A Window to Your Heart

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A Window to Your Heart

By Sean McKissack

It’s taken….about…twenty five years to write this story as I had to constantly rewrite it and wonder how she would feel about certain elements of the plot. I mean, after all, without her, there wouldn’t be a story.


A lot of the story is true…to a point…and just about everyone mentioned is based on a real person.
There were no small stores close to my house when I lived in Prattville, and the ones that were close were in the other direction from the hill I actually fell down on.
I did not ride the bus to school.
Musical influence (chapter titles) are songs by Michael W. Smith

Based on the short story "The Strange Case of Jason Dennereck”
© 1989-2015

Cover Art
“This Sky is All for You” by Pairan
Internal Drawing By Nathaniel Bullard

Special Thanks to:
Robert Bent
Nathaniel Bullard
Tiffany Ording
Chris Dowling
Erin Briscoe Woodall