Pretty Kitty Boo

Author's Notes: I want to thank my editor for she made this story easier to read.

It was the beginning of October and that meant one of the days which Dean Drabek hated the most was coming up, Halloween. He despised that day, along with the day before Thanksgiving, New Year’s Eve, and St Patrick Day, for all the same reason; they were amateur night. He loathed the thought of going out on those nights. He knew he had to for his girlfriend, Heather Van Slyke, would want to.

Any rational person could not blame him after they heard his grievances against those nights. Each one of the them had their own silly outfits. The day before Thanksgiving was super casual at the local bar, New Year’s Eve was dress up with cardboard hats, St Patrick’s day was anything green, and Halloween was costumes. If everyone dressing like an idiot was not enough reason to want to stay at home on those four nights, then just how packed the bars were should help. If, somehow, a person still wanted to go out, then add dealing with the binge drinkers who cannot hold their liquor to the list. Yet, somehow Heather still wanted to go out.

Dean’s girlfriend went out on those nights for they were the few time each year they all could be together. The free entertainment also helped, drunk people can be so funny. Having front row seats to some drama gave the girls something to talk about. It was even better when it was one of her friends involved, for then it was something all of them could razz the star of the show about for years to come.

Even with Dean’s strong hatred for going out on those nights, he did not really mind. It made his cupcake happy. He knew how important her friends were to her, and it was worth him to put up with the drunken idiots. Heather’s Boo relocated for work right before they met, and his friends were miles away in Madison, Wisconsin. He wanted to make sure they stayed in contact as much as could. Plus, maybe he could finally make a connection with one of her friend’s boyfriends.

It was still early in their relationship, so Heather knocked on the door when she came over to go Halloween costume shopping with the man who was dreading going out that night. Dean was happy that his other half wanted to go get the shopping out of the way. He did not want to overindulge on football today, for his Packers were playing tomorrow. He was not going to miss watching them play, it was a connection to back home.

Before they left to go to the shop, Heather wanted to just spend some time at her man’s place. The lady who knew she was going to be moving in soon wanted to scope out the living room to see how she was going to change it. Cupcake wanted to see if her living room set would work in there or if they needed to buy a new one. She knew it would not be an option to keep what he had. It was too plain, and just functional.

Heather did not even think about asking for Dean’s input about the interior design she was going to plan. The reasoning was, to her, he was so easy going and just went with the flow. Dean always told her that he did not care about the little things for they were not worth the time, but if something was important to him, then he would not budge. Heather did not believe her man could ever be that stubborn for not once did he not budge.

As Heather was coming to her final conclusion about the fate of Dean’s living room her phone rang. It was her friend Sophie with some great news, Olivia could make it out tonight. Heather was ecstatic, for now they could hang out.

After she hung up the phone Heather said, “Hey Boo, if you do not mind a change of plan.”

“That is fine, it is hard for you and your friends to all get together at the same time.”

“Great, that is why I love you, you know what is important. So we will just go shopping tomorrow afternoon. The costume shop is open 'til 4 on Sundays.”

“It will have to be next weekend Cupcake, I am watching the Packers tomorrow.”

“You just said it is fine if we don’t go today, and I want to get our costumes this weekend.”

“I did say it is fine, and we can go next weekend, or sometime during the upcoming week. I am not going to miss the Packers playing.”

“So watching football is more important than our costumes?”

“No, we do not need to go get the costumes this weekend. We have time. It is my hometown team and I want to watch them. After the game, I call Rico and we talk.”

“If you call Rico to talk about the game, then you do not need to watch it.”

“Yes, but I want to watch the game. It is a way to stay connected to my friends. I only get to see them once a year. It is going to become less, for I am making my life here.”

“I know, but still this is our first of many Halloweens together, and I want it to be perfect. It will be so nice to pick out a nice couple costume together.”

“It will be, but we do not need to do it tomorrow. I already have plans, and I am going to keep them.”

“I want it done this weekend so I can tell the girls and they do not wear the same outfit.”

“You can do it tomorrow. I trust your taste, so just pick out what whatever sexy nurse, witch, or princess you want to be, and get the right costume for me.”

