Bikini Beach: Desperate Times, Desperate Measures

Bikini Beach: Desperate Times, Desperate Measures

Synopsis: Fred's life is coming apart, and in his desperation, he is gambling on a very extreme strategy. After a meeting with Anya at the park, however, he discovers a new, less final way to save what's important to him.


Bikini Beach: In the Beginning

Bikini Beach: In the Beginning

There are a lot of questions about the old woman. Where did she come from? Why is her power limited to gender changes? What is the secret she is concealing from Anya? How does she know the SRU wizard? After much time with the BB story universe, it is time to answer some of the questions.

I would like to thank Ellie for helping keep the Beach true to its intent. I'd also like to thank those authors who have chosen to play in my little story universe, especially Danielle J, who has not only written so well, but has also been a great inspiration to my own stories. Also, Bill Hart has given me permission to use the SRU wizard in the manner I describe herein.

Bikin Beach: The Nerds (trilogy)

Bikini Beach: The Nerds

This series of stories was originally posted as 3 separate stories. The theme ties together so well I figured it would be best to make a 3-chapter or 3-part single posting. Yes, I know that this borrows VERY HEAVILY from "Revenge of the Nerds". That's on purpose. If you don't like that, don't read. I just added some Bikini Beach 'magic'....


We Are Family - Chapter 4

We are Family
by Jemima (Tychonaut)


Chapter 4 - 'R.O.C.K. in the U.S.A.'


When Poppy's grandfather dies, her father inherits his childhood home in Happy Springs, New Hampshire. He decides to take his three daughters from England on their first trip to the land of his birth to fix up the house as a potential summer home and give Poppy a break from some problems she's been having. He says it's an old house that just needs a little work to restore it back to its full glory. It's going to be fun fixing it up. Poppy isn't so sure...


Triple Play

Chemist Matt Bauer developed a drug that temporarily transformed any woman who took it into an insatiable nymphomaniac. Then, as it wore off, she forgot what happened. She didn't know what happened OR who had done it to her.

Matt and his two best friends use the drug for a game, bringing drugged women to Matt's apartment for a night of sexual "fun." Then, one night, Matt picked the wrong woman as his latest victim.

Hope's Ranch (Original version)

“But you work for a ranch that deals with them?”

“I was lucky enough to have my eyes opened for me.” He stated. “It had started a couple years ago, actually, but last year it was all pulled into focus for me.”

“What was that?”

“Well it's kind of a long story....” He looked at the fuel pump and realized he had time. “But for me, it started a long time ago...”


The story of a ranch that is a safe haven for children who are LGBTQ and a man who had a falling out with his Transgendered sibling and his journey that takes him back home again.

While no actual sexual abuse is depicted, other than an attempted rape and pictures, the cautions are there for other mentions of sexual abuse. And harsh language


Resident Robin: Apocolypse

Authors Note:

People asked for it, well here it is! =^.^=


The Morgans’ garage could only be described as a ‘garage’ in the most liberal sense, in that it was a place to shelter vehicles. Museum would almost be a more accurate description, but for the scatter of professional-grade tools throughout making it more a hodgepodge of the two with workshop thrown in the mix.

Robin had been staring for quite some time at the FBI van when the door from the house slowly opened, and Nikki stepped out.

“What’s on your mind?” she asked thoughtfully.

Robin shook her head. “Maybe it’s the booze talking, but I’ve got an idea.”

ESwS #1 - Chapter 21 - Dancin' with the Stars AKA Clear Skys

“Sarah! Phone’s for you,” Mary called as she rounded the corner from the kitchen, nudging the sleeping mound on the sofa. They had another long practice that day, and Sarah had passed right out after her shower. “Moira is on the other end.”

Sarah groaned as she sat up. “Mmph, what time is it?” she mumbled sleepily as she accepted the phone. “Hello?”

“Hey Sarah! Turn on the telly,” Moira’s voice came over the phone, sounding extremely happy.

Operation Rescue: Origins

Operation Rescue: Origins

by Elrod


A pro-life couple laments that they can't do more to prevent abortions.
However, since he directs a lab doing biomedical research, the husband looks for ways to help.


My Super Secret Life...Diamond-7.

My Super Secret Life…Diamond-7.

Chapter 7

It’s been a couple days since the Jakeisode.

It was a bit upsetting at fist but sitting with Parvati while doing my practices and talking about stuff like dealing with being a woman, and being aware of sexism and the whole meta backlash thing and the other complex stuff about being a woman and Mom’s there too which brings two lifetimes of real life experience and dealing with things like…well Jake.

