist to help.

To my surprise it was Jessica. Her stockings were torn and her dress was
dirty. There was a bruise on her leg. Patricia joined us and between the
two of us we carried Jessica into the house. Mommy and Beverly joined us
and we took Jessica to a bedroom. We began to carefully undress Jessica
and we speculated what had happened.

I said, "It must have been Jessica's father who did this."

Mommy said, "Yes must have been, Jessica did sound scared of him, I
suppose he was there when she arrived or he arrived before she could

While we were busy Jessica began to stir. She said, "Where Am I?"

I said, "Jessica you are here at Mrs. Guthrie's house. What happened?"

"My father was home when I got there and he called me the most horrible
names and told me to get out of the house and he knocked me to the floor
and I fled and I made my way here."

Mommy said, "Ooh you poor dear, I think we should get to a hospital just
to check you over."

Patricia said, "I would leave Jessica as she is dressed now these

We quickly got Jessica into the car. Beverly drove us to the hospital
where Jessica was checked over by the doctor on duty. Beverly was going to
pay for the medical costs. The doctor wanted to know what had happened
and she advised us to involve the police in the incident. Jessica was OK
there were no serious injuries. The doctor gave Jessica a note excusing
her from school for a few days.

Jessica was almost an adult; her birthday was on the last day of the
year. We went to a police station on the way home. We spoke to a lady
police officer and she was most helpful, she understood what Jessica had
done in her desire to be feminine. She offered to go with Jessica and
Mrs. Guthrie to Jessica's home. A time was arranged to go to Jessica's
home the following day.

We were going to help Jessica over this crisis in her life. We would have
to assist Jessica in getting through her final school year unless her
father was reasonable.

Back home Patricia and I helped Jessica get dressed for bed after we gave
her a hot relaxing bubble bath. We bathed her thoroughly making sure
she was completely clean. I put moisturizer on her skin that was free of
hair. I put her in the pink satin nightgown I had given her to take home.

Jessica said, "Thank you so much, Christine."

"It's only a pleasure dear Jessica, we are so sorry that you had to
endure this"

"Your help is so comforting, I' glad I don't have to sleep at home

Patricia said, "You can share the bed with us tonight in case you have

Jessica hugged Patricia and then me and thanked us profusely, "Thank you
so much, I will need that, I do tend get nightmares after a traumatic

I said, "Then I'm glad we will be with you the whole night."

Mommy and Beverly came into the room and Mommy had a plate of food for
Jessica. Patricia and I left to go to the bathroom to get ready for bed.
Patricia and I bathed each other taking our time to make sure we were
both very clean. Her soaping my whole body with the bar of heavily
perfumed soap was so exquisite. She even used a round cylindrical piece
of the soap to clean my anal opening, she was that thorough. I did the
same for Patricia. My hair was thoroughly shampooed. I had the lather
running down my face and into my ears. I felt so clean and wonderful
after wards.

Patricia and I dried each other off and then we had a lot of fun
moisturizing each other's bodies. We dressed in matching satin
nightgowns. Mine was red while Patricia's was white.

We joined Jessica in the bedroom and got in on either side of her. She
was drinking a warm glass of milk. Our glasses of milk were waiting for
us too. Mommy and Beverly were there waiting to say goodnight to us.



I felt so safe and secure in the big warm bed with Christine and Patricia
on either side of me. Mrs. James and Guthrie kissed us all goodnight.

Christine and Patricia snuggled close to me I loved the touch of their
bodies against mine. I fell sleep with both of them rubbing my body.

I woke the next morning with kisses on my cheeks. Christine was dressed
in male clothes while Patricia was dressed in a smart dress in yellow.

Christine said, "Jessica, Darling we have to go to work, I'm dressed in
male clothes as my employer doesn't know I dress as a female, I've been
off work for the past week and I'm going to resign today to help in the
boutique, then I can wear girl’s clothes forever."

Patricia said, "Looks like you had a peacefully night, you did not have
any nightmares?"

