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To Elrod


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Hi Elrod. I want to thank you so much for reposting the Bikini Beach stories. Each one is a welcome surprise and trip down Memory Lane, sometime with a few empathic tears, some with a chuckle. They are so much appreciated. Please keep at it.

Any plans for some new ones?


Aging in the Transgender population: A report and dialogue

This is a study detailing the unequal access to medical and other resources by the aging trans population. As is noted in the link, it is a pdf file and has some substance to it.

Is this the real skinny on the term transgender?

Cristan seems to have done a real research job in tracking the source of the word down. See what you think.

A scholar posts his take on homosexuality and the bible ble-really-says-about-homosexuality/?hpt=hp_c1

The fella in the post above seems to have a pretty good handle on the bible, and what it says and doesn't say. Not sure if it will make any difference in the current politcal bull crap though.

FBI grabs server, then returns, internet privacy violated?

This is plain weird and a bit scary too. The FBI siezed a server dedicated to helping create a safe, anonymous communication environment for folks in other countries seeking a better life, according to the owners of the server. See what you think? Are they right to suspect the returned server has been interferred with or are they paranoid? Should they be able to take the server through the claim of national security or terrorism?

Opposite Day? Well, a different interpretation...

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Ya' gotta admit, this kid's interpretation of Opposite Day is a literal interpretation. Even the cop thought so. Probably wouldn't be all that popular Opposite Day on this story site though.....;-)

Jen Xing's journey and triumph

A story on this amazing person will be on The Rock Center at 10 (East) 9 (central). It should be about 15 minutes long. In a country like China who still value boys over girls, her father's attitude is perceptive and loving. Even the Chinese government values her, and so does her husband who happens to be German.


Afghan girls live disguised as boys by family

Some Afghan girls live as boys for periods of time, disguised by their families. Some say living as a boy gives them strength and confidence, and a taste of the other side. Some find it confusing.

Richard Alf, Comic Con Cofounder dies at 59, from cancer

On, report that Richard Alf who co-founded comic-con in 1970 has passed to the large comic book in the sky. He died from pancreatic cancer. I know that there are a lot of folks on here that like comic book hero types, so I thought this might be of interest.


Identical Twins, sorta, one is transsexual

This is a good article on a family in Maine that are dealing with a transgender kid who is part of a set of identical twins. One is a son, the other a daughter, but biologically/genetically should be about the same.

It would be interesting to see the results of a genetic study and fMRI scan on the two of them. I think it is studies of identical twoins that would be most useful to learn about the sources of being TS, eh?

OMG, the Beach Boys are opening a Resturant-Good Vibrations


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The article seems uncertain about the nature of the food to be served, though concentrated more on the cutsey titles of songs for the dishes. I thought that given the association with the Beach Boys, all the desert around Vegas, that they would surely sell the Sand-Which-is there! And with the name of the resturant, they could do a good sideline in sex toys -- Good Vibrations ought to sell a lot of those, especially if monogramed!! LOL

100 million years old virus causes longer pregnancies

Posted: Fri Sep 30, 2011 5:14 pm Post subject: Was a 100 million year old virus the why of human pregnancy

The above article claims that about 100 million years ago, a virus infected the DNA and made it possible for placental mammals to exist. As the scientist claim, the virus was able to worm its way into mammal DNA as a place it would be able to replicate itself rapidly and relatively safely.


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