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Real Life 2

Liz sighed. She hadn’t seen her grandpa in years, and he really wasn’t in the best of health. She realized she should probably go see him, but she also just really didn’t feel like it. But she finally got around to it. At least one last time before he died. Honestly, she was incredibly selfish and really should have done this before now.

Tommy - The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl? - Chapter 19

The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl?

A Novel By Teddie S.

Copyright © 2017 Teddie S.
All Rights Reserved.

Chapter 19

More of the visit, Amy’s recognized, and Oh no!

We were spending the weekend with Amy's parents so that her dad might get to know Tammy better. Friday evening was interesting. Amy’s dad treated me just like a daughter. And on Saturday evening Amy's parents were hosting their small bridge club.

As we usually did on Saturday, Amy and I slept in. Amy’s dad had gone to play golf and we were up just before he came back home. And we ate lunch with her mom and dad. Then her mother put us to work. With their bridge club coming this evening, the house needed to be cleaned. They usually played bridge in the basement rec room, so we spent time cleaning in there. Then we helped give the rest of the house a cleaning, and since it wasn't very dirty, so it didn't take long.

When we'd finished, Amy's mother said, “You girls have been a big help. I would have been at it all day without your help. It's gotten warm, so why don't you go for a swim?”

Vivid Dream Reality Chapter 9

Chapter 9

The meeting seemed to go on for a long time, so we went to my room and had a cuddle session. We were a bit too nervous for more than that. This whole bonding thing has put a real crimp in our sex life. It also made me wonder, I mean, as a guy, I don't think feeling in the mood was much of a factor.

As soon as we heard the door open we jumped up. Myra was in the living area waiting for us. She was looking at us with a smile on her face, so I knew the news was good.

From The Past To The Future Part 4

Lupita swing the ax down on the tree log and splits it in one swing. She looks over towards Black Wolf "I could get use to this. I split that log with just one swing and it went right through it."

...You Are Cordially Invited Story 3 Part 1


The Smith family gathers for a Christmas gathering before Bradford, Ophelia, and the Walkers head to the US. Poppy unexpectedly finds love and brings the rebel of the Smith family down to earth.

Vivid Dream Reality Chapter 8

Chapter 8

I woke up the next morning to Myra knocking on the door.

“Come in.” At least this time I didn't have a naked girl in bed with me.

She opened the door. She was holding some clothing. “Do you still want to join me practising Taigoa?”

“Yes, please.”

“Here are some clothes for you. Put them on and join me in the courtyard.”

Tommy - The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl? - Chapter 18

The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl?

A Novel By Teddie S.

Copyright © 2017 Teddie S.
All Rights Reserved.

Chapter 18

It’s tight and a weekend visit.

Just before spring quarter started, Amy and I stopped in to see Mrs. Taylor and have our hair done. As she was doing my hair, she asked me if I'd like to come in the next time as Tammy. And, if I did, we'd see what we could do about putting my hair into a girl's style. I'd asked her if we could do it on a Saturday, she told me that it was their busiest day, but she'd be willing to come in early to work on me. So, I made an appointment with her for three weeks, at nine in the morning on a Saturday.

As we were leaving the beauty shop, Amy took my hand, and said, “Come on lover.”

Vivid Dream Reality Chapter 7

Chapter 7

We lay together on Vee's double bed, holding each other's hand with the helmet on. My headset had the game loaded and my option was resume yes or no. Vee's had join yes or no and she had already pressed yes and was just waiting for me. The chances were we would wake in bed in different rooms and it could be awkward finding each other, so we had agreed to meet at breakfast.

Vivid Dream Reality Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Breakfast for me as well as the other elves that I noticed, consisted of fruits and nuts. Still, I found it delightful and filling. I was so much more comfortable now that I was only getting appreciative looks from other women and the men were ignoring me. I was getting suggestive looks, but no one outright asked me, so I wondered to the staging area to go adventuring.

Tommy - The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl? - Chapter 17

The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl?

A Novel By Teddie S.

Copyright © 2017 Teddie S.
All Rights Reserved.

Chapter 17

Dr. Grunewald and Detective Thomas

My mother set up a meeting for me with a Dr. Grunewald. She was the friend that my mother had told me about. She's a counselor, actually a psychologist, and an instructor at the University. When I first met her, I was expecting something completely different from what I found. She was a very nice lady, maybe my mother's age or a year older.

We sat down and talked about the incident and my feelings. I told Dr. Grunewald about being afraid of being on campus at night, and that I was always looking over my shoulder. Then how I’d finally remembered the details of the incident, except that I couldn’t see the guy’s faces. She asked me some questions and took a lot of notes.

She then talked about possibly trying hypnosis to help me see their faces and to help me relax. She also said that it might take the capture of the guys that did it before I would entirely be at ease.

So, ...

Esme Chapter 2

Esme Chapter 2

What happens after a transformation? Esme lives in New York and works as a journalist. She has a secret, one she thought she'd left behind in England. Then she comes across a strange case. A child who suffers from a condition that effects the way their body reacts to hormones. Slowly he is transforming from male to female. A condition so rare it has only one other confirmed case. Esme.

