CAUTION: Physical or Emotional Abuse

Images 42

Images 42

Chapter 42

As a girl…for me there is something as close to pure joy to just walk up and wrap your arms around you father and bury yourself into that man that will always love you. “Hey Daddy…” I love just being able to do this. Its gets so much better when he hugs me back in that Daddy strong way and it lifts my soul as he lifts me off my feet a little.

Parental visitation (A Jaci and Dottie story)

I am gonna give fair warning this one is a bit hard.

Dorothy's hair was in two pigtails on either side of her head. The blonde hair just long enough to give that little girl look. Jacilynn's single braid with the little white bow on her waist length auburn hair almost a contrast. While both girls wore the same white blouse with the short puffy sleeves, pearl buttons and its almost see thru polyester material Jacilynn's breasts were already pushing the limits of the A cup bra she wore.

Raging Wyld - Part 1 of 4


by Saless
Part 1 of 4

Change is the only constant in Annabelle's life. Changes that only seem to result in more pain. But although this newest change may be painful it offers a hope for a real life; if she can find the strength to fight for it...

Forced To Be A Girl


This is a different tale that sprang up while I was cooking dinner. It is a single short story. This story may hurt you. Reader beware.

Michelle was confused. People kept asking or calling for someone named Mikey. She would sit day after day in the living room playing with her older sister and her barbies or tea.

Like Brothers, Like Sisters – Part 2

Like Brothers, Like Sisters — Part 2
By Amy Lynn

'Jeff? Can I ask you a question?' Timmy said as if he was testing the waters of a cool, but inviting lake.

'Sure, I suppose.' Jeff answered slowly.

Timmy held out his hand. 'Would you do my fingernails too? I kinda like that pink nail-polish.'

Jeff smiled and took Timmy's hand.

Like Brothers, Like Sisters

Like Brothers, Like Sisters — Part 1
By Amy Lynn

A gentle breeze blew along the Sherman Street and the dandelions in everyone's yard waved back and forth in response, the fluff of those that had turned to seed hanging on for the ride. Tommy Stazny whipped his cruiser bike around the corner, a cloud of grass clippings trailing behind him. It was April of 1971 and the gentle scene on the street contrasted with the turmoil of America and the whirlwind Timmy was about to meet up with.

Jessica's Journey - Part 13


Jessica’s Journey

 Sequel to Andrews Dilemma

 By, Cain129

Part 13


Synopsis:   After reading her essay, Jessica felt emotionally exhausted, reading it had been helpful to a small extent but had also opened old wounds. It forced her to re-evaluate her life and the direction that it was headed. All of her life, she had put everyone’s happiness before her own and it had almost cost her her life. She no longer had that luxury. She needed to find a way to stand on her own two feet. She just didn’t want to be afraid anymore, but in doing so, she might have lost the man that she loved.


Andy's Diary (part 2)

Andy's Diary — Part 2
By Amy Lynn

Andy's Diary 2

Note: This is part 2 of a largely true story. Every event in this story actually happened to me in the period 1970 to 1971. I have collapsed the timeline a bit. I have had to write this to come to terms with the abuse I suffered.

Jessica's Journey - Part 12


Jessica’s Journey

 Sequel to Andrews Dilemma

 By, Cain129

Part 12

Special Thanks to Wren Phoenix for the editing.


Synopsis:   Jessica had been stressed out for the last couple of days, mostly over a project that she needed to do for school called, “Who am I?” In the end, Megan and her teacher talked her into reading her essay aloud. It had been a hard thing for her to do and left her feeling emotionally drained. Surprisingly, it made her feel better, even though she’d kept her previous life as Andrew out of the report and wrote it from Jessica’s point of view.


Andy's Diary (part 1)

Andy's Diary
By Amy Lynn

Andys Diary

Note: This is a largely true story. Every event in this story actually
happened to me in the period 1970 to 1971. I have collapsed the timeline a bit. I have had to write this to come to terms with the abuse I suffered.

The Pink ops 2

Look I have no interest in this type of story

Of course I have a choice..

Oh you think so do you..

Let that go! That's mine you can't....

Okay fine! But I am doing this under protest!

I was huddled in the corner of the room as usual. I heard the door open and someone entered.

"Jessie?" I know that voice.

"James?" hope beyond hope.

"Yes Jessie its me."came the gentle reply of my former dormmate.

I got up and looked for him. There was James Patterson just in the entrance of my prison cell. I ran to him and clutched him like a liferaft of hope.


Although everyone calls me that now Hailey is not really my name. I was born Hal Markes a normal boy and I was till about the age of 8. That's when everything changed.

