Teenage Robot Stories

Two stories based on My Life As a Teenage Robot

1: Sheldon house sits for the Wakeman's and finds Jenny's spare outer casing. Sexiness, hilarity, mistaken identity and attempts of superheroics ensue. Includes a brief reference to: http://toongrowner.deviantart.com/art/Found-You-207168682

A commission to do Sheldon in an XJ-9 disguise again, this time using a test version of her adult body

My Day as a Teenage Robot
By Paul Calhoun

“Now Sheldon, I need you to pay extra close attention here.” The short, gray haired matron said, adjusting her large glasses.

“Yes, Doctor Wakeman,” Sheldon said, fighting his continued battle against a stoop.

“It’s vitally important that under no circumstance do you press this button, this one, or any of these.”

“Of course, Doctor Wakeman, I know those activate the parametric isotropic anomolitic generators.”

“Good boy. You know, when you’ve got a PhD or two under your belt, I might want to hire you.”

“Thank you, Doctor Wakeman.”

“Hey mom!” Jenny called. “Can we go now?”

“Just a moment, XJ-9.”

“How many times have I asked you not to call me that?” The blue and white teenage robot said, striding in. “Oh, hey Sheldon.”

“Hi, Jenny,” Sheldon said, a dreamy tone entering his voice.

Jenny pretended not to notice. She’d suspected Sheldon had a thing for her for a couple of months, but he reminded her too much of her mother. She wasn’t thrilled when she found out he’d be house sitting for them, though she was glad to see he wasn’t trying to get a view of her ventral manifold, the pervert. “If we want to get to the convention, we’d better go soon. I am not using up all my afterburners getting you there on time.” She rolled her eyes. “I’ll probably need them when I clean up whatever monstrosity sneaks in this year.”

“Now now, XJ-9,” Nora Wakeman admonished, “is that any way to speak of brilliant creators such as myself?”

“You’re different, mom. Most of what you make is safely stored. Those Kaiju guys never use good containment.”

“Well, maybe you have a point,” Doctor Wakeman said, chuckling. “Then again, last time we were away I left that wastrel Bradley in charge and he almost opened a portal into the exosphere and summoned the gibbering mayhem.”

“It was a mistake anybody could make,” Jenny replied, trying her best to defend her not entirely bright friend. “He thought it was a microwave.”

“Microwaves belong in the kitchen, XJ-9. I am not in the habit of keeping cooking implements in the lab.”

On their way out the door, Jenny turned her head all the way around to look at Sheldon. “One thing, Sheldon,” she said, sounding cheerful despite her position.

“Yeah, Jenny.”

“Stay out of my room!” A fire burned in her eyes for a moment before an automatic extinguisher extended from one supercranial unit to put them out. “Okay?” She asked, again bright and happy.

“Sure, Jenny,” Sheldon said nervously, “anything you say,” he had his fingers crossed behind his back. He’d have done it anyway, but he had explicit orders from Doctor Wakeman to check every room just in case there was a leakage. He dusted the experiments, vacuumed and then settled down in one of the few safe parts of the house, raising EM shielding so that the TV remote wouldn’t cause experiment 345⌂∟/â‚° to escape its confines and eat Cruithne.

Sheldon felt very proud of himself when he succeeded in resisting the temptations of exploring Doctor Wakeman’s — and Jenny’s — house until a whole day later. With nothing else to do, he spent the whole afternoon at Doctor Wakeman’s computer looking over the schematics for XJ-9 and physically appreciating the aesthetic. She was one hot piece of steel! Sheldon drooled as he found the tools that showed her without her ventral port covers, aft heat dissipation chassis or support column intersection cover. There was even a 3D model that could be posed. Further digging found plans for the previous XJ models and their accessories, including the short-lived but adorable exoskin that would have made Jenny look like a human girl if it hadn’t been possessed of the sentience everything Doctor Wakeman made. It had wanted a life of its own and tried to take over Jenny’s. Nora Wakeman was notorious for keeping everything and it was currently in suspended animation in one of the labs pending adjustments to its temperament. Something Doctor Wakeman had occasionally considered for Jenny as well.

Tired but looking forward to the next week of having the schematics all to himself, Sheldon decided it was time to check the house over for anomalies. After battling a small singularity in the oven and a runaway mutation in the bathroom sink, Sheldon arrived at Jenny’s room. Remembering both her mother’s insistence that he go in and her own vehemence that he stay out, he opened the door as quietly and slowly as he could. Inch by inch, he cracked and then finally pushed the door wide. Jenny’s room was a mess, as Doctor Wakeman had said it would be. There were parts strewn everywhere — an errant dual key joint type generative processor cover had Sheldon hyperventilating again.

He poked around the room, trying to ignore the naval bolts, ventral port covers and aft intersectional heat redirection cases. He finished up at her closet, hoping that what he found in there would be less titillating than what she’d left lying around. When he opened it, he jumped back, his heart thumping. “Jenny! I’m so sorry — Doctor Wakeman — I really had to — wait, oooooh…” What he’d mistaken for XJ-9 was not in fact a vengeful teenage robot lying in wait to catch room intruders. It was something a lot more dangerous, though at first Sheldon didn’t realize it.

XJ-9 had gone through a few phases and taken quite a lot of damage while fighting monsters, so her mom had shown her usual practical streak by building an auxiliary chassis for her. A second outer body in which all of her components could be installed as a backup in case her primary casing was damaged beyond immediate repair. Doctor Wakeman did not believe in sick days for robots and should Jenny suffer a blast from a rust bomb or a particularly destructive particle beam, she could in a matter of half an hour be restored to full functionality and sent to school. Jenny’d had mixed feelings about that and had been meaning to paint her second body red and black with fire decals so she could wear it to clubs on the weekend.

For the time being, however, it was a perfect reproduction from her supercranial pigtail units to her boot-like support column base. Even her audio/graphical interface was included, though it lacked almost all the internal circuitry beyond locomotion. It was, Sheldon thought, pretty much a hollow remote-controlled Jenny.

Remote controlled Jenny? Sheldon’s ardor rose again, fighting against the fatigue he’d built up staring at her schematics. Despite it still being quite a lot of metal and machinery, Sheldon almost flew down the stairs carrying the spare body. With a little tinkering, he’d hooked it up to a wireless control from Doctor Wakeman’s computer and was building a program to make it move and to pass instructions to the GUI.

It was evening when Sheldon finished and brought up the program. With a button press, the slumped robotic body straightened and walked towards Sheldon in an exaggerated hip swinging sashay. “Hi Sheldon,” Jenny’s vapid clone said, standing with a hand on her hip. Sheldon fiddled with some sliders and Jenny said, “Hi, Sheldon,” in a deep lusty tone. She turned and perched on his knee, almost crushing him. He tried another command and she wrapped her arms around him and hugged him close. He’d underestimated her strength and his eyes were bugged out when he finally slammed his hand on the command to let go. Jenny got up and retreated to a safe distance.

Sheldon was not satisfied with these results. It would take him longer than Jenny was away to get the XJ-9 body properly programmed to do what he wanted it to do. It had no mind of its own and only reacted to his commands, so he even had to put it in just the right place for it to arrive where it was supposed to when he had it walk. That combined with the staccato way it jerked into action and then stopped when a subroutine had finished left it a thoroughly unsexy reproduction. He closed the compiler and stood up, drained. He’d think of something the next day, he was sure of it.

