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The underdogs are in the Semi-finals

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Wales, that mythical country west of England have just beaten Belgium 3 -1 in the European Championships to pass through to the semi finals. As they weren't expected to qualify, I'm rather pleased for them. Will they go all the way? I don't know as I think Germany and Italy are still there, but it would be a real fairy tale ending if they did. Cymru am byth, as we say.

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No Bike tonight

Sorry folks, been trying to do a short story for this weekend's Gabycon. I haven't written anything Gaby for the past year so it was a longer process than usual and I didn't have time to do any writing for Bike, episodes of which may be a bit sparse over the next few days as I help to entertain the Gaby fans who turn up here in darkest Dorset. The good news - the weather appears to be improving; the bad - my cycling isn't.


Whooohoo! Wales top group in France

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I'm not a soccer fan but Wales have managed to beat Russia 3-0 in the Euro 2016 championship and thus top the group ahead of England and Slovakia. Seeing as they haven't qualified for any major international championship in about 58 years, this is amazing for a little country like my homeland.


The one that got away - dormouse version.

Fishermen traditionally have stories of minnows the size of blue whales that got away with no evidence to prove or disprove the stories. Today, while helping with a survey to find some dormeece for a Mammal Society course, two managed to escape from a box I was checking. The first one shot out the hole in the back of the box and up the tree it was on before dropping onto the ground - behaviour, neither of us surveyors had seen before. It then climbed up a piece of stick where it posed blinking, for us to photograph it.

From the Guardian - Getting to know my father, the woman.

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An extract from a new book, not quite sure what I thought about her father from the portrait painted, but then people who survived the Second World War in eastern Europe dealt with some terrible experiences which were bound to have an impact on their lives. From its narrative the author doesn't pull any punches about her relationship with the complex and at times dark natured man who, eventually became a woman. Interesting.

More true tales of dormousing

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I spent the morning walking up hill and down dale in woodland checking dormouse nest boxes. I suspect we probably checked about a hundred and fifty. We found two sharing a box, a male and female; both were torpid but equally gorgeous.

This I think is the male, who was slightly heavier.


No Bike tonight, have a heavy cold

and my head feels like a metal bucket stuffed full of cotton wool - in short, I feel like poo warmed up and only then because I had to put the heating on I felt so cold. I didn't sleep very well last night for the stupid tickly cough which kept waking me up, so an early night with a good book and an even better cat, is called for. Florence Whizzingale will be pressed into service.

I hope I shall feel a bit better tomorrow and I can add extra episodes of the story that Waif hates so much or is it just the author?

Another day, another dormouse.

I wasn't sure if this survey was going to take place because the forecast was so awful, cool and rather damp - as in heavy rain. However, when we met in the car park for Thorncombe Wood, just up from Hardy's Cottage (Thomas Hardy's birthplace), the rain had eased off to virtually nothing. The decision was we'd give it a go. A bit of a walk later we went on to the survey site, which was new to me and checked the boxes and tubes for dormice.

I just re-read Leeway by justme

Sadly it stops at chapter 24 which is a pity because it's a good story. However, I'm not so worried about the story but curious as to what happened to justme, I know there were some domestic problems but has any one heard from her or know what happened to her?

From the ridiculous to the sublime

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After a stupid and annoying afternoon I've had a wonderful evening courtesy of The Dorset Chamber Orchestra who gave a concert in my local church - it's used for quite a few musical things because it has good acoustics.

Tonight after Legends 9 & 7 by Dvorak

Symphony in D by Arriaga

came the finale with Violin Concerto in D minor by Brahms with soloist Frida Backman, and she was excellent. This is one of the great violin concerti of the classical canon and a favourite of mine. For those who don't know it:


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I am so close to committing murder I've had to sit down and scribble this to distract myself. I hung a line of washing out at 2.00pm at 4.00pm I notice my next door neighbour's tenant has lit a bonfire and is burning garden waste - it's like a scene from Sink The Bismark. I knew if I said anything and he answered back I'd be over the hedge and stuffing him on top of his stupid bonfire. He's a bit bonkers anyway but I shall speak to my neighbour when he comes back from holiday.

My washing is mostly dry but smells of smoke - bloody men(well some of them).

Sorry no Bike tonight

I've been out to the hedgehog group meeting this evening and feel it's too late to start writing Bike. Hopefully, I'll continue dealing with Cathy's dilemma tomorrow.

Don't forget, I write other things as well as Bike.




Writing Bike enables me to explore the realities of being transgender/transsexual as well as flights of fancy from time to time. While a shorter form would also enable some of this, it doesn't allow the depth of exploration, my soapy serial does. In the most recent story arc, we have a new transgender staff member who doesn't know Cathy's history, but who latches on to her like a younger sister or even daughter to learn the skills she doesn't have as a woman - things as diverse as homemaking and dealing with male attention.

Been dormousing

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I've been helping with the field work on the Mammal Society's Dormouse and Conservation course. Basically, we, the helpers, assist the course participants in checking the nest boxes--showing them how to do it and making sure anything in them which could be a dormeece is kept in the box until everyone has a chance to see it. To do that we plug the hole with moss temporarily which has no effect upon the dormouse.

Mixed Weekend

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Quite an active weekend despite I think having a continuing UTI which gets uncomfortable to painful at times and can be embarrassing as well especially if I don't make the loo in time. On Sunday which was a beautifully sunny and warm out of the cool breeze, I visited with a few others of the mammal group to one of the committee members garden which also happens to be a nature reserve. They have dormice in their hedgerow, which was why I was there along with the others hoping to see some.

Bruce Springsteen cancels show

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It seems the Boss is backing the campaign to overturn the ridiculous law passed in North Carolina about public toilets and biological sex - didn't know toilets had a biological sex - says a lot about me as an ecologist! But then this is North Korea, I mean Carolina - are they the same people who are trying to build a missile to hit the US? I thought North Carolina was in the US, just as well I don't teach geography.

Sorry, run out of time.

I have had a very busy weekend and apart from my little bagatelle about ancient bikes not really had time to sit and write. Yesterday, I spent all afternoon and much of the evening marshalling on a checkpoint for two audax rides. These are endurance rides, the long one was 200Km and the shorter 100Km, that's roughly 120 and 60 miles respectively. We were close to finishing when we heard from the ride organiser that there'd been an a serious accident about a mile or so from the end of the ride.

Hadley Freeman in the Guardian on Caitlyn Jenner

Ms Freeman raises some valid points about the current most famous/notorious transgender person.

One query I have about her and one or two other wealthy 'celebrity' gender swappers is have they had SRS as well as all the other surgeries? In which case the real life test/ Harry Benjamin rules don't seem to apply if you're wealthy enough.


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