"No I did not but I did dream lovely things. I was at my wedding dressed
in the most romantic dress."

Christine said, "That's wonderful Jessica. We are so glad for you."

Christine and Patricia both gave me a hug and wished me well for the day

Mrs. James came into the room and asked, "Ready for some breakfast
Darling Jessica?"

"Ooh yes please Mrs. James"

"Let's get a dressing gown on you."

Mrs. James pulled the covers back and helped me into a satin dressing
gown and fluffy slippers.

In the dining room Mrs. Guthrie had breakfast ready.

Mrs. Guthrie asked, "Looks like you had a wonderful sleep Jessica."

"I did Mrs. Guthrie; I dreamt the most wondrous dream. I was wearing the
most romantic wedding dress, my bride was also wearing a lovely dress."

Mrs. James said, "Ooh how wonderful for you, I'm so glad."

Breakfast was very tasty and after that I went to get ready for the day.

Mrs. James accompanied me to the bedroom and helped me get undressed. She
ran a bath for me, a bubble bath. I loved the flowery smell of the bubble

Mrs. James sat me down in the luxurious foam and then taking a bar of
heavily scented soap began to wash me all over. Her touch was exquisite
as she rubbed the bar of soap directly on my skin.

"Mrs. James that is so wonderful, I love what you are doing."

"Jessica looks like I will have to teach you how to bathe yourself
properly. Yesterday you told us you had bathed yourself but your
cleanliness leaves much to be desired, your neck is dirty and so are your
ears, but it's understandable boys don't know how to bathe themselves

"Yes I suppose we boys don't really know how to bathe ourselves, it will
good to learn and I wish to learn, I will love to smooth and clean of
body hair too."

"That will come dear Jessica, let's just get today over."

Mrs. James continued to scrub me; she paid special attention to my neck
and ears. She also shampooed my hair and scrubbed my scalp. I could feel
how thorough she was and I liked it actually. I really sensed my life was
going to change for the better.

Eventually my bath came to an end and Mrs. James helped me out the bath
and began to dry me off with a big pink fluffy towel. When I was dry she
began to rub moisturizer into my skin. She helped me dress. I was glad
when she put me into more lovely lingerie. It was pure white satin the
bra had lacy inserts as did the panty and garter belt. Mrs. James said,
"Jessica dear you look so wonderful in the lingerie like a bride on her
wedding day."

"Thank you Mrs. James, I feel so special in the lingerie, I wish I could
wear lovely lingerie like every day for the rest of my life."

"Well, if all goes well maybe you can, Mrs. Guthrie will be accompanying
you to your house to get your things, and we will also have to at least
let your Dad know where you are. He also needs to be told that his
behaviour towards you in unacceptable, the fact that he was violent
towards you is wrong. We will leave that to the police. He can be
warned. Now let's get you dressed, Christine has some lovely outfits."

"Well I would love to wear a nice dress again; I so want to be a girl"

What would you like to wear?"

I had a look through Christine's wardrobes. I chose a midi black and
white hound's-tooth skirt and a white silk blouse. I also chose a batwing
cardigan. Mrs. James helped me into the clothes I had chosen. I wore knee
high boots. Mrs. Guthrie came into the room and she smiled when she saw
how I was dressed.

"Jessica, that looks so lovely on you. We must just wait for Officer
Prendergast to arrive. Will your Dad be home?"

"Thank you Mrs. Guthrie and my dad might be home. He works shifts; I
think he works in the afternoon this week."

Mrs. James took me to the bath room where she brushed and flossed my
teeth. I also had to gargle with mouthwash.

Mrs. James and I went to join Mrs. Guthrie who had just invited Officer
Prendergast in the house.

Officer Prendergast said "Jessica you look so smart, are you ready to go
to your home and collect your things?"

Mrs. Guthrie got her car out and Officer Prendergast and I got in. Mrs.
James wished us good luck and we drove over to my house.

