Vampyre 10.

Vampyre 10.


It’s such a different feeling to know that you’re on the opposite side of the darkness and that you can vent out all that same frustration out on the things that we have always been meant to rail and cry against.

I push my mana the power that I’ve been getting and drive it through my body and blood and nerves and muscles…there’s nothing like this, nothing really compares to the drive of fighting when you’re part predator and you’re taking to fight to something…

We’re going to win this.

*And Now…

I look back with a few seconds of time to spare and I see them all fighting the demon thing and I would jump in but I would honestly just be getting in the way of the ones that are down there and still the douche-bag’s eyes are trying to shine green and he’s calling on all of his minions and his sired little mixed bastards.

He wants out of here; he wants to run because he’s always been a coward.

I turn and there’s more coming for their daddy dealer and there’s a couple of snakes with them.

Snakes are Yuanti…they are this sort of a cult that is like the Were’s but not at the same time…were’s are way more than they are and they’re way more natural and attuned…like anti-bodies for this world really…they’re also a buffer too between mankind who they were once and the Fae who helped create them.

I’m not up on the specifics on the lore for that but basically the Yuanti are this snake version of Were that demons have cooked up through like pacts.

The bad thing my venom won’t work on them I think.

The good thing all of these things are made by pacts with humans that had no magical talent or power so they have only the power that they were given…sure it‘ll recharge but their battery never grows…they only have so much mana to boost with and I have that in spades.

I boost again my strength and my agility and I jump up from the place I’m at and get air…I snap out with an axe kick catching the first snake as I rise…which is actually not the actual kick that happens as my leg comes down and my heel connects with his shoulder crushing it and I push…boost my strength even more and he makes a garbled scream as my leg has all this power and it drives him down so hard his knees buckle and shatter and so do the bones in his thighs.

Back down and claws out and like in some of the movies I use a combo of super speed and strength and the edges of my claws to end his suffering with a spin and a backhanded slice that takes off his head.

The other’s stop and I don’t…I chest punch the other guy with my claws and take its heart out and then turf the body away from me and then I do the same thing and I…

I stake a baby-vamp with my claws…and she ashes with a scream.


I smile and I growl and feel the power and the fighting instincts rushing through me and into my eyes.

I can feel their fear, the terror of facing me and yet Raphael’s siring their link and compelling them to come.

They try to swamp me, swarm me but I know what I can do now…I know to chop and slice and to cut through limbs and then they stop coming even though I can still smell more upstairs…like they’re headed…outside.

C’mon Donna be okay…

I’m not a mage but I feel the tremble in the air, in the mana as there’s a surge of light from the main stairwell and screams…daylight screams as what vamps were there become incinerated…

Oh shit…and that sunlight it’s coming closer…it’s filling the room and I turn and I dive for Raphael and rip hi from here I left him and he screams and I pick him up and slam him into one of the fake coffins decorating his little club death.

I just get the lid slammed shut when the light hits me and I scream…I feel the power inside of me shift and drop…and it’s making me become human…alive again…

Always a good thing but soooo not a good time…

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