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I Iz So Weird

I iz so weird
I Iz So Weird

One of my endearing charms is that I am a total nutter. I am as quirky as all hell, and well known for moodiness. Just ask my poor GF, Sparky. Thank God we, through the miracle of menstrual synchrony, we have our periods at the same time. (File under: too much information from ol' Trap)

Same, yet different?

I was somewhat pleasantly amused by Dorothy's recent post "To any non-trans guy brave enough to answer" which opened a discussion about erections, and the having of them. My interest was further piqued by her post "Here is a challenge for you all" about breasts. Not wanting to thread jack, I thought I might post my own thoughts on both topics from the other side of the fence.

An Interview with the Author

Seeing as I act as agent of sorts for Koz's stories, we put together a Q&A about the story he just had me post, The Ghost of the Summer of 85'.

Q: Koz, what can you tell us about your story 'The Ghost of the Summer of 85'

A: It was one of the earliest FTM crossdressing stories I ever wrote. I was still in a mode of trying, rather unsuccessfully, to write your bog standard crossdressing story about guys in panties, bras, and dresses. Nothing ever seemed to work, so I started writing FTM fiction which brought one of my greatest fantasies to life.

Are we our own worst enemy?

A friend forwarded this on to me for comment, and so I thought I would seek opinion from the women here. A company named Chrysalis has launched the first lingerie line designed for, and by, transgender women.

Because of family pressures, she is an MTF crossdresser and very much on a journey that I so hope results in her transitioning because I know that is where her heart is.

Coexistance and Happiness

Since arriving here, I have to tell you that I am one happy tomboy! I really have to admit that the fact that I actually have had people reading what I've written (as well as that which my friend Koz has allowed me to share) has really gotten my juices flowing in the mental and, pardon me, physical sense. (with apologies for the not so subtle joke there).

Shave and a haircut -- two bits

It was a great day here in Where-ever-ville yesterday. Spring is here and I am a happy tomboy. As the sun gleamed in through The first sight I saw was my GF Sparky laying there in all her butch beauty wearing nothing but a t-shirt and pair of Obviously for Men briefs just as she had worn last night when we fell asleep in each other's arms after making raucous tomboy-love.

The Joy of (FTM) Crossdressing

Spring is here and I am in a particularly happy place. Naturally its because my GF Sparky are totally in love with each other and have mutually compatible kinks and fetishes. But, I wanted to list my reasons to be cheerful (with apologies to the late great Mr Lovepants, himself, Ian Dury) about being an FTM crossdresser

1) Being in public and having someone refer to me as "Sir" or "Young Man"
2) The warm soft feeling of pair of cottony y-fronts straight from the dryer as I pul them up my legs to my mid section.

My Life as a Iconoclast

20120312_resize.jpgOkay -- as some of may have seen, I've posted some of my meager output here as part of the Female to Male crossdressing genre.

So I thought that I would intro myself and do a few whys and wherefores.

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