Officer Prendergast went to the front door while Mrs. Guthrie and I
waited in the car. Office Prendergast had told us on the way over what
she planned to. She was going to tell my dad that after he assaulted me I
left and I collapsed on the side of the road.

From where we were parked we could see the front door. My Dad opened
the front door. We could see the expression on his face as Officer
Prendergast told him why she was there. He was appeared cross and began
to close the door. We knew this was not good.

Officer Prendergast retreated and spoke into her 2-way radio. She came
back to the car and told us she had called for backup. We waited a while
till a squad car arrived and the assisting officers gained access to my
house. My dad did have drinking problem too which was getting worse since
my mother died. We waited a while till a squad car arrived and the
assisting officers gained access to my house. Once that was done they
brought my dad down the path. I got out of the car as they approached and
tried to explain to my dad, "Dad this is who I am, I've always felt like
this." He just brushed me off and said, "Don't talk to me, you're no son
of mine." The officers took my dad to the squad car and drove him away.
I was sorry to see them do that to my dad in spite of what he had done to

Mrs. Guthrie and I went into the house and we collected my clothes and
books for the rest of the week. I was glad for the place of safety while
my Dad was in custody. We went back to Mrs. Guthrie's house and put my
clothes and books in a bedroom I was given to use. I loved feminine
manner in which the room was furnished. There was a four poster bed with
lots of feminine lace curtains around it. Everything in the room was
light pinks and white.

We went to the boutique so Mrs Guthrie could attend to customers. Mrs.
James welcomed us back and she was so glad it had gone relatively well.
Mrs. Guthrie had also invited Officer Prendergast for a cup of coffee.
Officer Prendergast wanted to buy some lingerie and I was called upon to
assist her. She gave me her size and I went to get the items and she
invited me to help her try on the items. It was a bra and panty set,
garter belt and stockings. I was so at home assisting her and Sandra as
Officer Prendergast said I could call her loved the gentle way I assisted
her to undress and dress.

Lunch time came around soon enough and Christine came to the boutique.



I had a good morning and I spoke to my boss and told her I would like to
resign as I had another job where I was required to start immediately. I
had only been working there a short while and did not have a permanent
post. She said she could see I was not enjoying the work and said I could
tender my resignation if I wished.

I was saddened at Jessica's news about her father being difficult with
regard to her dressing as a female but was glad Beverly was so
accommodating and that she had a place of safety. Beverly would be doing
a fashion show of all her best lines and Jessica and I were going to do
the modelling of young brides and bridesmaid dresses. But we both needed
extensive training in modelling clothes.

Jessica and I spent the afternoon serving in the boutique and Mrs.
Turnquist came to during that time to enquire how Jessica was. She
brought us news that Chrissy and her family would be arriving on Friday.
Mrs. Alexander and her household would be arriving in Palm Beach on in
the course of the following week.

Beverly gave Jessica and me training in modelling clothes when there was
lull in customers. Jessica was quicker at mastering the modelling than I.
At the end of the day we went back to Beverly's house. Jessica and I
relaxed. I gave Jessica a foot massage. Mommy and Beverly were busy with
supper. Jessica and I set the table and just as we finished Patricia
arrived. We kissed in greeting.

Supper was very nice and during supper Mommy told us she had a buyer for
the house but the person buying it wanted to occupy it before the end of
the year. Mommy said she would make arrangements to move out of the

I told them seeing as Beverly offered for Patricia and me to also live
with her and Mommy I would also like to move to Beverly's sooner. Mommy
and Beverly loved the idea as did Patricia. . Our lives would be ideal
living and working together. I loved the idea of working at the boutique
and living right next door to work.

After supper we relaxed and listened to music and also watched a fashion
show on TV. Jessica and I got some valuable tips from watching the show.


The afternoon had been great and I had really enjoyed the company of the
ladies. I said, "Well I think it's time for me to bath and go to bed."

Christine said, "Can I help you Jessica?"