Dean’s comment was innocent as a vegetarian accused of eating the last hot dog at a cookout. The reason he said sexy, was for he knew she wanted to wear something more provocative than her normal outfits. Heather was making such a big deal of showing off her body on Halloween a couple of days ago. Dean understood that Halloween was one of the few times in the year a lady could wear something sexier than normal and not be judged. Dean hated that women were judged for what they wanted to wear, so he was behind the lady who put a smile on his face wearing something super sexy when she could.

Heather bit her tongue, for she took Dean’s supportive comment wrong. She could not believe that the laid back man was being so headstrong about a game. It is just a game. Then he told her to get a sexy outfit. Heather found that comment, along with him wanting to watch a game instead of going shopping with her, to be misogynist, and made Dean sound like a chauvinist. Oh, they were going to have a talk about that later.

“OK fine. I will give you a call later this week.”

Dean knew that his Cupcake was mad, but did not know why. In a way, that was why he loved his woman. She was so fiery at first, he was did not know what to think of it. Then he saw it was part of her getting lost in the moment, so he embraced it. It helped him take more risks, for he did not think of the outcome as much.

“I am looking forward to getting that call, and have a great time with your friends, sweetie. Love ya.”


Heather, Olivia, Jill, and Sophie were all in the same place in their relationships. It was so difficult for those four single women to get together at the same time, for them being in different phases of the single life. They all knew they wanted that section of their life to come to an end. They did not want wild nights of trying to find a man for right now, they wanted to find the right man for them. Olivia, thinking she found her Mr Right was the reason she was free tonight.

Last night, Olivia had a wonderful date with Bruce Gruber, so she cancelled the date she had tonight. It would not had been right for her to go out with Toby Remmi, when all she could think about was the chemistry she had with Bruce. Why waste time with him, when she could spend time with her friends? Yeah, it was at the last moment, and Toby got tickets to Hamilton, but She did not ask him to get tickets to that play. Yeah, she hinted that she would love to see it, when Toby asked her what to do on their next date, that did not mean he had to buy the tickets.

With Olivia finding a man who excited her so much, it appeared that the four ladies had all found who they were going to spend the rest of their lives with. They were in this situation before, and it fall apart. The reason was, they were in love with falling in love, and loved the thrill and excitement of getting to know someone. The four friends were all in jeopardy of them finding their 'one', again, being a false finish to their single life. It came from their dogma about relationships: extraordinary moments were the norm. They did not know, for a good relationship, that the normal moments need to become extraordinary from being the other person.

Now that Olivia has found some she loved falling in love with, this Halloween was going to be great. Them all being in couplehood was another reason Heather delayed getting hers and Dean’s costumes, the girls needed to make the night perfect for their future other halves.
Wanting the night to be the best it could be was so Dean, Bruce, Sam and Ted all had a great time together. The girls wanted those four to become as close as they were. It was so there would be no need to get into stupid fights over which friends the couple were going to hang out with. It was going to be the girl's.

Heather and her friends knew full well that couples did not have time to have two set of friends. At least not the time which they wanted to be around each other socially, and also spend time with their men friends. Worse yet, they might have made plans with their men friends, and if something came about which the girls wanted to do together, they knew full well that they were not going to keep them.

The biggest part of the plot was for them to dress as sexy as possible, flirt big time with their men, and then go all out in the bedroom. It was a simple plan, but they believed it would work. The faith they had for the plan being successful was from their misguided dogma about relationships.

Instead of having the guys find common ground, and form a bond on shared interests, they were depending on just making the boys want more nights like one they were going to have. The girls were only concerned about the bonds which they were part of, their own, and the ones which they had with their boyfriends. They were putting their friendship and that bond above the their new relationships.

This was another reason the girls had so many false endings to their search to find the one. They were not ready to place the relationships which they had with their partners above their friendship. They expected their partners to put the relationships first, so that made an unequal power dynamic start to form between them. It lead to men leaving them, for a relationship is built on give and take. If there is no compromise, their is no real companionship between people.


Heather woke a little late from being out last night. She was a little annoyed at herself, for she was having to adapt the plan for her to get Dean to go shopping with her. She was going to have to cut out getting dolled up, and wearing something very provocative, to help with enticing Dean to do what she wanted. That was fine, she would just adjust it some more. Be blunt and straightforward. Go to Dean’s, tell him how horny she was for him, and tell him that after shopping together he could have his way with her.

