I lied .... another "Final" S E E map has been posted

Way back at the beginning of July (shock! horror! --- THAT long ago!) I posted the quote "New (and Final)" endquote map.

I lied.

The current chapter (#92) and at least the next one are concerned with Tranidor and Lord Trosanar.

So I did a blow-up of Tranidor just to give a little orientation.

I suppose you could call this a Trani map.

Shown in more detail is the position of the main market place (mentioned particularly in #01 of Julina's Chronicles). Megrozen's (aka Epp's aka Gro's) house is near this market place and the back of the house overlooks the waters - I suspect that it might even be on the Southern point.

Also more detail has been given of grasping Lord T's home.

Which started as a classic motte and bailey arrangement, with the steep valley wall providing the defence on the north side, and which helped raise the building.
Penny has specified to me that there are two baileys, obviously an inner and an outer one. The castle walls - keep and curtains - are shown along with the MAIN entrances. It is up to you, dear reader, to decide just where there might be any posterns.

Tranidor has grown somewhat and spread across the Palar and the Sufen - but not across the Bray as we have discovered those lands belong to another noble.
But Lord T isn't above employing strong arm tactics to ensure he maximises his own coin-extraction.

To give a feeling of size, if you look at the Bray Bridge and the major red route shown as the continuation of the bridge, then extend the ends of the red out to the valley sides (shown as black lines) then you have an idea of what is about 5 marks, just a little over; the distance in a straight line between the valley sides at that point.

The Weaver's Arms position has never been specifically mentioned, but the other referred-to Inn ( insert name here - I want to say the Iron Fist but haven't bothered to check it out yet ) is known to be near the Sufen Bridge and is therefore in West Tranidor, or possibly Southwest Tranidor, the Palar bridge being the only way to get to the Sufen areas....

I have no intention of doing any more detailed maps - not of Haligo and its narrow twisty conyon-like environament which will be extremely awkward for any railroad, nor of Dekarran, nor of Palarand City, nor of the Palace - as I believe, and Penny has also indicated this, that stories are so much better when the scenes are constructed in the reader's minds. So I leave it to you and your imaginations. Some of you who have zoomed in on the larger maps will have an idea of where the Palace is in relation to the City (in MY imagination) but I have no intention of going into any more detail.

I am toodling around with a map of all of Alaesia, but this is of absolutely no priority at all, and is scarcely beyond the hand-scribbled sketch stage. (My big problem I have stumbled across on that project is how to mark the mountain chains without driving the drawing size up to astronomic proportions)

Any way - the new Trani map is now slipped in at number 4.




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