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A thank you to those who read.


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I looked at my account and its past 12k kudos. I can only thank those who have been nice enough to read my stories and say that they like them. It means quite a bit to someone who just started to write a little over a year ago.

I do not consider myself either a writer or author. Many of you seem to want to argue that but, to me anyways, those titles are for those who have put much more time and effort into their stories than I have and do not consider myself to be at that level yet.

People such as Maggie Finson have been a big inspiration to myself.

okay now what?

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So I guess now I need someone to turn my pile of ..., OUCH dottie quit that, well Bill's story into a book and then make a cover(i do have a picture in my head for it) and somehow post it to kindle or soemthing.

I am totally clueless in this requard so advise would be nice.



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