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North Carolina anti Privacy Law


Did North Carolina not learn from Indiana when they tried this last year ? The big corporations are already are looking into scaling down their expansion plans .
The next questions are they going to hire people to check your birth certificate when going to the restroom who is going to look up your skirt ? What are they going to do follow you into a stall ? How do you enforce this law ? What are the fines going to be ?

Had Surgery today


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I just got home from surgery on my left leg that I broke last year , this is surgery number 4 . I had screws that needed to come out before they broke as it is it was causing a lot of pain by moving in the bone causing a hole to form.
I am OK but back to using a walker for awhile at least I am not in a wheelchair .

Buying online help BCTS


if you buy online Please use Amazon as BCTS gets commission on purchases
1. use link on upper left of home page
2. log in
3. use search for what you are looking for (link brings you to TG stories)
4. then follow checkout as normal and BCTS gets a percentage
this will help with monthly operating expenses

You never know when your last day is

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I friend of mine just lost her 32 Y O niece to a robbery , she was stabbed they got her to the hospital and surgery and she died of her injuries a week later. You never know when your last day is going to be , so very sad .
Live life everyday to it's fullest .
Be yourself . Be happy who you are . Be true to your heat , if your are trans , be proud of the beautiful person you are .
HUGS to all are BCTS family --- RICHIE

Tampa FL and floods


We have been having rain now for 2 weeks , A low has parked over us and rain fall is NUTS, 6 inches plus per day in so of our locals
Rivers are at flood stage and this is sandy Florida where rain just going in to the ground . We are looking at 3 or 4 more days of rain at 70% plus each day
I have my ARK plans out on the work bench , now to get the wood LOL

Summer lull on stories


I saw a blog about the lull of stories during the summer , just a hint go to the series link at the top and check out some of the great series of the past by great authors . There is something for everybody
spell r us
the center
dark realms and other stories by E O F
bikini beach
comic retcon
Julie verse
little kids kamps
altered fates
ovid may need to go to sapphires place , use top other links
Andersonville may need to go to sapphires place , use top other links

I am Jazz


TLC channel is having a new show called I AM JAZZ this coming Wednesday at 10 pm & 10:30 pm eastern time .
Jazz is a transgender teen mtf who has the good fortune to have parents who have been supportive since she came out as a toddler .
Jazz has grown to be a Beautiful well rounded young Woman .
Should be a interesting show maybe it will show some pictures of her growing up.

Random Author page

Todays random author page has 2 great authors that we lost to the heaven authors guild
Bob Arnold
There are 2 other authors that are still very much with us and writing great stories
Drea DiMaggio
Patricia Marie Allen

New members check these stories out , old members you can reread them

Random Authors list , check it out

last weekend there was a post about no stories being posted . Everyday on the right hand side of the home page scroll down and there is a random authors list . I check this everyday and there are some very good older stories and some 1 time only stories that are very good reading , so someone goes to the effort to post them and we need to give them a look see.

Land of my Heart

I just finished reading LAND OF MY HEART BY Browen Welsh . I feel the need to post that if you have not read this story you need to give it a look .
The story starts with a young boy in Britain called "A Foreign Country" and the adventures there in to becoming a 50's Woman in the Australian out back .
VERY GOOD READ but you must start at the first story. KUDOS to Author .
Hugs to all Richie2

My Nice Kids


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This past Sunday we went and met my boys for a lunch for Mothers Day / Fathers Day . My younger son paid for the lunch and then a nice surprise from my older son . He went to the Seminole Casino the week before and won $3000.00 at the back rack table so as we where leaving to go home he handed me some money folded with a $100.00 bill on the outside with 4 more on the inside very nice to get $500.00 for mom day and dad day. He has done this before we he wins big , he is a CPA and is ahead of the casino's with the winnings .

Bruce Jenner and CNN


CNN did a story about the former Bruce Jenner outside wearing a Dress and should she be doing it in public .
The photo was fuzzy and with a high powered lens , so very sad for CNN . One of the people asked said KUDOS for being who she wants to be .
Total invasion of privacy :-(


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