I didn't think anything of it at the time but it started with my parents fighting, a usual occurrence in those days. It seemed like all they had done was fight since as long as I could remember. They got marriage counseling even but it didn't really seem to help all that much. They would just fight in even tones which was worse than the yelling. Alot worse as we kids were walking on eggshells the whole time.

Career Day Vol. 2: I Get Around Part 1

It all started when a dream I was having went ‘a little caca.’ In the blink of cosmic clock, I went from an old man living from hand to mouth to my own childhood, reliving the sixth grade. Which could’ve been fun if it’d been the universe I remembered. Fortunately, I had help - an alien Constructed Intelligence by the name of Hap. Unfortunately, while she can heal almost any hurt or illness, she’s still an immobile machine. So here I am reliving my life again putting things right that once went wrong, a kind of cross-dimensional time-traveling Lone Ranger with Hap as my Tonto. And I don’t even need a mask. (Oh Boy!”)
My apologies to “Quantum Leap!”

Sweet Dreams-32 The first cut is the Deepest.

Sweet Dreams-32 The first cut is the Deepest.

Chapter 32

……………It was cold and I could see my breath. Everything was just freezing in the place. There were drafts through the whole place because we lived in an old building that was in a bad place that no building checker from the city would like to go and we were too far out of the way for them to really care.

Jessica's Journey - Part 7


Jessica’s Journey

Sequel to Andrews Dilemma

By, Cain129

Part 7

Special Thanks to Wren Phoenix for the editing.


Synopsis: After her father’s funeral, Jessica was approached by her uncle James Roberts. Words were said which resulted in Jessica being assaulted. After seeing Jessica lying on the ground, Scotty completely lost it and beat James so bad that he ended up being hospitalized.

Later that night at the hospital, the police officer assigned to watch James left his post to help the hospital staff deal with an unruly patient, which allowed a mysterious visitor dressed as a nurse to enter James’ room and inject an unknown drug into his IV.

As the contents of the vial begin working their way into his bloodstream, he became completely paralyzed and unable to do anything to resist as the nurse took his pillow and used it to muffle the sound of James’ desperate calls for help. As his body slowly became still, the nurse said the last four words James heard.


“Nobody hurts my Daughter.”


Shawn the Maiden Chapter 6

Shawn the Maiden

Book 1

Chapter 6

By Princess

The young son of a rich and powerful business man struggles to survive the cruelty of his step family. The son, now forced to live as a female named Joan, finds that his power is growing. How will he overcome his persecutors?

Shawn the Maiden Chapter 5

Shawn the Maiden

Book 1

Chapter 5

By Princess

The young son of a powerful business man is set up by his evil step family. He is set up, charged and is sent to endure a humiliating treatment by the totalitarian state in which they live in. Sentenced to be feminized, he meets some unlikely allies. And he meets the last person in his life he thought he would ever meet.


Shawn the Maiden Chapter 4

Shawn the Maiden

By Princess

Book 1
Chapter 4

The son of a rich businessman is set up by his evil step sisters who are plotting against him. He is sentenced to a cruel forced feminization program by a judge in the corrupt regime they live in. His step family's cruelty is taken to a new level. Can he survive?




By Annalise

Dreams and nightmares never bear much resemblance to reality, do they?

I was dozing on the couch in the living room at home, not really tired, but it was a wet, cold Saturday morning, which didn’t give me any incentive to do anything or go anywhere. I must have drifted off.

Shawn the Maiden Chapter 3

Shawn the Maiden

Book 1
Chapter 3

By Princess

The young son of a powerful business man is set up by his greedy cruel step sisters when his father marries. The punishment for his arrogance is worse than he ever imagined. The cruelty of the nation he lives in becomes too clear to him. He is put to trial by a corrupt judicial system and he sees the true cruelty of his step sisters. Can he endure it?


truth or dare

Truth or dare

My name is Caroline Jensen.

I’m a reasonable good looking woman and for over a year I visited the local fetish club.
When I go to the club I always dress myself completely in leather so I fit in,
With the rest of the customers.

Once every month there is a truth or dare competition.
I’ve been asked a number of times and always answered truth.

Tonight however if I’m being asked I will dare them.
After being for almost an hour in the club and was offered drinks on many occasions,
The truth or dare started a number of men and women went before me and the night,

_elf Storage | Chapter 2

...he was willing to sell it all to be with Dee. It was just *stuff* after all.

Dee was... different. She was the first woman he’d allowed himself to become friends with. Dee was one of the most beautiful women he’d ever met. But she was much more. She was incredibly smart. Funny. Interesting. Lovable. Colin did love Dee; she was the first woman since his sisters that he loved.