Jem...Chapter 61

Jem…Chapter 61

Chapter 61

“Effing…idiocy…what kind of dumb…”


I’m not happy, not one bit after talking with the quiet guy and finding out what was going on with the guys that jumped us and nearly ran over me and Brooklyn.

There’s going to be a fight. Some over the top male bullshit.

I never got that crap. Hated it with a passion actually. Why can’t people just be people and just…

“Effing goddamned dickwaving contest.”


Walking through Hell...Chapter 2.

Walking through Hell…Chapter 2.

I lead the others as fast as we can go or dare to go through this place. Strange colored skies with browns and streams of toxic colors.

I'm Not Diane!

My name is Duane!!!

Sorry I just had to get that out first despite what people think I really am, and wish to be a man.

This started a few months ago. I was a ward of the state at the exclusive private school Wranglers. Yeah that school. I got in with a ward of the state clause even though I still live with both my parents. It was just that being poor, both my parents didn't finish highschool because of a little complication namely me.

Accidental New Life - Part 8/8

Faith laughed, “No daughter, I have a lot of work to do, and I don’t have time to take time off.”

“I’m at your disposal, of course.”

Faith nodded, “I need you to find me one more for him for now: someone who is powerful, just like your great great granddaughter.”

“What persona is he seeking next? As far as I know he can’t have Death, which also means he can’t have access to the spirit world, so no analogues to Kris.”

Bears Know Best - Part 26

Bears Know Best

Part 26 of 28
by Tiffany Shar

Edited by Carla Ann

Thirteen year-old Taylor Landt’s step-mother believes that he should be the next great football player for the high school he’ll be attending in the fall. Having a dad who is an accomplished professional linebacker, and growing up surrounded by professional football coaches and players should all but guarantee his ability to dominate on the field. Unfortunately he hates playing football, and knows his height and build will never allow him to be successful at the sport. Faced with an obsessive step-mother who ignores his obvious talents in other areas but instead thinks he is a blight on his father’s reputation, Taylor does the unthinkable and moves to Ohio to live with his mother who abandoned their family and left him with his father eight years ago.

Soon after his arrival, Taylor discovers there’s more to his inability to follow in his fathers’ footsteps than just his height. Will it be possible for him to make friends in a new town in the middle of nowhere outside the shadow of his dad's fame? Will Taylor be able to finally make peace with his mother who abandoned them all those years ago? And how long can he keep his secrets to himself?

Accidental New Life - Part 7/?

Kris and Marry took that moment to appear in Bethany’s office, “Or we can have it now?” Kris smiled. “Sorry we weren't eavesdropping, but I felt something here, and I had to make sure Bethany was ok.”

Bethany leapt from Faith’s arms, right into Kris and Marry’s. Kris grunted a little, but Marry giggled and knelt to kiss Bethany’s cheek.

“I’ve never felt anything like that. It was like his very presence here was poisoning me.”

Kris frowned at that, turning to Faith as she stood, her chair vanishing again. “I thought no mortal could harm us? … He was mortal right?”

The New Girl in My Life - Part 3 - The Daughter and Girl Now Showing

Previously… Mom said thanks. I joked, “Don’t thank me yet, I’ve just started being your daughter. I still want to know more about those feelings and being a girl. You haven’t begun to tell me how to do it or about birth control.” … “Being a girl is what you should be about; you don’t ‘do it’.”

Mom and I had a long discussion. When we were done I went to my room and Dad and Mom got together. I heard Mom say, “This child better be a boy.” Mom, I learned preferred girls but I got her to question that.

Accidental New Life - Part 6/?

“Oh cool, I’m glad you guys are still friends.” Angel smiled, “I think between her and her cousin Casey and I look down right sexy.” Taking a moment she added, “But even more so on my end.” sticking her tongue out at Casey.

Casey blushed bright red, causing the others to start giggling all over again.

Lacy piped in, “I think you went and broke her Angel.” She giggled.

Casey stuck out her tongue. “Hey, I’ve only been ‘out’ a day. I’m not exactly used to being called ‘sexy’!” she shot back, still blushing, but starting to giggle too.

Accidental New Life - Part 5/?

Casey wasn't sure where that size came from because when she first grabbed her size, there wasn't a 9  ½ but then when she went back there was. “Do you want a pair Angel?”

Angel, trying on a pair of flat white gladiator-style sandals glanced up and grinned. “Oh, totally! Those look adorable on you!”

Casey grabbed a second box one for her and one for her sister, “Angel, those sandals look like something mom would have worn.” she teased.

Accidental New Life - Part 4/?

