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Omnibus edition of this week's releases. I got bored/lonely, so you're getting it a little early. :-)

I have another week of releases in the bag, then I'll be running to keep ahead, I expect. :-}

Dress Up Day

Dress Up Day

By Angel O’Hare

We have a tradition at school that I’ve always hated. Dress Up Day is a monthly event, and both the boys and girls are expected to dress in their best on these days. That isn’t all either, we also have to address each other as either Mister or Miss, follow the strictest rules of etiquette, and be both mannerly and respectful of each other along with our teachers and any other adults visiting our school that day.

To Be Or Not To Be


What can you do, when you're not happy as a boy?

To Be
Not To Be

by Barbara Lynn Terry


Author's Note: The idea for this story is credited to Beth Ann who wrote Sister's Party Dress which is now posted in Fictionmania...

Part I To Be Or Not To Be.

A Mother's Touch


Another BigCloset TopShelf story. This one by Allie Elle.

Kindly Edited By Holly Logan

Rating: *G* Written: *08/29/2004* Complete: *yes*

Billy was a normal boy, or so it seemed. Behind his eyes though, there raged a battle, and slowly the conflict was eased by his mothers touch.

The French Confection

Marked by the Mob, our young hero and his mom flee to France where staying safe means taking on a whole new persona. There’s a story within the story when — who would have guessed? — our, uh, heroine helps out a gender-conflicted friend, but then the Mob catches up with uh, her. Does it all come out right in the end? Duh.

Looking for kinky stuff? Try Fictionmania. Hugs, Daphne

 © 01.2008 by Daphne Laprov



Daniel was a normal, active, healthy six year old boy until he snuck into his father's lab and accidentally went though his experimental transporter. Now Danielle is a normal, active, healthy six year old girl. Will Danny ever be the same? Will the world?

Where No Boy Has Gone Before -WARNING!!!! - This is a very DARK story -

Where No Boy Has Gone Before

By Angel O'Hare


This was written for a reason! To show the differences of transformations done out of love for the boy, and this particular story, a transformation done out of hate for the boy.

A Boy Named Sioux


Will naming a boy after a feared Native American tribe of fierce warriors insure that he grows up to be a manly man? With apologies to Chief Sitting Bull and Johnny Cash and hugs to Darla for opening the door to the Big Closet.

Hothouse Flower

BotC: -6c- Who's Plan is it Anyway?



Audience Rating: 

Character Age: 


TG Elements: 

TG Themes: 


Danny sipped a warm cup of tea and blinked her bright blue eyes across the room as she focused on her surroundings with interest and curiosity about what this place was, perhaps for the first time she could even remember.

BotC: -3c- A Knock on the Door

No sooner had Danny stood up when suddenly there came a knocking at the front door downstairs. The ring pulsed a few times sending a strange warmth through the new little girl's hand and she froze there where she stood and her mouth open wide as if some inner being within her was about to speak. The odd sensation quickly passed however and she blinked her eyes and shook her head as if she suddenly awoke from a strange little daydream.

The REAL Story of Little Red Riding Hood


Have you ever wondered:
- how Little Red Riding Hood mistook a wolf for her grandmother?
- what the Woodsman was doing hanging around Grandma's cottage?
- why the Wolf was REALLY wearing Grandma's clothes?
Read on and find out!

Stark: Childhood's End


Stark's search for the legendary Medallion of Zulo leads her to a playground in a park, and a little girl who isn't -- or shouldn't be. It's rescue, not revenge this time for our heroine, but is she truly up to the task? And who's rescuing who, exactly?

Bobby's Rainy Day Adventure: Chapter III


Bobby struggles with his feelings about wearing borrowed girls clothes and a dinner conversation turns into an asparagus eating contest between him and Cori. What does Bobby have to gain (or lose) to such a contest, and why is Cori grinning like that?

Goddess Rhiannon


Rhiannon, the ancient Celtic goddess, doles out punishment to an abusive father. But what will become of his battered son? Meet the Erotic Mistress Rhiannon in her adventure with the Uber buff Dawn Whitham and the diminutive, sexy Lovette.

Cosmic Charlie's Kitten Tale


The story of an exceptional cat who meets an exceptional little girl.


Cosmic Charlie's Kitten Tale
Valentina Michelle Smith

In a four-story brownstone building just down the street from Bob Arnold's Cyber Cafe, there lived a cat named Cosmic Charlie, who understood the true nature of the universe. It existed to serve him.

The Girl Who Touched the Stars


Maggie had been given a chance to re-live her life, starting over as the little girl she always wished she could be. She has a wonderful mother and many special friends who love her. But eventually, even a life done over must grow up. How will Maggie face the future?

This story makes more sense if you read "The Bear Market" first.

The Bear Market


A new shop has opened in the neighborhood, filled with wonderful plush animals and, of all things, model rockets! The proprietor is a friendly sort of fellow with a twinkle in his eye and a smile for everybody, especially children. But he is hiding a secret pain and a secret past. And just what does this have to do with America's most covert special agency?


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