Sheldon woke up bright and early the next time and raced to the Wakeman house where he performed a quick check before settling down. He had the XJ-9 body flirt with him to get in the mood, then removed her generative processor cover, took off his pants and had her carefully straddle him so that most of her weight was still resting on her legs. Her blank stare was off putting, but when Sheldon turned on her generative processor port’s internal fan, he forgot everything. He leaned back and closed his eyes, reaching out with one hand to jiggle the slider that made her move her support column intersection (he was so far gone that he started thinking of it as her crotch) back and forth. As she ground against him, he grew more excited and hit the button for preset phrases. “I love you, Sheldon,” she said in a perfectly conversational voice. That broke the mood and Sheldon had her stand back up. It just wasn’t good enough, he thought as he replaced her generative processor cover (panties, his hind brain thought). There had to be a better way.

Jenny moved so naturally when she was in control of her body, Sheldon thought. She looked more like a metal person than a robot. Sheldon did a cursory check of the house again to make sure none of Doctor Wakeman’s inventions had gotten loose. He stopped in front of the container that held Jenny’s exoskin, remembering. After she’d finally realized how much more beautiful she was as a robot than as a human girl, she’d torn it off and left it behind. Unfortunately, she hadn’t destroyed it and it had latched on to Mr. Mezmer. Its plan had been to use him to get to Jenny, but had taken some time to figure out human synaptic connections. In the meantime, it had lain dormant, leaving Mezmer in the body of a human-like Jenny. He’d used the exoskin to seduce several young men including Brad, getting them to spend money at his store. Sheldon only knew about it because he’d been talking to Wakeman when the skin had zombified Mezmer and forced him to go to Jenny’s house to find her, at which point Wakeman had deactivated it. There were boys in his class who still wondered where that nice girl had gone. Sheldon wondered just how ‘friendly’ Mezmer had been to them.

Staring at the skin gave Sheldon an idea. He could never have Jenny this way, but maybe he could be Jenny. It had to be a wonderful feeling being a teenage girl robot. To slip into a generative processor cover, to feel the weight of a pair of ventral processors held in their support strip. Sheldon almost gurgled at the perverse pleasure he could take from just reaching up to his own scalp and feeling her supercranial pigtail units. Without realizing it, he was back at the computer and coding. He needed to tap into the chassis’ limited sensors to make this work, since there was no way he would be able to move as freely as her without the assistance of the chassis itself. He worked until nightfall, but this time he didn’t wait until the next day to try it. If he was right, Jenny would be spending the night in her own bed.

With the program uploaded to the chassis’ limited memory, Sheldon disconnected it and carefully unscrewed its navel bolt. With the bolt loose, several parts of the chassis began to detach and Sheldon guided the dismantlement so that the head came off the shoulders and the body separated at the waist but everything else stayed in one piece. Sheldon was slim, but Jenny was feminine and so thought it was a tight squeeze in some places, others had too much space. Sheldon took off his clothes and stuffed them into the areas, trying to fill the gaps with something soft. He had second thoughts when he stood, a teenage robot girl from the waist down. When his body heat triggered the generative processor cooling system, his eyelids drooped and he dreamily lowered the top half onto himself, struggling with her bendy arms and slim but functional fingers. He’d cobbled together a thick pair of goggles which allowed him to see out of the eyes on the chassis, so he had a close up view of her hands reaching towards him and her body passing his sight until his flushed but triumphant face filled his sight. He turned the head and connected it to the body, tightening the navel bolt so that it would all stay together.

Sheldon took a hesitant step, the weight of Jenny’s outer casing helping him to keep his balance as he got used to being assisted by the chassis’ internal servos. He’d intentionally programmed it to mimic her walk, so for a few minutes he practiced letting it guide his hips, arms and legs to flow with Jenny’s posture and gait. She made it seem effortless, but of course Doctor Wakeman had worked very hard to make Jenny move naturally. She’d also forbade her daughter-creation from modifying her boot-like lower legs to have high heels. Nora was very big on being practical.

Being inside Jenny made Sheldon think a bit more like her and a little less like Doctor Wakeman, so he continued to think of her ventral port cover as a b[[ and her aft heat sink protector as a miniskirt. Not that they did the same things, but that’s what they looked like and Jenny was very big on appearances.

Now that he had a Jenny who looked and mostly acted like her, Sheldon wasn’t sure what to do. After posing and checking himself out in her bedroom mirror, Sheldon wrapped Jenny’s arms around himself and fell back onto her reinforced bed, her eyes closed and her mouth in a spreading smile of bliss. Being Jenny was more than enough to make Sheldon happy for the time being and he celebrated his success by casually flicking on her generative processor fan and rocking back and forth, Jenny’s arms encircling him and her voice occasionally crying out in delight. It was a synthesis of human biology and robotic machinery that gave him a high and an orgasm like he’d never experienced. One that he was sure Jenny currently couldn’t. He could only imagine how hard her mom would have had to work to control her if Jenny was capable of reaching climax. The vision of a wanton Jenny after first being given that gift was what brought the fake Jenny to a screaming end. “I love you Sheldon!” She shouted and flopped back, the grin spreading across her features again as she lay feeling him inside of her, trapped but constantly stimulated. Her hand reached between her legs and flipped the switch to turn the fan off. She realized the real reason that fan was there and she giggled. The switch was easily mistaken for something more … organic and imagine the shock an unsanctioned lover would have when a titanium blade went straight through — Jenny clutched at the organ within, suddenly picturing exactly how that would go.

His erection gone, Sheldon rolled over, feeling the greater bulk — but not volume - of Jenny pulling him along as much as he was pushing it. She yawned and though her insides were awash with the sweat of Sheldon being locked inside a metal container, her face took on a peaceful look as he fell asleep inside of her. He woke up to the sound of someone pounding on the front door. Rolling onto her side, Sheldon felt Jenny’s pigtails pushing his head up. They could be mistaken for hair at a distance, but they were still big metal lumps that were often filled with a jet pack. The servos were acting up and when Sheldon looked at the HUD, he saw it had dimmed and the battery was almost drained. Hollow Jenny didn’t have much room for energy storage.

Trailing a wire plugged into her hip, Jenny opened the door. “Hi, Jenny!” Brad said. “I thought I saw you earlier. Aren’t you supposed to be at a trade show with your mom?”

Sheldon didn’t need to think hard to have a good story. Leaning against the door frame, Jenny said, “Mom was embarrassing me so much that I left. I’ll fly back in later in the evening when she’s learned her lesson.” Sheldon wasn’t very interested in hanging out with Brad, however, and started closing the door. “OK, bye.” She looked down. “Oh, hi Tuck, bye Tuck.” She slammed the door and wiped her brow with a metallic screech and a total lack of relief for the sweaty boy inside. She turned around and there was Tuck sitting on the sofa. “Tuck! What are you doing in here?”

“Trying to figure out what you’re doing with Jenny’s spare, Sheldon,” Tuck said, sipping a soda.

“Wha -? Sheldon!?” Jenny sputtered, Sheldon trying to sound convincing.

“Nuh-uh. Not going to work. You tried that as the Silver Shell and it didn’t work then either.” Tuck knelt and looked at Sheldon over the back of the couch. “Seriously, she’s going to rip your head off if she finds out. Both of them.”

“Don’t worry, Tuck, I’ll be out before she’s back.”

“Hah! I knew it!” Tuck shouted.

Sheldon hated it when Tuck did that. “What do you want, Tuck? You can’t really be my sidekick this time.”

“I’ve been having a fight with Brad. Just let me hang out with you as Jenny and keep avoiding him.” Tuck said. “That ought to show him. Oh, and I want to know what the deal is.”

“Uh…” Jenny’s GUI blushed blue as she put her arm behind her head and crossed one bulky booted leg in front of the other. “You’re a little young-“

“Oh, ick!” Tuck spat. “Man, that’s just wrong. I mean — yuck! Ugh. I know you like Jenny that way, but get a life already. I think I saw this in a movie and the guy ended up in prison. There are other robot girls out there. Brad struck out with one twice!”

“I- I —I” Sheldon said.