Heather did not mind using sex to get what she wanted. She only found how she was going to do so today, crass. Heather wanted to be classy and elegant. It was also more fun for her to play the game of cat and mouse. The reason was, she made Dean think he was the cat and she was the mouse, but in reality, it was the other way around. It was a win win for her, she did something small for him, which she either wanted to or did not care if she did it, and she got her way.

Heather got to Dean’s house 15 minutes before kickoff, and was welcomed in. She went right into her sales pitch on getting her way.
“Dean come on shopping with me. I've been thinking of the fun time I can show you after picking out my outfit, when we get back home into your bedroom. Just thinking of seeing you choose the scantily made costume you want me in that night drives me wild. So forget the game, and come shopping with me. It will be fun, and then afterwards, I promise I will make it worth your while.”

Dean was enticed hearing about what Heather wanted to put on the agenda later tonight, but he wanted to stay connected to his hometown, and also looked forward to talking with Rico later.

“My Cupcake. That sounds great, and I would love to spend the day with you. I want to watch the game, and talk with Rico. It is great to catch up with him weekly.

You can always go shopping, send me photos of the outfits, and then I can send the thumbs up or down. Then come over a little after 5. I will have supper cooking, nothing special, just chicken with rice and veggies. Then afterwards you could act out on all that pent up wildness you are feeling.”

Heather was a little frustrated that her simple plan did not work, and also that Dean thought they could work out a compromise. She did not have the time or want to put the effort into persuading her Boo to do what she wanted. They needed to go to the costume shop now.

“Come on Boo, it would be so much better if you were there in person. I will even talk the owner into letting me try them on for you.”

“That sounds so nice, we will do that this Saturday coming up. I am looking forward to it.”

“I want to do it today, come on it, will be fun and add some spice to today. I might get another one to use for tonight. You get to pick out, how did you put it? 'Sexy outfits', for me.

Plus I want to see what studly outfit you are going to pick.”

“You will but not today. We have time, plus I want to watch the game.”

“But it is for Halloween, it only happens once a year and there is a game every week for the next 3 months.”

“I really do not care about Halloween. If you want to get what we will be wearing out today, go ahead. I trust your taste and will be happy wearing whatever you think would be good to go with what you pick out for yourself.

It will be nice to see you all sexy in some costume, but I'd much rather watch the game today. Plus, you are dressing up all sexy for yourself.”

Heather was agitated, she heard Dean said it was for her. It wasn't for Dean said something which was not true. It was for he did. Dean having that point of view took away one of Heather’s weapons of persuasion she had in her arsenal to get what she wanted from her man.

“Fine, I am going shopping.”


Heather was feeling flustered as she drove to the Costume shop on that crisp Autumn afternoon. How Dean blew off her getting her way in such a brisk manner was gnawing at her. What was getting to her was she knew this was not a one time thing. She needed Dean’s will to snap like a potato crisp pinched too hard when his wants conflicted with hers.

Then she replayed him saying she going to dress all sexy for herself. He wanted her in something which was sexually appealing, and dared to play it like she was doing it for herself. She did not care that it was true. The lady who was playing all the angles wanted to curry as much possible favor from doing so, with Dean. Putting the time and effort into looking great should get more of a return to her than just looking great.

All those thoughts which were stuck in her craw merged together with a joke Sophie made last night, and Dean stating he will be happy with whatever she picked for him to wear. The joke was that maybe the girls should have the guys dress like strippers instead of the girls. It would be a funny and nice way to show who was going to get their way in the relationship. She was going to have Dean dress sexy instead of her.

Heather could not contain her smile, for now her mood was as bright as the sun. How could she not love the idea of having Dean in a dress for Halloween? It was going to be so delicious, to have her man pay for not going shopping with her today. Having him be all dolled up will make sure she had the upper hand in the relationship. Dean would know his role was a supporting one. Plus her Boo would appreciate dressing sexy for her.

Then she thought Dean being her real life dress up doll would help Sophie and the other girls put their men in their proper role in a versatile manner. It could be used as a carrot or a stick. Bring up what Dean did for his woman if they did not want to do something. Threaten that next Halloween, all the guys would be in matching slutty outfits. The guys could not object for they would see it was no big deal. The girls could also bring up how sweet they were by not going along with what Heather did

The next couple of weeks Dean was clueless of what his other half was planning. He thought that she was over him not going shopping for how lovey-dovey she was acting. Plus, how she did not bring up the costumes other than they would open his eyes to how the relationship would be was great. He loved that she was respecting that he just was not into Halloween anymore.

