Who's on first?

One of the no-no's I do is mixing point of views. I'll have the main character speaking in the first while other viewpoints are presented at the end of the chapter. No one has really complained about this and I think as long as I keep those other POV as counterpoints to the main character it works for me.

That is until this latest tale of mine. My main character has been Shanghaied by a rogue AI Time-ship. I ended up with this back and forth thing going between the two with an occasional peek into the larger universe to remind my readers that lots more is actually going on.

The Problem is that breaks my formatting of having on a short 3rd person piece as that counterpoint.

I sat and stared at the 18k of words that I had completed before I reluctantly concluded that I needed to change the 1st person to 3rd to regain symmetry. Steeling myself I got to work. At about the 3rd chapter I stopped again in disgust. This was just not working. I really needed to dive into the wonder, the frustration, and the fear of my main character. 3rd person wasn't doing the job.

The other alternative is more challenging that is writing Theo, the AI, in 1st person too. That's tough as well given she's not human although she might seem like it since she was designed to interact with human as a human. Just how do you present an intelligence like that?

I like the concept and my outline, but I'm afraid of becoming frustrated with this and it'll end up in the dreaded incomplete file along with many others as my muse whispers yet another new idea in my ear leaving yet another story with no ending. Sigh... This time I don't know if I can blame my muse... :)

Just ranting about the joys of writing.

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