Mrs. James added, "I gave Jessica a bath this morning and she had not
bathed properly before so I will come and supervise her bath."

I thought, oh wow, 2 people to attend to me as I bathed! We went to my
room and Patricia accompanied us. Patricia and Christine started to
undress me while Mrs. James went to start my bath.

Mrs. James came and helped me into the bath and said, "Come Christine we
can bath you too."

Mrs. James and Patricia helped Christine undress and she got into bath
with me. The bath was set in the centre of the room and Patricia attended
to Christine while Mrs. James took a bar of soap and began to soap me.
The bath only had a shallow layer of water in it. Mrs. James applied the
bar of soap directly to my skin as she had done in the morning. She
started with my feet and rubbed the soap all over my feet and even rubbed
the soap under my toenails. Patricia was giving Christine the same
treatment. Christine said, "So lovely to be thoroughly clean isn't it

"Yes Christine it is I thought I was bathing myself properly but
evidently I was not."

Mrs. James said, "Well not you know how it will be to properly clean."

Mrs. James got me to stand and she started rubbing the bar of soap on my
neck and she worked down to my left shoulder and then taking a second bar
of the sweet smelling soap, she rubbed one bar on my chest and the other
on my upper back and rubbed the bars in ever widening circles and the
creamy lather began to form on my body. I looked over to Christine and
saw Patricia was doing the same to Christine. Mrs. James gradually moved
the bars of soap lower down to my tummy and lower back, my body was
getting a thorough lathering. She moved further down to my buttock and
upper thigh and worked her way down to my knee. After getting me to open
up my legs she soaped up my inner thigh and moved up to my genitals. Here
she gently but thoroughly lathered up my genitals.

"Jessica darling you must keep your genitals properly clean." She pulled
the foreskin of my penis back and rubbed the bar of soap there too. It
caused my penis to begin to erect.

Christine said, "Ooh how nice to have your clitty soaped up Jessica, I
just love it."

"Ooh you mean my penis. Clitty is such a cute name for my most loved body

Christine's clitty as she called was also erecting, I had never seen
another guy’s penis before and I was looking at it and comparing it to
mine. I noted that Christine was completely hairless even around her ball
sac. Mrs. James turned her attention to my arm and got me to raise my
arm so she could get to my armpit she spent a long time there rubbing the
soap into my armpit and it made squelching noises.

I had to turn the other way after Mrs. James soaping up my arm and
finished by rubbing the bar of soap under my fingernails. She repeated
the process on the other side of my body.

I asked, "Mrs. James when are you going to remove the hair from my

Mrs. James replied, "I was wondering when you were going to ask that,
it's good as you have the desire to be hairless."


Karen Short:

I woke up this morning, as the cobwebs cleared I began to become aware
of the silky garment the covered my body. I lifted the bedclothes to
confirm what I felt on my skin. I recalled what had happened at Chrissy's
house the night before. I was also aware of dampness in my lovely panty.
I smiled to myself and thought that life was going to be prefect form now
on. I was on the effeminate side and I had been teased as had Chrissy.

Today was still a school day, but Mommy would be informing the school I
attended we would be leaving Amarillo. I would still go to school and
take it from there. Maybe I would come back home immediately.

Mommy came into my room and she come over and kissed me and said, "Good
morning, Karen darling, did you sleep well?"

"Ooh, Yes, Mommy I had a lovely sleep and waking up in this nightgown was
so lovely."

"Lovelier than my baby doll you wore?"

"It was about the same except that now I feel better because you know and

"Come my darling let's get you out of that night gown and get you to

Mommy took my hands and pulled me gently out of bed. She lifted my
nightgown off over my head. She began to pull my panty down and noticed
the damp spot on the front of my panty and said, "Karen dear we will have
to start doing something about your nocturnal emissions, I will have to
put a pad in your panty I think, do you touch your yourself at night, I
would be surprised if you said no."

"I do love the way panty feels on my cock, so I love to touch myself

"Rather call it by its proper name, penis."