Dean's outlook on the situation was as far from the truth as an Adam Sandler movie was from being nominated for an Academy Award. Heather’s sweetness was just a ploy to lull Dean into not putting up that much resistance to her surprise costume. Heather had his word to use against him, also. Twice he said he would wear whatever she picked out for him.

Finally the day came for Heather to gain the upper hand on the man she proclaimed to love. This trick was in good jest, and ended up with Heather getting the treat she wanted, her way. It might be a little embarrassing for him, but she was going to make it up to him by letting him watch his beloved Packers tomorrow.

The lady who always put her wants in front of others made sure that Dean stayed at her place the night before. It was for she knew that he was going to have to get used to walking in heels. She did not want him to get hurt. Plus if he spent the entire day in that costume, it would undoubtedly drive in the message that it was her relationship, her rules. Heather got what she wanted when she wanted it.

They woke up, and Heather was in a great mood that morning, for today was going to be wonderful. She cuddled up to her Boo, and just thought about how all the drama was going to disappear in their relationship soon. How tonight would bring them closer together, and have them in a better harmony.

Thinking of the better tomorrow which her plan was going to enact made her want something special, breakfast in bed. In Heather’s mind she deserved it. The plan to make sure those two would not get into disagreements took time and effort to come up with. The toll and the strife between them, to her, meant she deserved to be pampered. Lastly, she had a busy day ahead of her, with doing her Boo’s makeup and making sure he knew how to carry himself.

With love in her voice, Heather told her Boo to go make breakfast so she could start her day right. The love Boo heard, came from the woman lying next to him feeling for him, but more so, it came from her loving that things would be going her way. In life, almost everything has chains, hopefully one day that will change.

Having part of the love for your partner being conditional is fine and also healthy. Few, if any people, have total and complete unconditional love for their partner. If a person does have complete unconditional love for their partner, hopefully it is reciprocated, or else the relationship would become one sided. The equals would become unequal with one getting what they want, and never truly sharing with the other.
In this case, the ratio between conditional and unconditional love Heather had for Dean was unhealthy for the relationship. It was for she was in love with the idea of having someone to love. The only reason these two were still together, was that Heather took Dean's easy going nature as he was consistently going to let her have her way.

The "No.", which came out of Dean’s mouth, made the small crack only Heather knew about in their relationship get larger. The reason behind him declining following her order enlarged it more: chores. They had a Halloween party to go to at The Rathskeller, the dive on the south-side of Pittsburgh, that night, so being with her during the day was more important to her than him going home to clean his gutters. That crack grew even more when he flat out turned down her suggestion of him just doing doing the housework tomorrow, for he wanted to watch the Packers game.

It was so frustrating to her that watching that stupid game was more important to him than making sure she was happy. Everyone knew that a happy wife meant a happy life, so Dean better start making sure Heather was happy all the time if he ever wanted her to be Mrs. Drabek. Today was going to open his eyes to that fact.

Heather then knew how she was going to get her way. “Dean I want you to stay today, for you have to get used to wearing your costume, and also I have to do your makeup.”

“I can come right over after I take a shower. It will be mid afternoon. It cannot take all day to get ready for that party we are going to tonight.”

“Let me show you the costumes.”


Dean did not care if he saw the costumes until they put them on. He wanted to hear her out, and see why she was making a big deal about getting in costume so early. He figured it was so they could spend the day together. Dean would had loved that but he had work to do around his house.

Dean saw the sexy cat and cute mouse outfit and it made him happy. She just wanted to spend more time together.

“Honey, I will rush home right now, get it done and shower. I should be back in a couple of hours. It wouldn’t take long for me to get into that adorable mouse outfit. I thought you were going for something more studly for me.”

“Oh no, Dean, you are mistaken. You are going to be the cat, and I, am going to be the mouse.”

“What? Why would you buy me a woman’s costume? I am not happy one bit, I am not going to wear that.”

“Dean, you said that you would be happy wearing whatever I picked out for you. It will be fun, Sophie talked about how it would be funny if we made our guys wear the slutty outfits. You talked about wanting me in one so maybe you should see what it is like to wear something like that.”

“Yeah, I said that I would wear whatever you picked out. I did not think you would pick that out for me.