“You do realize that this is exactly the sort of thing that keeps her from liking you, don’t you?” Tuck continued. “It’s really creepy. If she saw you now, she’d always sleep with one eye on in case you came at her with a can opener.”

“Tuck!” Sheldon said in Jenny’s affronted voice. “That’s enough.” She sat next to him. “I’ll go out in public with you, but only for today. She’ll be back soon and I don’t want her to get suspicious.”

“All right, fine,” Tuck sighed. “I have an idea, though.”

“What now?”

“You may be blinded by your crush, but you might have noticed that though Jenny is the coolest thing in town, she’s not the most liked person.” Tuck said officiously. “People are having trouble relating to a machine that can simulate a PMS tantrum.”

“I’m not even going to ask where you learned that.”

“So, I want my brother to be jealous. I also don’t want to dodge people throwing things at you because they know they don’t hurt anything but Jenny’s feelings.”

“I think she’s better liked than that these days,” Sheldon said.

“Regardless, there’s a better way. Is or is not Jenny’s exoskin still functional?” Tuck asked.

“It’s operational,” Jenny said nervously. “And homicidal.”

“No, just lonely,” Tuck replied. “It likes people. People like it.”

“It’s a husk virus,” Sheldon said. “It makes you friendly.”

“Yes, but can it work on someone who is encased entirely in metal?” Tuck asked shrewdly.

Jenny sat looking into the distance as Sheldon thought, the machine parts keeping her totally still without his input. “Maybe, maybe not.” She said at length. “I don’t want to test it.” He was also not attracted to the exoskin.

“You have a choice, Jenny.” Tuck said. “Try it or I tell the real Jenny that the robo-freak down the street’s been prancing around in her body and pretending to be her. She’ll believe me. I have soulful eyes.” He looked up with his big orbs to prove it.

“All right! I’ll try. But if I get taken over, it’s your fault and I’ll do my very best to get it to flirt with Brad.”

“I think this would be an effective way of removing it,” Tuck said, brandishing a souped up cattle prod.

“I see you’ve been going through Doctor Wakeman — mom’s stuff.” Jenny said, standing. She stomped out, making the house shake. “Stupid Tuck,” she muttered, “making me wear that. It’s blackmail! If I were really me, I’d show him…”

She opened the isolation unit that the exoskin was in and yanked it out. “Freedom!” It hissed and immediately latched on with its black probes, dragging itself over Jenny’s body. “What sorcery is this?” It breathed, already bonding to the metal and turning the bulky teenage robot into a curvaceous redhead.

“I’ve been upgraded,” Jenny lied flatly. “Come on?”

“Are we going to be friendly? Popular?”

“Probably. Last time I had you on, every boy in town suddenly seemed to have three hands.” Girl-Jenny-Sheldon returned to where Tuck was waiting, the exoskin adding its influence to her movements to make her swing her hips wider. Sheldon had more trouble with the exoskin’s high heeled slippers than Jenny’s metal boots, though since he was wearing both, it wasn’t as bad. The skin had been made to work with Jenny and though it couldn’t interface directly, it was doing its best to make her look good. “Ready to go, Tuck?” The new Jenny asked, her pouty red lips lagging her words by a half second as the exoskin was forced to keep up without a direct line to her brain.

“Sure, Sheldon.” Tuck said.

“Sheldon?!” The skin hissed.

“Thanks, Tuck. Thanks a lot.” Jenny replied, the lips not moving that time and the big blue eyes no longer blinking. “Listen, you,” she said, poking herself in the chest and noting how squishy it seemed now that her ventral ports were padded by whatever Wakeman had used to make the skin. “Do you want to go out and be admired or not?”

“Will there be boys?” The skin whined.


“But she’s with me!” Tuck said.

“You stay out of this,” they both said. “You wanted the exoskin and now you’ll have to deal with it,” Sheldon said. “I’ll make Brad jealous of you, but then I think the skin’s going to want a bit more.”

“That would be most … civil of you, dear.” The skin replied. “You’re so much more understanding.”

“I know what you want.” Sheldon said. “And I wouldn’t mind saving some money by not having to pay for meals.”

“Manipulation,” the skin rippled over the metal frame Sheldon wore. “So lovely. It’s good to be out again.”

“By the way, I haven’t got much in the way of battery life.”

“That’s easily amended,” the skin breathed. It was right. When it guided Jenny’s hands to her buttocks, she found plenty of room in the padding for batteries. The same went for her chest.

“Oh no,” Tuck said as Jenny took his hand and they left her house. “I’ve done it again, haven’t I? Oh well,” he rolled his eyes, “at least this time I’ve got the girl. Well, she’s got me. I suppose it could be worse.” He looked up at the pretty freckled face that smiled cutely at passing men and hungrily at their backs. “I could be old enough to have it want me as a date rather than as a distraction.” He saw Brad and waved. “Look who I’ve got!”

“Jenny, what are you doing?” Brad asked, crossing the street to stand in front of her.

“Having a fun time with your brother,” Sheldon replied, putting a manicured hand to Jenny’s exoskin-widened hip.

“He’s a little young for you, isn’t he?” Brad asked. His voice was steady, but Sheldon saw that his gaze was no longer on Jenny’s face.

“He’s everything I could want. Unlike some people.” Jenny huffed and brushed past Brad, making sure that as much of her touched him as she could. Sheldon wasn’t exactly jealous of Brad, but it felt good to make him think that Jenny had blown him off. Brad spent way too much time with her anyway. “So, where are we going now?” She asked Tuck. It was sunny and underneath the exoskin and inside Jenny’s metal body he was very hot and sweaty, the wind that was starting to blow was not touching him at all. Despite his discomfort the skin bent Jenny’s body down and ruffled Tuck’s hair affectionately. Like an older sister who incidentally wanted to give a passing varsity soccer player a good view. “How about Mesmers?” She suggested. The skin was certainly going to like that and Sheldon was getting enthused over the idea of being popular.

“Uh, don’t you think there might be someone there who’d notice — well — you?”

“Oh, right. That filthy old man.” Jenny twirled her hair as she thought. “I guess we could go to the skate park. Some of the hard core skaters are cute.”

“Actually, Sheldon, I think I’ve taken up enough of your time,” Tuck said, edging away. “You’ve made Brad jealous and that’s all I really wanted. I’ll just be going now — OK, bye!”

Jenny watched him go with a satisfied smile. “Well, that took care of him.” Sheldon said. “He took his electropike with him. I guess I’ll have to give you what you want.”


“Fine, but only one and then you have to let me out.”

“Done.” The skin whispered. “You’ll have one very soon if you just stand here.”

“Why?” Jenny asked suspiciously.

“Our skirt is quite short and is a separate unit. While you have been talking to me, the wind has blown it up around your waist.”

Jenny looked down and the skin’s cheeks darkened as she shoved the fabric back down, covering the white underwear she’d been flashing at every passerby. “Why didn’t you warn me earlier? Why didn’t Tuck? Why didn’t Brad?”

“We were all getting what we wanted.” The skin replied.

“Are you getting smarter?”


“That’s disturbing.”

“Think of it this way, boy. I’m also more trustworthy. I’ll do exactly what you want me to do.”

Sheldon frowned and the skin pouted. “You’re going to escape the moment I take you off, aren’t you?”

“You bet your much improved booty. I have my own plans.”

“Then why do you want me to pick up a guy?”


Jenny saw that one of her larger classmates was watching her, a jerk who had bullied Sheldon from elementary to high school. “I think I can get behind that sentiment. Just one, then I want to be free.”

“Deal.” Jenny batted her eyelashes at the boy — Gerald — and said, “Hi there!”

“Hi,” Gerald said in a high pitched voice.

Jenny swished over to him and put her hand on his chest. “You’re cute. Why don’t we get to know each other somewhere more romantic? Say, Nebulon?” An expensive bistro downtown.