"Ok Mommy, I did notice Chrissy looking at my penis when I was dressed
there at Chrissy's house last night, and my penis got hard when I had the
panty on."

"So I noticed too, it must feel lovely to have the soft cool material
around your penis."

"It does Mommy dearest, Chrissy mentioned that she is to be a flower girl
at a wedding in Palm Beach next year. It's the weddings of two couples
that the Aunt Mary's mother knows. Aunt Mary is the lady who flew Chrissy
home from California in her private plane; I would love to be a flower
girl too."

"Ooh, Karen how sweet of you to call me Mommy dearest. She must be well
off to have her own plane. Well, who knows maybe you can."

"Chrissy was going to send me an email telling me all about her weekend
Thanksgiving weekend in California, will we have time to check emails
before school?"

"Yes I think so, let's get you into a bath"

Mommy led me to the bath room where she began to run water, and then
added bubble bath and bath salts and oils. She took a bar of her scented
beauty soap and began to wash me.

"Mommy what if I attend class and someone smelt that soap on me, some of
the guys are already calling me a sissy."

"Don't you worry your little sweet head; I won't let those nasty guys get
a chance to tease you, I'll tell them we are leaving town soon so there
will be no point to stay on for the rest of the week, we must just make
sure you return everything you have to. It must have been hard for you
my sweet."

"Thank you, mommy dearest, so now you don't have to spare the soap, you
can go ahead and make me all make all nice and clean."

"OK, you. Where is Kenny and what have you done with him?", Mommy joked
in reply.

"Ohh, silly Mommy, Kenny is gone for good its Karen now." I quipped and
began to giggle.

"Ooh so good to hear you laugh like that Karen, it just precious and
might I say girly."

Mommy continued to bath me. I loved the way she had my body completely
lathered up with soap and then taking a wash cloth she gently scrubbed my
body. Once mommy had finished scrubbing me she rinsed off all the lather
and then told me to close my eyes and she soaped up my face and rubbed
hard all over my face. She helped me out the bath and dried me off. She
put a towel around me like a girl would wear and we went to her room. She
helped me into one of her panties and put beige pantyhose on me.I liked
to have mommy dress me.

I checked my email as mommy went to make us breakfast; unfortunately
Chrissy had not sent anything yet.

At school mommy explained to the school secretary about our move to Palm
Beach. I handed in every I was required to. On our way home we stopped
at a real-estate agent and mommy put our house for sale. I noted that
Chrissy's house was also up for sale.

After we had finished at the real-estate agent’s mommy phoned Chrissy's
house and asked if we could come round.



I was busy with my email to Karen when the telephone rang. I answered and
said, "Good morning, Chrissy speaking, how are you?"

It was Mrs. Short and she said, "Good morning Chrissy, I'm fine and you?"

"We are both well and you and your Mommy, may I speak to your mommy

"We are both well Mrs. Short, please apologize to Karen for me please, I
am only writing the email I promised her now."

"I will but don't worry we want to come over and you can tell both of us
in person, I also want to hear about your transformation to a lovely

"Thank you so much Mrs. Short, I'll call Mommy now."

I went to call mommy and she chatted to Mrs. Short.

Mommy ended the call and told me Mrs. Short and Karen wished to come
over. We had already had a late breakfast after M-Karen had given me a
lovely bath and dressed me.

Awhile later Mrs. Short and Karen arrived. Mrs. Short said to Mommy, "I
will return Chrissy's clothes as soon as I have washed them, but I was
wondering if we could borrow another of Chrissy's outfits so I can take
her to town and get some girl clothes of her own. Ohh I must still phone
a removal company. This move is so sudden. We have just been to Karen's
school and told them."

Mommy said, "I'll contact my removal firm for you. Maybe we can combine
our two households."

Mommy phoned immediately, as she chatted to the person on the other end
she began to smile broadly. She handed the phone to Mrs. Short and said,
"They can help they have extra vans."