_elf Storage

by Janice Dreamer
Copyright 2012


Shawn the Maiden Chapter 1

Shawn the Maiden

Book 1

Chapter 1

By Princess

When a powerful man married a wicked manipulative woman and her daughters hatch a plan to destroy the mans young son. How will Shawn survive


Jem...Chapter 27

Jem…Chapter 27


I can’t help the smile on my face when I watch that little fucker’s car on the posted up videos online.

Summer’s giggling her ass off as she replays it and is taking repeated hits off the joints I bought her. “This is so fucking cool! That fucker’s been hanging around my ex’s new singer and dirty little cunt licker…Jem…Jem, Jem Fucking Jem!”

She starts to elbow my car windows and settles down when I give her a backhanded slap.
“Hey fucker!”

“Don’t scuff my interior.”

Sweet Dreams-29...Oh Crap! WTF?

Sweet Dreams-29…Oh Crap! WTF?

Chapter 29

If your life flashes before your eyes I fucking protest. Who said Slipknot could produce the video for my life?

The Drive-By… with my Daddy…I was little and I was on my big wheel just going down the alley and Daddy was there watching my from the bar’s red fire door smoking and talking to these guys that’d come up and they’s like do this secret handshake and stuff.

~Huh…looks like a hand off, seems like Dad was a dealer.~

Jem...Chapter 24

Jem…Chapter 24

Chapter 24


What the fuck!?

What the fucking hell is going on with shit now….I know…I know what caused the whole fucking thing.

Fucking Jason Powers…

I hate that little cocksucker with a passion.

Why? He started it when we were kids. There’s just a way life is sometimes. So people are poor, some are rich, what comes up must come down, water is wet, the sky is blue. And the Marshall family doesn’t just own Hardy Point but we pretty much fucking built it!

Everyone else got it. Everyone else played by the rules. They gave respect where it was due.

The Girl Most Likely To ... - Part 11

The Girl Most Likely To ... - Part 11
by Barbara Lynn Terry

Back at the house.

Jan and Rachel walked in the house, and Jan went right in to the office and closed the door. "He did what!" Daddy yelled. Then there was low talking that Rachel couldn't make out, and Jan came out of the office.

"Honey, why don't we go upstairs, and see what hairstyles look really good on you."

Jem...Chapter 23

Jem…Chapter 23

Chapter 23.


Oh…I’m actually shaking and I need to sit down and catch my breath. Mike, Mike had just about kissed me and then he made that joke so he could like take off because he had stuff to do but was it because he had stuff to do or did he make me? Does he know, or is he one of those guys that likes to toy with a girl or was it the thing going on between me and Raven that’s so a thing but not a thing and…

Oh God did I really want him to kiss me?

My Renewal

My Renewal
By Stanman63
2012-Short Story Month
-Second Chances!
SynopsisJustin receives a new lease on life after being punished for being duped into helping commit a crime that leads to a finding out who she is.

Fugue, Part 10

Fugue, Part 10
By Jillian

Chapter Ninety-one

Bob picked up the radio mic, keyed it on and said, “Suspect turning north on Oak. Units take parallel positions and await further instructions.” Returning the mic to its cradle, he looked toward Sergeant Parker and asked, “What do ya think, Sarge?”

Without taking his eyes off of the road Parker queried, “About?”

Bob clarified, “Our chances?”

Our Renewal

Our Renewal
By Stanman63
2012-Short Story Month-Second Chances!
SynopsisAndrew Charles Addams Junior and Sebastian Trent McPherson are the last of their families due to a generations long feud that has left them orphans who overcome the legacy and find happiness and renewal.

Grooming of children

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Some of my stories touched on child abuse and rape. I will spare my comments here, linking to a BBC report on organised grooming, but I will make one comment, in response to a man interviewed on the programme. His point was that the girls should not be out at that time of night, so it is the fault of the parents. Perhaps I am a little naive...but when did raping a child become the fault of anyone other than the rapist?

Sorry, people, but very, very angry.

Unhappy man's suicide from Sissy Boy experiments at UCLA?

This is an account of the effects of experiments from some years ago to try to be keep a feminine boy from becoming gay. It was carried out at UCLA, and this person was not the only one. He did, however, kill himself at 38, a very unhappy man who always felt he was "broken" after the "therapy" and the recommended re-inforcement on a reward and punishment system through physical abuse by the parents. Note that this is just part of the story on CNN tonight.

Care home abuse

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I was slightly shocked at the close resemblance to the name of this establishment to the one I invented for "Sweat and Tears"

The images are filtered, but they are still atrocious. Watch with care.

Defender - Beginnings

Defender - Beginnings
Lascia ch'io pianga mia cruda sorte….
Let me weep over my cruel fate.
by Andrea Lena DiMaggio

Strong Caution: Adult themes which depict recovery from sexual abuse as a child!


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