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...a long epilog


Apologies to those awaiting the next part in my series "...You Are Cordially Invited". After a look at the way things were going, I opted to just end the series with the cute marriage planning and bonding session among in-laws. The next "story" will be its own post, an epilog.

Withdrawing for a bit


Having trouble again reining in my depression and anxiety causing me bouts of jealousy and self pity. I am going to be withdrawing from here for a month or more. Nothing new after the finale I'm posting tonight. Next story will be the last one in "generation 1" since I have exhausted all of my characters and what they can realistically do. Further stories set in the "Winnisimmet Tales" universe will be either 16 or 20 years into the future.

Anyone who was hoping for the hinted at VentureRealm tribute story featuring my Finn and Pena families will have to wait a while. Sorry.

more delays


For the few who give a damn, I am fighting mental fatigue that is showing that I'm burned out mentally and am reverting to the angry jerk that I am in real life. I can't finish my story before Christmas due to this. I hope above all hope that the actual wedding that I keep dancing around can be written by Christmas but it'll take a miracle.

I'd offer my apologies but I'm sick of false sympathy. I won't apologize for feeling like crap, you get what you get and I'll move on.

Beginning of the end of an era

Six weeks and a long, hard 70,000 or so words my current story is complete with just the last two parts needing editing. Hopefully if my mind is clear enough I can start writing my finale, the wedding between two of my major characters. I guess it's the Winnisimmet Tales version of the marriage of Luke and Laura(for anyone who likes 36 year old soap opera references) as it has been built up as coming for a long time.

Touchy Subjects

I just started to post my new story. It's my most violent story yet and features my breaking my final personal pledges- sexual assault on minors and the rape/torture of several children.

I tried to make the violence intermittent but there was a large scene that it was necessary and cemented what was building up until that point. I know that a lot of people dislike violence but I try to be realistic even if my stories are all overly optimistic so it is violence with a meaning instead of simply violence for the sake of violence.

Dark Tone for a lighter story


I started writing my next story and am not liking how its tone is turning out. It'll be me darkest story yet, dealing with sexual assault, child prostitution, pedophiles, and your typical run of the mill neglect and abuse. Then there's the violence that has to occur, especially as I want to show just how tough life is on the street for kids all alone in the world. I guess this is my adulation to those who are truly alone in the world, even if it's only part of my story.

Apology and an Update

I wanted to let the readers of my stories know that I'm trying to write my next story part. It is taking me longer than I normally take as it involves some violence and abuse, two of the toughest things for me to type as I have to keep myself from getting to angry and frustrated at the characters.

Fighting my story


I have to apologize to those who are kind enough to read my current story, "Parting of the Ways". Part 4 is taking a while to write as I am trying hard to keep the number of characters down and keep it to a singular part. The difficulty though is it's sort of an epilog for parts of two prior stories, it is also trying to tastefully set up the next chapter but needs a little finessing to get right.

New Approach with next story


I have had my muse pop in every few days to give me bits and pieces about my next story and she is trying to tell me to do something different.

Two days ago I got to thinking about universes and the links. I know my next story is going to be long and complex if I went the normal route with it but thinking about links in universes got me an idea that I don't think has been used often: small individual pieces linked by an ongoing central plot. The closest I have seen is Snowfall's early Lyssa Kordonay Missions series but that wasn't the same.

Deep depression


I need to get something off my chest. For the past three months I have been battling severe depression that has impacted me. I tried to use writing to get through it but the last three stories have fallen flat. Each story has hit him hard as they weren't well received and showed just how much I have angered and upset people since October. I have seen kudos and page views go down for everything I wrote and it's almost as if I don't exist anymore.

Story Style Failure


I tried to do something different with my newest story and it hasn't garnered the interest I thought it would. I thought a back and forth story taken from the point of view of antagonists would be a fresh take on things but I guess it's leaving too many with a bad taste in their mouths as my antagonists become nasterier. It doesn't help that being the snarky jerk that has grown to be disliked by quite a few and has caused a lot of people to stop reading my drivel. I can't change who I am but it seems like I can't change what I write either.

Plotting and writing

I have to apologize to those who offered to help me with my next story after I practically begged for help three weeks ago. I tried to think of what to ask about the story but didn't need an editor as many authors do. The stories I write are simply too ingrained in my mind that I have trouble explaining things properly and in a way that people can help with.

Pains and delays


I apologize to anyone looking for a new Winnisimmet Tales story. I had to babysit my nephew once again forcing me to lose half a day and a few dollars to his need to see the trains near his house. I then got a nasty surprise the past few days in the form of a foot injury that limited my mobility then I had that further enhanced yesterday by tweaking my hip and back muscles on the other side pretty much leaving me bedridden for the past day.

Writing angry...


No more writing while angry for me. I can't believe how many simple memory lapses I have had in my stories simply because I was so focused on writing that I wasn't thinking about he characters, the situations, what I had written just two days before, where I wanted to go in the story, etc.

Book pulled for screwup, sorry!


I tried to publish my new book, "New Beginnings" and Amazon had a hiccup with the file. I screwed up initially and put the wrong file in but because I had done the preparations two weeks ago I caught it before it went live. I fixed the error but Amazon's system didn't register the changes. It reverted the edition to the original version, one that was another story altogether. Sadly that wasn't caught in time before someone bought the book and I had to again change the book to the right file and republish it. But the poor unfortunate reader was stuck with the wrong version.

Newest story...


I write a lot about my family as I based the Finn family members(John, Leslie, Karen, Bryan, Victoria, Hannah, Cat, JD, Roland, Jorge) on my own family. So far it has been simply anecdotes and quips but the newest story is hitting me hard.

Update on Winnisimmet Tales


Two weeks ago I posted the finale of my most recent book. I haven't done much if anything on here as I have chosen to stop causing problems and being the snarky jerk that others have grown to hate. I am writing this to tell others that I haven't left but rather have simply chosen to do a lot of thinking and soul searching while trying hard to keep busy with other things while my anger an frustration subsided.



I have been called a troll. I have been called a petulant child. I have been called snarky. I have been called a lot of unflattering names.

Why? Because I don't believe in saying things that you can't back up, spouting off things that are offensive to other, insulting one's country.

I tried to quell my actions but I grew up being told to fight back when you see something wrong, speak out when something isn't right. Doing that just gets me targeted as being a jerk, a troll, and many other things.

Bottom of the barrel


The past few days I have been trying t write my next story. It was going great until I saw that I had done most of it already and can't find a new angle of attack for the story. I am well and truly stumped. I keep going but it's not coming out how I wanted to. I am getting to where I need to go but it's not flowing how I'd like and worse it might sound disjointed with additional conversations that don't belong in the story.


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