Somewhat ominously, the Wiki page for FM now begins with,

and I quote: "Fictionmania was..." which indicates one of two things to me. One, Fictionmania might be gone forever or, Two: Wiki is being it's usual fallible self and spreading rumor and assumption.

I DO hope it's the latter. Even though FM has it's "one handed fiction" it also has some of the best works by some of the best writers in the genre.

I was there in '99 when Mindy shut the whole shootin' match down. I was there in 2009 when it went down for what seemed like forever. Now I'm here when it looks like the worst is yet to come. It seems rather convenient that both the servers for FM and for Top Shelf went flooey on the same weekend though, doesn't it?

Hackers, spammers, bot spreaders, virus spreaders,you should all get a friggin' life! Are we screwing around with what brings YOU joy? I don't THINK so! So why don't you just retreat to your Mom's basements and suck up Mountain Dews and Cheetos and LEAVE US ALONE?!?!?!

Sorry. Rant over. Return to your favorite sites.... if they're still there.

Catherine Linda Michel said that!

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