The Family Girl #52: A Simple Palm Sunday this year

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Blog #52: A Simple Palm Sunday this year

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Since we are twelve hours ahead of everyoe back home, I decided to wait until now to post this.

That's so I can greet everyone, and say Happy Palm Sunday!

I attended Palm Sunday mass 9:30 this morning, picked up Moe for a nice early lunch out, and then went back home where we plan to have a nice, quiet Sunday for the rest of the afternoon. A simple Palm Sunday for us this year, but still a good one.

For Christians who observe Lent, Lent is a somber, reflective kind of season. On the whole, for me, Lent is actually a bit sad, except for a couple of bright spots - Easter Sunday (of course) and Palm Sunday.

Palm Sunday commemorates Jesus return to Jerusalem to celebrate Passover (for the Jewish people, Passover starts tomorrow this year, I think). The "palm" in Palm Sunday refers to the palm fronds and branches the people laid on the streets for Jesus to ride/walk over. Back in Roman days, it was a tradition to cover the path of someone important or respected. Also, for the Romans, the Palm is the symbol for triumph. Pretty appropriate for the occasion, huh?

Anyway, apologies for the factoid, but, hey, I AM a nerd after all. Or is that "nerdette?" lol

Happy Palm Sunday, everyone! Baruch Haba Hashem Adonai!


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