I never said slutty, I said sexy outfit. The reason why I said that is for you told me you were looking forward to wearing something which showed off more of your body. I was being supportive.”

“Well, maybe you should had gone with me, so I knew what you would and would not wear.”

“Cupcake, I am going now. I will be back later to get ready for our fun night on the town.”

“Come back early for you need to get used to walking in heels. I can’t wait to see my Pretty Kitty Boo.”

Dean turned around and gave Heather the 'we are not amused' look. Heather knew that even with her man being a little mad right now, he was going to be back. He was going to go out in the costume she bought him. The lady who was getting her way knew once they get past this little turbulence, their relationship would soar to new heights.


The man who was starting to suspect that his girlfriend was a grown brat had to calm himself down while driving to his place. This cat costume might just be what she said, having some fun. It was true, if he went, then this would not have happened. Then again, she should had waited until he was free. There was still two more weekends until Halloween, so they were not pressed for time. Heather needed to get over always having things her way.

By the time Dean got home, the morning sun had warmed the air enough that it was going to be a great day to work outside. As he cleaned out the gutters of his home, he did so with his mental ones as well. The man who loved being at peace, found a nice calmness coming over him, and made his outlook on life as clear as the sky. The future he envisioned with his Cupcake became brighter, as his negative thoughts about Heather were discarded. She was just used to not having to compromise, and they needed to talk about it.

As Dean was working, up-keeping his home, Heather texted him. Something told her she went a little too far with the pretty kitty Boo line, and wanted to apologize right away. She sat there waiting for a reply and none came. She sent another one and still no reply. Ok, he was mad so she better call him, for Dean did not like to text. She called and no answer.

Heather could not believe that Dean was being a big baby about the costume she picked out for him. Instead of thinking that maybe the reason she got no answers from her contacting was for her man did not have his phone on him, the lady who was daddy’s little monster assumed he was acting how she would. Pouting and trying to punish her by not answering.

Heather was now getting mad at the thought that someone would dare do unto her as she would do unto to them. Her devious mind started to work, and she got a great idea. Make the outfit even sluttier. She ran to Victoria's Secrets, and bought thigh high stockings with a lace bow pattern on the back. Then she exchanged the 2” pumps she'd bought for 4” heels. How uncomfortable her Boo was going to be would make sure he knew it was her rules from now on. If she texted him, he better text her back and if she called, he better answer right away.

After Dean got done with his chore he checked his phone before hopping in the shower.

Seeing the two texts and the message from Heather made him smile. It reaffirmed to him that his doubt in her was wrong. He called her back.

“Hey there Cupcake, sorry I did not call you back earlier.”

“Why didn’t you.”

“Nice greeting. I did not for my phone was not on me. I was on a ladder.”

“So, you should have had the phone on you in case I wanted to contact you, like I did.”

“You will never always be able to contact me. If I am on a ladder, I do not want any distractions, and the phone ringing would be one. I am not going to take a chance of falling just you can say you are sorry for saying a snide comment.”

“I also wanted to tell you come right over here for your shower. You are going to have to shave your legs for the costume.”

“Why? I saw how thick those tights you got me are. No one will be able to see my hairy legs.”

“Well, I was thinking. If you are going to be my pretty Kitty Boo tonight, you need tights which are more sheer. You should have shiny legs to show them off.”

“Fine, I will come over right now. Bye.”

“Bye, see ya, and tonight is going to be great dear. You will love it.”

All those negative thoughts about Heather were coming back to the man whose doubts were legit. He knew that she was not planning to buy those tights, until he hadn't replied to her right away. There was no way he was going to be tethered to a phone just so Heather was not upset.
Heather felt a little bad after the phone call. She could tell that, instead of getting rid of the turbulence, there was more. She wished she'd known that Dean was so sensitive. If she had, she would not have upped the ante on the outfit. It would had been just a stern talk with him about keeping the lines of communications open at all times.


Dean got over, and Heather was about to call off the change she made in his costume. That never came to be, for as always, Dean sent her a text when he filled up his gas tank asking her if she wanted anything from the convenience store, and she did not reply. In her mind there was no reason to, for she did not want or need anything.

The lady who had two standards, not texting him back, and being mad about him not doing the same a couple of minutes ago, got to Dean. The easy-going man was losing his level headedness. When Heather greeted Dean at the door, instead of a greeting back, the man who wanted to point out her hypocrisy said, “Heather if you want me to text you back, then you better do the same for me.”

