Jilly arrives... Part 1

Tim is a bully, however after he is accused of beating up his girlfriend one of his victims decides to make a stand...
Then her cousin comes to stay.

Jilly arrives...
Part 1

by JC

I was woken up by my mobile, I blearily looked at my clock, 3am. “Hi?”
“Hi Em, have you heard from the police yet?”
“Police, why?” I was beginning to wake up properly now.
“Dilly was assaulted last night, on her way home, from the party.”
“Oh no, where?”
“The end of your road, you know in Laurel Grove.” Laurel Grove was a patch of land between the council estate and our estate, it was officially waste land but some people had turned into a sort of park several years back, none of us girls went there after dark as it was pitch black and scary.
“Do they know who did it?”
“She won’t say, but you know she had a row with your brother…”
“Yeah they were shouting and screaming at each other, Derek said he had to stop Tim hitting her.”
“Where is she?”
“She’s in LGI they’re keeping her in for observation. Listen I’ve got to go, I need to ring Shell, we’re going to go down after school tomorrow, do you want to come?”
“Yeah, where shall I meet you?”
“I’ll ring you tomorrow if Shell can borrow her mum’s car. Bye.”

I sat up in bed, I knew that Tim sometimes had a bad temper but I couldn’t believe he would attack Dilly, I got up and quietly went across the landing to his room, his bed was empty and still made. Tim was two years older than me, but you wouldn’t know it to look at him, he had had various ailments when he was small and hadn’t grown very well, he had never been a big kid, and now even at 19 he was smaller than me, not by a huge amount but noticeable. I peered out of his window along the road, I could see a police van at the end but no people. I went back to bed and slowly drifted back to sleep.

School was as normal fairly boring, Friday’s were always like that. I went to the Catholic school on the outskirts of town, I got a message to say that Dilly had been sent home so I could go there after school. When I got there most of my friends were there already, Sarah was angry, Dilly still wouldn’t tell anyone who had attacked her.
“It was Tim.” When Dilly’s mum came in she kicked us out, I was walking home with Sarah, Amanda, Jen, Fiona and Shell.
“Well they did have that row, did Derek really have to pull him off her?”
“Yeah, he said Tim was really pissed, shouting and screaming.”
“When did he come home?” Sarah asked me.
“He wasn’t in when Fiona rang at 3, and I didn’t hear him this morning, so I don’t know.”
“What do you think, did he attack her?”
“I haven’t seen him since Wednesday evening. I had that field trip on Thursday and he had already gone out when I got in.”
“Well you said he hit you before, so I reckon it is him, that’s why he didn’t come in he’s at a friends waiting for the police to stop looking for him.”
“Yeah,” we turned into the end of my road and straight away we could see the police car outside my house, “I’ll see you all later.” I said and hurried the last hundred yards or so home.

“Hi mum, what’s going on?
“The police are talking to your brother, stay out of the dining room, they’re in there.” I hung around the kitchen while mum made a cup of tea, she had been baking and I helped my self to some of her home made biscuits. We talked about nothing, we were both waiting for the police to finish with Tim, it seemed like ages, but was probably only twenty minutes, Tim looking very grey came out of the dining room followed by two police officers, he showed them to the front door and after talking briefly to them let them out.
“Well what did they say?” Mum asked him.
“They wanted to know where I went after the party last night, they think I attacked Dilly,” He brushed his long hair out of his eyes and slumped in a chair by the table.”
“And did you?”
“Well I think it’s a good question, you didn’t come in till 10 o’clock this morning, did you tell them where you were?”
“Like I told you someone spiked my drink I went to a friends house to sleep it off.”
“So you said, why didn’t you come back here? Which friend?”
“I didn’t come back here because I didn’t think to and it was Dan’s house.” Dan was a known criminal, he was currently in prison for GBH, it seemed unlikely that Tim could have spent the night there.
“Really, what do the police say?”
“Dilly won’t tell them who did it, they can’t do me for it unless she tells them I did, so they just said don’t go anywhere and that they will be watching me.
“Have you finished, I don’t feel well and I want to go back to bed.” He walked off before mum could reply, we both watched him go upstairs and out of sight.
“Well. Did you see Dilly?”
“Yeah she’s pretty messed up, bruised all over, black eyes and a broken nose, the doctors have set it but its still swollen.”
“Well next time you see her give her my love.”
“I will.” I went up stairs to my room and settled down to do my homework, at tea dad was back and he and Tim had a row, Tim ended up going out, he still hadn’t got in when I went to sleep.

