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A happy Fourth of July to my American Friends and an Announcement

Happy Fourth of July to my American Friends
239 years old? you don't look a day over 230 ;) .

In 2008 I was privileged to have my novel "The Enhanced: TRI" published. Now, as a gift to you all, I will be posting the complete work for your reading pleasure.

This is the final text as submitted for publishing and any edits on my part will be for grammatical errors missed in the final version.

Although the novel was published in my former name, I will be posting here under my legal name of Diana M. Howe.

The cry rings out "a quick and dirty edit is needed!"

I need two things desperately for my Winter story contest entry, a quick edit and critique, and formatting help, as i have severely bent the board in the past...


About a year ago, I posted my first story in the Comics Retcon Universe titled Magnetic Personality. Now, after a year or so of writing, I proudly present the next chapter in the Adventures of Lorna Dane. Have fun Everyone!
Moongoddess at Large

Out and aboot!


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So, i went out yesterday for lunch with my sister and some friends who were in town for the day. i have been trying to venture out as myself more and more. even when dressed down, i'm starting to get recognized for who i am and it's gladdening. my point is, even though i'm sure i gave some of the people some interesting dinner table conversation, everyone around were unceasingly polite and in most cases, downright friendly. This makes me feel good, however, i do feel sad for others like myself in the world who aren't as lucky as i am.

two good days, a week apart

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I had two very good days over the last week that made my heart sing. The first was at a party a week ago Saturday where i was truly myself in a social situation. i also wore a skirt for the first time. everybody treated me as who i am... not who i was. It felt right and was...

Prayers, white light and healing thoughts?

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I received some disturbing news this morning and would appreciate it if you could take a moment and turn your thoughts towards Douglas R. Howe and send healing energy, white light and prayers his way? we aren't positive and are awaiting tests but he needs your strength against possible lung cancer... thank you all

Muppet Therapy

I have been having a bad day, can't find the root cause and have spent most of the day retreating into sleep... oddly, the one bright spot today was watching The new Muppet movie... i'm not looking for anything...just observing the fact that the Muppets rock.

To the Mother of my Heart, on Mothers Day

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My bio Mother passed away 13 years ago and i do miss her, but when i came here i met a wonderful, loving, giving woman who adopted me and took me into her loving heart. Andrea Lena DiMaggio is Mother to myself, Diana Michelle Howe and two other loving girls, Aunt to others and Sister to many. But to me, the very new girl that i am, she is my Mommy and i love her with all my heart.

This is the first time i can say to her, Happy Mothers Day.

Happy Mothers Day

Love Always, Diana Michelle

Gave a talk yesterday at a gender education group

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Yesterday afternoon i gave a talk at the local Metropolitan Community Church. It was for a Gender education outreach ministry they called Gender 101.

I posted the full text of my talk at my Blog, Looking Forward, Moving Forward( Latest Update ).

It was scary, it was wonderful and i feel in my own little way, i am helping others Like so many of ourselves.


Amazing week so far...

Ok, i know that by saying things like the title is a way to have the gods notice you, but... What an amazing freaking week so far.
Yesterday, i went to the Y for the first time in...well forever it seems. The fitness guide, Nathaniel, was an absolute sweetheart, he understands where i'm going and aside from some pronoun trouble, he is great... and sorry Dani... he is cute too. so I'm doing that again Wednesday.

I was either very brave, very stupid or hopped up on Dayquil


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Well, this year i set it in my head that i was gonna fully transition, it being 2012 and all, i sorta figured if the world did end and i didn't get going, i would be very cranky in heaven.
That being said, i came out to six people at the !bingo hall! where i volunteer, so eep.
I told the charity managers on two of the four charities i volunteer with, one co-worker, one of the Hall managers, a runner i trust and think is wonderful and one patron who is a post op T girl... so either my trust is well placed or... things will get, shall we say, sticky... also, eep.
I hope i wasn't stupid,

Another year older and further in...

Well the old year is over, now for an just over an hour, i begin my 48th tour around the sun... i want to give my birthday wishes to all here who feel the draw of the feminine. i want to thank all the readers and authors and the really wonderful family i have found here... my wish to you is that the dreams you dream become as real as you want them to be. happy birthday to me yesterday... and a day of remembrance today
Best thoughts,

Geneticists gone wild!

Hiyo! your favourite little old News Agrigator Me, with sciency stuff on Physical Sex development... a fascinating read from Boing Boing.

Gender isn’t a simple thing. A person can be male, female, both, neither, and more–and that identity doesn’t have to have anything to do with the particular genital plumbing they were born with.

But the plumbing itself–the biological sex, rather than gender or socio-cultural sex–is also a lot more complicated (and interesting) than we often give it credit for.


Hello All who care to read this, i have read a lot of post recently (including my own) on depression. I, for one am glad people are starting to speak up about this potentially dangerous subject openly, as it can be deadly.

I have an offsite blog Looking Forward, Moving Forward where i write about T* issues and very often about depression and the gender gifted, but it is for everyone, no matter how they identify.


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