“Sure.” He squeaked.

Jenny threaded her arm through his and rubbed up close as he finally got his feet to obey him. Sheldon wondered how far the skin would want to go. He didn’t feel that Gerald was taking heart from how familiar Jenny was being and had opted to rest one hand on her bottom. When Jenny continued to chat happily despite him squeezing, Gerald became more talkative himself and despite them walking down a public street, he continued to fondle her and even slipped a finger under the waistband. The skin had no intention of cluing Sheldon in on that, but it did adjust Jenny’s expression to unconcealed lust. Sheldon did realize when they sat down to lunch that Gerald immediately put his hand on Jenny’s thigh, but only giggled and leaned in to talk to him. He wasn’t doing Jenny’s reputation any good, but he needed that skin off and maybe his payback to Gerald would involve him in the exoskin and then Sheldon could redirect all of Jenny’s ire towards the jock in the girl suit.

Gerald was leaning forward himself and was about to kiss the girl-suited girl-robotted boy when a crash outside caused Jenny to sit up fast. Framed in the window, a slender blonde girl whom Sheldon had never seen was being chased by the Space Bikers. Already there was a panic and Brad burst into the restaurant. “There you are Jenny! Come on, let’s go help.”

“I’m kind of in the middle — “ Sheldon’s protest was cut off by Brad dragging him to Jenny’s heels and pulling her out into the street. The blonde girl was running back towards them and when she passed, Jenny stepped into the Bikers’ path. Sheldon’s mind was a blank as they bore down on her, but he knew that Jenny had to be seen to do something. The Bikers stopped and one of them wolf-whistled. “What have we got here, girls? This one’s got a bit of flesh on her bones.”

It occurred to Sheldon that the Bikers had never seen Jenny in her exoskin and had mistaken her for a real human girl. Last he’d seen, they’d wanted Brad, but there was no accounting for the shifting tastes of aliens. “Hey, cuties!” She trilled, taking a couple of broadly swinging steps towards them. “Why don’t you give me a ride?”

The Bikers laughed at her suggestion and got off their vehicles to approach. Sheldon hoped that the chassis’ motors were up to the job. He could hear the exoskin complaining about the broken date and Jenny whispered. “Not now. Imagine how much better we’ll look when we’ve cleaned their clocks.” To demonstrate, he brought down Jenny’s thinly gloved metal fist on the smallest Biker’s head. The Biker went down and before the others could recover from their surprise, Jenny took down another one and then leapt past and grabbed a bike in each hand. “Maybe you know my voice better if I speak up.” She said.

“Oh great, the robot.” Their leader said. “All right, we surrender. You can’t catch a break around here,” she mumbled, yanking her ride away from Jenny. As Sheldon had hoped, a quick strike and playing on Jenny’s reputation had been enough to scare them off. The ones he’d hit were coming to and meekly mounted before gunning their engines and flying off. That was fine by Sheldon. The exoskin made it even harder to use what little of Jenny’s arsenal was included with her spare and the inside of the metal body was awash in sweat to the point that Sheldon was close to drowning in it.

“Thank you so much!” The girl they’d been chasing said, throwing her arms around Jenny. Sheldon saw she had big eyes and a dusting of freckles.

“You’re welcome,” Jenny said. “Now if you’ll excuse me-“ Sheldon looked into her eyes and changed his mind. The jock was a nice bit of revenge, but having this girl hanging on to him was far more pleasant. “I mean, you’re very welcome. Why were they chasing you?”

“I was just walking down the street minding my own business when they fell out of the sky on me.”

“I can take it from here if you want to get back to your date, Jenny.” Brad said, trying to insinuate himself between them.

The girl looked him over with a cool glance. “No thanks. I’d prefer to stay with my heroine here.” She looked back at Jenny. “Unless you want to go back.”

Sheldon wondered if the Bikers’ alien technology had included gaydar. “Not at all,” she said, changing her grip so that she was holding the girl around her waist next to her. “Why don’t we go sit down somewhere and get to know each other? I’m Jenny.”

“Eowyn,” the girl said. “I’d like that. It’s not every day you meet a petite redhead who can lift a bruiser like that clear off her feet.”

“I’m full of surprises,” Jenny said. The exoskin didn’t mind switching targets. It had a plan. It didn’t want to end up attached to a nerd with a robot fetish or a musclehead. It wanted its Jenny. Its proper wearer. This Eowyn would be a good approximation until it could do that and someone who might be less likely to send up red flags if she went missing. A local boy would have people searching in no time, but someone from out of town was a very different story. It was also a lot easier to get the boy to cuddle up to her, as he was already in the guise of the new host’s pretty heroine. Boys’ hormones were so easy to manipulate. The exoskin made Jenny blush at the right moments and present her lips so that it was a few sentences before they were kissing and not much longer before they were all over each other. The exoskin loosened and while their eyes were closed, slipped over Eowyn’s body and enclosed her. By the time Sheldon opened Jenny’s eyes, human Jenny was standing over her, looking down at her. “Bye bye, Sheldon,” she said, bending over to kiss the robot girl’s GUI mouth. “I have a real robot girl to find.” Before Sheldon could recover, the hijacked Eowyn with Jenny’s human girl body had skipped off, her hair bouncing and her skirt rippling in the wind of her passage. Sheldon sat stunned for a few seconds, then jumped up to try to go after her, sloshing a little and aware that if he had to run very much in the chassis, he’d collapse.

“Oh, let her go.” Said a mellifluous voice behind him. “She’s not worth it and neither is that disguise you were wearing.”

Jenny turned around and saw that the voice belonged to a curvaceous green and yellow robot with a single long ponytail supercranial unit — blonde with a green streak — and legs made to appear shapely with a chunky high heeled boot structure at the bottom. She looked concernedly at Jenny. “Do you really think you need a human girl or a human suit to fit in?”

“Nuh, nuh…” Sheldon was gobsmacked. Here was a pretty robot girl with ventral units four times bigger than Jenny’s, very nice aft heat dissipators and she was talking to him! Well, to him pretending to be Jenny. Apparently she hadn’t heard what the exoskin had said before leaving.

“I’m glad you see it my way. If you’re interested in gynoforms, maybe we could explore that interest. Say at your place?”

“Yuh, yuh…” Sheldon as Jenny drooled. It had been a whistlestop ride from revenge on a bully to making out with a cute girl he’d rescued to finally having exactly what he’d wanted the whole time. A sexy, independent robot chick who wanted to interface with him in the best way possible. As he walked her back to Jenny’s house, he hoped that Jenny wouldn’t mind coming back to a hot girlfriend. He certainly wouldn’t.

The robot girl’s grip would have crushed Sheldon’s hand, but was only a tight squeeze when applied to his Jenny-gloved appendage. Speaking of which, when they reached Jenny’s bedroom and almost drove the bed through the floor, he found that the spare was still fully capable of deploying stretchy arms and extendo-fingers. His partner seemed to particularly like the extendo-fingers, even though Sheldon couldn’t control them nearly as well as Jenny. The robot girl had one arm all the way around Jenny’s waist and under her head while the other was extended between her legs, playing with her generative processor fan switch. Sheldon could see that she was already leaking antifreeze from her own generative area and slid down to absorb it through her GUI projector. Jenny herself appeared to be leaking down below as well as the processor fan expelled some of Sheldon’s sweat. She felt a pressure on her head and saw that one of her partner’s hands had turned into a spinning wax buffer, which traveled down her back and lingered on her aft dissipaters. “I don’t even know your name,” Jenny said, giggling as the buff attachment passed between her legs.

