Teenage or High School

A New Style of Education - Part 24

Vaingirls, Beginnings: Joyce's Story, Part 1


Part 1: A reflection on masculinity and femininity, a woman's look at her boyish past - not what you think - and a brother gone bad.

Hothouse Flower

Rhod`s Trip To America ch 27 The Tryst


Follow the continueing story of an English foreign exchange student Em (Mfanwy), alias a boy named Rhod, that poses as a girl while in Grottoes Virginia in America. She goes to Agusta High School as a girl. Em is also a female cheerleader and taking ballet classes from Ellen to move like a graceful girl while she is in Grottoes; Rachael, the girl that actually is teaching the ballet lessons to Em, seems to think that Em is really a boy in disguise. The host family, the Jones's, do not know Em is not quite a girl, their daughter, Sandy, was told because Sandy was also a former boy. Em knows Sandy is a former boy because she was told by one of the US teachers, but the Jones family didn't realize Em was told and they feel Em should not be told about Sandy. Sandy's homophobic father, John, hates what Sandy has become and denies she is a girl. Mary, the mother, really misses her son and is having a tough time seeing Sandy as a daughter. Mary loves Em as a true daughter and treats her as such, much to Sandy's dismay. Mary is also a counselor at the high school Em is going too. Kevin the five year old spoiled brother, simply adores Aunty Em. A homophobic boy, Dan Martin, is trying to out Em to the whole school. While Dan was in Warsop England, he got kicked off of the exchange program when he lost his cool as he stumbled into his host partner Rhod, while Rhod was dressed as a girl. Dan's mouth got him into lot trouble, but he blames Rhod for everything. Dan wants to get even, so he wants to out Rhod to the whole school, without letting people know that it will be him who did it. Several teachers could lose their jobs, if Em is found out that he really is a boy, because these three teachers help Em carry on the charade. Will Em ever make it back to England without being discovered? Can he get back into England with a male passport, when he looks so good as a girl and really moves like one?



A story about the wages of betrayal, inspired by a story written by Jezzi Belle Stewart. WARNING: Contains excessive cruelty and unintended consequences, which are both far less amusing in real life than you might think -- and way less entertaining in a work of fiction than public humiliation.

Darling Dainty Donna


A story about the wages of intolerance inspired by a picture created by Gwen Lavyril. (included) The last sentence was inspired by Angel O'Hare.

The Academy (Part 3)


JoEllen is now one of the Mistresses at The Academy, and is being trained to take her place in the new world order, a world in which women dominate men. She is determined to carry out her mission as an undercover agent of America's most covert agency. But power is seductive. Can she resist the temptation to truly join Desdemona?

Rhod`s Trip To America ch 26 A Spy In The Midst


“Wow Em, she’s sort of cold isn’t she?” Ally said. “I don’t know what her problem is today? She is not usually like that. She’s usually a really nice person. She must be ‘ON’ herself?” Darla stated. “I don’t think so Darla. Look guys,” as I looked around to make sure we wouldn’t be overheard, “She knows, or think she does, but is not sure.” “Knows what Em?” Darla asked. “She knows about Rhod.” I said. “What!” Ally exclaimed. “Shhh, keep it down. I’m telling you, she knows about me being Rhod.”

A New Style of Education - Part 23


David and Christopher come up with a solution to their punishment. One of the schools traditions is explained for the first time to all the year one students.


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