Part 2: Adorkable in Western PA


Thanks to everyone at Transcripts TG Fiction for all their support and help. Even that ditzy maid!


Vivid Dream Reality Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Vee's POV

I was mentally and emotionally exhausted. I was beginning to think I was addicted to Lagbit's World and often, whilst I was at my parents house, I was regretting not bringing it with me. I was spending more time there than in real life. Yet, as I held it in my hands, I found for the first time, I didn't really want to put it on.

Vivid Dream Reality Chapter 4

Chapter 4

I almost sat back on the bed, my legs felt a bit weak. The red headed woman had different ideas and grabbed my hand. “Come on. We don't want to be late.” She started pulling me out into the corridor. I guess while my mind was distracted my body just decided to follow instructions and followed her.
“I'm Cassie, by the way. What's your name?”

Tommy - The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl? - Chapter 16

The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl?

A Novel By Teddie S.

Copyright © 2017 Teddie S.
All Rights Reserved.

Chapter 16

Larry’s project and the hospital again.

Tonight was Friday night. And Larry was coming over to my parent's house to sit down with Amy and Tammy and work on his psychology research paper. We had met with Larry twice since his professor had accepted the proposal of a study of a cross-dresser, me, for his project.

The first two times that we'd met with Larry, it was as Tom and Amy. We'd told him our whole story, from the trip to the museum to the fake wedding. I even filled him in on what I'd found out about the Navajo half-woman half-man people. And he was very interested in that, so I gave him the information to read.

The last time we’d met with him, he’d asked if he could meet with Tammy and Amy the next time. I’d reluctantly agreed, and was still having second thoughts. But I had agreed so it will be Tammy tonight.

[CD] The Fatale

In a world deep underground, factions fight for dominance over caves and dungeons.
Their struggle is old as dying for your faction does not mean the end.
However, it could mean that one might switch sides. In more ways than one ...

Vivid Dream Reality Chapter 3

Chapter 3

I woke up to darkness. Not the, it's night time and it's pretty damn dark. More the, I can't see a damn thing, have I gone blind. I wouldn't say I panicked, but my heart rate sky rocketed and I lifted my hands to my face with a degree of anxiousness. As soon as my hands touched the VDR headset, I let out a sigh of relief.

First Impressions

Mac was—well, “obsessed” would be to put it unkindly—interested in a rather particular art: the vocal impression. Since he was eleven he had been practicing voices: cartoon characters, celebrities, even his parents. But there was one wall he always ran up against: he couldn’t do female voices. It didn’t help that his voice had changed at a relatively young age. But it wasn’t just that: he also just felt too embarrassed. It felt like he was doing something… wrong.

...You Are Cordially Invited Story 1


Arthur Evans travels to Winnisimmet to attend the wedding of Michael and Courtney but gets stuck enduring the quirks of the Finn Family while also being shown that he's just a normal boy.

Tommy - The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl? - Chapter 15

The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl?

A Novel By Teddie S.

Copyright © 2017 Teddie S.
All Rights Reserved.

Chapter 15

Conversations. And that hurts.

I had just gone from having an experience that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy, to an experience that every girl dreams of. I’d agreed to be a model for a new bridal brochure for the store my mom works. And it was not a good experience.

Then my family and friends had surprised me. I’d had a wedding. A wedding where I was the bride and Amy was the groom. All I can say is, it was a wonderful experience.

The only friend that wasn’t at this faux wedding was my friend Larry, who was my best man at my wedding to Amy. And who Tammy had gone on a date with, and kissed. I hope he never finds out about Tammy.

Vivid Dream Reality Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Some time later, I have no idea how much, there are no clocks after all, the high priestess visited me. My room only consisted of a bed with a chest at the end that had my clothes, a small table with a chair. I sat on the bed and the high priestess sat on the chair, but turned around so that she was facing me.

“I have done my research and we should still be on for tonight, there were a couple of things that came up that we need to discuss.”

“OK, priestess.”

Love's Gift

Love’s Gift
by Susan Jean Charles
Miracles can happen when you give yourself to Love

 © 2017, by Susan J. Charles. All rights reserved

December 2017 Christmas Dreams Story Contest Entry

From The Past To The Future Part 3

Lupita stands near Black Wolf as they waited in line at the grocery store. She looks around as she thinks about the past two weeks. Everything had been turned upside down on her. Everything she thought she knew meant nothing now. Even her own body had been changed. She has been merged with the female elf she found in the snow storm. She had all her memories and skills along with her own. She didn’t know how it happened, but her spirit had been placed in the female Elf’s body, while her own body was destroyed.

Tommy - The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl? - Chapter 14

The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl?

A Novel By Teddie S.

Copyright © 2017 Teddie S.
All Rights Reserved.

Chapter 14

A photo shoot and another wedding.