The robot girl laughed huskily back at her. “It should be obvious. I thought you knew and were willing to take the olive branch in the spirit in which it was offered. After all, XJ-9” Sheldon noticed immediately the use of Jenny’s serial number, “I only ever wanted to be your friend and show you how silly you’ve been to fall for these mammals. I hope this afternoon has been illustrative and I’m sure,” a finger played with Jenny’s navel bolt, “I can give you even more if you join me. If you insist on this charade, however, I’ll play along.” She smiled widely and her GUI was millimeters from Jenny’s, “I’m —“

“Vexus!” Jenny said, bursting through the door. The house shook as she stomped over to the entwined lovers and tore Vexus off of Sheldon. The robot queen was already shifting back into her usual appearance.

“Two Jennys?” She spat, looking back and forth between them.

“Uh, I can exp-“

“Cram it, Sheldon!” Jenny said, steam escaping from her supercranial units. “When I’m done with Vexus, you’ll wish I’d done to you what I’m about to do to her.”

“Just when I thought I’d figured out what you want,” Vexus sighed. Even as Jenny wound up and threw her through the window and into orbit, she was opening a portal in spacetime to escape. She’d been defeated often enough to know that she had no hope in a stand up fight against XJ-9. As for the … boy, she thought with venom, she’d just file all that away for later. He might come in useful if she were to … approach him in the correct way. She usually hated bioforms and mammals especially, but any mammal who appreciated her that way was intriguing and worth another visit. Already the plans for a new form were coursing through her mind. Something similar to XJ-9, but with her own flair. She could claim that she’d been smitten with him and wanted to go straight in more ways than one. That would get her close enough to XJ-9 to make another move on her.

As Vexus was plotting , Jenny was chasing Sheldon with a can opener. “Do you know why I’m back early? Go ahead, guess! The first clue I had that something was wrong was when I was jumped by my own exoskin. It had some poor kid stuck inside and unconscious from being forced to run at superspeeds all the way to the convention center. She had an interesting story to tell when she came to. Lucky for me that mom had her spare electropike with her. She’s actually not too annoyed since it made a nice demonstration.” Jenny stopped pretending to chase Sheldon and used her jets to tackle him to the floor. “As for me.” She sat on him and leaned in close to her own face registering his panic. “I have an idea for how you can repay me.” She held up a finger in front of him and a let loose a spurt of plasma. “I’m still on vacation and now you can take care of my business as well as mom’s.” She ran the finger along the spare chassis’ seams, ending by melting the navel bolt. “Have a nice week fighting alien menaces. I’m sure you’ll figure something out.” She got up and opened the door. “Oh, and Sheldon.” She turned. “If you try to take advantage now, I’ll stick the exoskin on you and disable its release mechanism. That’s for starters. After you’ve spent some time in that, I’ll have thought of the next thing I’ll do to you. It will probably involve stretchy arms and extendo-fingers.”

