Becoming Robin Book 1: A Tale of Self-Discovery

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Becoming Robin Book 1 Cover/Image
Becoming Robin
A Tale of Self-Discovery
By Zoe Taylor

Come follow the story of young Robert Smith

as he discovers the girl she always wanted to be.

“Is this the Smith residence?” A professional-sounding female voice asked.

“Yes ma’am,” I responded as politely as I could to make up for my earlier ‘oops’. “How may I help you?”

“Is this Robert Smith? My name’s Sharon. I’m a 9-1-1 dispatcher.”

I could feel the blood drain from my face. “What’s going on?” I asked, failing miserably at my attempts to contain the panic I felt welling up within already.

Admin Note: Originally published on BigCloset TopShelf on Monday 05-07-2010 at 7:56:37 pm, this retro classic was pulled out of the closet, and re-presented for our newer readers. Additional books continuing this superb saga may be found at Robinverse.