CAUTION: Physical or Emotional Abuse

Our Renewal

Our Renewal
By Stanman63
2012-Short Story Month-Second Chances!
SynopsisAndrew Charles Addams Junior and Sebastian Trent McPherson are the last of their families due to a generations long feud that has left them orphans who overcome the legacy and find happiness and renewal.

Grooming of children

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Some of my stories touched on child abuse and rape. I will spare my comments here, linking to a BBC report on organised grooming, but I will make one comment, in response to a man interviewed on the programme. His point was that the girls should not be out at that time of night, so it is the fault of the parents. Perhaps I am a little naive...but when did raping a child become the fault of anyone other than the rapist?

Sorry, people, but very, very angry.

Unhappy man's suicide from Sissy Boy experiments at UCLA?

This is an account of the effects of experiments from some years ago to try to be keep a feminine boy from becoming gay. It was carried out at UCLA, and this person was not the only one. He did, however, kill himself at 38, a very unhappy man who always felt he was "broken" after the "therapy" and the recommended re-inforcement on a reward and punishment system through physical abuse by the parents. Note that this is just part of the story on CNN tonight.

Care home abuse

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I was slightly shocked at the close resemblance to the name of this establishment to the one I invented for "Sweat and Tears"

The images are filtered, but they are still atrocious. Watch with care.

Defender - Beginnings

Defender - Beginnings
Lascia ch'io pianga mia cruda sorte….
Let me weep over my cruel fate.
by Andrea Lena DiMaggio

Strong Caution: Adult themes which depict recovery from sexual abuse as a child!

Sweat and Tears 5

I was called in to the doctor’s surgery in Bowness yet again, not Mitchell’s but our family GP, and there was one of those interesting moments where despite being the patient concerned, nobody actually speaks to you.

I am Nine Years Old

Author's note This is as true a version of my abuse as I can produce. I have removed some of what happened to me so it was readable, but it is still going to be tough for some people. Please consider your own state of mind before reading, as it may trigger.

I am 9 years old


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Both Bailey and myself, among others, have posted stories concerning the abuse of children. Bev has told her own story. This is the sort of thing that sends me incandescent with rage and grief. Not just the rapes, but the cover-up. He is not the only one who belongs in a cell.

Spacetran 3

In this chapter, Ruby the reporter and narrator of the remainder of the story appears. She meets Beverly at Beverly's instigation and learns much.

This story was originally written over thirty years ago when I was still trying to come to terms with my childhood abuse and my transgendered transvestism... I've altered a few bits very slightlt but it's essentially the same as when I first wrote it and I seem now to hold it as a sort of link to my past and a datum mark to show myself how far I've come.

Chapter 3

Skipper! Chapter 18

Skipper! by Beverly Taff


This chapter addresses Chrissies eventual arrival at Skipper's cottage and then deals with some of the preliminary issues surround Chrissie's adjustments to finding herself in a liberal and all importantly, supportive environment.

Gina and Katie's Excellent Adventure - Part 10 Confession Redux

Gina and Katie's
Excellent Adventure -
Part 10
Confession Redux

by Andrea Lena DiMaggio

That I feel myself surrender
Each time I see your face.
I am staggered by your beauty,
Your unassuming grace.
And I feel my heart is turning,
Falling into place.
I can't hide
Now hear my confession.

Becoming Christine -4-

Authors Note: Sorry for taking so long but real life issues took over there for a bit, however I am happy to report work is becoming less hectic no more 7-days straight and surgery in August went great. I have started part 5 but it is slow goings as I’m working 6 days 12 hours with 2 hours drive time. This limits my writing to my one day off in-between house work. So enjoy and I’ll get back at it. Sincerely, Chrissyfire

Becoming Christine
Part 4

by Chrissyfire


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