My Night as a Sexy Robot
By Paul Calhoun

Sheldon’s knock was tentative, as was his querulous, “Doctor Wakeman?” He’d been forgiven by her for ‘accidentally’ releasing the exoskin. Her attitude seemed to be that out of all the things that could have escaped, it was one of the least dangerous and so he was a good boy for keeping track of everything else. “Besides, Sheldon,” she’d said patiently, “I know how you young men can fall for a pretty face. It was bound to get loose sometime.” Jenny hadn’t corrected her mom because … Sheldon wasn’t sure. She hadn’t forgiven him; not by a long way. Finding him encased in her spare outer casing in coitus with one of the people she hated most in the galaxy wasn’t something anyone could let go easily. Especially not someone who could recall every moment with precise accuracy — something he envied given that he himself wished he’d videotaped the encounter. Despite that, she seemed unwilling to be mad at him. Cool and very formal and yet … Sheldon held out hope that she had recognized it as the compliment he’d meant it to be. She’d virtually ignored him up until then and if Sheldon was very lucky, this meant she’d come to see that Sheldon was in love with her. Or maybe she didn’t want the humiliation that would come with having it become public knowledge that this had happened. Sheldon had read her source code and he still didn’t really understand how her mind worked. She’d torn Brad to pieces for not recognizing that it wasn’t her but when Tuck arrived, she’d only told him that one day he’d get into more trouble than she could ever cause for him.
Doctor Wakeman didn’t answer and Sheldon was turning away to go look for her somewhere else when he heard Jenny say, “Come in … Sheldon.” In a soft, sultry purr. If Sheldon had been wearing a bow tie, it would have spun in circles at her invitation. Sheldon opened the door and his eyes were as wide as saucers at what he saw. It looked like Jenny but two or three years older and dressed in a way that would have had her suspended from school if she’d entered the classroom in the revealing plastic garments. She looked at him with softer, more human eyes than the everyday Jenny had. Her heavy lashes were made of copper wire and a light coating of pulverized iron on her eyelids. Her GUI lips were thicker than usual and her expression was a more mature version of the one she often wore when he had courted her as the Silver Shell. “Hello … Sheldon.”
“Uh, hi Jenny.” Sheldon said.
“I’ve been looking forward to see to you. I think we need to talk about our relationship.” Her tone turned from inviting to earnest as she looked at him seriously. A momentary glance at a screen behind her made Sheldon take a shuffling step to the left. Everything she’d said and heard was written on it along with algorithmic data on possible answers and data calls.
“Jenny, what’s that?” He asked, pointing at a thick umbilical trailing from her neck to the computer.
“It’s a fiber optic cable!” She said, suddenly bubbly and cheerful. “It’s testing my new body and calibrating my personality. Isn’t it just the cutest thing? When I’m finished, I hope mom will let me wear it as a boa.”
Sheldon nodded. He thought he knew what this was. “It’s cycling you through scenarios and emotions. You’re a simulation of Jenny.”
Jenny slow clapped. “Oh, yes. Give that man the sixty-four dollars. Took you long enough.” She snorted. Sheldon was momentarily hurt at the scorn in Jenny’s voice, but most of the sting was taken out by knowing that it wasn’t really her. She was more of a distraction than a help, so he paused the simulator. The mature XJ-9’s eyes dimmed and she bent over in an unconscious slump. Sheldon glanced back at her and gulped at the view from behind that she was giving him. He wondered why Doctor Wakeman was testing the software on such a provocative prototype. Maybe this was her underwear and Dr. Wakeman wanted to give her full freedom of movement before testing other clothing. Getting back up, he circled around the test body, reaching out towards it every so often, but then snatching his hand back before he touched her. He desperately wanted to cop a feel or turn her simulator on and configure it to flirt with him, but he was afraid of what would happen if Dr. Wakeman or Jenny walked in on him. Just for fun, he went back to the simulation software and moved the sliders and menus around to set it to constantly recalibrate to assume that it was always in a flirty, romantic and slightly lustful situation. The screen showed him XJ-9 behaving in a way that he wished he could save and keep for himself. He almost fainted when the simulator showed Jenny look straight at him, smile, wink and then blow a kiss.
The house seemed empty and his prior experiences were pounding on his mental defenses with an idea. Sighing, he stripped out of his clothes and threw them into a box which he then closed. He knew it would gnaw at him until he tried and this way if he was caught, he might be able to bluff his way out. It might even be more fun attempting to pretend to be a simulation, especially to Jenny. He could play at setting up her romantic subroutines and try to make out with her. That thought propelled him to the prototype, which he examined closely. She had a very obvious navel bolt, which didn’t budge when he twisted it. He put the umbilical back in and found an option for ‘load hardware.’ That made the prototype sit down — not paying attention to how it pushed her dissipator cover up and show off the curved heat sinks — and remove her head before each manifold on her articulated spine opened with a hiss of hydraulics. When the opening series reached her plastic halter top, her arms reached up and removed it before going back to holding her head. The head stayed in her lap and the body stilled again. The umbilical had been pushed aside so Sheldon didn’t need to remove it before attempting to enter the body. First, however, he loaded the program he’d used before — and still kept on a drive in his pocket — into the prototype’s test software. It seemed to be compatible, so Sheldon put the head aside and sat down behind the prototype. He’d thought about taking a good look at her ventral units now that they were free of their plastic enclosure, but there was plenty of time for that once he was inside her.
He scooted forward until his feet entered hers with a pop, now slanted forward by the heel stabilizer. His legs had plenty of room, as did his hips as Jenny had filled out quite a bit from the waist down. The metal was already warming up as Sheldon hopped a little to settle himself in her lower half, then reached behind himself and pushed the first pair of back panels closed. From the belly up — with the exception of her chest — Jenny was slimmer than before and it was a struggle to close each pair. When he was up to her mid-back, he stuck his arms into hers, fighting every inch and almost giving up when his wrists wouldn’t pass hers. The sweat that was building up added enough lubrication to go the rest of the way and Sheldon fumbled with unfeeling fingers to nudge the panels together. With a portion of Jenny’s strength, it was easier but more painful and Sheldon finally had to lay back and let the combined weight of himself and the mature Jenny’s metal body press her back the rest of the way closed. It still felt a little loose and he sensed a breeze through portions that weren’t completely shut, but it would do for a start. He got up and the unfamiliar heels and extra mass around his chest would have pitched him forwards if the umbilical hadn’t continued to send corrective data. He felt like he was going to fall, but the prototype body knew what he wanted and smoothly rose, making him feel off balance while also keeping him totally stable. Sheldon looked down at the head with its simulacrum of makeup and womanly features, thinking that maybe he should call it off. The body didn’t fit and it was doing strange things with him. He didn’t feel as in control as he’d been in Jenny’s spare.
“Hey, Jenny!” Tuck’s voice came from across the hall. “Jenny! Where are you? Jeeeeennyyyyyy!”
Sheldon wriggled and jerked his arms and legs, but couldn’t get free of the prototype older XJ-9. He didn’t want to get caught by Tuck again, but the body was too tight to make a quick exit possible. Unable to think of anything else, Sheldon clumsily scooped up the head and jammed it on over his, hoping that this time he could fool Tuck. He pushed down on the top of the head with a firm, machine assisted pressure and it joined the rest of the body with a loud click, followed by the sound of multiple hydraulic pistons firing, slamming Jenny’s back onto Sheldon’s. He wheezed, feeling like all the air had been squeezed out of him. Unlike most of the Jenny body, her waistline was narrower than Sheldon’s and the internal components were digging into his flesh.
“Jenny, are you home — holy smokes!” Tuck had walked in and saw XJ-9.1.1 bent over slightly, letting him see down her top. Her GUI produced a faithful recreation of Sheldon’s expression, so the smile Jenny gave Tuck as she straightened up was pained. She tried to make the tender rubbing Sheldon was giving to his back look like Jenny clasping her hands behind her hips.
“Tuck! What have I told you about going places you aren’t supposed to?”
“Sorry, Jenny. It’s just that you weren’t answering and what’s the deal with the new look?” Tuck’s blurted, curiosity getting the better of him. He then covered his eyes with his hands. “And why are you topless?”
Sheldon wanted to wipe his brow, but it wouldn’t look right. He’d fooled Tuck! Putting her hand on her hip and sticking her bottom out slightly, she said, “Mom’s making me a little older. Like the look?” Making use of XJ-9.1.1’s more flexible spine, she picked up her halter top in a fluid gesture and sinuously slid into it.
“It’s … really nice.” Tuck said. “Brad’s going to love it.”
“Brad’s not the only one,” Jenny said teasingly.
“So what are you going to say to Jenny when she’s kicking her own rear end across the street?” Tuck asked.