Why should I? You were only asking if I wanted anything, and I did not. You hate texting anyways, you did this to make a point.”

“No, I did not. I always send you a text asking you if you want anything from the store. Just do not get on me about not texting you, if you will not text me, OK? I will text you when I want to text you, not as soon as you send a text.”

Heather hated that the truth about her double standard was pointed out. What she hated even more was that her man was not going to take it. “Just go take your shower, Pretty Kitty Boo.”

The look of contempt Dean gave to Heather made her regret right away saying that. At least her man would be in the shower for a while, and she could think of a way to tactfully get herself out of this mess. There was no way she was going to admit she was wrong to him, for she could not do so with herself.

As Dean was getting ready for the night out in drag, Heather found a way to get out of the hole she was digging, Say she was feeling sick before they left. Then they could talk about how Dean needed to keep his word about doing what he said he would. It did not matter that she changed the day of going shopping for the outfits, he should have accommodated her.

Heather cursed herself, as Dean walked unsteadily down the steps in those heels. She should not had said to get ready to her Boo. He was not ready to walk down steps in heels. She cursed herself even more seeing him in those stockings, tight black mini-dress, foam breast forms, and holding that headband with cat ears. She knew if her friends and their men saw him, they were going to give him shit, and Dean was not going to be in the mood to take it. She left out a little giggle, for she was relieved, at least they were not going out.

Dean took that giggle as his Cupcake laughing at him, “What do you find funny? You picked this stupid outfit out for me. I trusted that you would pick something better for me.”

Heather got defensive, and did not want to admit they were not going out.

“I was laughing at how you are pulling off that outfit better than me and my friends could. Maybe you should wear a dress more often with those long legs of yours.”

"God Damn it!", Heather thought, as those words came out of her mouth. Why didn't she just tell him the truth? Dean will still learn the lesson, if she just told him now, and she was going to, until Dean responded.

“I will say you are right about one thing, I can pull this off better than you and your friends. That should say something about how you all look.”

Dean’s retort was atypical, for he'd had enough. It was time to start fighting fire with fire, and taking an eye for an eye. Sometimes people need
to respond to unkindness with unkindness, for it was the only way to stop it. This was not one of those times.

Heather saw a relationship as a power struggle, with one person in control. She was going to be that one person. There was no way she was going to be the meek housewife like her mom was to her overbearing and domineering dad. Heather believed it was how a healthy relationship was. She never saw her parents talk about making a decision in a civil manner. It was her dad’s way, or else he would manipulate the situation to get it his way.

With what Heather saw as a normal relationship, she was not going to back down. It was time to see who had the upper hand in this relationship, “Quit being a baby and take a joke, Pretty Kitty Boo.”

“Oh Heather, I am not being a baby. I am just joking back with you. If you can’t take it, then quit it.

So why don’t you do my makeup, and whatever you going to do with my hair, so we can get this night over with.”

Heather knew that they were fully engaged in a fight right now. She saw it as normal. It was unexpected, for she'd mistaken Dean just going with the flow as him being the meek one in the relationship. Tonight was going to be hard, but she was going to tame the male shrew.

Heather started applying the makeup, and was shocked at at how good her man was looking. Anyone looking at him could tell he was a man, but he was pretty in a feminine manner now. Heather fought the temptation to give him a compliment at the moment. It would be a sign of weakness if she did. Also there is a great chance he would just see it as her mocking him.

The last thing she wanted to do at this moment was escalated the turbulence between them. Oh, Dean was going to lose this battle of wills between them, but she did not want it to cause anymore strife as well. She loved how her and Boo got along so well when things were going great. It felt like she was flying so high.

After finishing getting the make up done, Heather offered to help Dean learn to walk better in those heels.

“I will get used to it on my own. You said I had to get used to it, so I will. I really do not want your help, and I can handle it.”

“Quit being stubborn and we will have a great time tonight. You would not be in that dress right now if you were not stubborn.”

“I am not being stubborn, I do not want your help right now. I do not want to be around you right now. I want some time alone, so I can cool down.

Also I am not stubborn. You changed the plans, and I was not going to change my plans so we could do it on your schedule. We need to start following our schedule.”

