Hello everyone, been a very long time!



Hello everyone, old friends and potentially new. It has been a very long time since my last post, and many promises that name came to flourish...with great apology.

I have been busy and hardheadedly suffering many traumatic and extreme bouts in my life as of late. Mistrusts, rapes, debt, capability denials, lack of self-reassurance over my own artistic qualities (hence why story writing hasn't been on my agenda in the last 5 years).

Synergy - Chapter Four


I would soon learn the mistake I had made to cure my incessant boredom; I had led mankind down a road that only gods should traverse. The mistake that came from ignorance and curiosity would change not only my destiny, but that of mankind itself. But like any event there is a point in time where all the threads meet, a time when the slightest change has the greatest impact, its synergy.

The Purple Tulip 5 - Messing up in Paris

"I see you are not armed, and unfortunately you have to have a weapon to gain access to Versailles", de Guirec said.
"You may not be of noble birth, but in order to gain access to the court of his majesty, you have to give the impression of being one. Appearances is everything."
"You must have a sword. Unless you wear a dress", he said, which left me a bit flustered. I could feel the heat coming up in my cheeks.
For a second I thought he had seen I was not a man. I had done everything to look right. High heeled shoes, white stocking, frilly shirt. Thick layer of facial cream, and rouge on the cheeks.
"You know - the member of the clergy don't have to. You obviously didn't bring one, but the booth over there has some swords for hire", he added.
I was still dazed for several reasons. I thought the booth was for tickets, postcards and souvenirs!

Photographic Memories

Photographic Memories

Author’s note: To the people who have been wondering why I have been struggling to post any stories lately - this story is why. But it had to come out ... This story contains references to sexual abuse. Please read with care.

I’ve had some tough moments in my life, but once they were done, I wasn’t prepared for them to make a comeback ...

The Purple Tulip 4

While Mike at last wanted to talk, it was difficult to grasp all the details. As usual he did not always complete the sentences he started, so this is an approximation of some of the conversation:
"I get these strange attraction to men", Mike said.
"You mean that you think you are suddenly homosexual?"
"Yes. While I was in Amsterdam, and tried to get you accepted in the guild of surgeons, you requested that I get you some drugs and products. I met a young apprentice-apothecary, and he looked at me, and I felt faint"
"It wasn't the result of you skipping breakfast?" I said, trying to be funny.
I was almost smiling, but managed to stay serious, as it is weird to see a person with breasts, and a vagina complaining about being sexually attracted to a boy.
"No, I had eaten that day, and I couldn't take my eyes off him, and he was sent away"
This required some time to analyse and Mike was crying - well - like a girl.

Easing the feeling

The injection came and suddenly what was stiff between my legs suddenly receded and lowered itself. "Alright," the doctor said motioning me to get up. "No, no, you won't need that now," he said and I discarded the gaffe I once wore and just pulled up the padded panty with the maxi-pad attached. It was definitely a more feminine shape down below now. I continued to re-dress, hooking on the bra over my breast forms and pulling back my dress as he snapped off the medical gloves and typed away at his computer.

"Ok, uh Cathy?"

Sudden Losses Part 2

The reality of the accident sets in as Olivia and Richard are introduced to Al. Francesca packs up her belongings and says goodbye to her old life. Young Al may have seen something that she hadn't experienced before and she likes it.

The Purple Tulip 2 - Building up Muscles

Two gamers Mike and Paul are trapped in a real-life game that is similar to Europe year 1666-1670. As Mike is stuck in a girls body he has to cross-dress. Women have less rights, and not the least will never be take seriously. Paul has the freedom of trying a social climb by becoming a politician, or a captain in the militia.

LGBT shooting in Florida


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My heart goes out to all the family and friends who are now mourning the loss of their loved ones in what is, I believe, the largest mass killing in the US.

I hope no one from our BC community is caught up in this appalling atrocity. To all of you in the USA I send you my love.

This is one of those days when words fail me.

Love to all

Anne G.

P.S. here is a link:

Rebirth: The Swimsuit

IMG_2690.JPG“What are you doing in here!” I wet myself a wee bit in total fear as I heard her voice. She had caught me at my worst; holding her one piece shiny pink bathing suit in my delicate hands as I sat in the deserted girl’s locker room. I was frozen as I gazed at her; my deer like wide opened eyes bugging out with fright.

The end of the first day

"So how was it?" My sister croaked.

"It was ok," I mumbled in my original voice.

"Just ok?" She asked again.

"It was a bumpy ride. Look, I'm only doing this for cause you're sick and you couldn't get sick leave and you need this job or Dad would scould you," I grumbled, hanging up the blazer she gave me.

"So how was it?"

"Your boss is ok, but boy did he have a packed schedule today. The other manager is more demanding, and the other junior guy tried to ask me or rather you out?"

My sister's fiancee is in hospice...

He has some type of chronic bowl disorder.

Over the years he has had parts of it removed as they have become damaged.

This last time the doctors found there was too little healthy tissue remaining for him to survive.

As he is quite slim I fear he won't last long.

He is only in his early fifties.