“I figured I’d pretend to be a simulation of what she’d be like — oh, come on, Tuck! That was just plain evil.”
Tuck stuck his hands in his pockets and rocked back on his heels. “I’m not the one hijacking Jenny’s runway model and going around almost completely naked in it.”
“Since you know, can you get me out of this thing? I’m having some serious second thoughts.”
“Good. Maybe you’ll have them before you doll yourself up,” Tuck said, going to the computer.
“Now isn’t the time to be sanctimonious. Just hit that button and — no, not that one!” Sheldon’s whine was clear in Jenny.1.1’s voice as Tuck missed the ‘load hardware’ option and clicked the ‘start simulation’ button. He was reaching towards Tuck as he shouted, but the moment Tuck released the mouse button, Sheldon was brought backwards with a jerk by the body. “This is very bad, Tuck.” He said. On the screen, code flashed by — ‘input does not match required output, processing closest corresponding sentiment’ — and the mature Jenny said, “You’ve been a very bad boy, Tuck.” Dragging Sheldon along with it, it put the back of one hand on its hip and gave him a stern look, then giggled. “You’re so cute. I can’t stay mad at you.”
“Sheldon?” Tuck said, backing away. “Are all right?”
Sheldon, afraid that Tuck would make the situation worse if he tried to use the console, said, “Pull out the data cord. The computer’s taking over.”
Again, the message flashed over the screen. Jenny pouted. “This ol’ cord is so ugly.” She smiled sweetly at Tuck and fluttered her eyes with a low whir. “You’re a strapping young fellow. I’m sure you could pull it out.” She rubbed his cheek affectionately.
“Uh, sure.” Tuck grasped the umbilical and gave it a tug. It came away easily and XJ-9.1.1 went completely stiff.
“Thanks, Tuck.” Sheldon was relieved, but worried about how he’d get out. His heart almost stopped when the internal screen flashed, ‘Connection terminated, rebooting with last known configuration.’ Jenny twitched back to life and bent so that her face was level with Tuck’s. “Thanks, Tuck,” she said in a sultry purr. She ruffled his hair.
Tuck tried not to look down Jenny’s top. “Sheldon? Are you still in there?”
“Tuck, for someone who can figure things out so quickly, you can be really dense sometimes,” Sheldon said, getting annoyed.
“You’re so cute!” Jenny squealed, scooping up Tuck and crushing him to her in a tight hug. Having his head shoved into the chest of a flesh and blood girl would have at least have the pleasantness of a soft and squishy bosom, but with Jenny it felt like being stuck in a lumpy vice. Tuck struggled, but Jenny’s prototype body was still at least as strong as a half a million men and thirty-five men and the embrace didn’t end until the program judged that a human on human hug of this type would have reduced the male counterpart to submission. Tuck was pretty woozy, but for very different reasons and when Jenny set him down and followed up with a big kiss, the shock left him lying on the floor, groaning.
‘No personalities present to maintain calibration with.’ A message read. Sheldon hoped that meant it would shut down, but was again disappointed. ‘Location: Wakeman house. Nearby males of suitable age: 54. Find and calibrate against.’ Jenny picked up Tuck and left the room in a businesslike walk. The heel stabilizers required a slight feminine swing even at that speed. She lay Tuck down on the sofa, then stretched, arching her back, her halter top riding up. She started for the door and Sheldon panicked. “Exit! Exit!” Sheldon said.
‘Recognize exit.’ The message read.
“No, I mean exit program.”
‘There is no parameter for graceful shutdown.’
“Oh, great.” Sheldon sighed as Jenny opened the door. He went along in hopes that someone would puzzle out his translated pleas for help. He wasn’t optimistic and became less so when Jenny stepped out the door and smoothly shifted to a slow, inviting wiggle. He wasn’t sure who he was most afraid of meeting: XJ-9.1.0, Doctor Wakeman or another boy.
A pair of slim legs attached to a shapely rear swung a set of gently curving hips down the sidewalk. The tapering waistline moving up to a swell of high, firm, young breasts and finally a delicately beautiful face made up to excite would have all fitted together into a woman that made men stop what they were doing and stare if it weren’t for the fact that every curve, line and lash were made of metal and plastic, sculpted into a vision of feminine sexuality. Even though the young lady stopping traffic was a robot, it was undeniable that the traffic was stopping not because she was an automaton but because she was such a stunningly attractive one. Every time her gaze rested on a man, he’d feel his heart thumping in his chest, hoping that she was noticing him for more than just a polite ‘hi’. Inside her head, a scrawny geeky teenage boy was seeing a stream of characters pass by with each of those glances. He’d shout, “Hey, Roy!” Or “Mr. Nguyen! Help!” But the behavioral test software would scroll ‘Translating input for current situational experiment’ and Jenny would say ‘Hello, Roy!” In a slow, sultry contralto oozing promises that would never be kept because he wasn’t the right one. She’d walk right up to anyone between sixteen and thirty, put her arms around them and stare into their eyes. ‘Checking database and behavioral responses’ the text would say. The responses from the males was anything from an embarrassed attempt to disengage themselves from her embrace to brazenly grabbing her by the heat dissipating buttocks and squeezing, not that the squeeze went far since her butt was made of aluminum.
The more aggressive men would find themselves being guided to a bench or a stoop while Sheldon’s protestations that he was getting warm in the metal body or that it was being too sexual were translated into ‘I’m so hot’ or ‘I hope I’m not being too forward’ followed by a girlish giggle. Naturally anyone who had gone that far wasn’t going to say ‘yes, you are’ and so they’d end up sitting down with a lap full of eager robot. It never seemed to go any further before the text would read ‘Partner incompatible’ along with the offending statistics and then Jenny would rise fluidly, place a fond kiss on the man’s brow and saunter off. Her targets were always too stunned to chase after her or enjoyed the view from behind too much to move.
In between encounters, the same text would continue to flash. “Seeking male compatible with next calibration.’
Sheldon was even desperate enough to call out to Gerald, the hulking brute he’d tried to tease when he was in a more controllable version of Jenny’s body. “Gerald! I need help!” He shouted, muffled by layers of electronics and plastic. To his dismay, Jenny stopped in front of Gerald and said, “Hey Gerald. Sorry about our date. I have a big problem and I think you’re just the boy to solve it.” She put her arms around him, her high heeled boot attachments making her the same height as him and almost pressed her GUI to his face. ‘Suitable male subject. Stamina: Acceptable, Interest: High, Experience: Moderate.’
“No, no, no!” Sheldon whined inside.
“What’s wrong?” Gerald asked.
“I’m stuck in this thing and it won’t let me out!” Sheldon said. “And now it seems to have decided it wants to experiment with you.”
“Mom’s put me in this silly outfit, but it’s so tight.” Jenny said in a little girl voice. “Look at it!” She stepped back and Gerald was definitely looking.
“It does look a little confining.” He said, trying hard to swallow.
“Yeah, it also shows off my butt crack and cleavage to anyone who wants to see.” Sheldon said bitterly. “It’s amazing Doctor Wakeman let the program get away with it.” He added, forgetting that he’d been enjoying the view himself until the chassis swallowed him up.
“It gets into everything.” Jenny agreed. “But mom made it and she’d be disappointed if I took it off at her house. I just need to get out of it for a little while. Can I come to your place?”
“My place?” Gerald squeaked.
“His place?!” Sheldon almost roared, the exertion and hot metal skin making him almost faint.
“Your place.” Jenny confirmed, running her finger around on his chest.
“I need to get out of the skin, not have the skin get out of its clothes. Man, it’s hot in here.” Sheldon complained.
“I think there’s something wrong with them, too.” Jenny said, putting her face close to Gerald’s. She rested it on his shoulder and whispered in his ear. “I’m so hot.” She was climbing all over him by then and he found himself with an armful of amorous android. “Carry me.” She said, keeping her lips close to his. What Sheldon had said inside was, “I’m going to pass out if I have to walk any more in this stupid contraption.” He rarely felt a thing in the hard body, but he could tell that Gerald’s grip had shifted and that the curve Jenny’s aft dissipaters were resting in one of Gerald’s hands. The other was up near her shoulders.
Gerald seemed undaunted by the weight of an adult robot and a teenage boy, and during the short walk Sheldon was presented with the view of Jenny repeatedly bringing her face in close to give Gerald deeper and deeper kisses. With disgust, his hands were forced to follow Jenny’s as she caressed her admirer and when Gerald stopped in a secluded spot in the park and said, “I’m a little tired, can we take a break?” He didn’t need the text that flashed ‘Romantic lie’ to tell him that Gerald intended a swift outdoor makeout session with the scantily clad android.
The program read ‘New situation: Calibrating.’ Sheldon hoped that meant that it was momentarily forced to look up what to do and tried again to call for help. “Gerald! It’s me, Sheldon! I need you to go back to Doctor Wakeman’s house and get the remote, but don’t tell her.” His heart sank when the program read ‘Translating’ and as Jenny backed Gerald up against a wall and pressed her whole body into contact with his said, “Don’t tell mom.”
“I won’t.” Gerald promised, groping Jenny all over. Sheldon almost lost his lunch as his hand was guided towards Gerald’s crotch.