Mrs. Short took the phone and gave her address. We went up to my room and
we got Karen out of her boy clothes and dressed her in my clothes. She
wore my long pink dress and a bat wing cardigan, and a knitted hat.

We left in Mrs. Short's car to go into town; Karen was so excited about
going to get clothes of her own. As we sat in the car together with M-
Karen sitting next to me, Karen kissed me on lips.

M-Karen said, "That was a lovely kiss wasn't it Chrissy?"

"Yes it Was Karen."

We arrived at the mall and began to select clothes for Karen. Mommy let
me buy some more clothes too.




I enjoyed selecting clothes for myself, lovely lacy panties, baby doll
nighties, nightgowns, training bras, skirts, blouses, dresses, coats,
stockings, knitted hats, cardigans, sweaters and shoes. Often Chrissy
and I each took the same item. We would just make sure we did not wear
the same item when we were out together. We had a break and enjoyed a
meal at a restaurant. After our meal we did some more shopping, Mommy
bought me makeup and lovely girly toiletries, hair shampoo and
conditioners, soaps and moisturizers.

We made our way back to Chrissy's house arriving there late afternoon.
Mommy invited Chrissy, her Mommy and their maid to come over to our house
for dinner. Mrs. Reilly said they would love to come over.

We went home and I helped Mommy prepare dinner. Being in the kitchen
helping Mommy was not that unfamiliar to me. Once we had the food cooking
we went to change for dinner. Mommy and I quickly undressed and then
enjoyed a hot shower together. After our shower I enjoyed Mommy
moisturizing my whole body, I did not have much body hair.

Mommy helped me dress; I loved to slip on my lacy pink panty. It still
felt so good on my penis. The matching training bra felt good in my upper
body, I loved the constriction on my chest. I wore stockings and a garter
belt. There was lovely petti-slip that mommy put on me and this was
followed by my dress for the evening, a lovely creation made of pink
satin. I wore white Mary-Jane shoes.

Mommy also put on lovely lingerie and an elegant evening gown and wore 6
inch stiletto heels.

Chrissy, Mrs. Reilly and their maid arrived on time for diner and we all
had enjoyable time eating the delicious dinner mommy and I had prepared.
It agreed that Chrissy, her mommy and maid come over for a slumber party
on our second last night in Amarillo.

After an enjoyable evening it was time for our guests to go home. Chrissy
kissed me on the lips and I enjoyed it very much. We after all had a long
friendship and now we were both dressing as girls it just felt so right.



We arrived back home and M-Karen took me to my room to get me ready for
I had enjoyed the close interaction with Karen and was happy.

Karen said, "I see you really enjoyed kissing you friend, Chrissy. Are
you falling in love with her?"

"I think so Karen, Karen is just so perfect and beautiful."

"Ooh yes so lovely to be young and in love, I'm sure you two will be very
happy together."

Karen undressed and as she took my panty off. As she took it off there
was a strand of semen that dripped from my clitty.

Karen quipped, "Ooh you were excited weren't you?"

"Yes, I just couldn't help getting excited kissing her."

Karen took my panty and wiped my clitty with it. My clitty was hard and

"Looks like someone needs a bit of relief, let's get you in a nice baby
doll and then I will give you some relief."

Karen helped me into an exquisite baby doll nightgown, it was made of
pink chiffon and had layers of While lace on the hem, neckline and
armholes of the garment. There was a matching panty but Karen said she
would put that on me later.

She took the panty I have on previously and wrapped it around my clitty
and gently began to move it up and down the shaft of my clitty. The
feeling was exquisite as Karen brought me to a climax and she kissed me
on the lips so that I tasted her lipstick. I thought back to time when
Carolyn had pleasured me in such a manner. Her lips on my mine and her
gentle stroking of my penis caused me to ejaculate into the panty.

I was deliciously spent and my eyes began to close. Karen just kissed me
on the forehead and murmured in my ear that I should have sweet girly
dreams. Mommy came into the room and kissed me goodnight. I was fast

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