“So what’s next?” Angel asked as she fiddled with her phone.

Casey smiled as she loaded her app and changed her pin number then looked at her sister. “Lets head back to the dorms, and meet up with everyone so we can go to town!”

“Sure, but didn’t you have someone else to meet first?” Angel asked.

“Um I think so, oh yeah, duh Stephanie, sorry with everything that’s going on I got scatter brained.” Casey sighed.

Accidental New Life - Part 3/?

“Weird...” Casey frowned, pushing the door closed. Angel was waiting right behind her, causing her to jump, and squeak just a little. “Jesus!”

“Sorry?” Angel giggled. “Who was at the door?”

“Our dorm guardian, Stephanie. She gave me these...” Casey held up the orange bottle with a frown. “She said they’d ‘help me fit in’. Weird huh?”

The New Girl in My Life - Part 2 (Revised)

Previously… It was 7:10 and I had a surprise visitor, Matt Petersen had come to see me with Brianna. He was taken back both by how Bri reacted to me and how much of a girl I was. He shared, “Where is the troublesome boy?”…
Jeff is here and neither he nor I are angels.” Bri gave me a hug saying “Angel.” I could not help but cry…

… if I went to stay with the Petersens it was to stay as Jessie and for now to be their foster child. I would need to visit with her regularly and they wanted me on a hormone blocker for one month.

Accidental New Life - Part 2/?

A sharply dressed woman met the three of them in the parking lot. She was younger looking then Ms. Smith but still as sharply dressed, she had a huge smile on her face and looked really friendly. The two women exchanged a brief hug.

“It’s so good to see you again,” the woman announced cheerfully. “And these are our newest residents?” she asked, turning an appraising glance on the two siblings.

“That’s right. I have their paperwork in my briefcase if you want to look over it first. I’ll be sending an e-file copy as soon as I get back to the office, in either case.”

Accidental New Life - Part 1/?

Faith stepped casually through the closed door into Bethany’s office at Sunshine Academy as though the heavy slab of oak wasn’t even there. "Hello little girl." Faith smiled at Bethany, her eyes a soft, shimmering pink, but with little flecks of blue.

"Little? I'm big enough I could take you over my knee in this body!" Bethany giggled and hopped up to hug Faith. "No, but seriously, what's up?"

Jem...Chapter 53

Jem…Chapter 53

Chapter 53

Previously on the last episode of Jem…

I’m going over things in my head and figuring out songs when I hear Rayne sort of mumble curse.

“What? What’s up?”

“I think we’re being followed?”


“Yeah, and I think it’s those guys from the other night it looks like their truck.”

I look back in the mirror and it’s hard to tell because last time it had been so dark out but I just have this feeling that it is. I call Mike on the phone.



“That truck is it following us?”

“I noticed, I think it is.”

Jem...Chapter 52

Jem…Chapter 52

Chapter 52

It’s a pure moment.

Sunshine and love and me just really able to be myself and still loved by my father who’s holding me in my arms. Like I said I swear that I could feel my Mom’s presence with us in this whole moment.

Our first real father daughter talk and one that left me feeling loved and treasured. What girl big or little can say that that’s not something that I’ll treasure forever?

Wild Magic 47

Wild Magic 47

Tin pushed the T/A to the limit, but it still wasn’t enough for me. I focused my will and teleported us. Surprised, Tim slammed on the brakes needlessly-I had already removed our momentum and we were able to park easily.

“Uhm, next time you do that, please give me some warning?”

“I’m sorry, Tim, I’m just so concerned...”

“It’s okay, I understand. Hey, we’re here, right? If I have a heart attack, what better place, right?”

I giggled. “I promise, next time, warning first.”

“That’s all I’m asking.” He kissed me. “At least, for now...”

The End Of May: 2. Figments?

I tried to think of what I knew to be true, and my first thought was of Claudia...
the solid sense of her reality, of our conversation together...
but then I realized that May had seemed no less real. After all, I'd poked her in the arm.
She shut the door of my car after getting in. And she opened it when she got out — didn't she?
I couldn't quite remember. But it didn't matter: if I was the only one who saw her,
then everything she did and said could easily be figments of my imagination.

The End Of May: part two of three, by Kaleigh Way

Dottie's Session ( A Jaci and Dottie story)

Dottie’s session (A Jaci and Dottie story)

Dr. Adam Saintclair sat the young girl down and once again winced at the fact she flinched when he came too close.

A Ring Tailed Bandit - Chapter 2

Amanda spent the ride home dividing her time between looking at her human face in the mirror attached to the passenger-side sun visor, and sticking her hand out the window, and giggling at how the wind would blow it this way and that.