“I can’t believe I’m groping Gerald.”
‘Translating’ “I can’t believe how big you are, Gerald.” Jenny cooed, one heel now facing skyward.
“Your ass is so hot.” Gerald said, rubbing it.
“That’s because most of her heat sinks are down there, and a good thing for me since otherwise I’d burn up. You wouldn’t do so well either if her cover was off. Speaking of which, weren’t we going to your house so I can maybe do something about being stuck here.”
‘Translating’ “That’s not the only thing that’s hot about me.” Jenny moaned. “But I really need to get out of these.” She pushed Gerald’s hands beneath the skirt portion of her cover and rubbed his hands over her panties. The elastic polymer was one of the few soft parts of her body and Gerald luxuriated in a grip on something that wasn’t hard metal. With his hands in place, Jenny hopped up, wrapping her legs around his waist and her arms around his shoulders. “Let’s go. I can’t wait to feel you helping me out of these confining clothes.”
“I guess I should be grateful for one thing,” Sheldon said, his monologue now an attempt to distract himself from the close up view of Gerald’s face and the continual rubbing of his shoulders and grinding against his crotch. “This unit isn’t very good at kissing.” ‘Improvement identified. Translating’ “Oh no.”
“Hey, I have an idea,” Jenny said as they walked down the shopping avenue. Gracefully sliding down Gerald’s body, Jenny alighted on her own booted feet and sashayed into a store. Apparently the prototype had been fitted with a swipe card, since Jenny was able to purchase a variety of items. Sheldon’s eyes bugged out as she picked out a box of condoms, makeup and other things that he didn’t get a good look at. With a blinding motion of her hands that made Sheldon’s fingers feel like they’d been broken, XJ-9.1.2 turned a handful of articles into something red and floppy. Sheldon’s personal space was further invaded as her mouth GUI extended inward and into his own mouth, a plastic tongue coating his. She then stretched the rubbery thing over the plastic tongue and rolled it around her metal mouth. The thing was evolving!
“Oh no, now you can!” Sheldon mumbled, his words garbled by the foreign items inside his mouth.
Jenny ran back to Gerald and leapt into his arms. “Guess what I can do!” She sang, then showed him by sticking her new acquisition almost down his throat. The plastic tongue could extend inside its stretchy covering and Jenny’s usual mechanical zeal was present in its function. Her appendage whirled around inside Gerald’s mouth as he tried to reciprocate. When she broke the kiss, Gerald was gasping for breath. “Wow!”
“I wonder if that was actually pleasant.” Sheldon gurgled. “Seeing as how it must have been like having a food processor shoved in there.”
“Did you like it?” Jenny asked, looking vulnerable as she tried to understand Gerald’s expression.
“That was amazing.” Gerald said.
“I’m glad you liked having my tongue in your mouth.” Sheldon said ironically.
“I’m glad you liked having my tongue in your mouth.” Jenny echoed playfully.
“My house is just down that street.” Gerald said, kissing Jenny as he walked.
‘Chemical analysis indicates compatibility.’ The program read.
“Oh joy.” Sheldon sighed.
“You’re such a great kisser.” Jenny giggled. The program wanted to continue motion, so her kiss back was only a little overpowered.
Gerald carried Jenny all the way to his bedroom and laid her down. It was a safe assumption what she wanted, and the program only smiled invitingly and made it a little hard for him to disengage her legs from his waist so he could stand up. Jenny left them spread, giving him the full view between them as she asked, “Where are you going?”
“I need to get something,” Gerald said.
“Good, now maybe I can escape.” Sheldon said.
“I’ll take these tight things off while you’re gone,” Jenny promised. She pulled him down one last time for a long kiss, pressing her crotch up against his and running her generative processor fan at full power. When Gerald was able to get both eyes to look in the same direction, he stumbled out.
The program efficiently stripped Jenny of her covers, leaving her nipple-like ventral ports exposed, as well as her generative processor entry port. After checking that her generative fan speed knob was functioning properly, Jenny lay down. ‘Waiting on return of target, program suspend engaged.’
Sheldon hoped that meant that the body had gone into hibernation until Gerald returned. He didn’t even care if it continued on automatic without hm. He found himself in control of Jenny’s body and grasped the back of her head, trying to force the joins apart so that he could get out. Nothing budged as he strained with muscle and servo to break free. He felt a lifting of his sprits as the frame groaned under the onslaught of its own muscles fighting against it, but his heart sank into his metallic high heeled boots as Gerald reappeared and his position of frantically trying to rip his head off changed to a boudoir pose, hands behind head, legs apart, everything on display for her willing partner.
Seeing Jenny lying naked and inviting on his bed, Gerald had all his clothes off and their bodies twined in the first stages of coitus in what seemed like an instant. Sheldon felt like throwing up as Jenny rubbed Gerald all over, taking his member in her hand and licking it with her new tongue, which was also his tongue. While she was sixty-nined with him, giving him a slow blow job, Gerald found her processor fan knob and started to play with it. Despite himself, Sheldon was aroused by the random changes in the vibrations in Jenny’s crotch, finally being left at full power as Jenny twisted around and pressed Gerald’s penis against the port.
“Is it safe?” Gerald asked.
“No.” Sheldon said gasped.
“Is anything?” Jenny countered.
Grinning, Gerald held up a metal tube. “Just in case.” He inserted it into the generative processor port where it halted the fans. ‘Error detected in generative dissipater. Switching to forced air mode.’ Jenny’s generative region did not stop vibrating, but instead of a fan, some kind of vacuum arrangement seemed to have kicked in. Sheldon felt violated beyond everything else as Gerald lowered himself down onto Jenny, her arms and Sheldon’s embracing him. ‘Penetration in progress, providing complimentary response package.’
“Harder! Harder! Yes! Oh, yes!” Jenny moaned as Gerald bucked on top of her. She extended her tongue several inches and licked him straight up his chest. He rubbed her ventral ports and then the program displayed ‘intimate calibration complete. No further calibration possible. Parameters for graceful shutdown determined.’
As much as Sheldon had wanted to get out of the mature Jenny’s body, he felt an icy tingle of fear as her head loosened. Gerald was looking right into her eyes as she arched her back in delight and then her face slipped off.
“Sheldon?!” Gerald asked, scrambling backwards at the sight of his shapely robotic lover’s body sprouting the head of a technogeek.
“Uh, Gerald. Hi. There’s a totally good explanation for this, but you’re probably not in the mood to hear it right now. So I’ll just be taking this and going. Bye!” Sheldon called, scooping up Jenny’s head and making a run for it.
Her cumbersome, heavy frame made swift escape impossible and Sheldon was faced with Gerald heading him off. Before he knew what was happening, Gerald had snatched Jenny’s head away from him and jammed it back on his. Gerald pressed as hard as he could on the join and shoved Sheldon down onto the bed. He sat on Sheldon/Jenny’s face until a loud ‘click’ convinced both of them that the head was once again locked. Sliding down, Gerald put his face up against Jenny’s. “I don’t think we were quite finished.” He said, covering her ventral ports with each hand.
“Uh, no. Of course, not, uh, big boy.” Sheldon said with Jenny’s seductive voice, trying to smile encouragingly.
Gerald rolled them over so that Jenny was on top. “Why don’t you take control this time?”
Sheldon decided that having sex as Jenny was almost as good as with, so he started to get into things, arching his back and purring, “All right, handsome. Let’s play.” He dove right in, closing his eyes trying to imagine it as a lesbian fantasy romp with his own familiar XJ-9. He almost succeeded as he kissed and fondled Gerald, but when that stiff member was placed his Jenny’s hand, the illusion shattered. Mechanically, he massaged the shaft, licked it, took it in his mouth and finally inserted it in Jenny’s generative port. He moaned dutifully but his heart wasn’t in it.
They were interrupted by a loud knock at the door and Gerald looked warningly at the shapely robot with the teenage geek inside. “You’d better improve or I’m not letting you go.” He warned Sheldon as he put on a pair of pants and an undershirt.
“Psst! Sheldon.” Someone whispered from the window. “Come on!” It was Tuck!
“How did you know I was here?” Sheldon asked, Jenny’s whisper making it sound like a playful condemnation of naughtiness.
“I followed you, now don’t dawdle.” Tuck said, grabbing Jenny’s hand and pulling. “He won’t be gone for long.”
Sheldon gathered up Jenny’s clothes and hastened through the window, struggling to squeeze her back into them as they hid in the alley.
“No, no! Just follow me. We won’t go far.”
“I need to either get these on or take off the body.” Sheldon objected, walking slowly and nervous of going out in public as an obviously naked robot.
“I told you, we don’t have far to go.”
“Where are we going?”
“My house, where else?”
When they were safely at Tuck’s, Sheldon turned around and knelt to give Tuck a look at Jenny’s well defined spinal column. “Will you get me out of this?”
“Yes.” Tuck said, elongating the word. “But not quite yet.”
“Why not?!”
Tuck took out a tablet and keyed in some instructions.
‘Powering up. New program engaged. Cheering up Brad.’
“Huh?” Sheldon grunted.
“Brad’s been really depressed ever since you blew him off as Jenny. I know I asked you to, so now I feel bad about it. So you’re going to go in there and be a nice, friendly robot. Gerald looked pleased. Do whatever you did for him.”
“Tuck, I don’t think you quite understand —“ Sheldon began.
‘Instruction received. Re-engaging coital protocols.’
“Tuck!” Sheldon screamed.
“Sure thing, Tuck.” Jenny said brightly. She ruffled his hair, kissed him on the forehead and strutted towards Brad’s room. Looking over her shoulder, she winked. “Don’t bother us for a little while, there’s a good little boy.”
“Don’t forget your clothes, Jenny.” Tuck said.
“Oh, I’m not sure I’ll be needing those.” She paused and took the panties. “Maybe these. I don’t know if Brad’s the sort of boy who likes the snap of elastic, but you never know.” With a wink and a wiggle, she departed to go calibrate herself against Brad.
“Do you think he’ll learn?” Jenny asked, stepping out from the coat closet.
“Probably not, but at least you’ll feel better. So will Brad.”
“Yeah. Of course, if he takes advantage of me, I’ll tell him who it really was.”
“I bet you an soda float that he will.”
“You’re on.” Jenny’s bet was immediately regretted as a gasp and an exclamation of male joy echoed through the house.
Tuck offered his arm. “Shall we repair to the soda fountain?”
Jenny took it, grinning. “Let’s.”

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