Momma's Boy - Part 4

Momma's Boy - part 4
Two Boys going down the wrong path. Their mothers take them in a world of magic, brainwashing, threats and more. The Mothers want their sons to be daughters. One boy accepts, one boy does not accept. Who would you be?

I woke up and I was being pushed through the hospital on a bed. It felt like there were 10 snakes in my stomach. I thought that this was it. I disobeyed Isabella and now she was going to kill me because I never listened to her. As I was suffering with the pain; I was accepting that I would die. I would be in peace, away from a witch, a mum that hated me and being forced to be a baby.

Maybe death is not the worst thing.

But it doesn’t take courage to die. It takes courage to live, to find out who I am and not what Isabella or mum wants me to be. I wanted to live

I closed my eyes.

“Your daughter should be awake soon. We are not sure what happened to her. Maybe she has eaten something wrong. We have been observing her. The only thing we can see is that she has a very weak bladder and this means she has to wear diapers. She also has bad finger coordination, so she might have problems holding a glass or cup or spoons and forks. Her stomach is also very sensible, so we have been given her baby food.”

I opened my eyes. I was hearing the doctor speak while I was opening my eyes. He was still speaking. The poor girl I thought. Imagine she had to eat baby food. I didn’t understand why he was talking to Mum. What did she care if a girl was sick, he should be telling her about me! 

Mum noticed that I was awake and she immediately sat down by my side. For some reason she looked very taller. I tried to speak, but I couldn’t say anything. Mum was crying and saying that I really scared her and that she loved me so much. This made me cry, as I didn’t hear Mum say that for years. A few minutes ago, I was ready to die because I thought she hated me. But now she loved me.

After some time, the doctor asked Mum to come again, as I could go home today so she can do the paper work. I was a bit confused when the Mum said “goodbye my little princess.” I know she called me this before, but why say it just after she said how much she loved me.  My smile disappeared when I saw Isabella come in. She wanted to kill me but I survived. I beat the witch. Let her come and see that she didn’t succeed.

Suddenly I got an itch below my diaper. I put my hand in it and itched my private part. As I took my hand out, I thought something was wrong. I put my hand in it once again, and noticed that I did not have a boy’s thing. The more I felt around, the more I couldn’t find it. I could only feel a girl’s hole. I know the dirty word for it, but I won’t say it here. I was strange, a few months before; I would have laughed at the dirty word but not now. It was rude.  Then I thought to what I felt. I did not have a penis! I had a vagina!

  “You know, you shouldn’t be feeling yourself,” Isabella said.

“My thing is gone”

“I know. You are now a girl”

“What do you mean I am a girl? I am a boy”

“Well you look like a girl.”

“This can’t be true. Mum knows I am a boy”

“No. You see when you were a bad boy and started at ballet, your mum wished that you were a girl. Still when I gave you chance and chance, you disobeyed me. I have given you many warnings and you still disobeyed me. So now you are a girl. Your Mum does not remember the old you. No one remembers that you were a boy. They all just think that are a sweet 6 year old girl, and always have been a girl.”

“Did you say 6?”

“Yes, but don’t worry. Your brain is changing to a 6 year olds brain. In a few weeks you will have forgotten everything you knew as 9 year old. In fact you will slightly remember being a boy, but you will think it’s a bad dream”

“Why are you so mean?”

“I am not mean. Let me tell you something. If you continued the way you did, you would have ended up robbing banks or something like that. You would have been beating women and using them. Now you have a chance to be someone and do something good for society.”

Before I could say anything, Isabella went.

Mum came back to the room and said it was time. I sat up on the edge of the bed and was surprised that my feet didn’t touch the floor. She took my nightdress off and started putting some tights and a dress on me. While she was doing this, I was trying to convince her that I was a boy. Mum was just smiling saying that I am her girl, and I always will be. I could not convince her. Then I thought it’s hard to convince her when I am as tall as a 6 year old and I didn’t have the vital parts that a boy has.

I was now a 6-year-old girl.

Over the next few weeks, Isabella was right. I now knew as much as a 6 year old and nothing more. I forgot that I was once a boy. Sometimes I dreamt about it, but I thought it was just a dream

I had lots of beautiful clothes. I preferred to wear jeans and a t-shirt, but Mum loved to have me in pretty dresses. So did Cody that was now was like a big brother. In fact I think he was jealous of them and wanted to try them on himself.