Darcy smiled as she looked briefly over at Amanda, “That’s not safe sweetie put your arm in the car.”

Amanda quickly pulled her hand back in, just in time as a mailbox that someone had put too close to the road whizzed by. “Meep!” she half-squealed, half-chittered, guarding her hand. “Scary,” she whispered, looking up at Darcy.


copy right 2012 bla bla post on free sites just give me credit for doing this just something i tried to do


I wept tears being called names that hit home,my eyes were red and wet.
But I know your out there waiting I just have not got to you yet.
I wish this pain would fade away to cleanse my soul I hope,
for I don't want to be like others dangling from a rope.
I hear your call its very faint and I look from whence it came.
My eyes don't see you just right now so I run screaming your name.
I am here! I am here! my new name I am scared to say

Her Mother's Daughter - Chapter 20

Her Mother's Daughter - Chapter 20 - Mother/Daughter Shopping Trip

by Barbara Lynn Terry

The next morning, the sun was shining, but the temperature was like twenty degrees above zero. It was cold, so it called for warm clothes. I got out of bed, and looked through my dresser, and took out my jeans that had flowers on the back pockets, and my lingerie. I also took out a pair of knee high double knit socks. I went to my closet and got out my powder pink Angora sweater, and my insulated show boots.

Variants Past 2

Variants past 2

Author’s note: A little while ago, I created a alternate to my past where I met a very different doctor to the one who abused me. Now, after the Sandusky verdict, I got an idea for a yet another take ...

The trial had gone on for a long time. Not that the guilt of the accused was in much doubt, but the sheer number of victims and evidence took a considerable period. But at last it was over, and the guilty verdict announced, there was only one step left to take.

The sentence.

The appointment at the Doctor's

The best stories start at the beginning so I guess that is where I have to start.

When I was little I knew something was wrong from an early age. Things didn't make sense but since I have that thing, that outie, that pe... I can't even spell it. Well you get the general idea. It's between my legs and has two bumps on either side. Anyways because of that I was supposed to be a boy. At least that was what I was told from an early age.

Understanding Rachel- The other end of the line. Part 8

Martin was pissed off. Ontop of everything else that had happened lately. Rachel missing probably due to his insanity and interference, being soaked to the bone the other day and getting a nasty cold, the part he got didn't fit. After all that time in the dirty smelly scrapyard getting one it was the wrong one. Heck it took him part of the day to even find the one on his own "new" truck.

Last few days there has been some nutjob phoneing him "unknown name unknown number" who leaves silence for messages. This didn't help him at all. His world is falling apart and now this...

Jem...Chapter 40


Chapter 40


The show was good, way more of a mellow thing than I though and yet I still really enjoyed the show and the whole little angry song hyped up bit for the crowd that Angel did for Adam was good but…

I slip over to her why she’s counting out the tips. “Hey, Angel?”

“Yeah Mike.” She stops and smiles at me. That’s one of the great things about Angel. She tends to smile a lot and she has a nice one but she will also stop what she’s doing and give you her attention. People respond to that.

Wild Magic 43

I looked over at the beautiful woman sharing my truck’s bench seat. Who was she, and why did I feel so connected with her? The streetlights glow and the flashes of lightning showed a woman who I’d guess was somewhere in her early-to-mid-thirties, with an athletic, slender frame and dark blonde hair. All she wore was her “wrap,” but as I looked at her in the seat, it covered her like a dress of finest silk, elegant and stylish.

Elisabette smiled and looked at me. “I confuse you, don’t I, Emily?”

My Super Secret Life...Villain-8

My Super Secret Life…Villain 8

Chapter 8


I almost rattled stuff in the diner.

So why in the world of don’t give a fuck am I so pissed?

I’ve been on the streets a long time. And in a city like Ark City there are over five to six hundred thousand kids on the streets. Some get out, some don’t stay and are just visiting, so go gang or become hookers and junkies, the list goes on and on…but you just think about the population and the amount of predators that come here for the camouflage…

Yeah run the numbers.

Taylor's Modern Life Part 7

“I never would either LeAnne. Friends first sweetie, always.” Michelle smiled as they both went into the kitchen to scope out what to make for dinner.

LeAnne giggled a little. “Gawd, this kitchen’s amazing. I haven’t had a real kitchen with anything beyond a piece of crap stove and a 700 watt microwave in like, two years.”

“It’s a damn professional kitchen. It looks like something you would see in Gordon Ramsay's house.” Michelle giggled.


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