The First Known Case of Biker Virus

The First Known Case of Biker Virus
By Ellie Dauber © 2016

The first known case of Biker Virus was reported to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in April 2014.

Daniel Scolby, a 28-year old tech specialist for a Best Buy store in Fayetteville, PA, was visiting friends in Boca Raton, FL. He awoke one morning complaining of muscle spasms in his arms and legs. About thirty minutes later, his hair began a spurt of rapid hair growth, reaching shoulder length in a matter of minutes. Within an hour, he had undergone a complete male to female transformation.

However, Scolby was not the small, submissive, voluptuous female that usually results from infection by the Bimbo Virus. He was somewhat taller, with a lean, athletic body, albeit with 38-D breasts. She ripped off her clothing and proceeded to force her astonished friend to engage in a sex act with her, one in which she maintained a dominant role.

After the sex, she agreed to accompany her friend/lover to a physician's office. However, she forced him to stop en route to buy clothing, a rather scanty lace bra and panty set and a pair of white leather pants and a matching halter top.

The doctor's findings showed her to be female. A swab of her gums taken that day and later subjected to genetic testing, revealed her DNA to be XX. When the doctor attempted to perform a gynecologic exam, she punched him in his solar plexus, grabbed his wallet, and fled. In the parking lot outside the doctor's office, she hot-wired a motorcycle and drove off at high speed. Scolby, it should be noted, had no known previous experience with motorcycles, as rider or mechanic.

Scolby now calls herself "Snakeskin." She is living with Jack "Hammer" Pollard, leader of a local biker gang, Satan's Wrath. She usually rides with the gang, and she has resisted any attempts to change her back.

Since Scolby, 184 other cases of Biker Virus have been reported. The symptomology suggests that it is a mutant strain of the Bimbo Virus, and, as with the Bimbo Virus, there is no cure. Victims become tall, physically aggressive young women (18-27) with high libidos, particularly for bondage and dominance sex. The name reflects the fact that, of the 185 known cases, 179 of the new women have joined biker gangs, most often as active participants in the gang's violent and criminal behavior.

* * * * *

Author's Note: This story was inspired by a hyperboard discussion on FictionMania a while back, a thread called "Bike Fever." I forget what the topic was about, but the title gave me the idea for this quick gargoyle. For those who don't know, a gargoyle is what I call a short story written as a break from a longer piece, in this case, the second Jessie Hanks adventure.

Since hyperboard messages now vanish after twenty-eight days, I'm posting it as a story. Let me know what you think of the tale. I'll call it an Open Universe if others want to use it, but PLEASE, no excessive violence. Humor, in fact, is preferred.

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