Each day Mum would come and take me out of the crib. Then she would put a new diaper on me. Most likely we would fight about what clothes I would wear. She didn’t want me to look like a tomboy. Then she would do my hair in a ponytail or some other style. I loved when she brushed my hair. When she was doing this, I would be sucking in my pacifier. This would be our next fight, as she would say I am too old to have a pacifier. I would clench it in my mouth with my teeth. Who cares? I like it

Then we would have breakfast, which was baby food. This made Cody laugh a bit as he thought I was too old for baby food. I just pretended that it tasted so good so it would make him feel jealous. After that I would sit on a chair waiting for Cody to get ready for school.

Cody didn’t look like the other boys. He looked nearly like a girl. I never teased him about this, unless he got me very mad. I didn’t know why he was so interested in my clothes. Deep down I wished I was born as a boy. I also knew that he wore panties and tights. This was a shame as he was teased because of it.

I had many friends at school. They all thought I was pretty and cute and nice. I tried my best to be nice, as it’s not nice being mean is it? I was not teased because I had to wear diapers as the teacher explained that it was a medical problem and could happen to anyone. All the others were happy that it was me and not them. Sometimes when I went in trousers, the top of the diaper could be seen if I didn’t pull my trousers up a bit.

I still took naps at school. I was used to them now. I liked them, as it was a chance to use my pacifier to help me to sleep.

Ballet was my favourite time of the week. It was only me and Cody and two other boys. I was the best dancer, but maybe this was because I was a girl.

The boys also looked funny, because they were now wearing leotards and tights. They looked like girls with them on, especially because they didn’t cut their hair so short.

Cody loved wearing Leotards and tights and often wore them home. He explained that it was because he was a sissy. He wanted to be a girl, but he was a boy. I thought this was strange. Why would any boy want to be a girl?

One day, Isabella suggested that the boys wear girl dresses at home. This made Cody so happy. His Mum didn’t mind because she bought him all girls’ clothes. This meant that Cody rushed home from school and changed from his boy’s clothes to his girl clothes. He would also try some make up on. This made me sad, as he was a boy and he could wear makeup and I was not allowed. He also had a boyfriend. At first I thought this was gross, but now I think that it is cute.

I have written this story after getting an envelope in the mail. It was Isabella’s old notes. It had pictures of me as a boy and then notes on what she did. At first I did not believe it, but the more and more I read it; the more I started to remember. I am not sure if this envelope is a hoax and if someone made me look like a boy by using photo shop or something. It’s all hard to believe. Let me read you the last part of the file where Isabella writes her conclusion:

“I am Madame Isabella, a Gypsy ballet instructor from Romania. I know a great deal of magic, and have practiced it a lot. No one will know about my power, therefore I would like to write about one town where I lived

I was in the town for two days, and immediately I found two mothers that were distressed that their sons were always in trouble. I wasted no time in giving them a ring.

The ring is a special magical ring, which subdues parents into believing everything that I say is right. The problem with this is that the ring could cause some parents to lose their sense of reality and accepts my reality as the only answer, which many would consider abuse. I do not. I consider it saving lives.

Sonny and Cody had to be saved. To do this it will be easier if they lived in the same house.

The idea of moving together was discussed by the parents a few weeks earlier. However the power of the ring means that the two mothers lose all sense of time and practical planning. It was my plan that the two boys could support each other.

Again, this is a subliminal message from the ring. While many mothers would think this and then just laugh, the ring makes this joke to something that the mothers really want,

The boys got earrings. The earrings were from me. They were just like the rings the mothers had. The rings sent subliminal messages in the boy’s head to help them accept their fate. However, they didn’t have such a big effect on Sonny.

The subliminal messages through the earrings worked on Cody. He accepted everything and within no time became a sissy. 

At the end Sonny was changed to a six-year-old girl. He was treated like a baby for several years. Then she started to develop as a normal girl and teen. She became an on line advisor to parents and is now blessed with two healthy boys.

As for Cody, he ended up becoming a full sissy, He was moved to a school where transgender children are respected and allowed. He is now a full time woman in a man’s body. He is accepted for who he is.

I consider my experience in this town a success. Now it’s time to go to the next town.”

When I read this I had flashbacks. She thinks she did us a favour, but no one ever asked me what I wanted. I will always hate Isabella and love her. I will hate her because she stole my identity without asking me and I will love her for giving me the life I had.

This being said, did Isabella exist? Is this letter a hoax? Is it someone fooling with my mind? Whatever the case, I have lived a great life with a mum that loves me and now a husband and children that loves me.

Did she come to your town?  

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