The concept of her schedule not being the schedule of the relationship was alien to her. That would mean there would need to be cooperation. Hearing something which did not compute to her logic made Heather just go to get ready.

“Fine have it your way, but we are going out even if you break your ankle.”


Heather took her time getting ready, to stay away from Dean. The lady who wanted to be in charge, wanted to win this fight, so there would be no more discord in the relationship. Yet somehow, was feeling it was a cold war of the heart, and each side would lose if it advanced.

As she thought about just retreating to pick it up another day, she realized that this impasse would occur each time she wanted her way, and it was not to be. How could Dean be so stubborn not to see her having her way was what was best for the relationship? It would lead to peace and harmony.

How could her Boo expect both sides to give in? There would be disagreements, when neither one would back down. It had to be one person gets their way. If Heather only knew that figuring out who wanted, or needed, to have their decision be the one, was the way to get around that, tonight would have never happened.

Heather went against her best judgement and decided to call for a truce. She entered the room in her jumpsuit with a hood mouse costume and saw Dean walking well in the heels. Dean was a natural, for he had great balance from spending his youth skateboarding, so it was no surprise to her. Still it was quick.

“Hey Boo, am I not cute in this?”

The man who was questioning why he was even going along with rewarding Heather’s bad behavior did not take his girlfriend remark as her trying to bury the hatchet. Even if he did, the only place he wanted to bury the hatchet was in her neck. Right now, Dean wanted to make sure Heather never tried any stunt like this again. That called for him to push back at any sign of her being a smart ass.

“Yeah you do look cute in it, if you can’t go for sexy like I did, it is best you go for cute.”

Heather was upset that her Boo said such mean-spirited words to her. He took her peace offering and threw it on the ground.

“I was trying to be nice but not anymore. If you want to play hardball, we will. Now go get your purse and we will get going.”


On the drive down, Heather quit fuming, as she saw the defiance and confidence slowly leave her Dean. The closer they got to their destination, the more real this became to him. The man who wanted a nice, quiet life, was not in the mood to put up with the looks for wearing an outfit which he did not pick out. He also thought about how him trusting Heather to pick out his outfit, she'd used it as a power play. That hurt him some, for he thought that she was more mature than doing those childish game to try to get control of the relationship.

Heather was quiet, just waiting for the right time to go for the kill. It would be when the group was together, having the others help gang up on her Boo. It would make it quick, and then they could get back to being a loving couple.

Dean would have taken his lumps that night, except that he saw something out of the corner of his eye which made me not care about the outfit. There was a loving couple both dressed as sexy nurses across the street going into a nightclub. The guy was laughing and having a good time with the lady. If that stranger can be in a good mood wearing that skimpy outfit, then Dean would also. Compared to how short that skirt the male nurse had on, Dean was dressed like a Victorian lady.

The feuding couple came in the bar, and Sophie, Olivia, and Jill were all there with their men. All of them started to laugh when they saw Dean. Heather joined in, and Dean knew it was on. It might be 7 against 1, but he liked his odds for one simple reason. He did not give a fuck what any of them thought or said. Also he had a sharp tongue and wit.

Sophie said, “Dean you look so sexy in that dress, you should wear one more often.”

“Thank you for the compliment dear, and I wish I could say the same about you in your costume.”

Sophie’s man,Ted, looked at her to see how she wanted him to respond. She gave the signal that Heather was going to handle it. Heather did try to put Dean in his place by saying, “Dean don’t be mean to my friends, for you are pouting about the outfit you picked."

“I was not being a mean, I was being catty.

Also, you picked this outfit dear. Then again, I see why, I look purrfect in it.”

Dean knew he was not making a good first impression with Heather’s friend's men. Then again, he did not care. He was not in the mood to play nice. Even if he was, all these guys were just guest stars. Heather’s friends do not have a good track record with keeping a man around. All Dean wanted was to get through the night.

Heather on the other hand, hated what was going on. Dean needed to make a great first impression, for all the girls were hoping that they were with the ones for them. If Dean did not get along with the guys, then she would have to get rid of him. Tonight, was not going as planned.

Jill’s boyfriend, Sam, did not get the not so subtle hints that Dean gave, that he was not in the mood for any crap. He grabbed Dean by the ass, and jokingly said “Feels as nice as it looks.”