Fiona rang again, this time she didn’t wake me up, I was eating my breakfast, “Hi Emma.”
“Listen Sarah wants to get your brother, she’s convinced he attacked Dilly, are you up for it?”
“I suppose so, what’s she want to do?”
“I think she wants to humiliate him, something like chaining him up naked in town that sort of thing.”
“Well I suppose that’s okay, when?”
“This afternoon or this evening, we’ll all meet at your place and sort him out there okay?”
“Yeah, oh and my parents are out this weekend not back till Tuesday night.”
“Cool, listen I’ll ring round. Your place at two.”
“See you soon.” My parents were going to a golf tournament, in Wales, both of them played, they then were stopping off to see my Auntie Helen on the way home. I saw them off and checked that Tim was still asleep. By the time the whole gang had arrived I had vetoed doing anything permanent to Tim, I made absolutely clear that it wasn’t up to us to make him suffer we would make it so he could either admit guilt or suffer. If he did admit guilt we would take him to the police so he could confess. Now we had to decide how to make him suffer. Sarah was all up for torture, she insisted that we could do it without damaging him too much.
“Well its worth thinking about.” Sarah said with a pout.
“NO…” We all chorused.
“I know lets make him want us, you know short skirts and stuff then tie him up and not let him touch us you know S&M stuff…” That was Jen, Jen looked like an angel but we all knew what she liked, I groaned.
“Come on Jen be serious, if he confesses after we do that to him he can just say that we forced him to say he did it. It’s got to be something that will make him confess, will punish him, and he won’t tell anyone about.” Said Fiona, she looked round the group.
“I’ve got it,” said Shell, “how about petticoat discipline?” We all looked blankly at her until Jen started to laugh.
“We dress him up as a girl,” Shell explained, “really we should make him like a little girl, but that would be hard, but we could make him look like a teenager…”
“What?” Several of us interrupted.
“No you’re right, he wouldn’t tell anyone we made him look like a girl would he.” I grinned.
“How though, I mean he won’t just let us will he, and he is 19.”
“Yeah but I’m bigger than him, he’s not that strong, I reckon with a corset and some padding we could get him looking quite nice,”
“Oh but don’t they cost a lot?”
“Yeah…” We all turned and looked at Amanda.
“I’ll have to ask mum.” She said, looking happier, “she would probably sell us it cheap if we could… I’ll sort it, what sizes do we need?”
“Well I don’t know,” I said when they all looked at me, “hang on,” I went to my wardrobe and after rummaging around I found the handcuffs and rope that a previous boyfriend had bought me, I dumped him straight away, “he’s still asleep, if we grab him now we can tie him up and gag him, then find out what sizes he needs…”
Moments later we crept into Tim’s room, we all knew what to do, I was in charge of gagging him, the others would grab his arms and legs, we slowly peeled back his coverlet and looked at his skinny form, luckily for us he was asleep on his side, his hands were together near his face, Amanda slowly cuffed him, he didn’t so much as twitch. Next Sarah and Jen tied his legs together, he rolled over as they did the last knot up. Quickly I put the rolled up sock to his mouth, then poked him hard in the ribs. He woke with a gasp and the socks were shoved into his mouth, Shell handed me the tape and soon his gag was complete.
We stood around his thrashing form, we giggled when his underpants gained a new dimension, Jen put her hand on it and squeezed, she was evidently digging her nails in as Tim gasped and tried to get away.
It took us nearly 20 minutes to get all the measurements from him, leaving him there we sent Amanda off to her mum’s shop. We retired to the kitchen for a snack. Amanda’s mum owns and runs a fashion boutique for the larger lady, when she bought it years ago she soon realized that she had two separate clientele, the first was as you would suspect larger ladies, the other weirdly was men, moreover men who wore ladies clothing, even one of the teachers at school. Amanda’s mum had over the years got more and more stuff in to cater for the TV side of her business and now sold a lot of it over the internet, she also and this was the hard to accept part, had a pathologic distrust of men, she didn’t hate them exactly, but she often said the only good man was a man chained down. We were hoping that if Amanda explained she might let us have things at cost. Bearing in mind the forms she sold were  £150 each (the good ones).
We settled down to watch TV and wait for Amanda, we heard various thumps and bumps from upstairs, after a while Jen and I went up to check on him. He had managed to get off the bed and halfway to the door, listening to his grunts we decided that he was trying to tell us something, and he still had a hard on. Jen suggested taking him into the bathroom as he might need to go…
It took all of us to get him into the bath, we gave up on letting him go to the toilet, it would be too difficult. As we got him there, I was rung by Amanda asking where we were she was outside and no one was answering the bell. I let her in she had four big white poly bags. We unpacked them in the bathroom…
“What’s this?”
“That’s the realistic gaffe, you put it on him and it makes him look like a woman, you know down there, and he can still go to the toilet…”
“Cool, and this?”
“Mum said I should get some glue, that stuff will stick all the fake stuff on, and you need a special solvent to get it off.”
“Are these…?”
“Yeah, I got ‘C’ cup in the end mum didn’t think ‘D’s would look good on him, The bra’s are in that bag too.
“This is his corset, isn’t it nice?”
“No it’s not,” said Sarah, we looked puzzled, “it’s her corset.” She pointed at the squirming young man in the bath. We all laughed.

I un-gagged Tim, “Let me go you fucking bitches.”
“Now Jilly, we can’t do that, you’ve been a naughty girl. We are going to make sure you look nice and then we might.” I won’t go into the details suffice it to say that we were all tired by the time Jilly was ready, we stood round her. The fake body parts were good and blended into the real bits, Amanda assured us that the glue was rated for several days, without the remover those parts were on to stay. The corset had taken a lot of the fight out of him as well, he was still handcuffed but his legs were untied. We decided that Jilly would have her debut the following day. We were all too tired now. I agreed that I could handle him on my own but decided that I needed Shell to stay with me for moral support. We would commence her training tonight.

To be continued...

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