John in Wauwatosa

Found My Brain But can’t find my Sanity,


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Well got the house all unpacked and most of everything put away. Maiha and Sam stopped by the new digs to help out. Thankfully they knew where they packed my brains. It seems the girls thought it would be funny to put them in a box marked Yard Tools. That box wound up in the guest bedroom behind the door. Now if they could only find where I packed my sanity I might just be able to get back to writing.

A Longer War 35


“Four as usual, Mr Barker?

“Aye, love. It’s that time of year again”

“We can take them… look, I don’t want to sound cheeky, like, but it must be a bit of a faff, what with bus and that. If you want, we could…”

The young girl, Cheryl her little badge said, Cheryl looked across the shop to her friend. “Pippa? Mind the shop for a bit?”


“Going for a drive in van. Be twenty minutes, tops”


Ian, part 4

"A whole week off!" Maisie squeaks in my ear as the bell rings to signify the end of the school day- and indeed, the end of this half of the term.

At least, it would be the end of the school day for me, were it not for the fact that when I arrive home, I immediately head up to my bedroom and exchange the itchy, clingy black tights and knee-length skirt I've worn all day for an even itchier, even clingier pair of pink tights and a black tank leotard, just as I've done every Tuesday and every Friday since the New Year began.

Fate is the name of the game Chapter 2

This is my first story, and I'm not really sure how fast I will put the chapters out. I have tried publishing a story on this website before, but just got a serious case of writers block for it. This one shouldn't have the same problem, it's a take on the main character being exactly like me with my life, with some fictional elements implemented to make it more interesting. Hope you enjoy and please cut me some slack.

Another homophone laugh

G'day all.

I spotted a new (to me) homophone the other day, when an author used the word 'hoard' instead of the correct 'horde' ...

"The hoard of parents swarmed onto the football field ..."

It made me wonder where 'they' had stashed all these parents.

But the follow-up to this made me literally LOL.

I had mentioned it on another site and got a reply from a friend who lives in Las Vegas.

She said: "Here, we would have written 'whored'."


Enjoy your weekend folks.



Katie Leone passed away

I just got the news a few minutes ago. Felix, Katie's boyfriend texted me. Katie passed away after they got home from their paper route this morning. Heart attack, apparently.

Remember Katie who just wanted to touch people with her stories. She was my friend. And think of Felix who loved her.

Hugs to all,

The Lively Lingerie

Lingerie.jpgThe Lively Lingerie
a Timber Grove Story
by TGTrinity

Larry Green feels awful for not being as attracted to his wife as he once was. This feeling leads him into the dark sights of Levi Schimbare, who provides him an opportunity to overcome that feeling by providing him with a magical piece of lingerie. As Larry's night begins he is all too pleased with the results, but that pleasure soon turns into something else.

Author's Note:
This is the sixth story set in the "Timber Grove" series, but it is a stand alone story that you can follow without having read any other stories in the series. This story in particular deals with betrayals on varying levels, so those looking for a light romp should beware.

Story Themes:
Age Regression
Magical Transformation

"All The King's Horses"


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Well, I'm not registered over at Whateley (on purpose) so I can't comment there. And even if I could, it wouldn't do the reader any good, due to their comment system. There is a fairly new story posted, titled "All The King's Horses", its a first generation canon story. I'm not going to spoil it for anybody, but I need to say this: For people who suffer with PTSD, this may very well push some buttons for you. It did for me. It is well written, I'll give it that.

How to Screw Yourself

SCREW YOURSELF.jpgHow to Screw Yourself
a Timber Grove Story
by TGTrinity

Adam is a young High School teacher who is forced to take part in a reality bending affair. Will he accomplish the mind blowing task placed before him, and if so will he be able to forget the emotions it awoke in him?

Author's Note:
This is the fifth story set in the "Timber Grove" series, but it is a stand alone story that you can fully enjoy without having read any other stories in the series.

Story Themes:
Age Regression
Forced Change
Magical Transformation

A Glow in the Darkness part 3

A Glow in the Darkness part 3

Sometimes, the only thing protecting you from the darkness, is an unwavering Glow. This story takes place in the Whateley Universe.

A Glow in the Darkness part 2

A Glow in the Darkness part 2

Sometimes, the only thing protecting you from the darkness, is an unwavering Glow. This story takes place in the Whateley Universe.

Book 08: Righting Wrongs

Reed and Kevin are the two youngest members of the most hated family in Winnisimmet, Massachusetts. Their family is notorious for their hatred of another family, the Finns. But are they like their relatives? Can they escape their relatives' reputations and histories? Can they find family who accepts them for who they are and see that what they were isn't who they are or what they will always be?

Book 8 in the Winnisimmet Tales Universe

The events of "Heading East- Toro Family" take place before, during, and after this series.

A Glow in the Darkness part 1

A Glow in the Darkness part 1

Sometimes, the only thing protecting you from the darkness, is an unwavering Glow. This story takes place in the Whateley Universe.