Heather thought that maybe that would help tame the male shrew, but was let down when she saw what happened next. Dean quickly grabbed Sam’s wrist, twisted it, and with his other hand put pressure on the shoulder to put his face on the bar.

“Touch me again ass-wipe and I will break it. Oh, and I am not talking about your arm.

Now say 'uncle', and I will let you go.”

“Dude, dude, calm down. You shouldn't have come out dressed like that if you didn't want to take crap.”

Dean added a little pressure to the arm lock he had Ted in. This was to show the dotard he wanted to hear uncle.

“All right, Uncle.”

Dean let go of the hold, and was ready to let go of what he had with Heather. He did not know how much of their relationship was real, and how much was just wishful thinking on his part.

“Dude, if you listened, you would've known this was not my idea. It was Heather’s, and I went along, for I was stupid enough to trust her, and gave my word. I am going the bar in the back. You can come and find me when you are not going to act so childish.”

Dean was in a bad mood. He hated how Heather was acting. Found out that her friends got on his nerves, and their men and him just did not click. He sat next to the a knight. The miserable man’s bar neighbor was in full plate mail, goatee, and his shield had coat of arms, consisting of a crowned sword between two fleurs-de-lis.

The knight eyed him up, and said in a raspy voice, “Nice Costume.”

Dean did not want to talk to anyone other than Johnny Walker, so quipped back, “Not in the mood for jokes, just leave me alone with my drink.”

“Sorry I meant it. It takes a lot of courage for you to wear that."

"While I did it for a lady. I trusted her to pick out my outfit, and this is what she went with. It is making me question even being with her. I believe it was her way to punish me for not wanting to go along with the change of plans on when we were going to get the costumes. I had plans. I am sorry that I snapped at you, kind sir, and please let me buy the honorable knight a drink, to make amends for the faux pas.”

“Do not call me sir, unless you want me to call you fine maiden. Also I am a chevalier, not a knight. I am Rene.”

“Fine Rene. I am Dean.”

That little exchange got Dean lifting his downtrodden spirits. It was refreshing just to talk to the knight. Even with Dean not wanting to be left alone, he found himself drawn to talking with Rene. It was a one-sided conversation, for Dean was just ranting about the issues he and his Cupcake were having. Even with Dean knowing it should bore Rene, he found his new friend really engaged in what was being said.

A couple of hours has passed, and those two were laughing at Dean’s jokes. Dean found it felt nice to hear his new friend’s laugh. Dean assumed for it was odd, very high pitched for a man. It had been a long while since he'd noticed little idiosyncrasies about someone, and found them charming. He also knew that Rene found his quirks charming too. Dean knew the night in a dress was not a total waste, for he'd made a friend tonight.

Meanwhile, Heather was having a horrible time. She was not going to go get her boyfriend. He needed to come crawling back, and apologize to them all. Sophie and Ted were fighting. Even with Sophie not wanting Ted to say anything, she was mad that he had not. Sam was sulking, for he hated that Bruce and Ted got on him for how quick a man in a dress had him saying uncle.

Finally, after a couple of hours, she relented and went to get Dean. This did not mean he was getting out of having to get things back to good with everyone. It just meant she was about to grab him by his ear to drag him to do so.

The brat mouse’s foul mood got worse when she saw her Pretty Kitty Boo laughing and having a good time. If she was not having a good time with them fighting, then he should not be either. How could he be laughing while they were fighting? That man of hers should be figuring out on how to get back into her good graces.

As she walked up to Dean, she knew she had to get him in a bad mood also. “Pretty Kitty Boo, just because you are in a dress, that does not mean you have to flirt with a man.

It was just a joke to put you in it, but I see that it unlocked a part of who you are. I am so happy for you.”

“Very funny. Tell you the truth, if Rene was a woman, I would want to be with him instead of you right now. I am very comfortable around him.”

Rene must have been a three sheets into the wind when Dean said that. The chevalier had drunk courage, and went to take a chance. Dean heard his name called and turned around, and got a tender kiss planted on him by his new friend.

Dean was a little taken back, not only by the kiss, but by that it was good. Dean pushed away from the kiss, “Dude what are you doing? Sorry I did not mean to lead you on by talking to you. I am not into men.”

Rene used her normal voice for the first time tonight, and said, “Good for I am all woman. I am Joan of Arc for Halloween tonight. And I would love it, if you were with me, instead of her.”

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