That night I lay in bed, staring at the ceiling, and thinking, ‘What have I gotten myself into now.'

Amy rolled over, looked at me, and asked, “Honey. What’s wrong?”

“This whole photo shoot thing.”, I replied.

“Still worried about someone figuring out that you’re a boy?”

“Kind of, and I don’t like that woman.”

“Miss Devon?”

“Yeah. There’s just something about her.”

“I know. I don’t care for her either.”

“I don’t know if I can do this or not.”

“Honey. It’ll be fine, your mother, Mrs. Taylor, and I will be there. Just think about all the dresses you’ll have fun trying on.”

Vivid Dream Reality Chapter 1

Chapter 1

I sat facing the beautiful elven high priestess. She had a frown on her face, but I don't think any expression could seriously dampen her stunning good looks.

“Do you know why you are here?”

From The Past To The Future Part 2

Lupita watches as the snowflakes fall and cover the ground. She was watching the flakes fall from the doorway of a shelter she had found. It wasn’t much, but it would allow her to get out of the weather. It was an old guard shelter that was no longer used. It had a small stables attaché to it for horses and there was still some hay in it that was good. The shelter wasn’t very big, but had enough room to hold four people. It had a hand pump for water and a wood stove for cooking. The fire place was big enough to warm the shelter.

The Wish

Evan finds a well-trained K9 wandering the streets and decides to take care of him until the owner can be found. However, with each passing day Evan begins to feel ill and strange. Believing the symptoms are related to the dog, Evan tries to find the dog's owner and keep himself sane at the same time.

Tommy - The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl? - Chapter 13

The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl?

A Novel By Teddie S.

Copyright © 2017 Teddie S.
All Rights Reserved.

Chapter 13

Grandmother Devereux.

When I woke up the next morning, we were cuddled together, and I thought, ‘I'm going to wake up cuddled to this woman for the rest of my life. God, I love her.' And, I just laid there, holding her, until she stirred.

I kissed her ear, she rolled over, looked at me, smiled, and said, “Mr. Young. I love you so much.”

“Mrs. Young.”, I said. “No more than I love you.”

And, we kissed.

Later. Much later. We were getting up, and I went to take a shower. After I had the shower all nice and warm and had just stepped into it, Amy snuck into the shower with me. ...

Ilos Book 2 Part 9

Ilos continues!


Ilos is a story about another world that's become intertwined with Earth via what are known as Keys, a tool in the shape of a metal headband that allows those on Earth to access Ilos and interact with it. However, the magic of Ilos has snatched some of those with Keys away from Earth permanently and a mad scramble ensues to figure out what has truly happened and deal with things as Ilos continues to encroach on Earth. The story follows Aria, Nick, and Tasalin as they fight, scheme, and command on their way to the answers they seek in this new land.


This next part of Chapter 9: The End of Isolation contains a bunch of new discoveries and some hints on what's soon to come!


S.L.E.P. - Sacrificial Life Extension Project

December 2017 Christmas Dreams Story Contest Entry

For the 2017 Holiday Writing Contest I’ve written a story of sacrifice and love. A young man willingly chooses to give up his life to save the life of a young woman.

Tommy - The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl? - Chapter 12

The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl?

A Novel By Teddie S.

Copyright © 2017 Teddie S.
All Rights Reserved.

Chapter 12

I can’t wait.

Today was the Fourth of July, and as we always had, we were going to the fireworks show that the city puts on. We'd gone out to a late dinner with Maria and Mark and met up with our other friends at our favorite drive-in. As it started to get dark, we headed to the spot where we usually watched the fireworks.

With the convertible, we didn’t even have to get out of the car. So, the four of us sat in the car. I was cuddled up with Amy, and Maria and Mark were cuddled together in the back seat. As we waited for the show to start, I whispered to Amy, “It looks like it’s gotten a little more serious between Maria and Mark.”

“It has.”, Amy whispered back. “Maria thinks he just might be the one.”

As the fireworks started, I pulled Amy closer. After the show, we took Maria and Mark home. Then we headed to Amy’s house. As we usually did, during good weather, we sat in the driveway for a little while before going inside.

As we sat in the car, in an almost a whisper, Amy asked, “Honey. When can we do it?”

“Do it? We already do it.”, I asked.

From The Past To The Future Part 1

Lupita huddles inside her worn cloak for what little warmth it provides as she travels down the road in the pouring rain on top of the horse she took from her uncle’s stalls. It’s been a week since she ran away from her uncle’s house hold. The man had been raping her since she was eight years old. She’s already had one miscarriage when she was just ten years old from him punching her in the belly and causing her to lose the baby. She didn’t want the child in the first place, but she didn’t like it when he punched her and called her all the mean names he had.

The Legends 6

The Legends Of Abidet

Chapter 6 - Lonely Princess


A girl resurrects 80 years later. These stories are written by people who meet her ghostly appearance and face her unusual powers.

My name now is Camenka, but it was not like that. Everyone thinks I am a girl, when in fact I am a man. Or at least I were.


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