Right Place, Right Time Part 11

Chapter 23
The next morning Hannah was unusually quiet and was clearly troubled. Nigel and Karen had to sit her down and talk with her about the night before, Bryan and Nichole kept away so they could talk in private.

down memorylane


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A part of the bagage I carry around where the comments my Ma made and one of her actions since the first time she found out I dressed (think I was about 8 years old at the time but it was going on from age 4 although I didn't life with her at that time). The action was the fact that there where no more hugs or any other comforting physical action. That hurt but it's the comments that screwed my up more. She basically told me I would end up only being good for working the streets in one way or another and she did this for about 7 years every time she caught me.

Jenny’s Story – 15 Honeymoon’s Over

Brian, wanted to get in touch with his feminine side, and get some help in doing so… Where things have taken him, now as Jenny are more than he or Anne imagined...
The desire to see himself look like a convincing girl has long been passed…
Brian is now the one deep inside and Jenny is enjoying the journey to find her new life…

Keeping it a Secret: Summertime Chapter 20

I woke up quite early the next day but the sun naturally had awaken first. Being nude, I ensured the blinds were closed but the rays shone through striking my body and making my skin shine. At that moment I really saw a girl, me as Catherine. Sensual body, no sexy body that boys like James and Jonathan would chase after. Clarence had melted away that instant, even though my 'born with me' testicles were just held inside my perineum and my scrotal sac and penis shaped to form a female vulva.

A nightmare come true

Luna was laying in bed half asleep when her husband of five years came in. Jasper smiled at his beautiful wife and laid next to her. Immediately Luna nuzzled up against Jasper and caressed his face gently. He blushed and looked at her swollen belly smiling bigger, Luna looked up at him. "Someone looks happy." She said softly and smiled as she pecked his cheek, "Maybe just a little." Jasper smiled back and kissed her gently and held her hand interlocking their fingers. They stayed like that for awhile perfectly content in each others company.

Keeping it a Secret: Summertime Chapter 19

Author's note: I have never been to a spa and write what I find online. Also, let's just say it's legal for late teenage girls to have spa treatment.

"Clarence what the hell are you wearing!" my father thundered.

"Dad, it's just a dress. Look I can explain..."

"You look like a siss...." He didn't want to say the full word.

"Dad..." I cried and turned to mum for support.

"Clarence, you know yourself. This isn't you. Get out of this at once and look like Clarence at once!"

"Dad, I can't 'immediately change'..."

Keeping it a Secret: Summertime Chapter 18

I would have peed immediately upon seeing him, but I just managed stand there a little shocked. "Hey," he began, "I've seen you. Wait we bumped into each other Sommerville shopping centre last year." I still stood dazed. "Your from Dormville right? He reached out his hand. "I'm Jonathan, but everyone calls me Jon." It took me five seconds before I returned the handshake. Does he know who I am? Are my breast forms still stuck on? Face feminine? Body? Wig still attached?

"You two met," Lauren interjected.

God Bless the Child



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A cop from a family of cops, Chase Milan tries to keep his corner of the world safe. He gets the criminals off the streets of Lebanon, Tennessee, but hasn't had to help their victims rebuild their lives. Until he meets Jeremy Bergeron, whose life has been turned upside down in an act of senseless violence.

God Bless theChild

Trying to live 5

I took out my blade it was spawned from an old shaving razor I broke apart. That was the trickiest thing harvesting the blades without cutting up your fingers. As I sat in the dirty mens room alone I looked around and held my blade close. Nothing too fantastic was written or drawn on the walls just the usual tags and phone numbers. Part of me hesitated as I gently put the blade against my skin and looked at it.

Letters from Heaven

Letters from Heaven

By Jennifer Sue

The doctor checked Jimmy during his morning rounds. “Doc, I’d like to thank you for all you’ve done for me. Please tell the staff thanks for me too,” the brave boy spoke in a breathy gasping voice. Then he turned and smiled at his ever attentive mother. “Mom, I’ve fought this cancer but I know I can’t beat it. This will be my last morning and I want to die on my own terms. I don’t want to be hooked up to machines. All that will do is make my pain and yours continue. Doc, I’d like you to witness mom signing DNR paperwork for me, now, before it’s too late. Also Mom, I want to donate my body to the medical university where student doctors can see what the cancer has done to my body. It might help in finding a cure for others. Mom, those are my last wishes, please sign the donation paperwork.”

In tears Sally at first refused but seeing that Jimmy was so serious, she sadly acquiesced, signing the paperwork so that when his heart stopped, his epic war would be over and no attempts to revive him would be made and his body given for research. The grieving mother had no choice but to agree to her dying son’s adamant demands.

“Thanks, mom,” he smiled wanly. Exhausted by the exertion, Jimmy closed his eyes for a nap. Sally knew she had to stay strong for her dying son and stifled her anguish to sit by his bed holding his hand.

Trying to live 4

"Are you serious!? Thats crazy are you gonna tell her?" Annabelle said surprised "No Im not gonna fucking tell her wheres the spontanity in that?" She shook her head "Bubba the last thing you need is to be more damn spontanious, when are you going?" More than anything I wanted to say right the fuck now this second but I couldnt. There was too many loose ends that needed tightening before I could go.


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